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ANZ Rewards Platinum Card: 150,000 Bonus Points (Spend $1,500 in 3 Months) - $0 First Year Annual Fee, $95 after @ Finder.com.au

Card features & info
  • 150,000 bonus ANZ Reward Points when you spend $1,500 on eligible purchases within the first 3 month. According to ANZ site it’s $670 worth of e-gift cards for Coles, Woolworths and tons of other retailers, $600 cashback to your account or 75,000 Velocity Points
  • Annual fee of $0 for the first year, going back to $95 after
  • Interest rate of 20.24% p.a. with up to 55 days interest-free
  • Earns 1.5 points per $1 spent up to $2,000 per statement period and 0.5 points per $1 spent after that
  • Has complimentary shopping and travel insurance
  • Have a good credit rating
  • At least 18 years old and an Australian permanent resident or non-permanent resident with more than 9 months remaining on your visa
  • To get the bonus points you must not currently hold and haven’t opened or closed an ANZ Rewards Black, ANZ Rewards Platinum or an ANZ Rewards credit card in the last 12 months.
  • Apply through Finder by 30 July 2021

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  • Why isn't this a direct link to the ANZ site? Is there any benefit for the customer who goes through your link?

    • That's how finder tracks where their customers came from before their website. Just adds tags to the URL or on the data layer.

      • +3

        I'm wondering why we'd need to go to their website at all. Isn't this equivalent to referral spam?

        • +6

          I don't know the policy on OB but it's the same thing when it's Point Hacks that have a deal through them.

          It's only 120,000 from ANZ directly. It's 150,000 through Finder. There's your difference.

          • -8

            @Jewdas90: If it's an exclusive deal through Finder then I withdraw my objection. Otherwise I call spam.

        • +1

          you don't have to, you just don't get the deal.

          it's like complaining that you have to go to cashrewards to earn the cashback.

          • -4

            @chickenface: My question is whether this is exclusive to Finder or available to anyone directly from ANZ

            • +4

              @PSEACT: and when you checked the anz website what did you see?

            • +1

              @PSEACT: I don't think this deserves so many negs. PSEACT just wanted to know if there's a difference, that's it.

              • +1

                @Jewdas90: Good on you mate. I cried myself to sleep last night and I'm writing this message from the psychologists lounge chair. Why can't the anonymous Ozbargain randoms just accept me for who I am?

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        yeah its on the main website so wouldn't it be better going from ANZ main website just in case?

        • +1

          some people want to track the links,
          and determine which campaign was successful for them,
          eg. FB ? IG? OzB ?

          also, they can do other telemetries through link tracking,
          and also increase their page views of those pages, to justify their employment, etc… ha.

          • @whyisave: If they're associated with ANZ, they would be able to access the websites analytics too though right? Why would they need to assess if their campaign was successsful through another website when all the tracking is already available on the site it links through to?
            Unless the Web Admins at ANZ are incompetent, there's no way their tracking analytics wouldn't be suitable for this simple task

            • @Zythyx: Finder promotes the ANZ links,
              so, Finder can figure out from HTTP referrers and other cookie-magic,
              where people are coming from and they will target their efforts in those areas in the future.

              Remember, a significant part of internet behaviour is purely around marketing, ie. battle for your mind.

      • Good find. Interesting that ANZ specifies it's a Finder deal. Validates the Finder link being used in here rather than the ANZ one. Just my thoughts.

      • You cannot get to this link from the ANZ website natively. If you go to the Platinum Rewards Card, it says 120,000 bonus points.

  • -1

    https://www.finder.com.au/anz-rewards-platinum-credit-card-e... says Forex fee is 3% which is a terrible deal

    • +12

      So have another card for foreign purchases (e.g., Bankwest Zero Platinum). Simples.

  • +7

    Ill leave this here, bear in mind the eligibility criteria, card min limit, spend etc and any other minor differences of black vs platinum card


    ANZ Rewards Black Credit Card: Earn 180,000 Reward Points (Worth $800) with $2,000 Min Spend in 3 Months, $0 Annual Fee 1st Year

    • -1

      Annual fee is $375 For that deal. big difference to $95 for this.

