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[eBay Plus] Up to 55% off* Home Essentials ($20 Total Discount) @ eBay


Up to 55% off* Home Essentials $20 Total Discount @eBay

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    ebay garage sale starts again

    • +33

      Was that a typo for garbage?

      • https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/311968734192

        Now this is garbage.
        $21.54 (was $41.54)

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          I spent a whole week looking for an USB, both at work and home, just to install windows. No one uses these anymore…

      • I think he did mean garage because garage sale sometime you may found something cheap and useful to you but may not for everybody.

    • Junk keeps arriving in the mail
      From that worldwide garage sale

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    Who decided that “F Dick stiff boning knife” was a good product name?

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      worse for the poor guy with the speech impediment

  • Victorinox steak and tomato knifes may be a good choice?
    6 pks for $26.5 (46.5-20).
    It’s $4.42 each.

  • 1.75 each bottle for the cleaning spray, usually 3 dollars from Amazon

    • Don't buying refills work out cheaper?

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    Bought some laundry liquid - that's 312 washes for $38

    • Sold out while I was researching. Does it work well in cold water?

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        I'm not really sure, I just use the cotton cycle on my machine and don't mess with the settings. But it does say "cold water suitable" on it for what that's worth.

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      That's a lot of $ for watered down detergent…?

      • Uh what? 20mL for a regular load is about 1/2 or 1/3 of what most other laundry liquids require - I'm pretty sure that's what you would call the opposite of watered down.

        • +1

          Any liquid detergent is powdered detergent with added water. It may be concentrated but much less than powder and you're paying for that in storage, shipping, carbon…. That's just my perspective…

          • @bargainshooter:

            Any liquid detergent is powdered detergent with added water

            That much might be true, but show me a consumer grade washing powder where the volume of powder required for a single load equates to 20mL? I doubt there are any so I would refute your claim about paying more for storage and shipping, if anything, it should be the opposite. Although your point may hold true for the less concentrated liquids.

            • @pyr0maniac: True, the volume is often similar or greater when using powder but that is mostly taken up by air as powder is less dense. So there is a significant weight difference, and given you pay by weight (1l≈1kg) not volume, powder appears to be cheaper. Powder is also mainly packaged in cardboard boxes vs plastic bottles. Not condemning anyone buying liquid just think it's a poorer product vs powder.

              • @bargainshooter: Liquid works better with cold water, judging by review comments across different brands…. Powders don't always dissolve fully in cold and can cause skin irritation.

                Again, this is purely from anecdotes, I've yet to perform any double blind studies.

                • @TEER3X: From personal experience I find Cold Power sensitive great in cold water. Omo sensitive and other products may not have been as good (could also be personal bias). But there are many factors at play - water quality and hardness, type of machine, how much of the powder the machine or user premixes prior to adding to clothes. I always mixed powder with water prior to adding clothing in a top loader. My current front loader premixes with a small amount of water before filling the drum.

  • Not sure what to buy…

  • Thermos 710ml Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel King Food Jar $19.95 is good buy.

  • -1

    a 3D printer is a home essential for me, but eBay doesn't think so :(

  • +1

    7.2L non stick electric fryer for $29.95 seems like a good deal

  • Thanks OP

  • +3

    Thanks OP. Bought this Fairy, at 20c per capsule seems to be decent:

    • Followed suit - nice one hny3 + OP

  • +1

    Nothing much to buy

  • +1

    I bought this one for $15 , seems a good buy

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    Two 27cm carbon woks for $15. I bought a single one from them for $19 last week and i haven't even had a chance to season it yet 😑

    • Made in China though

    • So you need 2 more?

    • +1

      27cm is tiny!

      • Yeah it is, i wanted a little one because i'm generally only cooking for myself 🙂

    • Fuiyoh! My chance to be a wok f***boi :P

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    Finish Rinse Aid: $15 for 4*500ml lowest ever?


  • +1

    No free items again after code?

  • Cool, bought some more dishwasher tablets… pretty much the only thing I get on these type of deals!

    • Same, been waiting for dishwasher tablets deal.

  • ended up getting a set of Scanpan Bamboo cutting boards for $14.50….present for MIL

  • Any one get this scrubbing device: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/402419072229 ($12.99 after discount)

    Any good?

    • +1

      Thanks for sharing. Even if it's crap I guess $13 for a manual brush with extending handle is ok

    • +1

      It's useless don't buy it. I had one from kogan and it's very slow.

      • Thanks. I'll find something else to buy.

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    for those who missed out on the 1L + flask deal

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    Still works just put in code

  • There are decent savings on good slicers, Japanese and German , if code still works

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