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LG BX 65" 4K OLED TV $2396, CX 48" OLED (Bonus LG Earbuds [RRP $259]) $1830 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


$150 cheaper than last week's TGG deal.

Edit: adding the 48" CX to this post, available here. They also have a bonus offer of a free pair of LG TONE Free FN6 Wireless Earbuds with online purchases. RRP $259.

48" C1 also available for $1916 as mentioned in this deal.

Credit to lostinsydney for the BX find.

Free delivery to select areas for a limited time.

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  • What year is this model?

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    • Is that better than the BX?

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        All I know is that it's the 2021 replacement for the BX.

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        No I don't think so, I think the first letter is what to look for, the A model is the entry level and new for the !1 generation.

        A1 is 60hz vs BX 120hz
        There are other features, but, no the A1 is the budget OLED (if such a thing exists).

        • The main difference is the the lack of hdmi 2.1 on the A1. LG know that some customers don’t game and just want a great picture so this year the have a tv for that Customer base. If you can offered always go with atleast the B series

          • @Joeyjojojo: There's no HDMI 2.1 because there's no 120hz and thus no point

  • Is there a B1?

    • Appliances online is selling the B1 at prices barely cheaper than the C1 at its regular price, way more expensive than the C1 on sale.

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        B model gets released later in year. This is an absolute bargain grab it while you can

  • Sooo 48"difference between the CX and the C1 is less than $100? What reason would a person choose a CX over the C1 apart from being brighter?

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      There's also a bonus earbuds offer for the CX ($259 on LG's site). Will add that to the post.

  • Insane price.

    Get around it.

  • that could mean a $1500 42" when they finally release it. perfection

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    Perfect timing.


    Hardware Unboxed C1 48 review.

    • So they're actually getting LG products still? Lol. Thought they would have been blacklisted

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        They bought this one

        • Makes sense now

    • Thanks. Originally was deciding between the 46 and 55. After watching that video and hearing about the issues with 48 as a monitor, I think 55 is the way to go!

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        But whichever issues are present in the 48 would be there with the 55 too? Additionally the 55 would kill your neck if used as a pc monitor, the 48 is already a couple of inches too large (ooh matron) to be used as a PC monitor as it is.

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          I won’t be using it as a pc monitor. Will just continue using my existing monitor and put the new tv in my lounge room

  • Just got JB marketing email, 20% off TV only for 1 day, till 17th.


  • Great price! Go for it. I love my 65" BX

  • Just got the C1 thanks! Says they're mostly out of stock though so not sure when it will arrive. Only a few regional JBs had them in stock.

  • It’s a great tv for the price

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    I've made a few comments on these deals about CX vs BX, at this price though I mean really, just get the BX, that's too good to be true basically. Ok so it only has 1 additional HDMI 2.1 port that isn't the eARC, so what? How many devices do you have that are HDMI 2.1? You might have an Xbox SX a PS5 or a Gaming PC with a RTX 3000 / RX 6000 GPU, if you have all 3 sure it might be a pain to swap them but otherwise, if you have 1 or 2, just put up with it.

    Higher brightness, that's probably the biggest real factor the 650 vs 500 nits, both the displays will be dim so, I don't know how much HDR content you'd watch, but I'm not so sure on that any more.

    Lastly the A7 vs A9 processor, I really don't know what level this will come in to play, do you upscale a lot of things now? I mostly 'blow up' content, and it's fine, a lot of older 480p stuff and have no issue with older 4K TVs, your mileage may vary.

    And even if all of these 3 features are things you want, what's the price of it all? $560, not nothing anyway.

    BX, worth a serious think at this price, it's insanely good.

    • Ok so it only has 1 additional HDMI 2.1 port that isn't the eARC, so what? How many devices do you have that are HDMI 2.1?

      PS5 and Sonos Arc in my case right off the bat, and I doubt they'd be the last devices I own. HDMI 2.1 is absolutely a deal-breaker for me, especially if I'm going to hold the TV for 5+ years.

      • Fair, can I ask, my Soundbar has an HDMI passthrough, so for me I could have any 2 devices plugged in, 1 via the eARC port (via my soundbar) and 1 via the remaining port. That may be useful to know, 2 may still not be enough but yeah.

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    This BX vs Sony x9500H? I know the Sony isn't on special, but I can wait for the price to drop later this year if it is better. For some reason nobody will do these % off deals for the Sonys (apart from TGG ebay deal the other week)
    Is there an issue with burn in on the BX?

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      The BX is miles better then the Sony X9500H .. there is ZERO LED-LCD TV's that come close to LG OLED's…

      I own a LG CX… is it worth the $3420 i paid for it.. HELL NO.. wish i purchased some crypto at the time.. but its unbeatable for picture QTY.. .ZERO burn in over the past 8 months I've used it.

      • Agree! Burn in is non existent. My LG OLED is over 2 years old, and I have never had any burn in issues. No LED LCD comes close to OLED in PQ.

