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20% off @ Dell eBay (S2721DGF $399, S2721Q $279, Dell XPS 8940 Desktop $2149 (OOS), S3422DWG $495.20 Delivered)


Edit - a small batch of Alienware AW3821DW has been added - $1299 delivered.

Dell is back with another 20% promo.

Some deals -

Prices are starting to increase (and continuing to do so in the near future) so now is the time to bite if you're in the market for a Dell device.

Full T&Cs -

Offer Period. This offer is available from 10:00 AEST on 28 July 2021 for a limited time only, for as long as it is advertised by eBay on the eBay.com.au website (“Offer Period”). eBay reserves the right to cancel the offer at any time.
Conditions. The offer entitles 20% off the purchase price (excluding postage costs) on items sold by the Official Dell Australia store (“Seller”) except for the Exclusions, with up to a maximum discount of $1000 per transaction during the Offer Period. Multiple items may be purchased in up to 5 transactions per person (with a maximum of 10 items per transaction).

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  • +2

    aw 3821d back to 1299?

    • Where did you get that? I have $1873.75 down to $1499.

      • No I am asking the question to get it back down.

        I want it down again :(

        • it is back to 1299!

    • +4

      I bought it as an upgrade from dual 27, not sure if i like it and it has been a few weeks of use now

      • I would probably not replace a dual 27 with even a single 49" ones. I want to look at my primary monitor straight so that I dont get neck pain.

      • What don't you like about it? and what games do you mainly play?

      • +2

        it not supposed to be an upgrade for a dual 27, should be an upgrade for a single 27 to have it beside the other 27

  • Why are prices starting to increase out of interest?

      • Don't think that justify the statement you made, it looks to me like a generic email eBay sent to sellers and sellers have the choice to choose whether or not to participate in the promo? Dell does 20% off already-discounted-price sale on their own website sometimes, surely it is good news to them that eBay is chipping in a small percentage of the discount?

    • +1

      Supply and demand, shortages, material costs increasing, less labour with covid. Just like how everything else is going up.

      With more people relying on tech with working from home etc, of course prices will increase.

      These Dells were already crazy cheap compared to the competition.

      • +2

        These Dells were already crazy cheap compared to the competition.

        Gigabyte and AOC have been as cheap or cheaper at similar specs (at least compared to S2721DGF).

      • And shipping costs are through the roof as well. Anything that is coming to Australia on a ship is significantly more expensive & shows no sign of getting cheaper for a while yet.

    • I think global manufacturing is weening itself off China.
      I looked at a motorcycle I bought in 2009 for $14K last night, it is now $27K with some rider aids.

      • +2

        This sounds familiar … CBR600RR?

        • Yeah, couldnt believe the price I was seeing

      • -1

        Would leather protect you from the aids?

        • They work in conjunction with the aids. Abs, traction control etc.
          Promiscuity is optional

      • +1

        Wow. I paid $13,300 for an Iron 883 in 2011ish. Now it's $18,300.

        That seems more like a natural inflation. Also, the dollar was really strong in 2011.

        • How you digging the iron 883 10 years later ?

          • @811b11e8: I don't have it anymore. Got rid of it a few years ago, regretfully.

    • You should see the prices in the US and other countries, we have it cheap here with regards to monitors and gpus

  • +5

    Another good deal and competitor to the famed Xiaomi curved monitor, the Dell 34 Curved Gaming Monitor – S3422DWG for $495.20


    • +4

      so you mean i should run this beside my xiaomi 34"?

    • Thank you I was waiting for a xiaomi 34 inch deal almost bought off catch for 589 but got this s3422dwg thanks to your post :)

    • -1

      It appears that the Dell is a TN panel and while info on the Xiaomi is hard to find, it may have a VA panel.
      I'd prefer the VA panel but the Dell price and support myself, but might be a point of difference worth considering for some.

      • The Dell is VA.

        • both are VA according to specs and reviews

      • +1

        Xiaomi uses a Samsung VA panel (LSM340YP05 which is the same panel uses by AOC, Gigabyte, Philips, MSI etc.), the Dell S3422DWG is also a VA.

  • +1

    Does anyone know if the 27" would be suitable for a PS4 to play at 1080P until I get a PS5 and can use it at 4k 60hz?

    • +1

      If it is anything like my 32" 4K was with an Xbox one, it'll be fine and look fine. 1080p scales neatly to 4k so you should be fine.

    • At 27", you may be better off getting a QHD monitor with a higher refresh rate like the S2721DGF. Having slightly less detail with a higher refresh rate may be a better experience (personal preference of course).

      • +1

        not sure 1440p works well with PS4?

      • +4

        PS4 and PS5 don't support 1440p.

    • +1

      For PS4 (with getting PS5 in mind) and you have to get one of these, then S2721Q is the one to get. It would have been nicer if S2721QS is available as it has a height adjustable stand.

