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300-4000 Bonus Everyday Rewards Points with $30-$115 Online Spend (Boost Required) @ BIG W


Check your emails. Great Everyday Rewards boost deal. Likely targeted. Boost to get 300 points with $30 spend in store/online + an extra 2000 points if shopping online. Enjoy!

To collect 2000 points, you must boost this offer and spend at least $30^ (qualifying amount) in a single transaction at BIG W online. This offer can be enjoyed once only during the promotional period. To enjoy your offer online at www.bigw.com.au you will need to ensure your registered Everyday Rewards Card number is linked to your online account at checkout. Orders need to be delivered or picked up by 23:59 AEST on 28/07/2021 to qualify for the points. Your points earned may take up to 7 days from the end of the promotional period to be loaded onto your Everyday Rewards Card.

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  • +2

    Mine was 2000 points for a $40 spend, I also have a "10x points on tech & leisure products" booster…

  • I got 3000 pts for $50 spend

  • +2

    I got 800 for $80. Oh gee, wow.

  • 2300 points for $115 spend….

  • 300 points for $30 spend..meh

  • +2

    Pretty good, got 4000 for $40 spend online or else 2000 in store.

  • 1400 points for a $70 spend

  • +1

    4000 with $40 spend, thanks OP.

  • +1

    900 points for $90 spend. Lol get @&#%*!

  • +1

    I got 4k points with $40 spend.. Very generous from bigw eh!

    • Out of interest, are you a regular BigW shopper, or…. .. ?

    • +1

      We got 5 cards with that offer and some other smaller ones. Really pays to not use the same card all the time. 50% off is pretty good deal. Got the same offer on different cards maybe 6 or 8 weeks ago.

      • Do you use the same phone number for the different accounts?

        • +1


  • Cannot make it work online somehow…

  • 400+2000 for $40 spend

  • +1

    Strangely I've found that BIGW doesn't deduct rewards points when I return items…hmmm :P

    • +2

      Shhh. Lol

    • None of them does unless you return on the very same day.

  • 650 points for $65 spend. And also 10 X points on Home products :/

  • Got 1000 points on $50 spend and additional 2000 points on online shopping

  • Got 2k points for $40 spend. Now I just have to figure out what to buy.

  • Thanks OP.
    4k points with $40 online.

  • +2

    3 cards have 4000pts for $40 spend online
    Like in previous 4000pts for $40 spend, bought items on sale @50% off - got further 50% off that in points - effectively 75% off.
    Following Deal was 2000pts for 1c spend - on 3 cards.

    • 2 x 2000 pts for $40 spend is for a card number that never be used @ BIG W online. It seems the second lot will be credited 7 days after promotion ends.

      I got it on 2 accounts. Just bought Dynamo 5.4L for $22 with two easybake pans and some Cadbury dark chocolates.

      • Am on holidays far from a BigW. Probably can't hold in store until I return. Missing some good Deals!

        • +1

          Deal lasts until 28 july and big w will hold an order for about a week after purchase.

          • @bigspike: After 3 x $40+ purchases in last Deal for 4000pts each, I've bought enough for a while.

            Won't be back to mid-August. Off to Magnetic island in FN Qld tomorrow for a few weeks. And Harvey Bay to watch whales on way back. How I suffer :-)
            Brissie is getting a bit cold for my liking.

  • 1000 for 50 spend… 10% I guess

    What did I do to deserve only this :(

    • You use the card too much. Get some more and then rotate.

      • Get some more cards? But then your points are split up between different accounts?

        • Yes. But you get more bonus point offers, so you get more points for the same spend.

  • +1

    I got 300 rewards points offer for 30$ spend

    Ofccourse not going to spend even a single cent if its not needed

  • 500 points for $120, no thanks

  • +1

    What everyday item can you buy at big w?

  • I just want to know your search history for you to get the adverts that appear at the bottom of the link image …

    • Those ads don't appear to be a part of the screenshot tho? So they would depend on one's own search history…

      • +1

        oops … you are right. I just dobbed myself in, lucky you can't see what they are :)

  • 3,100 points for $55 (online) - I rarely shop at Big W.

  • Got 2000pts for $40 spend - not bad

  • I really don't see the logic behind what seems like a random lottery of points per spend deals.

    • The more you use the card, the less deals you get to "entice you back" to the shop. It's a DIS-loyalty system. It's why you need multiple cards to rotate use of.

  • 300 for $30, pass

  • 2000 for $40 .
    Easy spend for me :)

  • I got nothing on 3 accounts. Do you have to be subscribed to marketing emails to be target eligible?

    • If you have another email from woolworths. Click on the "boost" button. It may say that it has expired but at the bottom it'll also say "My points boosters", scroll right there till you find it. I was on the bigw emails but not the woolworths emails, found a few woolworths boosts that I missed there.

  • Does the minimum purchase include the cost of shipping?

  • Anyone know how long you have to pick up orders for click and collect?

    • 10 days after ready notification.

  • Anyone know if I can make the purchase as an online preorder of a switch game?

  • Anyone?

    • No, only if you received and activated the offer.

      • Yeah I’m talking about my activated offer (2000pts for $40 spend)

  • I recently placed an online order for click and collect but I need to change it. Does anyone know what will happen if I cancel my original order (or not pick it up) and place a new order. Will I still receive my points? Or should I just return items instore when I pick up (after lockdown)

  • Another new round:

    Collect 2000 points
    when you spend $40^ or more storewide in‑store or online at BIG W until Wednesday, 11 August.#

    Plus, enjoy an extra 2000 points when you shop online.† That's up to 4000 points in total!

    • Cheers. Not yet for me but hopefully I do. I find the $65 free delivery easy enough to hit.

  • New round I got spend $55 get 1100 points

  • I got a 2000 plus 2000 on a different card to last time. That's 7 offers out of 11 cards. Perhaps another round is still to come.