This was posted 2 years 9 months ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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JBL Live 650 Wireless Bluetooth Noise Cancelling over-Ear Headphones $78 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Harvey Norman


Not sure what is going on with HN today but they have quite a few good deals.

Seems to be the cheapest price so far.

Equipped 40mm drivers deliver rich, detailed sound with amplified bass
Active Noise-Cancelling feature reduces ambient noise, so you get to enjoy listening to your favourite tunes without distractions
Bluetooth connectivity allows you to pair it with your compatible device to enjoy wireless audio playback
Onboard earcup buttons and included detachable cable with remote/mic enable hands-free music/calls management; supports Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for simple, voice-activated controls
Fabric headband combined with plush ear cushions provide optimum comfort when listening for extended durations

What's In The Box?

1x AUX Cable
1x Charging Cable
1x Carrying Pouch
1x Warranty/Warning
1x QSG/Safety Sheet

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    $79.99 at Aldi if you don't like Harvey Norman.…

    • I don't. But won't waste $1.99 either

      • Fair enough. Aldi is within my 5km radius, Harvey Norman is not. YMMV.

    • +1

      If you scroll down on the Harvey Norman wesite is says the following:

      What's In The Box?
      1x LIVE650BTNC
      1x AUX Cable
      1x Charging Cable
      1x Carrying Pouch
      1x Warranty/Warning
      1x QSG/Safety Sheet

      In addition for black model specs

      Harvey Norman = Model 4307900

      JB Hifi = Model: 4307900

    • Yes I can confirm that. Harvey Norman has a retail price sticker on, and it's $279

  • +1

    I just don't agree with Gerry's money grab. Https://…

  • Can anyone comment on the sound amd build quality of these headphones?

  • +1

    Online reviews seem positive, maybe bass heavyish.
    Micro usb charge port (if that's a problem), possibly shows the age of the design.
    My other JVCs have lasted 2 years in the hands of my teenager. So probably fairly sturdy.

    • -1

      These are jbl, not jvc

      • My bad, I meant jbl.
        I blame spellcheck.

  • Does it have a 2.5mm port at the headphone end?

  • -1

    bluetooth 4.2+microusb killed the deal for me.

    • yeah this

      any micro usb item should be on DEEP discount, not $79 lol

  • Champion - thanks a lot!

    I have the 600btnc with 32mm drivers and stolked with the sound level and quality for $47 compared to my expensive jabra 75 active $220 on sale, what a waste!

    This has 40mm drivers so can be my backup pair.

  • Damn just saw jbl 750 model for $90 on a pop up ad

    But 650 has double battery 30hours vs 15, so not too bad..…

    • So wich one would you have bought? My self I just bought 650 model and now reading your comments. Worth to swap?

      • I went with the 650.

        Better Battery life.

        • Ok then I stick with the one I bought then.

    • These are different product lines - the TUNE 750 is not necessarily better than the LIVE 650, in fact the LIVE 650 has a better overall rating on Rtings.

      I got JB Hi-Fi to match the Harvey Norman price for the LIVE 650, because Gerry Harvey.

      • I called jb hifi and they refused to price match:(

        • No its the same, they told this to me, i argued with them with ANC 20 hrs without ANC 30 hrs check the spec page in HN. They agreed and got mine

    • JBL Live 650BTNC is miles better than JBL Tune 750. All JBL Tune models are cheaply made. The JBL Live models are premium models. This is a great price for this one.

  • I just grabbed last blue from HN Liverpool. There are 3 white left only. The retail price is $279 for 650 model. However I never paid attention to the 750 model but its retail price is cheaper than 650.
    Anyway HN also have 750 model on sale for $90. I just realized the sale price when I got back to my car and Googled…

    You can get %7 cashback off HN gifcards from Shopback. Myself I didn't want to use it as due to restrictions I got no work this week and next week at least. Don't want my missus know I shop too much.

  • not available for click and collect in WA :(

  • This is a great price for these headphones. One great thing about these headphones is the cable provided with these is a braided one with a mic and remote. So can use these wired with anc on for meetings. Sound quality is amazing. Little tight though. They get more comfortable as they age. JBL releases these under different names

    JBL Live 650BTNC is same as JBL E65BTNC and one more model I can't remember the name of

  • Got a refund from H.N today ?price error?

