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Morgan 5ft Platinum Empty Boxing Bag $104.95 (Was $141.95) + $17 Shipping @ MO REPS Fitness Store


Punch, hit, strike & train with the Morgan 5ft V2 Platinum Boxing Bag at home or in the gym.
The Morgan 5ft Platinum punch bag is a high quality, commercial-grade punch bag that is made for high volume use. This punch bag is great for all types of boxing training when you want to incorporate boxing plus kicking no higher than the knee area. Its median 5ft size makes it ideal for training boxing at home as well as in a commercial gym.

Best Features:
Solid: This punchbag measures 150cm in height and 35cm in width and weighs approximately 55-60kg when filled.
Tough Construction: Made from 1000D ripstop vinyl with 4 reinforced 8mm steel triangle rings, provides the bag non-sag finishing towards the top.
Commercial-Grade: With additional rivets inserted through the leather patches, provides the punching bag with the additional re-enforcement that a commercial-grade bag is expected to have.
Stable: Using a stabilising strap at the bottom of the bag, to minimise the punch bag swinging, makes this a highly recommend punch bag for commercial use.
Dense & Safe: Filled with a premium blend of Australian made fleece and cotton, provides a dense and safe striking target.
Made from a strong 1000D ripstop vinyl material
4 x reinforced triangle rings inserted through leather patches
1 x tie-down loop to stabilise the bag
Dimensions: 150 x 35cms
Weight approx. 50kg when filled
Hanging chains and swivel are also included with this bag
Variant options:
Colour: Red or Black
Filling: Empty/Unfilled or Filled
*** Please always double-check your order to ensure that you are getting the correct variant. Variant options are: Empty, Filled, and in different colour options ***

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    Platinum Boxing Bag

    Wouldn't platinum be a bit hard on the knuckles ?

  • -1 vote

    Why buy empty punching bag?

    • +2 votes

      Empty is vastly cheaper to deliver.

      Also, the fill determines the density & weight so you can configure it for you own usage.

  • +2 votes

    Title says "Empty" but description says "Dense & Safe: Filled with a premium blend of Australian made fleece and cotton, provides a dense and safe striking target."

    • +1 vote

      That’s if you select the “filled” option…


    Title posted here clearly states 'Empty Boxing Bag". Please read title of deal.

  • +1 vote

    hi thinking of getting one but may I ask where you get the fleece and cotton? Bunnings ?


    I think these are the ones you put people into when they don't give you the money they owe