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    I was literally saying to the gf tonight that I want an OLED. 65" it is. Paid with 2x$500 suncorp gift cards to get $50 off. Could have messed around with HCF gift cards too but didn't want to risk hitting my CC with 4x $500 GC purchases at 1am in the morning ha

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    Ahhh this BX is so tempting 😭

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    Had my eye on the 65inch BX for a while now, but don't really have the cash atm. Main room had an awesome Japanese Panasonic 58inch Plasma which packed it in a few months ago. Using old 42inch LG LED now which just looks tiny…had to pull the trigger for under $2400, especially with free delivery that just kicked in after midnight. Will worry about paying off the credit card later…

    • Such is life

    • At this price you certainly won’t regret it. I have the 55 inch which I got for 1995 including delivery which I was happy with. This is an insane price for the 65

  • Man I wish my kids would stop hitting the TV. Can't upgrade from the old 2013 Samsung 46" to the 65" LG OLED until they stop. 😮‍💨

    • Wall mount with the G series and a TV cabinet infront to shield it lol

      • It is wall mounted and an entertainment unit in front of it, but they climb and they throw.

        • +1

          Adoption is always an option…

    • Handle your kids?

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      You need to teach your kids to hit a little harder to break the current TV lol.

      They'll then learn not to hit your new OLED.

      • It's a bit hard when SO has been working from home for the past year

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    77 is tempting. But I want to see what Sony do when more stock comes in. Happily pay a Sony premium as much prefer their PQ.

    Haven't owned an LG in a couple of years. What's their UI like these days?

  • Look at that price! That Television is underrated, it's very good guys, the 2x HDMI 2.1 Ports will do the trick on anything and colours are superb.

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    You guys think this price will stick around or will it jack right back up? Tempted to get this but had my eye on a 75”

    • 1 day only 20% off sale….so….

  • What HDMI cable do you guys recommend getting for this TV?

    • Don't cheap out, only a MONSTER,$150 cable will do.

      JK. Pretty sure it comes with an HDMI cable. Otherwise just buy something on Amazon, make sure it's HDMI 2.1 compatible. Won't be more than $10-15

      • -1

        So the HDMI cable it comes with is fine to use? No need to upgrade it?

  • Can anyone commemt on their experience with splitting payment instore? I need to apply Afterpay $1,000 (max amount at JB) and pay the remainder with CC. Bucketing down with rain here and would like to know before i make the trek. Thank you

    • +2

      Braved the rain and got it anyway

  • Thanks OP, picked up a C1 model

  • On the fence a little bit with this. Have a 55 BX and wanting to upgrade to at least a 65 (have moved house and our living room is quite large). Would prefer a 77 but even at 5.5k I think its too much.

    +1 for the BX is that the version of webos is better than 2021's models. I've had no issues with my B7.

    Xbox and media content really, mrs watches a lot of FTA (which I think looks pretty average on these OLEDs).

    Where do we think the 77 B1 boxes will be available?

    Hmmm, looks like I can't get delivery working…

    • Looks like it's out of stock for delivery

      • +1

        Yep. You snooze you lose. Tempted by the 65 C1, but I think I'll flag it - sign to wait for the 77 I think.

        Could do pickup on Wednesday I suppose..

        • That was my thought too but slim chance we'll be getting out of lockdown here in VIC

  • Ahhh I waited too long 😭😭😭
    Item(s) unavailable for delivery

  • Can these fit these in car? lol

  • Any ideas when these will arrive?

    • In Melbourne, ordered this morning and it said Thursday. But also says to expect delays

      • +1

        Nice. Mine's booked in for Tuesday

        • Did yours arrive Tuesday? Mine said the same that Tuesday morning but come 6pm it said it was delivered but it wasn't. Freaked out and called Toll and they said it was signed at the depot (?) but by the next day it was scheduled to deliver and came by 9am. What a ride!

  • Canberra - ordered today, JB called and said 12 Aug for their free delivery. Have to wait.

    • What did you order? C1 or BX?

    • I got lucky at Belconnen. Purchased 1 of 2 in stock and Toll are delivering Monday.

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    Ripped. Was going to pick up at Cranbourne, they've gone OOS, tried Elizabeth Street, OOS as well.

    Universe is telling me to wait for the 77 I think :P

  • +1

    Pulled the trigger. $2360 including delivery. Thanks op

    • alot of you pulling the trigger! I'm still looking for my trigger to pull!

  • Placed an order this morning for the 65" LG BX, order has been confirmed, but no confirmation of delivery time yet - in south east suburbs, Melbourne

  • Picked up a 48 inch C1 today. Thanks OP.

  • What's the PQ like watching SD FTA TV on these?

    Hopefully like Plasma and not LCD.

    Of course 4k content is ideal, but sometimes I still watch SD TV.

  • +2

    Thanks op!!! Finally convinced the wife that at this price we have to move the 55 oled to rumpus and get a 65!!!! 😀
    Got good guys in Essendon to match as by the time I ordered Geelong was closest jb that had stock. Can't wait!!!! 😀

    • are these shop still open? I thought all retail closed in Vic?

      • They are, but phone order and click and collect is available

  • +1

    my bx 65 arrived today. wow.

    • Oh I'm so jealous 😭

  • Mine arrived today. Looks good

    Noticed its a little dim compared to my b8 55, normal?

    • Yes. The new C1 are even dimmer than the CX.
      50nits I think it was

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