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iPhone XR 64GB $599 Delivered ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi / + Delivery @ Harvey Norman


This popular phone dropped $100 @ JB and Harvey Norman

Time to use your saved discount gift cards.


My Ozbargain keyboard cannot type link from Gerry Harvey.

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  • +28

    +1 keyboard function

    • And another +1 for same.

  • +20

    +1 for the Hardley Normal keyboard

    • huh?

      • Yea, talk about a fat-fingering. Surely QWERTY was good enough, without a need for a new ('Hardley', or whatever) layout.

  • +2

    In here with popcorns waiting for "Don't buy from Gerry" comments…

    • +30

      Please don't. He's full of crap.

  • +3

    From JB website?

    Latest version: No longer ships with EarPods and power adapter
    Delivery Delay
    Due to stock limitations this product is currently delayed from the supplier for all new orders placed.
    Next available stock due to arrive first week of August 2021.

    • Much faster to C&C.

    • I'm Ron Burgandy?

  • +8

    It must be Kogan keyboard :)


  • will this be discontinued in September? the reasoning is with iPhone 11 price dropping and moving to fill that gap between iPhone SE and next gen iPhone?

    • +2

      Only Apple knows.

  • +1

    Officeworks is $599 too

    • unavailable online

    • +3

      No 5% off

  • How much longer will this phone receive IOS updates?

    • +4

      Considering iPhone 6s received iOS15, Another 4 Year for sure.

      • +8

        I didn't realise the 6 was still getting updates. I'm not a fanboy of Apples closed eco system, but the support they give to old devices is so good.

        • +6

          Main reason I moved to apple. My old pixel 2 xl was great, but no updates kills it. Hardware isn’t changing that much anymore. Also I use mostly google stuff with my iPhone if that helps.

          • @onlinepred: As a Pixel hardcore this is one of my biggest gripe. Hopefully Whitechapel fixes that.

            • @chewkl: Yea I just gave up, I bought the pixel 5 but the speaker on calls was one of the worst I've used in years. Just can't justify the price anymore. It was fun in the nexus and early pixel days though

        • +7

          6s is, not 6.

      • +3

        At least 3 years from now I think.

        • Such a shame. What humanity needs right now is vulnerable consumers surveilled with devices they paid for, and reduced TLF (Time to LandFill) for any devices running 'sunsetted' versions of our Glorious Betters' 'surveillanceware'.

      • +1

        includes the Iphone SE Gen 1 (based on Iphone 6s hw)

        Cheap battery replacements, still going strong for my 2 kids…

  • +1

    iPhone XR or iPhone SE (2nd gen)?

    • +10

      Personal preference, but I prefer the SE's fingerprint reader vs facial recognition given all the mask wearing as of late.

      • Would be great if they included both

        • +2

          It would be perhaps under iPhone 14. Ha.

      • +3

        If you’re wearing an Apple Watch, it will authenticate and unlock your phone if you’re wearing a mask.

        • +1

          Xr all the way! Outstanding value especially at $599

        • +1

          only Apple Watch 3 and above supported

    • +5

      If you like Touch ID & don't mind having bazel ⇾ iPhone SE.
      If you preferred Bigger Screen View & Face ID ⇾ iPhone XR

      • +2

        And on top of this, the SE has a faster & better chip (A13) and takes better photos and videos because of that. The XR has a better battery though.

      • +4

        Which one should I buy if I don’t mind having basil?

        • +6

          why not taste both before you decide?

        • Apple with basil, sounds like the next watermelon with mustard challenge!

    • +1

      Speed difference in negligible.

    • +2

      I don’t have an SE, but I have an iPhone 8, which is the same design. I prefer this size because it’s less weight flapping around in my pants pocket when I’m walking. With the Apple Watch handling most things nowadays, the phone almost seems like an accessory.

    • XR if you prefer a larger screen

      • iPhone XR is excellent. I upgraded from Xr to iPhone 12 and I couldn’t notice a difference in performance. The screen is not as good as the iPhone 12 but seriously at less than half price is a bargain. iPhone SE would cost about the same but has a smaller screen and not so good battery life

  • Damn, just after I finally caved an ordered a decent refurbished iphone7.

    • +2

      How much did you spend for a Iphone 7. It should be less than $200. This XR is at least $600.

      • Lol more like $50

      • $300…take my ozbargain membership.
        My 5 broke, so I desperately needed a replacement. But would have preferred this XR.

        • -4

          Go back to your 4(?), or go find one for free at your local council dump / cleanup

  • +1

    When did this XR release? Sorry I'm out of the loop with iPhone gens. Thinking of this for an upgrade for a family member.

    • +2

      It's pretty much the cheaper version of the XS. So similar to how you had the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro in 2019, you had the XR and XS in 2018.

    • +4

      I dont know why you are being negged for asking such a straightforward question! has Ozbargain become sheepBargain?

      • +7

        I'd say it's because they could have had an answer from Google in the time it took for them to type in the question.

