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Intel Core i7 RTX 3080 AORUS XTREME Gaming System $2499 Delivered @ MSY


Limited stocks, exclusively for online delivery only.

System features:

CPU: INTEL i7 10700KF Up to 5.1GHz
Motherboard: Asrock Z590 Phantom Gaming 4/AC
Graphic Card: GIGABYTE GeForce® RTX 3080 AORUS XTREME V2 LHR
Ram: Kingston HyperX FURY 16GB 3200
Case: Gamdias Argus E1 Tempered Glass ARGB Strip gaming ATX case
Power Supply: MSI MPG A850GF 850W 80+ GOLD Fully Modular Power Supply
Wi-Fi: AC1200 Dual band
Cooler: Armaggeddon (Artic Storm 3) 120mm RGB R4 CPU Cooler

Hi folks,

thanks for your support, due to high demand this gaming system is currently sold out.

For anyone who missed out on this, don't feel left out, our team has been currently digging more good deals and these will be expected to come up shortly.

If you have any concerns about our warranty support, you should not be worried as we're making all the efforts to make sure the product you purchased is in safe hands.

MSY Technology

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MSY Technology
MSY Technology

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  • +21

    You can do better than this

    • where, please show me ?

    • +13

      What am I missing here? MSY list their 3080's at $2800-$2900 for just the card and this is a full 3080 system for $2500??

      • -2

        Your mistake was assuming MSY lists anything at anything near their market value in the first place.

  • -2


  • +8

    Not against OP, but I don’t know how 120mm cooler can handle i7, also a lot of pre-built love to use them.

    • -11

      if it was a 120mm aio, you will have no problem with gaming, but since it's an air cooler, will be a tough one

    • +61

      I really hate how OZB removed comments. I would rather see what they have written. Just hide them. And its total bs how the replies to removed comments are also removed.

      • +9

        Yip. "Fun police, pull over! Keep it boring or go elsewhere."

      • +3

        Probably removed to stop more fires from starting up

        • -2

          But the constant racist bad company without even trying the product stays? Just goes to show

    • Nothing wrong with air coolers

  • +10

    Not great, not terrible.

  • +9

    MSY. No thanks. Bad with warranty. Made the news and got a few big fines.


    • +5

      MSY Technology were acquired by Lanka Graphite back in 2019

      Most ACCC breaches were made prior to new ownership.

      Would explain the new website too.

      • +29

        That fell through

        Why a company mining graphite in Sri Lanka wanted to own a computer parts store is beyond me.

        • Interesting, I wonder if another company bought them or still the same old owners.

        • +2

          Backdoor listing.

        • +1

          That's not what happened. That company was a dud, MSY bought up most of the shares as a way to publicly list, but then they failed to do so. It basically bankrupted MSY. Ambitious move that failed, they lost a lot of stores.

      • Still privately owned.

      • -10

        Look at their page compared to pccg and scorptec. It's clear they are behing in popularity among pc modders.

        • +7

          Because of consumers like yourself who judge a book by its cover.

          Congrats, refusing to give a store a chance but calling it out for low popularity. What a paradox.

          • -5

            @Kundi: I used to buy from them. Bad service the chinese workers basically ignore you. Bad customer service.

            • +11

              @Wizard: Would you prefer non Chinese workers ignore you? If yes, feel free to PM me.

        • +5

          A Gigabyte 3060 bought in Adelaide MSY and ended with me few months later in Sydney died few months after that and the Parramatta store got it repaired under warranty no problem. Took 2 months but got results. Overall good experience with MSY (my first too).

        • +8

          Their PDF price lists are amazing, as a modder you should know this

        • +1

          i picked up so many bargains at ridiculously cheap prices at msy over the years its not funny i feel like a thief :)

    • -1

      search for Kogan there


      never stopped anyone here

  • I see MSY has stepped up their game

    • +33

      With the amount of electricity used by crypto (Bitcoin almost as much as all of Australia), I'd say yes to LHR, getting these in the hands of gamers is a good thing for me.

      • -2

        "I'm a peacock Captain! You gotta let me fly!" says the RTX 3080 LHR card.

      • Problem is I am afraid if LHR detection will kick in some future games and throttle the card.

        • For the price of these cards, they should have no limitations.

  • Soooo the whole system is $200 cheaper than JUST the video card on most websites…
    This is an error right? Gigabyte AORUS GeForce RTX 3080 XTREME 10GB Video Card - Rev. 2.0 LHR Version is on average $2700.
    Buy the system, sell the parts and keep the card.

    • +13

      Not an error. Welcome to the new world… only way to avoid price jacking is to buy a whole system.

      • This is sad but true, what a world we live in.

    • There have been lots of deals lately for 3080s at 1750-1900 range. I don't think the price is going to fall that much more though even if everyone else is hopeful.

      • +1

        He's talking about the Gigabyte P850GM PSU. Gamer's Nexus have been testing this PSU and it is a fire hazard.

        • +2

          i see, but its not even a gigabyte psu here so was confused lol

    • +2

      It's an MSI PSU.

  • +3

    the 3080 being used here is one of the most expensive variants, this is a p good deal imo

  • honestly not bad if u want a new pc currently the cooler is the most budget piece in it and that will still be fine for that setup, from quick maths you would be paying around $1500 for the card and thats not bad at all since this looks like a nicer card, if u just want the card try waiting it out a couple months.

  • +15

    Card alone is "worth" $200 more than this, MSI know something we don't me thinks.


