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Seagate Backup Plus 4TB Portable Hard Drive $97.75 / WD My Passport 5TB $143.65 (+$20 EFTPOS Card) C&C / + Delivery @ JB Hi-Fi


Greetings everyone, JB have some great deal on hard drives with the after hours sale. Cheapest I’ve seen a portable hard drive in a while.

Seagate Backup Plus 4TB Portable Hard Drive for $97.75.

Available in both Black and Blue.

Limited stock of black, plenty of Blue available.

WD My Passport 5TB Portable Hard Drive USB 3.0 [2019] (Black)

This is also eligible for a $20 EFTPOS card via redemption.

Note: Seems to be on back-order awaiting stock but should be able to apply for the gift card as you just need to "Scan or take a photo of your receipt/invoice clearly showing the eligible product name(s), retailer and date purchased.".

Don’t forget to stack with discounted gift cards also.

As always, enjoy!

Original Coupon Deal

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    Is this voucher valid storewide?

    • Yeah, I'm confused. There's a few deals with this code popping up but no mention of where the code came from or what you can use it for.

  • +9

    Tempted on the 4TB, but already have so many unused hdds gathering dust!!

    • +13

      Google chia farming. You could be making dozens of cents per week!

      • haha you got me at dozens of cents.

        probably wont even make back the cost of a dead SSD after all that plotting, unless chia pulls a bitcoin and becomes super valuable /shrug.

  • oooo 4tb portable is at a good price

  • It seems like $20 EFTPOS redemption doesnt include this model.

    • +1

      how come?

      Promotional Details
      Purchase any of the following products and be eligible to redeem an E-Gift card

      WD My Passport 2TB & above - $20 Gift Card

      • +1

        My bad, stopped reading after 2TB

  • -1

    The Seagate price is not correct?

    • +4

      Did you use the coupon..?

  • Damn none in stock for pick up locally in Brisbane and no shipping

  • which one last longer/ better??

  • expired price has gone up

    • +1

      shows as $115 for seagate for me - guess that's right with the discount code

  • +1

    Seagate isn't available for delivery or collection point. Click and collect only.
    My nearest store with stock is Mackay(I am in Brisbane) a nice easy 783km drive away.
    Very limited stock it seems.

    • +8

      The blue seagate is showing as available for delivery and plenty of C&C in Brisbane.

      • +2

        Thank you good sir!
        Blue is indeed available for delivery/pickup.

  • +1

    Thanks! Needed one of these as backup!

    Seagate Black was out of stock in Sydney Metro, nearest was very far away. But was able to pick up a blue version.

    Total = $97.75 + $4.99 Delivery = $102.74. Thanks OP!

  • How long until some deals on 10TB drives?

    • whenever chia coin dies

  • Thanks OP.

    Just picked up a 5TB for $143.65 (free express delivery too!).

    I got one a few months ago from Amazon for $169 and I saved a search alert for "5TB WD" and got the notification earlier so this was just what I've been waiting for :)

  • +1

    thanks. got a 4TB for like $97 pickup
    thats it awesome deal

    are these standard 2'5 inch when shucked?

    • +3

      Yep these are standard 2.5" when shucked

      • Fingers crossed that Seagate unit has a height of 7mm … I'm planning to use one in a PS4.

        If anyone has shucked one of these, could you let us know the dimensions of the Seagate drive?

        • +1


          • @annarchon: Thanks for the info.

            After doing some reading, my best bet is to get a 2TB drive since they usually have a height of 7mm.

            The larger capacities seem to all be 15mm.

  • +3

    Anyone know if the WD is shuckable?

    • +3

      Genrally WD are not shuckable

      • +1

        Yeah last few years they have the usb port soldered to the drive

  • Ended up grabbing the 4TB as my 2TB is completely chockers on my Series X. Will make the 2TB now for the Ps5. Really wanted the black to match the console but with a $50 voucher as well that I used, price was too good to pass up.

  • Can only seem to get a 5TB WD by using postage method so $5.99 to the total.

    If we buy one of these do we get a receipt emailed to us? or do we need to wait until we wait until it comes in the mail?

    Also, does WD have warranty claims in Australia or does the drive need to be sent registered offshore?

  • Hi guys, best choice to use on my ps4 for external with the intention to move to a ps5 later? Cheers

  • I bought 12tb interal $450

    Why is exertnal cheaper?

    • -1

      Cos the drives have "shingles", they use dodgy SMR technology.