      S2721DGF - the issue here is Dell refused to do the 4K source to 2K interpolation done by one of its competitors (Dell knows how to do it, as Dell has done it on another Dell monitor). 2K LCD monitors generally do a decent job displaying 1080p. However, they are still not as good as 4K to 1080p (because that's 4:1 direct map, which is easier). 1080p native screens are still the sharpest when it comes to displaying 1080p contents. As for the 120Hz, we will need to wait and see how well Sony implements VRR.

      These Dell monitors are in the cost effective range. There are quite a lot of features we would really like them to have, but Dell simply won't implement them. It's easier for Dell to lower the price (to sell these like hot cakes), rather than spending time on firmware which most people probably won't pay extra for.

  • +3

    Ah the S2721DGF… so glad I bought during that eBay sale for $359 a couple of months ago. Hopefully buyers know that the delivery time is not that quick even when buying what is presumably in stock and requires no customisation. Great monitor and very happy with it.

    • +1

      It can be, mine came within a week even thought the initial estimate was 20 days

      • Same here. 20-22 day delivery estimate, was delivered in 4 days from Sydney to Melbourne.

        • Maybe I was just unlucky and it took a couple of weeks for me living near the Sydney CBD.

  • +1

    Dang, i need another S2721DS but out of stock

    • S2721D is in stock if you dont mind different stand.

      • Yeah i'm pondering over it but I do like the adjustability of the stand on my current DS

      • +1

        The stand is actually quite a major distinguishing feature for the monitor, considering the display is rather just another generic non-gaming 27" QHD IPS.

  • +1

    Does anyone know why there is two listings for AW3821DW at different prices?

    • +11

      One is with a 5yr warranty whereas the other one is the standard 3 years.

      I can get a better price. I'll be announcing it (mod: edited) in the coming days.

      Third-Party Site Operator Commenting Guidelines

      • Missed last deal, will be interested if $1299 (or even better) again =)

    • It's gonna be $1299 soon.

      • Hoping I can pick one up for $1300 like the deal a few weeks ago (i think it was?) that dealbot posted.

        • +2

          That's what is being hinted :)

          • @IamaCam: All hail dealbot, keeper of the bargains.

  • Is $398 for the Dell 32 Curved 4K UHD S3221QS a good price? Looking for a 4k WFH monitor.

    • +2

      It is not the best price it's been. Has been lower by $30 recently. Would be a great monitor for 4k WFH


      • +2

        I use it for WFH, it's excellent for that purpose.

    • +1

      Not a bad price at all and as an owner of that model I think it does worth the price. However, if I were to choose again I would have gone for dual S2721QS instead. Black smearing on the S3221QS is very apparent and unlike 34" Ultrawide, 32" isn't wide enough for you to effectively split your screen into 3 spaces. If you split it into 2, then you have to look at your programs at an angle, which isn't the most comfortable experience as viewing angles of VA panel aren't great. That being said, it does have more vertical real estate than a 27" or 34" ultra wide can offer and a flat IPS 32" would have cost more than double of this and all the good affordable 34" are QHD only, so it really depends on what's most important to you.

  • Promo code is Not ready yet.

    • Went live @ 10:00 - I have used it.

    • sure is

  • +1

    Currently have the 2721DGF and looking to get an ultrawide as well… is having a VA next to an IPS as bad as people say?

    • Personal thing. I'm a bit spoilt and find it very noticeable to have anything other than identical panels side by side.

      • Yeah I'm thinking it would bother me too lol. Don't know whether to just get a second 2721DGF and leave it at that

        • Get the second monitor. Two 27" DGFs are a really nice sweet spot for WFH and gaming until WQHD+ monitors are cheaper.

  • +1

    sadly all gaming laptops on this promo are specced with the crappy 120Hz 250nit screen with poor color reproduction

    the only models with good screens are https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/392848668206 17.3" g7 with 2070 Max-Q $1599 delivered
    and https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/393424147166 Alienware M15 r5 with 3050 Ti $1769 delivered

    I didn't look any more expensive as this is the price range I'd look at normally

    • +2

      besides the XPS and Alienware, Dell's other lines are all low-end displays except the 7series (G7, Latitude 7000, Inspirion 7000, Vastro 7000, etc)
      very much in line with their competitors

      • +1

        this time last year it wasn't hard to pick up G3 or G5 with good 144hz panel in Dell Outlet around $1000 - $1200

        whatever happened to that

        • +1

          I think even those 144hz panels had low nits and color pallet. It just seems the screen is the main cost cut in the low and mid range stuff.

          • @reactor-au: nope they were good. 300nit and sRGB coverage.

            they are taking a page out of Lenovo / HP book where they put garbage panels into everything but top tier - Dell used to be better than that

            as I mentioned in one of the threads earlier, the cost of good panel and a crappy panel is almost the same, the difference when you order a batch of 1000 is maybe $5 per unit

            the only reason these crappy panels are manufactured and installed into laptops is to make laptops feel cheap and low grade. there's nothing stopping laptop manufacturers from putting a 144hz 300nit 72% NTSC panel for $5 more instead of that crappy 120Hz 250nit 45% NTSC one.

            so saying it once again, here's them spitting in our face and we're just wiping it off and saying yeah it's cheap model what do you expect. that's what they want you to think

            • @shabaka: Well its the same with soldering in the RAM DIMMs, save $2.