      • +1

        $0 Annual Fee 1st Year on both

        • -7

          Yes the annual fee is free for the first year. Then what? Apply for another cc and this could affect your credit rating.

          • +3

            @Duece1995: close the account before the 12 months and sign up elsewhere for more points.

          • +5

            @Duece1995: You sound like you're new around here. Member since 2010 eh?

          • +1

            @Duece1995: Mate I churn cards like it's going out of fashion. Credit rating is fine and no issues getting any type of loan.

            • @Duram: Does it count as a spend if you buy gift cards? Specifically with American express?

    • Another main difference is the points per spend

      Black: 2 points up to $5000, 1 thereafter
      Platinum: 1.5 points up to $5000, 0.5 thereafter.

      This is probably another good reason to go black (though the annual fee is much higher from the second year onwards)

  • Wow this is really good. Last offer was $550 or $530 worth of gift cards.

  • So…open an account pay mortgage with it? Close it….profit?

    Simple as that?

    • +3

      you can pay your mortgage with a credit card?

      • Easy way to spend $1500 on 3 months under the terms. Could be anything correct?

        No I definitely do not pay mortgage on a credit card

        • nope, can't be anything

          Eligible purchase means purchases which are eligible to earn Reward Points

        • Buy a camera. You basically get it for $800 less

  • +5

    as @txb has stated, the current ANZ Black deal is better for an additional 30,000 points (if you can spend $2000)


    • +1

      $15k min vs $6k min depending on your circumstances this may be better

      • What are these numbers that you're alluding to?
        Wait nevermind realise you're talking about credit limit.

  • Thanks OP. What is considered the best use of ANZ Reward points in general? Converting to VFF, gift cards, or other?

  • +2

    Be careful with their "eligible purchases" they will try to sneak around the definition

    • +1

      Yes, this. Never applying for an ANZ card again. They wanted me to update shit on my credit rating scum bags. Never have I had that happen.

  • Got my card 2 weeks ago with 120k points :(
    ANZ Rewards Platinum

  • maybe a lower income but the other anz is still better https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/614545

  • +1

    Nice OP! ANZ is good because they have Coles and Woolworths gift cards, most have just one or the other. Coles doesn't have the $20 gift card though.
    Some gift card math:
    $200x3, $50x1, $20x1 in Woolworths gift cards, $670 total, with 3,355 points remaining.
    $250x2, $100x1, $50x1 in Coles gift cards, $650 total, with 7,790 points remaining.

  • +7

    Signed up for this card from the PointHacks deal in March and never got the GC.
    Have called multiple times and if you count time spent on hold, am up to multiple hours to resolve now.

    • +2

      Did you log into ANZ rewards and redeem your points?

      It's an e-gift card so should be in your email after a couple of days after redemption.

      As for me i just use the cashback which is more straightforward and can be withdrawn when you cancel the card.

      • The March deal wasn't for 120K rewards points or anything, they are supposed to email you a choice of e-gift card.

        If I login to the rewards portal I just see the normal ~3K points I have earned from doing the minimum spend.

        • Did you pay any bills (especially govt. bills) in your minimum spend ? They like to dispute that as ineligible purchases

        • Hmmm definitely weird.
          I didnt think they emailed you though

    • I'm also yet to receive my GC

      • whats GC stand for?

        • +1

          Gift card

        • Fair Dunkum

    • What gift card?

      I received my bonus points from the Point Hacks deal. No hassle, no problems. On time, as promised. I can choose to redeem these points for a gift card or other options through the rewards program at any time now.

      Also got approval when they called me to ask a question. Asked question, got my response, put me on hold while checking with senior, came back, approved. Pretty easy.

      So no hassles for me with ANZ, but it looks like YMMV.

    • +2

      I still haven't received mine either been calling them up from last 2 months or so they keep transferring me to the different departments but no luck. Have emailed them multiple times as well. Lodged a online compliant as well but i haven't heard back from them yet. Pretty annoyed TBH

  • wait these are not qantas bonus points?!!?

