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Dell 27" Monitors - S2721H $179, S2721D $229 (OOS) | 32" - S3221QS $369 Delivered (OOS) @ Dell eBay


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    Hi dealbot. Thank you for always orgnanising for such amazing deals!

    any chance for the 38 inch alienware?

    i missed it yesterday, was in process of getting the 34 inch cancel to get the 38 inch and it sold out when i was out for dinner :(

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      Hi, I tried to organise some more today but there's no more stock. Unfortunately, we won't be seeing anything sub $1300 in the near future.

      • Nooooooo

      • Thank you for checking dealbot :(

        hopefully there will be more stock in the future at 1300 even though it sounds unlikely.

        i guess ill just get the 34 inch

        • +3

          Hey, I got a 38 last night but it was a bit of an impulse purchase and am worried about the size for my desk. PM me if you got the 34 and want to consider a swap.

      • +2

        Any chance an Alienware desktop with Liquid Cooling will hit the sale?

        • +1

          dells non water cooled efforts suck and any listing on ozbargin should down voted immediately!

          • @srhardy: It's not too hard to do it yourself after purchase but its a bit of a pain and the bits can be hard to source. Such a minor additional cost at a Company level for such a significant improvement for the customer.

      • Thanks a ton dealbot! Any possibility of getting the S2721H at this price point anytime in the future?

  • Any of these for gaming? 27 vs 32" for gaming?

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      Not really with 60 or 75hz

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          Can your system actually pull high frame rates though?

          • @SamR: It says it's getting 144 FPS

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          There is every chance it's not even running at 144Hz. With all the cables, hardware, ports and versions of each port available, compatibility is important to check. 144Hz compared to 60Hz should be a noticeable difference if things are running correctly.

          • @ZachBlasphemy: How can I check it's running at 144Hz? It says it is and my game (LoL) says it's running at 144 fps.

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              @bleeder: Display properties.

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              @bleeder: Open windows settings, then go to system, then click on display. On display, scroll down and click on Advanced display settings, then you can check if you're on 144hz. Windows will default to 60hz.

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                @celery juice: Yeah it says 144Hz, if I change it back to 60Hz I can't tell any difference.

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                  1. Try running ufotest (google it and see what it says your monitor refresh rate is)
                  2. If it is 144Hz and you can't tell the differnce in gaming, then IMO go for the 75Hz and save the cash given the types of games you play are not framerate sensitive like an FPS.
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                  @bleeder: Wierd..
                  I can immediately tell the difference between 60hz and 144hz by just moving the mouse cursor in windows, heck even 60hz vs 75hz is notably smoother

                  • @BoomTetrisForJeff: I really can't feel the difference, even when playing driving games. A very very slight improvement possibly maybe.

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      I’ve got the S2721QS. 27 inches is actually pretty bloody big for a monitor. You’d be super surprised.

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        Life starts at 30

    • Not bad for the new consoles….

    • I've seen a ton of deals lately for 27" 1440p 144 Hz monitors on OzBargain lately, they'd be preferable for gaming compared to 75Hz.

      That being said, I have a 27" 4K Dell Monitor and it's great (don't game on it).

      • Isn’t resolution too fine compared to 32 inch?

        • Yes I think so. It's my right hand monitor and I feel like I need binoculars.

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      If you want a gaming monitor go the S3220DGF - https://www.rtings.com/monitor/reviews/dell/s3220dgf

      32", 165Hz and designed for low input lag. I have it and love it, the only downside is it's 2K so pixel density is a bit noticeable for WFH and VA means viewing angles aren't great if you're off to the side (pretty much never).

      I also have a 2721QS (4K) and I don't think it would be good for gaming.

      In terms of screen size go the 32" if you have desk space. It's cinematic.

      • The S3220DGF is a decent monitor but I don't think it has gone below $600, you can get the new 34" for a little more. The new 32" DGM seems to be a cost cutting version of the old DGF.

    • +1

      The S2721DGF is also on sale, that's a gaming monitor.

  • Hey dealbot,
    Will the 24" S2421HS be back in stock?

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      32 should be better, bigger, 4K.,… can't really go wrong

    • +2

      No stock this round.