      • +2

        They're being lazy, this information is easily accessible.

        • +1

          I wanted general opinions from the OzB community on their views on the model, but worded it badly (led on the year release). I'll be sure to share the same helpful link as Urbion every time you guys might ask a question on here then. :)

    • +1

      iPhone 13 (Probably release this year Sept-Oct)
      iPhone 12 (Oct 2020)
      iPhone 11 (2019)
      iPhone XR (2018)

      • -2

        Same year as the iPhone X. Main difference being the screen which has a lower dpi and it’s LCD. Not noticeable unless they’re put side by side.

        Good budget phone considering it’s size. I would get an 11. Won’t be long till they’re closer to this price if not now already

        • +1

          iPhone X came out in 2017

        • Didn't the 11 just have a price drop?

        • +1

          iPhone x and iPhone 8 come out at 2017, iPhone Xs and iPhone XR 2018

  • +1

    I am sure there are still people wishing and waiting for their order of $259 256GB XR iPhone from Loopmobile Amazon to be fulfilled ;p

    • lol mine was canceled)

    • But that was refurbished, although for that price was a no-brainer!

    • +1

      OP got a S9 instead of the XR while other orders got cancelled. So actually no one received it.

  • Thanks OP - Got the 128gb for $650

  • This or the iPhone 12 mini for $884?

    • +3

      Got a 12 mini and love it, I would pay the extra just for the smaller size and the square design. Gives me flashbacks to getting my iphone 4 and being blown away

    • +3

      12 mini will be faster, has a better camera, and will be supported with iOS updates for longer. Plus 5G for future proofing. If you’re not something who likes to update, 12 mini.

      If you just want to spend as little as possible and have a much bigger battery, then the XR is the way to go.

      • XR has a bigger battery than the 12 mini?

        • It’s a much bigger phone, so yes, it can house a much bigger battery as well.

          • +1

            @bozbargain: 2942 vs 2227 mAh

            • @stickymoo: I see that you’ve answered your own question. It’s the difference between running out of battery at 10pm vs ending the day on 20%.

              • @bozbargain: Looks like the xr lasts 13% longer

                • @stickymoo: In those useless standby tests perhaps, where they keep the phone idle for 3 days and wait to see which one dies first. Ask around and you’ll find that XR users are generally impressed by their battery life. Don’t forget that the chip plays a part here too and that it uses a more energy-efficient LCD screen compared to the OLED found in the 12 mini.

                  • @bozbargain: Yep, noticed that the more intensive screen use the bigger the difference.
                    Ranging from 8% to like 25% which is pretty significant.

  • Thanks OP got 128GB White for $645
    Delivery does say will be a month away but thats ok. Present for mum :)

    • Where or how? It is $679 on JB website?

      • +4

        gift cards @ 5% off via Suncorp app - you can buy them to exact dollar value and instant email delivery

  • Is the XR a worthwhile upgrade from iPhone 7?

    Is the camera an upgrade?

    • It’s two generations newer, so you would notice improvements all round.

      • Yes, but then you might want to look at the SE (same form factor with touch ID proving useful in these mask times), or the mini for the latest and greatest, and very pocketable.

    • 100% I did the upgrade in 2019 from 7 to XR, was a game changer with screen etc. still using it now and will probably upgrade next year or year after that

      • +1

        Is the camera much better than 7? The wife uses the camera a lot so this is a key requirement for her upgrade.

        • yeah way better. All cameras on the iphone get better with new models

    • It’s a subtle improvement (similar as going from a 7 to an 8). The SE would again give you slightly better results but if you really want to notice the difference, also in lowlight settings, you’d have to start at an iPhone 11 (which really was a game changer in terms of camera improvements). If photography is your thing and you don’t mind the bulk of the iPhone 11, perhaps wait a few more months until the 13 is out, the 11 should drop in price a fair bit.

  • Any idea when this sale price ends? Can’t find it on the site..

    • Order now and cancel before delivery if you change you mind

    • +1

      This is the new price

  • TGG will match this price, for those who don’t have a JB close by (or if JB is out of stock).

  • This iPhone XR only has Liquid Retina IPS LCD Display

    So this phone in a cheap because it
    1) 3 Year old 2018 Model
    2) Does NOT have Super Retina OLED,

    • It’s $849 at Apple, so I guess this price is a deal.

      • -1

        Certainly this phone is value for money.

        But if the reference price is $849 then, it might be wiser to pay $400 more ( $1249) and buy a phone 12 with a CPU that is 3 years newer, much superior camera and Super Retina XDR OLED, HDR10, Dolby Vision display

        • +2

          But is $599 from JB lol

          • -1

            @rye: That's exactly why its $599 and not $849 and $599 should be the regular price

        • +1

          Not everyone cares about having the latest and greatest

        • There is good comparison of the 8, XR, 11, 12 cameras on youtube - there is very little in it between the XR and 12 in real world use. Even the 8 holds up pretty well.

          So $650 for a better screen tech and slightly, in real world use, better performance. Not wiser to me.

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