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Samsung Odyssey G7 1440p 240hz Curved Gaming Monitor: 27" $749 (Was $999), 32" $849 (Was $1099) Delivered @ Samsung


Finally found a deal on this monitor. could go well with all of the 3080 systems :)

Some key specs (see Samsung website for full details):

Screen Curvature

2,560 x 1,440

Refresh Rate⁴
Max 240Hz

Response Time

Aspect Ratio

Brightness (Typical)

Contrast Ratio Static

Rated very highly by rtings (8.8 Gaming):

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    • oh wow that's even better. Still needs delivery, $20 for me, but would still end up cheaper.

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        $699 at Catch (from Bing) but you can take another 8% off if you have Reward Gateway gift cards and a further 3% in cashback.

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    VA and curved panel.

    • This is a VA panel that exceeds TN speeds. There's still some dark trailing, but it's minimal. This is arguably the best 240Hz experience you can buy today.

  • Does the 27" have an external power supply? Thats so crap if it does.

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      Yeah the drawback with this model is that the average power consumption is almost 70W with HDR I think? Which almost puts it in TV territory. 50W for SDR.

      There's a 2021 refresh coming through that brings that back down below 40W, but fingers crossed this is a permanent price drop, not a clearance to make way for said refresh.

  • I've been looking for a new monitor all week, and this one has come up several times as one of the best, but I'm an IPS man, and not sold on that huge curve. At this price though, I'm tempted. There's word of a flat version coming sometime this year, but who knows when.

    • I want this but I’m also apprehensive of the curve, if the 27 inch had a less aggressive curve I’d pull the trigger!

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      Re: IPS vs VA. Its worth having a look at one of these G7s in real life I was blown away particularly with how black the blacks are. I picked one up about 9 months ago and have not looked back. Its great.

      Just two minor gripes:

      1. It takes 1 second too long to switch inputs. Other monitors seem to do this instantly.
      2. Switching on VRR (G-sync) locks some other settings. Not a big deal, just annoying.
      • I’m interested in trying a VA coming from iOS panels only.

        Switching input time doesn’t phase me and I’ll look into the other settings.

        I’d love to know how do you find motion blur on this one if you wanted to push the 240hz?

        And how aggressive does the curve feel? (Curve virgin)

        Super keen for gorgeous dark blacks!

        • And how aggressive does the curve feel? (Curve virgin)

          That's what she sa… anyway the R-value of a monitor curve is the radius of a circle, the circumference of which, the screen of the monitor would follow.

          So for an R1000 value, imagine a piece of string 1m long. Hold one end still, and trace a curve with the other end. That curve matches the monitors. The smaller the R value, the tighter the curve.

          Generally an R1800 monitor is about average with a slight, but noticeable, curve. So a R1000 has a lot more noticable curve, as the circle's radius is a lot smaller.

          I know most people are in, or going in, lockdown and looking at one before the deal ends might be impossible, but if you've never tried a curved screen, especially a highly curved R1000 one, you might regret not trying it out first.

        • Motion blur is excellent, it's clearer than my old Asus 180hz TN screen. The Hardware unboxed review on YouTube is worth a look for a more objective opinion on this.

          Regarding the curve. I've forgotten its there. I don't think it really adds anything and is more of a gimmick. Some people seem overly sensitive to it, especially if you aren't sitting directly in front.

    • I have one IPS one VA right now and I don't particularly think they're astronomically better, i'd take the 240Hz regardless of panel.

    • +1

      The flat version is IPS, and it's a 28" 4K 144Hz panel. There's a 2021 refresh of the VA model, but it's still curved, just the power consumption is back under control at 38W average (the 2020 revision is 51W average for SDR, 70W average for HDR, 100W peak).

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    32" G7 is $809 ($759 if you use $50 off mailing subscription code) including delivery.

    on Samsung Website - Partnership Program version.

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    32" G7 is $806.55 ($756.55 if you use $50 off mailing subscription code) including delivery.

    on Samsung Website - Education version.

