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Unlimited nbn 12/1 $39/Month, 25/10 $49/Month, 50/20 $50/Month, 100/40 $79/Month (First 9 Months Only) @ Aqua Mobile


SPECIAL deal 9 Month discount for all NBN Plans with One Month risk-free trial. Bring your own hardware or buy preconfigured Netcomm router for $119.

NBN plans

NBN 12 MBPS $39 for first 9 months then - $59.00
NBN 25 MBPS $49 for first 9 months then - $69.00
NBN 50 MBPS $50 for first 9 months then - $79.00
NBN 100 MBPS $79 for first 9 months then - $99.00
NBN 250 MBPS $89 for first 9 months then - $119.00


Fast connection
NO Contract
No Cancellation
1-month risk-free trial available
$0 Setup Fee

Critical Information Summary

Pro rata

Aqua Mobile is a new Startup offering Mobile (coming soon) and NBN services through Vocus. For more details and orders you can call us at 1300 097 819 or email [email protected]

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  • Can you please provide more details on the 1 month free trial.

      • The One-Month risk-free guarantee is only applicable to new nbn customers connecting for the first time. Previously connected services are not eligible for this offer;

        • First time with your company or any company?
        • +2

          Good point.

          Their website is very misleading about this…

  • +5

    Your fair use policy is very strange and seems very fixated on people using "Youtube Mobile" too much. "Youtube Mobile' isn't even a thing.

    Also things like "Data usage from a non-approved primary device is prohibited in a standard voice rate plan, usage incurred from a non-
    approved device is not rated within the data allowance for that specific voice rate plan and is charged as excess data"

    If this is your mobile fair use, I'd love to see your NBN fair use, which isn't on your website.

    • you were Right I will get it fixed

  • +3

    Do you publish your CVC graphs so we can decide whether it's worth joining or not???

    • Vocus says no.

      • Why not?

        • +1

          I don't know. Ask Vocus jv.

          • @Twix:

            Ask Vocus

            Do you think they'll will give me an answer?

            • +2

              @jv: My crystal ball says no.

              • +2

                @Twix: I'll save myself a phone call then…

    • +1

      Good one, albeit rarely, jv. Never heard of aquamobile. Would love to hear first hand experience

      • Superloop are currently doing 100/20 for $79 too…

        Would like to compare the performance of Aqua Mobile with Superloop…

        • This is apparently 100/40 but doesnt say the up speed on their website… so who knows.

          Im moving house and need a new nbn service so this comes at a great time
          I also need a new budget router for FTTN can anyone recommend or is their a forum post i should seek out?

          • @jonoo:

            new budget router

            Tenda nova

            • @jv: Thanks.
              Sorry for getting off topic, is it correct for FTTN i still need a modem as bridge between NBN modem and the tenda nova? Maybe I should have just asked for a recommendation for a modem/router?

              • @jonoo: NBN don't give you a FTTN modem. What do you want to spend?

                1. use a VDSL2 modem bridged to the Tenda Nova router.
                2. modem/router in one device.
  • Is that mean we can close at the end of 9 months without penalty ?

    • Their page says No contract, but I'd read through the T&C's carefully… There are often catches that cost you money when you leave…

  • +3

    @ Aqua Mobile

    Are the speeds watered down?

    • +1

      Not if Ariarne Titmus is swimming in it.

  • +2

    No mention of Typical Evening Speeds. The about page needs some work.

    Looking For The Best NBN Service Provider I n Australia? Choose Us

    Fix spelling. The best… says who?

    Fibre to the Premises (FTTP)
    This is a standard plan where the fibre optic cable runs into your premises

    This is a standard plan? What?

    Fibre to the node (FTTN)
    This has greater bandwidth and is considered to be a cheaper alternative to FTTP. This connects your copper phone and internet lines to a nearby fibre node.

    FTTN doesn't have greater bandwidth.

    Fibre to the curb (FTTC)
    This generally connects a distribution unit

    Not generally. FTTC does connect to a DPU.

    Hybrid Fibre-Coaxial (HFC cable)
    HFC utilizes the oldest technology and is used with existing pay-tv cable

    PayTV is getting booted off HFC.

    • +2

      HFC utilizes the oldest technology

      The don't mention that it can be way faster that FTTN….

    • And the word s p a c i n g on the contact page needs cleaning up.

      The CIS should say serviced by NBN Co and not ADSL.

