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realme 8 5G Mobile Phone (Dimensity 700, 4GB/64GB, 90Hz 6.5" Screen) $249.61 + $12.03 Delivery ($0 w Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU

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Got this via Amazon email.

Seems to be a pretty good price for realme's midrange phone with MediaTek Dimensity 700 5G processor & 90Hz screen.

$249.61 + $12.03 Delivery ($0 with Prime) for 4GB/64GB
$336.21 + $11.73 Delivery ($0 with Prime) for 6GB/128GB

Sold by Amazon UK. Delivered by Amazon UK. Expected delivery 18 Aug.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +5

    Here comes the budget 5g phones

    • +29

      Not much point. I already have a 5G phone, but waiting for an affordable plan with 5G :-)

      • +1

        agreed, until 5G can be rolled out to MNVOs it won't be affordable for most (at least most on Ozb)

        • +1

          After the amount of money saved on here they can afford anything.

          • +10

            @netjock: Saved? Many probably bought stuff they didnt need because they were a bargain!

      • +8

        And even then I don't see the point of 5G on a mobile phone. There are very few uses that would benefit from more than 4G bandwidth.

        • Agreed. I can't see myself downloading massive files on my phone (probably ever) to benefit from 5g.

        • Lower Latency and different spectrum. Progress comes in steps

          • +1

            @HumbleCat: I guess but in the lifetime of this phone is doubt that lower latency will be needed.

        • spittin facts, 4g is more than enough, 5g for bragging rights.. who downloads a 10+gb movie for offline viewing on their smartphone? the most commonly used social media apps and video/movie apps work perfectly on 4G

      • I have the telstra $99 150g 5G for $28 p/m thanks to jbhifi throwing in an iPhone on their last round of deals.

      • my telstra and optus plans don’t don’t differentiate and are dated pre 5g roll out and i just keep renewing …. is it resellers e.g kogan, aldi that limit to 4g ?

        • Yes, most resellers will limit to 4G
          Telstra's cheapest sim only plan also doesn't have 5G access.

    • I would avoid MediaTek 5G for 2021/2022, too much power draw.

      • +1

        Exact reason you only see MediaTek on mid to budget phone.

        Plus don't expect custom ROMs.

        • They might take longer, but their current 4G mid-ranges are great value.

        • The Dimensity 1200 performs great and now they have a 1300T chip coming out that will out perform the 1200.

      • I dont understand why mid tier phones cant get SNapdragon 835/845 from previous generations instead of a completely different chip.

        They can just put older flagship chips into new mid range and low end phones

        • +1

          In some ways the new SoC's are better, more efficient, just lower specs. Other spec upgrades such as higher camera megapixels that aren't supported on previous gens, 5G etc.

          These newer mid-range chips will maintain power usage better for its catagory.

          • +1

            @Jimbuscus: yep, and the majority of phone users don’t custom rom , just but phone, put in sim and use and accept manufactures updates and patches …..

  • +5

    I have the Realme 7 5g, and I have been very impressed. (the 7 has a 120hz screen)

    • +2

      Yes, same here. Impressive phone for the price. Now just waiting for Amaysim / Optus to get 5G up in my area……………..

    • My only worry is the selfie camera, how is it?

  • dimensity 🤩

    never seen this format before, boss🤣

    • Sorry my bad

    • +1

      He been in and out of teleporters too many times to avoid COVID restrictions has screwed his speeling

  • +2

    7 pro is good, I would wait for 8 pro.

    • +2

      I am waiting for 9 pro.

      • +6

        I shall wait for 10 pro then.

        • +3

          11 Pro for me then

      • +1

        Yeah very funny but strictly speaking 8 pro is out, what I meant was a decent price for it.

    • Legit though, I've been using the 7 Pro for about 8 months now and it's amazing phone for the price.

    • I've had the 7 Pro for 6 months and I've been thinking this as well but the specs don't justify it


      7 Pro has: Gorrilla Glass 3+, Water-repellent coating, Faster charging (by 15W), Stereo speakers, bluetooth 5.1, higher MP selfie camera

      8Pro has same 60Hz screen and same most other things but slightly worse - except better camera. Seems like a fudged model to meet release targets tbh (7 Pro September 2020, 8 Pro March 2021). No 5G, worse everything, why bother?

      Wait for 9 or later I reckon

  • +2

    4gb ram no thanks better off paying more and getting the 6GB. whats the cpu like with dimensity ? ref The Dimensity 700 mixes two highly capable Arm Cortex-A76 'Big' cores in its octa-core CPU operating up to a speedy 2.2GHz, speedy LPDDR4X memory up to 2,133MHz. is it better than snapdragon 750?

    • No

    • +1

      Mediatek CPUs are weaker, run hotter and have higher battery drain but I guess you get what you pay for on this end of the market.

      • +6

        people always shit on mediatek, but really the competition just spends a lot more on optimization/software. it's like ok maybe snapdragon is 10-20% faster but that's peanuts compared to apple's offerings that are like twice as fast… you don't get an android phone for the performance, its about performance/$ and the open platform

      • Not all of them of G serious but 700, 800 ,1100& 1200 flagships are rival SD chip which at the end use TSMC

  • why does the realme 7 have better specs ? :S

    • +2

      its more expensive.

  • Not bad for the price. 90hz screens are coming into the budget market now.

  • Are any of this high refresh rates at the native resolution? I see all the Samsung ones you have to downscale to 1080

  • Good 5g budget phone, is it worth upgrade for parents?

    • Depends on usage.

  • Got NFC.

    But compass?

  • What's the warranty and what happens in the event something goes wrong?

  • Need to upgrade my dads phone. His main uses are taking and looking at photos family sends him and battery life. What would you guys and ladies suggest in the sub $400 range that would be best candidate?

  • -2

    Too small has to be 7.2" screen
    Need to check its competition: Fakeyou Dimension 4

    • Agreed, I'm looking for a mi max 4 alternative with a 7inch screen. Don't like skinny screens.

  • +1

    Why do they all have to be so big? Not even a single good cheap compact :(

    • I recently bought a refurbished S10e for like $350, it's $100 more than this but the smallest it gets I'm afraid other than the Pixel 3.

  • +1

    I've got the Realme 7 5g (8gb Ram version) few months back from under 400 and happy with it so far.

  • Would this make a decent personal 5G hotspot device? It's half the price of Telstra 5G modems.

    • Wouldn't have the same throughput/total speed support I don't imagine. Especially if you've got multiple devices hanging off it.

  • Much difference between this and the Redmi 10T? I think the 6 or 8GB Realme would be the better pick?

    • TechTablets on youtube has a comparison up

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