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    I have the 32" G7 and would absolutely recommend for gaming and work.

    • what sort of work do you do? I do a fair bit of CAD and thought it might look strange if the lines were bent so I went with the Dell AW2721D 240Hz. My mate has the 32" G7 and I think I prefer it for gaming, but couldn't risk it with the curve

      • Ahaha yea the curve would be a bit tricky for things like that. I just do normal office work, excel, word, and have a movie playing on the side.
        The gaming is where it really stands out though. The colours and response on it are just amazing. I can't go back to gaming on "normal" monitors anymore.

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    Typical overpriced Samsung crap just like their televisions. 27-inch 1440p monitor 240Hz monitor with a shoddy 350nits brightness for $749?! Really? Would expect at least a HDR600 rating at that price.

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      It does have HDR600?…

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    350nits brightness is for SDR. HDR will have 600nits peak brightness

  • It's a good monitor with HDR600 and high refresh rate. Curved panel might have more bleeding tho

    • Like most HDR monitors, you are not buying this for the HDR.

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    For anyone not wanting a VA and curved panel, i'd steer them to the AW2721D which can be had for a similar price from Dell on discount. It's brighter, IPS and has a G-Sync module.

    • For everyone else, this offers superior contrast and overall response times. HDR aside (and no monitor does HDR well for gaming), this is the ultimate entertainment monitor right now aside from any OLED options (i.e. a TV).

      • "Ultimate" provided one's definition of entertainment includes a frustratingly clunky OSD, an abysmal VRR range (particularly the 32" being 80Hz-240Hz), and occasional visual artefacts like full screen scanlines which dim the entire screen when it encounters a small section of specific patterns it can't handle when running at 240Hz :P

        Sorry, I had to say it. I know many people might not encounter or notice these issues organically in day to day use, but it just blows my mind that Samsung refuse to acknowledge let alone fix the scanline/artefact issue after multiple firmware updates to both the G7 and G9. Seems it's inherent to the hardware and every unit is affected, figured anyone considering buying these should be aware.

        • As you've noted, most of what you're describing has been fixed to offer no impact in real-world usage, and what's left tends to generate a warranty replacement.

          Samsung have acknowledged the issues without using recalls, and a 2021 model refresh has reduced power consumption in an effort to improve things further.

          Driving the panels to this extent of course has downsides, which is why power consumption was up at TV levels. In a passively cooled device, issues can crop up

          • @jasswolf:

            most of what you're describing has been fixed to offer no impact in real-world usage

            Not so - what I've described was never likely to impact real-world usage all that much in the first place (with some exceptions). I understand that firmware updates have improved flickering when using G-SYNC, but that's about it.

            what's left tends to generate a warranty replacement.

            Yes, albeit with another unit plagued with the same issues specific to the hardware. Samsung replacing something under warranty because of a reported defect (specifically the scanlines) while knowing full well that the replacement they send you will have the exact same issue is just nonsense and a waste of the buyer's time. That's what I'm referring to when I say they haven't acknowledged the issues, because frankly they haven't.

            a 2021 model refresh has reduced power consumption in an effort to improve things further

            I read something similar in this thread, though the poster suggests that a) the power consumption hasn't changed but rather is being calculated or presented differently in line with new EU labeling standards, and b) that the revised models have a different mainboard and model number. (Not sure where he's getting that info.)

            If you've seen any more info on this I'd genuinely appreciate any links you've got as I've been interested in these monitors for quite some time, but completely put off by the ongoing issues and Samsung's piss poor handling thereof. Hell I even bought one earlier this year to find out for myself and had to return it. The date of manufacture was March 2021 iirc, and the firmware revision on that unit was newer than what's available from Samsung's website even now.

            I wouldn't want people banking on the units they'd be buying through this deal being "fixed" as that seems exceedingly unlikely from the info available, though I'd love to be proven wrong! If that happens I might even buy another one and actually keep it this time :)

  • deal has expired now by the looks

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