  • Possible to change over my Travel Rewards into this? Or new application?

    • Would like to know this too, and whether the sign up bonus would apply.

  • Can you confirm that there's no "Rewards Program Service Fee" in the first year either?

    • +1

      $200 credit back but its $425 yearly fee, or am i missing something?

  • i couldn't find but where is the minimum annual income required? e.g. is it 35k or assuming its 65k for this one ?

  • do you get the bonus points after hitting min spend and on the 3rd month? or do you have to wait for 12 months until you receive the bonus points

  • +6

    My personal experience, signed up, sent countless docos, follow-up calls, escalations etc, and still never progressed over 2 months. Am in process of removing all my accounts with ANZ. Absolutely useless

    I know they are useless because I signed up for AMEX instead and got approved and card within 2 weeks

    • +1

      maybe just unlucky?

      I applied and uploaded 2 payslips and got approved on the same day for ANZ Black.
      Card was sent out the following day.

      • Yeah might be just unlucky, I did the anz card in feb and had no issues with the whole process

      • +1

        I spoke to at least 3 people on different occasions, all asking for the same info. Then they escalated twice. Then crickets … Rang again and they said we need to escalate, and I said fk that

        It's unlucky in so far as I got incompetence throughout my calls to their call centres. Their processing team not talking to each other and their processes are garbage.

      • Same here. And they said the card is on the way and then again sent me an email for id check? Did you have to go through id check as well?

        • nope. everything done online.

  • +10

    they reject easily, be very careful with ANZ.. on my black list now

    • I had same experience

    • anz has been one of the best for me, st george and citi are the worst. they all have thier own inscrutible criteria.

  • same experience with the neg comments.

  • Same as above..

  • Same as above

  • +2

    Pathetic customer service,spend hours to explain the issue.I will cancel it soon

  • I find the offshore processing centres get confused when you don't fit their processing model.

  • +1

    Worst off shore application department of any bank. Absolutely clueless and 100% uncontactable. You have to send an email with preferred time for call back, and they will take 3 days. Common practice to pick up and have no one speak (happened to me multiple times). Eventually gave up. Will not touch ANZ for any other products as a result of the experience.

  • Is there a minimum income requirement for this ? Cant find it anywhere

    • +1

      ANZ no longer sets minimum income.
      But for platinum card, the minimum income required is usually 35k to 40k.

  • +1

    applied last night, approved within 20 hours, no question asked, credit score 846

  • Might not be relevant to many but beware of additional eligibility for the bonus points etc is that you can't applynfor the credit card and nominate it as part of "ANZ Breakfree" package (to waive annual fee).

    I recently got the for ANZ platinum black because of the offer ($200 cashback and 120k frequent flyer points after spending $3000 in 3 months). After activating it and spending for couple of week, i got charged annual fee despite having the ANZ Breakfree package which shouldn't charge me annual fee on credit card. When i call ANZ they look into it and fixing it to waive the annual fee. The rep later told me to note that credit linked to ANZ Breakfree package will not be eligible for any bonus offers.

    Welp just gonna pay the balance and close the credit card asap lol.

  • I have recently closed ANZ Frequent Flyer Black, Will I be eligible to get bonus points for this card?

  • Does anyone have a link for the ANZ 200k Rewards points card? (mentioned in another thread)

  • Morning all, I have applied for this card about a week ago for 120,000 bonus points, I have been conditionally approved pending a payslip. If I cancel that application and apply with this offer instead, will this negatively effect my credit rating or have any other Ill effects? Thanks!

  • I'm so tempted to apply for this even though I am constantly rejected by ANZ…

    • what was the period of time between your applications?

  • +1

    I applied for this and got the reward points after my first statement. I had to open an anz rewards account which is separate from the app. Got my vouchers and already cancelled.

    Also had to call anz to ask them to manually link the credit card to the new created ANZ internet banking service which I created myself. Anz doesn’t create the online banking account for you which is pretty stupid.

    Very troublesome.