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Esatto 7kg Heat Pump Dryer EHPD7 $619 (23% off RRP) Delivered with Bonus 1 Year Warranty Extension @ Appliances Online


For those that were disappointed to find the latest Stirling heat-pump dryer on Aldi is based on a Kogan and not an Esatto unit, here's a good deal on Appliances Online. Not the best price it's ever been, but pretty close. I have no experience with it myself, ordered it yesterday, but reviews everywhere are very positive.

P.S: First-time poster here, please don't grab your pitchforks if I messed anything up.

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        2 loads a week hahahha hahaha bahahaha

        My two kids say otherwise! With two toddlers, muddy dirty food stained clothes etc with toilet training, yeah I'm doing 2 loads per day on average.

        I got a Kogan heat pump to replace our failed regular drier and can't complain. No more vented steamy wet moldy laundry, it's great!

      • We got one of these to replace a broken dryer.

        One other point i havent seen if these run far lower temps. Gentler on the clothes but more importantly shouldn't be anywhere near the fire hazard old traditional ones are. Never trusted leaving the old one on if we were not awake and home. New one no such worry.

      • Or in my case. Our brand new unit already came with a standard dryer, savings would be from the get go.

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          If you already have a perfectly good new dryer then going out and buying a new one is not generally considered a saving. You'll have to recoup those additional costs like anyone else.

          • @Cusacka: I was in the same boat - closed up laundry - wooden doors are slowly falling apart due to moisture even with constantly running vent - for me this heat pump drier meant savings in replacing doors, sold the vented dryer for 200 so got this for 300~ (500-200) in the end from the after pay deal.

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      Has anyone used an energy monitor to measure how many KWh of electricity this uses for a load? Finding it hard to accurately compare as most entry level haet pump dryers have an energy rating of 150 KWh per year based on one load per week. That's 3 KWhr per load which is the same as what my convential vented dryer uses for a load when measured at the the plug.

  • Anyone know if it reverses direction to reducing sheets becoming balls and tangling?

    • Yes it does.

      • Yep, and it’s great at it.
        My LG is nowhere near as good for sheets (happy to take advice from any LG reps on this so I don’t come across as brand bashing).

    • Mine tangles the sheets every time

    • The trick is to put a dry towel in the middle …so the sheets will not "ball up" - or at least will be around the towel. Try it … works!

      • I usually half dry sheets in dryer and then line dry for an almost crease free finish without ironing. And I use that center line to guide me when making my bed.

      • Do you mean lay a towel across one side of the sheet, so it ends up in the middle when spun ?

        I can’t quite visualize what you mean

    • I made the mistake of buying a dryer that reverses. The noise of it stopping and reversing is disrupting to people's sleep in our house. I'll only buy one that doesn't reverse now. It's located under a Queenslander so easy to hear.

  • How does this one compare to the Aldi one?

    • from what I see the difference is the aldi is 7 stars and an 8kg size? But this is a better buy for the sake of free delivery imo

  • I have this dryer and it’s great. First dryer for me and it’s been super handy during winter. The anti crease function is also cool (spins the drum every now and then after the cycle is done so that clothes aren’t too creased). There’s also a little light on the inside which is nice.

    Just wondering if anyone else gets moisture build up when they take out the lint drawer at the bottom? A bit of condensation on the bottom when the drawer is removed. Is that normal?

    • +1

      I do and use a microfibre cloth to clean it up when I clean the lint out.

      • Thanks. Glad to know it’s normal.

  • -2

    Does it dry clothes properly? I thought most of the heat pump dryers can’t dry it completely .

    • Works fine as far as i can tell.

  • +1

    Have this for 3 months. Excellent dryer. Takes 2 hours for a large load.

  • +1

    For what it’s worth, my Kogan 8kg series 8 heat pump dryer has been one of the best purchases for my household. Rock solid performance. Paid $599 delivered 2 months ago.

    • Hi
      I'm looking at that Kogan one, any chance help me out:
      How long does it take to dry a load?
      Is there any fast dry setting?
      Is the insulation good that you don't feel any heat?

      Edit: nevermind just seen they have no stock till October

      • I ordered mine in May. It originally said stock wouldn't ship till end of July. However, not long after ordering, it updated to early June.

        And to answer your questions:

        • Around 1.5hrs? It depends on how big the load is as well as how thick the items are (e.g. Jeans and towels will take longer than underwear/socks/shirts)
        • Yes, there is a fast setting.
        • Yes, I don't feel any heat at all. It is all self contained.
        • appreciate response.
          Unfortunately, my dryer needs repair and don't know I can be bothered fixing.

          • @taoz: Is it a heat pump dryer? If not, good opportunity to upgrade!

            • @phorte: its a Bosch condenser, been great, easy to fix and works fast. heat inst bad either in room. no belt snapped.
              can go through a few loads a night, so need something that doesn't take 2hrs a load.

  • +1

    Got this for $500 on another deal. Only used it a few times as still use clothes line most of the time, but it works well. Just put it on auto, turn it on, come back later.

    • I guess you don't live in Melbourne heh.

      • Nah, cold enough here in Syd for me!

  • This or wait for the Haier 8kg to go on sale again…. Must… Make…. Decision…..

  • +1
  • +3

    Bought with last night’s pokie winnings to replace our 18yo dryer which I bought new for ~$140, which we have to manually spin to get it going if there’s more than 2 socks in the load.
    Am I doing this right? Thanks Op!

    • +6

      Lots to unpack from this comment.

      • +3

        My head is still spinning from the manual restart.

      • Is the username inspired by the Russian or French context?