  • +1

    Any feedback on the S3221QS?

    • Plenty of info on previous threads: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/product/dell-s3221qs

      Mod: Edited link

    • +2

      Absolutely love mine. Great sharpness and colour.

    • +2

      Has been great for me. I use it for WFH so haven't tried it with games. The extra size over a 24" I had previously has been very handy.

      • -5

        Water Fed Hose?

    • +1

      office use - love it

      • I need a second monitor for second use and I like the size and price of S3221QS but can a curved screen like this work well side by side a 24"? I know 2x27" would be better but I don't want to spent that much atm

        • +1

          there arw two camps (a) the 32" / 34" vs. the 2x27". I've spent time with 2x24" and didn't like the constant shifting back and forth (and the short vertical space for reading documents). At some point I have rotated the 24" to portrait mode for documents. I think if your 24" can be rotated - it would be useful auxillary monintor - but for me, moving to 32" is great and I don't miss the multiple setup at all. (also the 34" is a little shorter vertically, so 32" maybe more optimal for office environment)

    • +9

      I bought one during the last promo, I think it is a good monitor for the money but I am not loving it.

      • 32" 4K (140PPI) is great for productivity, you will benefit from the high pixel density even if you don’t run it at native res (HiDPI scaling).

      • Colour accuracy could have been better but ok for the price. (I don’t have professional calibration tools, so I am using Rtings’ calibration settings and ICC profile which did improve things over the default settings for me but this varies from one unit to another).

      • Black smearing is very apparent on this model, which is my biggest complaint, it is unbearable to work in dark mode or browse a website with dark theme on it.

      • Extra vertical real estate can be pretty useful depending on your use case, but unlike 34" Ultrawide, 32" isn't wide enough for you to effectively split your screen into 3. If you split it into 2 working spaces, then you have to look at both programs at an angle, which isn't the best experience from an ergonomic perspective and viewing angles of VA panel just aren't great in general. If you intend to run a single program in full screen mode then this would be less of an issue, but to do that, you need to sit around 1m from the monitor, which may not be practical for a lot of people.

      • The 1800r curvature is subtle, personally I would prefer 1500r for a more immersive experience which is what curved monitor is for.

      • Colour uniformity isn’t great, which is something you would have expected of a curved monitor, tolerable.

      • There are some blacklight bleeding, not severe and don't affect everyday usage.

      • It has a height adjustment of 7cm only, which is not an issue for anyone under 180cm but if you are tall then consider buying a raiser stand for it.

      • You can only run PIP/PBP with 1x DP and 1x HDMI on this model and not with two HDMI inputs.

      • It doesn’t come with DP cable and the HDMI cable it comes with is of below average quality, so be prepared to spend another $20 for a high quality cable for the best result.

      Because of the black smearing, I find myself enjoying media consumption on this monitor more than doing work stuff on it.
      I spent almost a month contemplating with size and models before choosing this one then 4 days tweaking this monitor after I received it to get to the best result. Coming from Macbooks with top notch screens, I am glad I opted for 4K instead of QHD 32” (92 PPI). For that same reason, I cannot decide whether a QHD 34” (110PPI) would have been a better choice for me and I think I will never find out unless I get to spend at least a week working with one. If I were to choose again, I would have gone for a dual 27” 4K (163 PPI) 60hz IPS setup for the best bang of buck.

      • Thanks for the review. My issue with with 27 inch and 4k is that you need to use some kind of scaling to 125% or more which IMHO makes everything look less sharp.

        I am hoping to get two of these screens and put them next to each other for work purposes. I do game occasionally but not enough that this part would be a majot concern.

        • If you can work with 27" 4k at 125% then you should be able to handle 32" 4k at 100%. My eyesight isn't good enough for me to do that (can't barely read the text on UI at 100%). If your 27" is a IPS, be aware that the S3221QS is a slow VA panel that comes with the usual drawbacks of a VA.

          • +1

            @deliriouss: Is watching on the 27inch 4k challenging without scaling to 125%?
            I have a 27 inch 1440p ips dell, it is ok to me.