  • +10

    not sure why people are s$&%ing on this deal.. seems pretty decent

    • +12

      It's bloody fantastic, if this came from Techfast people would be creaming themselves.

      $380 CPU, $180 PSU, $200 highly rated motherboard, even though the rest of it is pretty rubbishy it's still $150 or so. Puts the GPU priced at around $1,600 and it comes pre-built for you.

      Considering that card is clocked 200mhz over stock (which is high for a 3080, most of the OC cards are about 100mhz that I've seen) and looks very pretty (it has an LCD built into the card!), that is ridiculously cheap. I just wish they upped the price $100 and went with a nicer heatsink and a nicer case.

      Unless standard 3080's are about to drop well below $1,500, this is a great deal. Especially since MSY usually has a fast turn around.

      • +4

        Not sure where you got "highly rated motherboard" from, it's probably the worst Z590 on the market and will be gimping the power of that 10700k

        • Yeah, lol, I had a totally different board in mind… it's still be fine for the 10700kf though. This isn't targeting the overclocking crowd (not with that heatsink)

  • +1

    Looks like a good deal

  • LOL like MSY has anything in stock

  • How good a deal is this? I was going to get a laptop but portability is not that big of issue for me. Are there better options than this?

  • +21

    Negging due to non-existent customer service.

    Ordered SSD with no response about pick up date for 5 business days. Attempted to contact them via email, chat and phone 10+ times over 3 more business days with 0 response. It is about a year now and still no response at all.

    Wouldn't trust them with $2500

    Only buy if you are a lawyer, work for ACCC or have a card with strong buyer protection.

    • +2

      I don't know why so many ppl complain about them, I bought parts from msy for years, never online , walk in the shop and pick up what I need, install no issues, never had to take anything back, good cheap price .

      • +6

        I don't know why so many ppl complain about them

        I hope you would at least know why I am complaining from the above.

      • +1

        Maybe they're thinking of Fast Eddie from Fluidtek back in the day? Always trying to kick someone out trying to do a warranty return with a durry in one hand.

        Good times. I like to think jv is actually Eddie.

    • +4

      I agree too spent 799 on a asus laptop
      Constantly had problem with that not turning on itself. They only waste time saying leave laptop they'll put new system.
      Idk about you but i dont see that is sometimes what a normal consumer wants.
      Their support is absolute garbage
      Bought from their CBD Adelaide store a couple years ago never ever looked at their sht store again. Who cant provide a refund even after the laptop constantly giving problems multiple times.

      They got some weirdo contract with their so called repairers so simply put new OS, dont replace the hardware thats actually casuing problem.

  • -1

    This is a great value deal i assume its just the name MSY holding it back on here.

  • -1

    Doesn't an RTX3080 cost 2000$ at the moment? how does that add up?

  • +3

    This is a good deal at this point in time, never personally had a problem with MSY. Just waiting for a better deal.

    Also don't mind LHR cards if it means cheaper cards for high end gaming - this is a positive so don't let others tell you otherwise

    Really sad that vendors now need to put a soft lock to combat the scalpers and crypto miners.

    • LHR cards do not mean cheaper cards for high end gaming. It means overpriced cards that can't even make any of their obscene price hike recoverable by the customer.

    • You know what? I would have agreed with you about it being really sad until a few days ago. You know what's actually really sad? That there's thousands upon thousands of rtx 3060 GPUs for sale on various sites after the Chinese crypto ban, basically clarifying that board partners were just selling pallets of GPUs straight to miners while giving crumbs to the rest of us. The board partners are the ones who really screwed us.

      • -2

        Why not, miners pay good price and board partners don't have to worry about warranty

        • What came first? The miner/scalper or the GPU?

  • +3

    If MSY of all stores can offer a deal like this, I can guarantee you that 3080 prices are about to plummet.

  • -1

    LHR ew gross!

    • why so ?

  • Just to share my experiences: I have bought a few components from MSY in Morningside over the years. I've experienced one faulty motherboard, and one faulty keyboard out of the many purchases I made there. While the return process wasn't as easy as your big retailers, I didn't have any real issues and got a refund both times within a couple of days after someone tested the components, and replicated the faults. So I would vote this a good deal personally, and wouldn't be especially put off by MSY (would rather a non-LHR card or wait for a 3080ti deal)

  • This is a good deal but if you have a problem with MSY the company itself that’s a different issue. I personally wouldn’t buy any system with any CPU/GPU that is way above RRP. That’s just me I am a cheapskate and I can wait.

  • +1

    3080 LHR card sales are starting to pickup in OZ. Only a matter of time before these are sold at a much lower rate.

  • Can I install a standard 3.5" internal HDD on this as a second hard drive?

  • Looks like these are sold out. Would of been nice to add/alter a few things like maybe a bigger SSD/More RAM.

  • if only non lhr 3080

  • How long until we get DDR 5?

    • Someone every year said "soon"

  • +2

    Hi folks,

    thanks for your support, due to high demand this gaming system is currently sold out.

    For anyone who missed out on this, don't feel left out, our team has been currently digging more good deals and these will be expected to come up shortly.

    If you have any concerns about our warranty support, you should not be worried as we're making all the efforts to make sure the product you purchased is in safe hands.

    • Is there anyway I can get notified? So sad I missed this

  • Nooooooo so sad I missed this :( is there an email list I can join to get noice about something like this again?

  • MSY? no thanks

  • has anyone gotten there pc yet? how is the build and cables? and how fast is it to ship?

  • Had good service from MSY in the past, replaced some faulty RAM when I showed my proof of purchase no problems - even returned it interstate from the original store of purchase…

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