      Relocation Fee
      A relocation fee of $99.00 applies for nbn™ service relocations
      should you move address. A service can only be relocated if your
      new address is served by an exchange enabled with the
      appropriate ADSL equipment.

  • 30 day cancellation notice required sucks a bit, I'm fine with services that won't refund you the rest of your billing period but it should be possible to easily churn from one provider to another without planning a month ahead.

    I can't see any mention of what happens if it's the middle of a billing cycle too.

  • this reminds me of buzz telco!


  • How long is it available for ??

    Can i use it to start from end of August??

  • An dany credit checks or something???

    And hows payment done by??

    Website seems pretty dodgy

  • +1

    It's a shame that there is no address check on their portal. My suburb has NBN FTTN technology with a speed cap of 100 Mbps, but it is allowing me to buy a 250 Mbps connection on the Aqua portal. This is an open invitation for many such calls to their support.

    NBN 250 MBPS $89 for first 9 months then - $119.00
    Please Note: All plans come with 1 Month trial Period

  • -1

    Im paying $49.95 for NBN25 (200GB) for first 6 months AND there after, complete with home phone AND free calls to all AU landlines.Suits me fine and never come close to the 200GB cap.

    Hence cant see any merit in this deal.
    Its hence NOT a deal at all to me

    • what company?

      • Pretty sure Future are the only ones doing download caps as their standard offerings. TPG have budget 10GB and 100GB plans, while Aussie have a 100GB senior plan. Both are 12/1. The 100GB plans aren't even that cheap compared to other unlimited offerings.

    • 200gb and a home phone? What is this, 2005?

  • +2

    Looking For The Best NBN Service Provider I n Australia? Choose Us

    Claiming to be the best and there's 1 like on Facebook.. which is the page owner lol


    • I just clicked on this fb link to have a look and noticed I had liked their page, very strange as have never even heard of these guys so I know I would never have knowingly liked them. Unliked.

      • Yeah, that happened to me as well and I thought it was strange.

  • The FB link is broken already

  • +2

    Could this be another epic broadband? haha

    • Time will tell. Aqua is registered to a different person in Melbourne.

  • +2

    25/10 $49/Month
    50/20 $50/Month

    Who is the genius at Aqua Mobile that worked on pricing of the plans?

    Gee, lets see should I go with the 25/10 plan or pay an extra $1 per month to double my dl/ul speed?

    • I reckon same they should lower the price of NBN 25. If they make it like reasonable something like around $42 or less, for NBN 25 I'll join right now.

      But ofcourse they are not going to change prices, in that case, I'll simply pay an extra Dollar for double the speed.

  • +2

    I have been jumping around nbn provider every 6 months for the past 3 years and some involving nbn co, thus some downtime days in between and a hassle. Been sticking out with Spintel for $64.95 50/20 and been ok with them for almost a year now.

  • +2

    Best NBN service provider in Perth

    Being the capital and the largest city of Australia, Perth has a massive number of homes with an internet connection. If you are a resident of Perth availing the services from the best NBN service provider can be a right choice

    u wot m8

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  • Anyone joined ?? hows your experience??

    price seems good, thinking of trying them out, if Oz had good experience

  • I joined for 5 days, the speed is very average, i have FTTP and good hardware. Im on 250/20. When doing speed tests via wire, top speed around 210-220Mbps then quickly slowed down to around 120mpbs. During peak time, getting around 80-85 mpbs and up around 17mbps. I was with Superloop before. Got around 250Mpbs peaked and slowly dropped to around 190-230mpbs. Peaked time was very similar speed.
    Overall, not enough bandwidth purchased from ISP. Great communication though, very thorough and updated me on each stage.

    • Yeah sounds like need to give aquamobile a try and best part is dont need to stick with them, if i dont like them then simply tangerine the next month or even may be new contract with Belong again 1 year. Was pretty happy with Belong's NBN 30 for 55/month (BUT need the $80 sim starter kit, along with the a new free modem to resell it for recouping some belong's 55/month cost

  • Just a heads up, aqua don't let you schedule a connection and can't guarantee a timeframe of how long it'll take to connect.

    That means you'll likely end up paying two bills at once if you want a seamless connection.

  • just contacted with online help, being told that public ip requires additional charge, so that self-hosting is not worthy for this ISP. Good price but not suits me if public IP is an essential. Just let others know what I have been found out recently.