              • +1

                @reactor-au: yeah that's another dirty trick they got off Apple with their steep premiums on the storage. the 256GB storage module costs maybe 5c more to manufacture than the 64GB one, but you'll pay arm and leg to get the phone with 256GB installed in it, and it's not user expandable

                so laptop manufacturers are doing the same (was Microsoft the first one with its Surface books?) where everything is soldered and what you buy is what you got to live with till you throw it out or sell it on for whatever value it still holds by then

                I say no, look guys, no, I won't buy a laptop where I cannot upgrade things later on. you solder CPU and graphics for good, so let's stop there. I want to be able to expand RAM, storage and replace wireless module if I feel like doing that, and you can't stop me

                but I guess 95% of people never open their laptop chassis? I am a laptop technician so I am different I guess. I gutted enough laptops to know all their dirty secrets

                • @shabaka: Some laptops are just shockingly bad, not designed to be opened ever.

                • @shabaka: Have a look at the frame.work diy edition laptop, not in Australia yet, bit seriously considering it as my need machine.

                  • @Lofty248: looks interesting, thanks! I wish they add a 15" or better 17" model, and start shipping to Oz

    • +1

      I am also very interested in the same two models. I will love to hear from some real users who can comment on them will be great.

      • +1

        Dell and cooling is very much work in progress, look at those slim laptop chassis

        I have been a long time Dell supporter, but for gaming I switched to Metabox (Clevo builds) and they are much more reliable, especially cooling-wise

    • There is an XPS15 with a 400 nit OLED touch screen and a 500 nit UHD touch screen.

      $3240 and $3558 respectively, so not cheap. Both come with RTX 3050 ti.

      I am thinking very seriously about that OLED but want to see what the M series MBP looks like when it arrives.

      • +1

        I am not a big fan of XPS having repaired a lot of them (and owned a few as well)

        Haven't seen the latest generation yet, though.

        If I get a Dell for personal use (read fun and education) it's usually either a Precision mobile workstation, or a Latitude 7000, or occasionally Inspiron 7000, I change laptops often. But anything high performance I would say Dell Precision is your best bet, although they are not cheap. well, you can find them cheaper than retail (and no one buys them retail really), but need to know where to look

    • +3

      Just for clarity in case anyone sees this, that Dell G7 has a Max-P 2070 which I think is essentially a full power version(?), not the limited Max-Q version

      • +3

        youre goddamn right, Mike

        it is indeed the full power 2070, MaxP.

        my bad.

        • Thanks for the comments and the link, placed order for G7

  • +2

    the G15 with a RTX3060 is a killer deal at $1740

    • clarification: killer as in awesome…

    • Link?
      Pity the Alienware M15 is with 3050 Ti and not 3060
      Alienware is better than G series

  • thanks OP - got the 34" monitor which looks to be a good price

  • also, "AMD FreeSync Premium Pro"?

    let's see how many incremental tokens of alleged improvement can we stack before it loses any meaning whatsoever

    Premium Pro Plus Ultimate Prime XT Super HD

    • looks like they've taken a leaf out of big pharma/big food's books ala marketing of protein powders. They take up significant shelf space, have a large container which is filled only up to 50% capacity and is labelled "Ultra mega gainer pro plus XXXL" with a tagline underneath that says "gets you ripped and shredded with big volume gains"

    • Plus alpha Championship Edition Turbo

  • +1

    Does the S2721DGF support g-sync? Looking at the listing it only mentions freesync.

    • +2

      Yes it does. Only through Display port.

  • Any recommendations for a usb c monitor with 65W or greater power delivery? Few usb A ports would be nice too

    • +2

      I'm pretty happy with my Dell P2721Q (4K). It wasn't cheap though.

    • This is what I'm after too.

      Covid/wfh tax will keep the prices up unless bite the bullet and risk a Kogan 34"

  • Pretty long wait on the S2721DGF. Late August estimated delivery.

    • +4

      FYI my monitor in previous sale was meant to be delivered Aug 7, but was actually delivered about a week ago

    • I purchased in the previous deal aswell and recieved via StarTrack Courier well before the estimated delivery date (I live in Metro Sydney) took them about 2 weeks?

      I've had to return the S3222DGM due to a defective pixel, unfortunately DELL won't honour a brand new replacement, so I've opted for a refund as I've just bought the S3422DGM as a replacement. I was looking forward to the 165hz on the 32, but will settle for bigger screen realestate on 144hz (really wanting to push my RTX 3080).

  • Can I use a PS4 with the 2721Q?

    • Yes, and it's better for the PS5