    • Sounds like the capacitor in the old dryer might be going. Can replace for $30 and your 18 yo dryer would go for longer.

      • Great Scott!

  • Does anyone know its weight? My laundry room doesnt have space on the floor but I can potentially get it installed on the wall.

    • Apparently not from comment above.

    • 58 kilos from memory. It cannot be wall mounted but you can keep it on top of washer.

      • That will be easy if I can do that. Hope my Samsung washer can take the dryer's load particularly when either of them is operating and there are vibrations.

        • I did the same. Out on top of my washer. Just used a mat on top of my washer then this exact dryer. Works fine.

        • I got it stacked on a Bosh, no issues at all, just got a ~$30 mat to put in between them.

  • Planning on putting this in the garage as we currently have a top loader so can’t stack, and we don’t have room for the dryer anywhere else.

    I’ve read that heat pump dryers don’t work well under 10 deg C, and given I’m in Melbourne, my garage temperature could be under 10 deg C in winter.

    Has anyone used their heat pump dryer in a similar environment with good results?

    • +1

      Using this in my garage (outside temps) over the last few months hasn't been a problem at all, also in Melb.

      • +1

        Thanks just purchased!

    • +1

      same situation here but i want to put mine outside as well but not sure how much noise it make when its running? i dont want to my neighbour to complain about it if its loud. I only use it during day time not night time as well. Anyone else have similar experience?

      • It might depend on your setup if a dryer is suitable there at all, but I don't feel it's any louder than other brands - certainly much quieter than the old '90s tumble dryer it replaced. I can't notice mine is running from inside the house, through a masonry wall.

        • Mine will be deliver on Monday so i am not sure how to install it and how it will be runnning. My setup is totally outside which under the pergola so no rain or water can get into it but it will be 10 meter apart from my neighbour next door

  • -1

    Do they install for you.. I mean unpack and lift it on top of washer.

    • aOL are very good for installation and taking away your old appliance. Light years ahead of TGGs.

      • Agree 100%. I bought a new FL washer from the TGG and the delivery guys gave me a lecture because they had to trolley it up one flight of stairs. Then they started conversing in Indian in front of me which was rude. The guys from AOL were amazing. They didn't mention the flight of stairs, just got on with the job. Lifted my new dryer onto the FL washer, removed the packaging and the old dryer. In future I will ALWAYS buy appliances from AOL.

    • +1

      For me they lifted it on top of my washer (one guy only - respect)

    • Just had mine delivered. They unpacked it, carried it up stairs and brought it into the room I needed it in. They did ask where to put it but I told them they could leave it as I could shift it around.

  • Can I stack this on top of Bosch series 4 7.5kg washing machine?

    • You can stack on any front loader. Just make sure you place a mat in between.

  • Bought this from last deal.
    Fyi - I always need to add extra 30mins to warm up the clothes after each cycle so that its fully dried. Maybe its because I got a top loader and my clothes are usually quite wet after each wash. YMMV

    Other than that its a good budget dryer. A bosch dryer will cost at least twice as much.

  • My dryer is getting more and more resistant to starting. Can't wait for it to finally die so I can justify one of these.

  • +1

    bought Esatto 3years ago, GAS was leaking and out of warranty, spent $125 to get a quotation but could not repair because they don't have parts here in Australia, lucky I bought it with credit caed which has warranty extension, I was able to claim full refund but no refund for quotation.

  • Haven't these been <$500 in the past?
    I'd prob have bough one already, but the eBay listings for Appliances Online always have 'Doesn't post to QLD South East'.

    • Combined with an afterpay promo yes. I got one then, at this price i'd say still worth it though.

  • Bugger, bought the Beko equivalent for $799 as this was pricier at the time and didn't want the Aldi model.

  • Purchased with the last deal for sub $500. Been going great, used often especially in these colder months. Well received by the missus. Takes a while to dry as per other posts. Can recommend.

  • I've had the dryer for a few months. The AUTO setting is the one I use most. The COTTON IRON setting left the load wet. Certainly not suitable for ironing. The filters are easy to clean and the water container is easy to empty. I didn't plumb the dryer to the basin but that's another story. The buttons aren't tactile and if you don't press them in the right spot, they don't operate.
    Overall, very good value.

  • Thanks OP. I just placed an order for the dryer and the washing machine. Delivery is expected August the 5th.

  • Had this model for 2 years now, amazing savings on electricity bill, compared to a plain old dryer.

  • Thanks, OP, ordered it last night and it arrived today at 11:00 am. The first load was bedsheets, they took about 2 hours when set to "Auto" and they came out as dry as my old normal dryer

  • +1


    For those in Sydney get it for $557.10 delivered.

  • it's now $557 on eBay with 10% off (ebay plus members)

    • No delivery to Melbourne with this deal is so sad :(

      • I'm an Ebay Plus member and can only see $588.05 pricing. Any idea how you got to see $557?

  • It's back in stock for next day delivery!

    Anyways, do you guys use it on auto mode? Just got the dryer and one thing I realised is that because the dryer doesn't have a display indicator, it doesn't tell you the remaining time to finish the drying job for each program.

    I supposed other dryer (cheap aldi or kogan one) that have a display will have this feature? (remaining time dispay)I think that will be a useful feature to have (like a washing machine that does).

  • +1

    Signing up to the newsletter gives $20 off

  • Mine steams up my laundry pretty badly with the laundry door closed. I thought heat pump dryers weren’t supposed to do that?
    Also I plumbed mine to the laundry basin and noticed it only seems to empty water at the end of the 2+ hour auto cycle. Is that normal? I was assuming it would dribble water throughout the cycle.

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