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Crucial Ballistix Gaming Memory, 2x8GB (16GB Kit) DDR4 3600MT/s CL16 $132.98 + $8.07 Delivery (or Prime) @ Amazon UK


Good price for 3600 CL16 in White @ Amazon UK but under $10 postage or free with Prime.


Crucial Ballistix Gaming Memory
2x8GB (16GB Kit) DDR4
3600MT/s CL16
Extended timings - 16-18-18-38

Edit: Not RGB

Part: BL2K8G36C16U4W https://www.crucial.com/memory/ddr4/bl2k8g36c16u4w

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +3

    the red colour is for $125.31!!

    • White is king

    • +1

      Red isn't the same speed. Same speed red not in stock on that page

      • +3

        Red goes faster

        • Pretty sure red has the lowest frequency.

        • Obviously!

      • -2

        It is…

        Crucial Ballistix Gaming Memory, 2x8GB (16GB Kit) DDR4 3600MT/s CL16 Unbuffered DIMM 288pin Red

        • That's not the cheaper one that samsal46 was referring to. At the time of my comment, the one you commented about was out of stock.

      • +1

        Just ordered 2 kits. Can confirm that's same speed and they are $125.31 each.

  • -1

    Gaming memory?

    • +5

      I mean, 3600mhz at CL16 is fairly high performance for a Ryzen based system. Completely unnecessary for an Office type computer.

      • 2 stick single rank would negate any benefit from speed and timing

    • +5

      Yes. Everyone knows that RGB makes the FPS go zoom.

      • +2

        But but… this doesn't have RGB :(

  • +1

    Still waiting for this to get to the low price of $76

    • That was a price error and they honored the orders if I remember it correctly.

      • Uhh.. was it? It was a prime day thing and I got 2 sets currently installed in my computer.

    • I got lucky with that prime day deal, little did I know they would still be sitting on my desk to this day, waiting for my GPU-less rig to be completed…

      • Ouch. I got my PC done in Nov with a borrowed GPU, and completed it in early Jan with an Amazon US delivered GPU. Absolute steal compared to RRP, doubly so with currently inflated prices.

  • +8

    Maybe consider Patriot viper steel 4400 at $145, esp if no prime. I got FOUR STICKS of it down to 14/14/14/28 at 3600mhz, 1.45v, on a 5600X.

    • +1

      I, or rather one of my kids, 'needed' the RGB, but that's a great price if you are into subtle gaming RAM.

    • That's only 16gb though. And no need to manually tweak to down to CL16 3600mhz for the crucial kit.

      • Both the Patriot and this deal are for 2x8 GB sticks. Like I said I have four sticks - that's 32 GB.

        I understand re: not wanting to tweak. But not that tricky if you're a bit tech savvy and kinda fun.

        • Only if your mother board has a bios reset switch lol

    • I've got 2 sticks at 12/12/12/28
      Did you use ryzen ram calculator?
      I want to upgrade but don't want to sacrifice timings cause I would rather make do with 16gb ram

      • 12?!? That's crazy. I never bothered to try to get that low. I don't think I can tighten timings or bump frequency any further at 1.45v.

        Yes, used ryzen ram calc. It wasn't perfect (some settings at 'safe' failed to work IIRC at higher frequencies, perhaps a bad memory controller on my 5600X) but it was a great starting point.

        • Have you tried with just 2 sticks? You might be able to get them timings.

          • @Sitri: Nice one! Re: CPU, if you're tuning your ram down to C12, surely the 5600X is worth? What's your voltage on the ram?

            Re 2 sticks: sorry, can't help you much, as I barely messed with timings until I got 4 sticks. On 2 sticks I hit a really simple 3800/C16 @ 1.4V very comfortably and was happy with that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      • Can you share a screen shot of your timings and voltages please?

    • I bought two sticks of patriot 16gb ram for around $150. Was a bit slower but I'd rather have 32gb overclocked over faster ram.

  • +7

    looking for decent 32g 2dimm deals

    • +1

      Same, already running out of memory with 32gigs just running premiere and photoshop…

  • Got this from Amazon the other week and it was the dual rank variant.

  • +1

    I did not know this is a deal when i got these at the same price last week …. ordered the red one which obviously goes faster @ $125.31 + $12.72 Express delivery last week.

  • $132 with 1 month Xbox PC pass and free shipping on crucial official site

    • crucial official site

      No au official site. Link please

  • +2

    Very good sticks for Ryzen and particularly Zen 3. They are Micron rev-E die. I've got a 3200CL16 and 3600CL16 kit running in a 4x8GB configuration at 3600CL14. I just plugged in the settings given by DRAM calculator and it worked first time (24 hours stress test, no WHEA errors or crashes for months). Not sure how high these can actually go but I've heard they can do 3800CL14 or 16 if you have a motherboard that can do 1900MHz on the infinity fabric clock, or even higher if you decouple the infinity fabric. Also unlike Samsung B-die they don't need excessive cooling to run at fast timings so you can throw them in a hot case and still get a stable overclock (I also bought another kit for my ITX SG13 that has little air flow).

  • LPT: switching to mobile view makes it easier to see the different price options on Amazon.
    I used an addon called mobile view switcher on FF.

  • The RGB red was 140$ few days back, shoulda purchased it

  • +1

    Be wary if you have an MSI x570 motherboard, the LEDs sometimes can't be controlled by MSI Dragon Centre. The workaround is to use Asus software…

  • Got the red 2x8gb 3600mhz at 125$ w/ free delivery (prime)

    The price has changed now on the website

  • -1

    Just grab a b-die 3200mhz. Easily OC to 3600 and even more.

    • Got a good price for 2 x 8?

      • there are some $100 Gskill ones, search it, check the die then

  • Any ram recommendations for 5900x and asrock b550m pro4? I have two kits (total 4x8gb) of corsair vengeance ram and my system won't boot at anything higher than 2133mhz…

    • That's not right, you need to boot with XMP profile or play around with voltage.

      • I bought the ram separately - I'm thinking they don't play well because they are different versions of the same ram?

        • Maybe, you need to start pulling them out and trying them in pairs to see what happens to the frequency.

  • +1

    As far as I'm aware, these aren't the RGB variant. I've ordered 4 sets of these from this exact listing, and none have arrived RGB.

    • Definitely not RGB, that's obvious just by the title and pictures.

      • Updated the listing

  • +2

    Not RGB and pretty standard price for this kit (check Camels). Also the red variant is cheaper.

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