            • @Apue: I always watch movies in native res. but I need scaling for productivity (I don't have 20/20 vision though). 150% scaling on the 4k would get you UI in the same size as it would on a 1440p but sharper.

              • @deliriouss: Thanks. I ordered a dell S2721Q and it is an ips panel. I am tossing between the S3221QS (VA) and this.
                Yes, the black smearing can be problematic to me, too.

  • Is there any way to get Dell's extended warranties through the eBay store? On the main Dell website you can upgrade to 5 year warranties

    • waste of money, especially on cheap monitors, use a credit card with extended warranty & you're also covered by acl

      • Does anyone keep the same credit card for 3-5 years? I don't think ACL will cover it given theres already extended warranty on top of the manufacturer warranty.

        • I do, only to buy things that require warranty :)

    • You can, just flip the rep a message, they will setup a new item for you but personally I wouldn't bother unless you are buying the $1.2k model.

      • Speaking to a rep on chat - refuse to prioce match ebay even though its the Dell store and say that extra warranty is only if bought from Dell, and you can't add it on if bought from Ebay

        • +1

          If you bought it through the official website then yes they don't price match their own Ebay store. It only works if you bought from Ebay and price dropped before they ship.
          Extra warranty is definitely available through their Ebay store, I have seen it done many times. It is the Ebay store rep you need to speak to.

          • @deliriouss: Many thanks - I messaged the eBay rep and they're setting up a custom order for me. :-)

  • +3

    Any with USB-C?

  • +12

    Hey dealbot, any news when the S2721QS would be back in stock? Quite keen on ordering that one at sub $300 prices. Thanks!

    • Bought at $280 for WFH. Best investment ever.

    • No news on when it’ll be available unfortunately.

  • +3

    Any chance on S2721DS? =S

  • -1

    Hey Dealbot, any idea if the Gigabyte M27Q will drop in price soon? I keep missing the deals :(

  • A deal on the U3421WE would be great. Cheapest at the moment is ~$1100 but not cheap enough to bite.

  • any chance to improve the discounts on DELL ebay for availability of XPS 13 with windows 10 pro?

  • Got the 32” from last deal. Really happy with it. Could be a couple of notches brighter but running it on max is sufficient.

    • Hmmm, how bright is the room you are in?

      What about at night?

      • +1

        Room is not out of the ordinary brightness. I had a 27” Samsung TN panel in its place previously. Thing could melt your retinas if not careful.

        So I am approaching it with that as comparison. I’d say the TN had capacity to be about 3x brighter.

    • You must have a very bright room, even the default 75% was too bright for me.

  • Could you organize some IPS monitors?

    • The S2721D and S2721H are IPS.

  • +1

    Alienware m15 with 3070 pretty please with cherry on top?

  • I have a pair of old BenQ monitors which has some weird polarizing type glare when used in portrait mode.

    Would the S2721D be suitable for use in portrait mode? I'd chuck them on a monitor arm to do so


    • Your old BenQ monitors may be TN panels which have poor viewing angles vertically and is especially noticeable when you orient it portrait.

      The S2721D is IPS so the viewing angles are better in general. I have it set up portrait too and it seems good to me

  • I’m holding out for the U2720Q but understand that stock is 3 months away :(

    • +1

      Other than a better stand, what has it got that the S2721Q hasn't? I'm trying to decide what to get.

      • +1

        S range is pleb range, U (Ultrasharp) is amazing.
        There is a huge difference.

        • +1

          And much more expensive

  • +1

    Wow, OOS already!

    …. /s

  • Why the 6pm? You can get this now can't you? Or am I missing something?

    • +2

      they are out of stock but will be in stock at 6pm, i guess.

    • -1

      Not sure why you were negged for an honest question.

    • it's actually a good thing, give you time to stock up on discounted GC mate. I wish other stores do that too.

  • +1

    how about 24 inch>?

  • -2

    looking for about 20 monitors and pretty keen for 24 inch.

  • +1

    Any 4K 27"s?

  • Which one is better for gaming S3222DGM or S3422DW?

    Dell 32 Curved QHD Monitor - S3222DGM

    Dell 34 Curved Monitor - S3422DW

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