  • Seagate good enough for PS5 storage? 1TB literally holds 5-7 games and it'd be nice to keep my PS Plus games.

    No stock in SA.

    • I use one for PS5 and one for Series X. They are just games (and not PS5 or Series X enhanced ones). No point overspending on HDDs, save up for SSDs later on.

  • Nice, got the 5TB with free express delivery!!

  • i ordered the 5tb one but i never recieved an email but my paypal payment went through, should i reorder?

    • Received e-mail. After you paid, you should have seen a confirmation page. I did print that out just in case.

  • +9

    For delivery of the 4TB HDD, you can add a small item like this one to make the order over $100 for free Express post. Also don't forget to use gift cards (5% off from SunCorp and the likes).

    • I didn't know JB were doing free postage now. Wish I'd known before buying and paying for postage though lol

    • It works with that small item, but not if I try to buy 2x 4TB HDDs? All deliveries still cost $$, and i'm right next to the CBD.

  • +3

    I don't need the 4TB, I don't need the 5TB…..but which one do I buy?

    • 1 or 2 TB?

    • Buy both and give me the one(s) you don't want - so give me both of them basically.

      Jokes aside. If you don't mind Segate, get the 4TB (price/GB is tiny bit better) and it has 4 months Adobe photography voucher - problem is I am not sure whether that voucher is still valid if these are the 2019 version (so it is possible the voucher code is no good anymore). Don't count on the 4 months voucher is still valid basically.

      • 2TB WD might actually be a good shout at $64 after cashback, ~half the width & weight of the 4TB due to the platter array

  • Ordered 5TB Thanks

  • anyone know if the seagate 4tb can be shucked or is it hardwired with the usb port like some others these days im thinking of using in in the laptop

    • Is this hdd can connect to android tv?

    • Seagates are usually shuckable. I've just ordered 2x for this purpose. It's usually only WD garbage from memory where the PCB only has USB on it / no SATA. Only thing to beware of is the thickness of these drives - might not fit inside your laptop.

  • +1

    just tried . plus 5% suncorp instant gift card discount. ; ) . exact to the dollar and cents

    • Is Suncorp literally that instant? I always make impulse buys but too chicken to use Suncorp first

      • +1

        Yes. I use it all the time. Instant.

  • Damn it - just added 2x 2TB to my server… but at this price couldn't help myself :(

  • could anyone who bought one of the seagate 4tb ones check with some sysinfo when they get it what model drive is in these i need to find out the thickness for shucking it and using it in the laptop

  • Thanks @doweyy, been waiting for a 4tb deal for ages. How do you pros test new hdd, just use CrystalDiskInfo?

  • If you add something and make the order at least $100 you get free express delivery (at least it worked for me).

  • I doubt the WD $20 EFTPOS offer would be still valid, as it’s only eligible for first 1000 registration. And it started from May, and it’s been posted on ozbargain. But I still tried.

    • If it reach limit should be closed to claim i guess

  • bought one, thanks, op !

  • Whats the difference between this one and the ‘one touxh’ version? Thats a few dollar more, around 116

  • +4

    Add a $10 JB HIFI Gift Card and you get free delivery for the 4TB.

    Might be better than trying to find a small item to buy to get the free delivery above $100.

    • Good idea!

      • Free delivery is NSW only.

  • +1

    This one Seagate Expansion Desktop Hard Drive 4TB comes down to 84.15 with the coupon if anyone interested

    • +1

      $13 difference to be able to use portable :) depends on buyers needs I guess :)

      • +1

        Also needs to be connected to a power supply all the time.

  • Thanks OP!

    Don't need another 4TB drive but since it's so cheap … why not 😂😂

  • Picked up another one, although i have a few 4s n 5s lying around.. buy now, decide later… the ozbargain way!

  • Only blue available for delivery (couldnt find any near BNE). Could always do a price protection claim..

    These should be fine for shucking and using as an internal data/work drive yeah? Still got an older 3.5" that is sometimes slow to start up. Price per GB seems good

    FFS coupon code has expired AND This item is no longer available for delivery.

  • Damn missed it!!! :(

  • Didn't really need it, haha

  • Missed it….:(

  • Hi guys, I just got a phone call from jb saying they are out of stock of the Seagate 4tb unordered. They happily swapped it for a one touch model. Is there much difference between these?

    • Same thing, just includes a different backup software that you won't use.

  • My two 4TB blue shipped today after ordering last night. Coming locally from Perth

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