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Bonus Echo Show 5 with Purchase of Yamaha YSP-2700 Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer $950 Delivered @ Amazon AU


This randomly popped up in my Amazon APP. It's not the cheapest but with free Echo Show 5 it makes a decent deal.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Samsung q950a is better for few hundred more when on sale.

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      ~$1250 + delivery on GG commercial

    • Agreed it is better but it is on a different level, both product and price wise.

    • Definitely wait for a sale or coupon code for a Q950A, it is so much better than the YSP-2700- which is actually ok but not worth the price. I have the Yammy relegated to my bedroom but it's no where near as punchy or as rich as the Sammy in a home theatre setup.

    • Yep I’d save a little more for that or the Sonos Arc which is also excellent. Ive had the older version of that Samsung though and whilst it sounded great I had reliability issues unfortunately. No problems with the Sonos Arc yet which replaced it and also sounds amazing . Much better software too

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    This is an amazing soundbar - the sound bounces off the wall and provides an amazing surround sound effects. Lots of settings to program the beams and others. Lights and days to the 3.1 soundbar we replaced

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      And it's part of the MusicCast ecosystem so can be used as part of the whole house multi-room audio system

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      Yamaha invented the 5.1 surround sound projector. Models staring with YSP use their sound projector technology. Other models (YAS series, ATS series, etc.) are regular soundbars without the amazing sound projector technology.

      I still prefer discrete speakers. But for rooms where it isn't possible or practicable to run speaker wire, this is a great alternative.

  • Ture it would be nice if we can get a coupon for Q950A

  • this Soundbar was a really good soundbar but it is definitely outdated. Samsung Q950A or LG SN11RG are better options in my opinion, LG has been sub $1000 before from memory

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    Ive got one of these in the master bedroom and its great, wouldn't recommend for main tv. As noted above works brilliantly in a Yamaha MusicCast environment syncing any input across network of speakers.

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    Cheaper with David Jones $447 yesterday and I got price match with JB .. yay delivered for $447. I was going to go for sonos arc but at this price YSP2700 seems to fit the purpose of my first soundbar


    • Yup, that's about what it's worth. It's crisp and the sound beams 100% add width to the setup- it's just not super powerful for a main home theater setup. Perfect for a bedroom setup because it's got a nice small footprint.

    • That’s really good price match. Could you please send me the invoice photo so I can ask JB to match. I have no confidence to match DavidJ as it seems out of stock there. Cheers

        • Cheers mate. Stay safe

        • Just called them but they refused to match

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          Hi mate, I called another store. He agreed to match but will need a receipt or order number so they can confirm from their database. Are you able to provide this number please?

        • I called few stores in WA no one willing to price match. if anyone had a chance please let me know.

        • Can you please upload or PM us the receipt or order number so we can try to get JB to match too? Thanks 🙏

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      Hey Mate, please can you post the receipt.

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