    • Or prob OOS from ozbargainer

    • I picked mine up today Price is valid

    • I click on - click and collect, then I clicked postage and it added 7.95, then I went to PayPal and it did not include the postage amount, I decided to press back and fix it up incase there was an error. Then I clicked postage first and it was the correct amount when I went to PayPal .

  • Price is 100% no more stock once gone.

  • I must be the unlucky one but im having issues already with my set.

    Has a weird crackling noise on the left side when turned on.

    • Was just watching a youtube review and someone commented about this:
      Search for 'Ronald' and you'll find the comment

      • I've tried resetting it and changing the settings but it still has it.

        But when I have it turned on and plugged in with the headphone jack it doesnt do it (with ANC on).

        • That's so weird - I hope you are able to get another pair.

  • Got mine today. A bit tight on the head and sound is decent. The ear cuffs are comfortable, headband could use a little more padding, however the material feels nice and premium. Not sure if ANC works when comparing to my XM4. Has good passive noise cancellation anyway. Overall quite decent for the price, wouldn’t pay normal retail price when there better options out there, however at this price, not bad.

  • Would these fit a small (19 y/o kids) head? Or are they pretty big, a la Plantronics backbeat pro?

    Need some anc over ears for sensory triggered child.

    • Maybe too late for you. Just picked mine up from ALDI, they are almost too snug on my head, which is not partcularly large.
      Other than that, they sound good and I like the app controlling them. Thumbs up from me.

      • Thanks. I meant 10 year old but didn't proof read! Good that they're snug in an adult, that might mean ok for a kid. Thanks

  • +1

    Pick up mine today as well….using my old XM3 and some other headphones I own and tried as comparison point (I know not fair, but probably better than no reference point…)

    The build is ok, the plastic is definitely having more of that hollow and thinner feeling than XM3’s. The bass is ever so slightly “tighter” than XM3 (which I prefer) but everything else sound wise is fine but nothing to call home about. ANC works just fine at its price point, probably a little better than AirPod Pro to my ears. The comfort is ok, a bit tight for my head but not uncomfortable because it has very decent ear cups. The ear cup size is a little smaller to be an over the ear headphone for me though.

    One thing to point out is that it has much more pronounce classic Bluetooth hissing/static sounds than more premium headphones like XM3 or AirPod max or anything at around level. Also what surprised me the most is that they have multiple device connection support at this price back in 2018 (release year?), so Sony shame on you not putting this feature on XM3, a sure money grab move to get people more reasons to buy the mildly upgraded XM4.

    For the price? That’s fine, no way I will pay RRP for this, but at $78 bucks, it’s pretty good to be that one headphone you take everywhere and don’t need to be too careful about…

    • Yep the ANC white noise is noticable for $279 - but for $78 it's OK.

  • +1

    Bought a set from Aldi today. Don't know if I got a faulty set but there were multiple Bluetooth stutters every 20-30 seconds and sound quality over Bluetooth was terrible. When I plugged in the included 3.5mm cable sounds quality was fine. I'll be returning them ASAP.

    • Yeah i am returning mine tomorrow as well.

    • I think that would be more of the bluetooth on the source. my laptop and phone are okay, but my desktop pc can stutter randomly. using a cheap old usb bluetooth dongle on that.. probably BT v2

      • It was working fine for a few hours with my IPhone 12 Max Plus Ultimate Pad model but suddenly started a crackling noise out of no where.

      • +1

        It seemed to be a problem playing music through Spotify actually. Don't know why… In any case, I was not happy with the sound quality for $80. Connecting to my laptop sounded terrible but then using the 3.5mm cable it was fine. I also really didn't like that you have to download their app (that tracks your location??) to use the noise cancelling feature. Returned for a full refund.

  • Got a pair today from Aldi. when I try turn on / off ANC, i don't really see any difference. Is there anyone experience the same?

    • There is a difference but its so slight that its hard to tell, especially when coming from a XM3. but these are definitely better than my $60 chinese Ausdom headphones but not as good as my XM3's @ $330. but for the price its pretty good.

      • Yes you are right. After using it for a while I can tell there's a bit of ANC there, but offset by (i) worse music quality; and (ii) a small level of background noise. I wish there's an option to permanently turn off ANC.

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