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Lenovo IdeaPad Chromebook Duet $267.75 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Great deal on this popular Chromebook convertible.

I've had one for a while now and have found it to be a great media consumption device.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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      • It is back at 368 now, you snooze, you lose, anyway. I will keep an eye out on these now.

  • I price matched with OW easily, very happy with that $254

    • lucky melbounians

      qld in lockdown , is this essential buys ?

  • Couldn't get Officeworks to price match because I'm a Prime subscriber

    • +1

      don't need prime ?

  • +2

    back to $368

    • +5

      Damn, iam literally outside OW.

      • man .. not good .. still a great deal at $340 with Officeworks pricematch

      • That's really unlucky.

        I was thinking of cancelling my Amazon and picking up from OW for the price beat and having it earlier.

      • Can I get an ‘f’ in the chat for this guy

  • +1

    Gone up to $368

  • -1

    Price beat officeworks Alexandria NSW $254.35 after a back and forward. Thanks OP

  • -1

    Can I install Cisco VPN on this device? If not is there any other alternative app?

  • 368 now?

    • -1

      yep .. still a good deal to buy at $368 .. or pricematch at Officeworks for $340.

      • How is $368 still a good deal? It was just $267 lol

  • +1

    Just got to Officeworks and the price changed RIP

  • This is a real good deal!!

    • +1

      Not anymore … but still ok at $340.

  • +1

    Looks like it's been ozbargained so the deal has finished early

  • +6

    So good to see it back to normalish price, to save me from an unnecessary purpose.

    • +3

      they'll soon be back, and in greater numbers.

      • I really hope so….was checking on reviews and by the time I got back…price was hiked :(

  • +2

    Homer: You're right, Marge. just like the time I could've got the Lenovo chrome book at all time low. The entire day, I kept saying, "I'll check out a little later - I’ll check out a little later." And then when I went with my discounted gift cards, they told me I just missed out and deal over. And when I asked the overseas customer service guy if he would ever come back again, he said he didn't know.


  • amazon price matched officeworks

    • Exactly!

    • Or officeworks ring Amazon, let's make a profit together rather than fight each other, win win.

      • +1

        haha,saw this deal last night with less than 10 upvotes and slowly to 100,thinking of getting one,want to price match OW but dont want to go out,happy I dont have to think anymore

  • Had it in my cart and half way through refreshing and choosing payment method it jumped back up to $368. Bummer.

  • +4

    Bought one at officeworks this morning. Mind you i had to wait in line for another ozbargainer who was price matching his!

    Made my price match effortless

    Great stuff

  • +3

    from past experience, Amazon prices jump up and down all the time with zero notice

    which makes OW pricebeat a risky enterprise

    see a good deal on Amazon - buy, unless you literally live next door to OW and know a rep there who won't spend half an hour approving the pricebeat

    • Also worth mentioning Amazon doesn't charge you immediately anyhow, use a card with no/low funds and you've got a whole 7 days to pay before they cancel your order. So if you're unlucky with a price beat you'll have that fallback.

      • and anyway you can return Amazon for free afterwards

        especially if you have prime

        • I had to pay $7 to return this via post office.

          • @John Kimble: odd. I returned a number of Amazon purchases in the past few weeks, and never had to pay a cent

          • @John Kimble: Selecting the wrong reason for return.

  • Seems lots of people bought already, so can anyone confirm if one note work or does the web version of one note work on this device. Is there any similar app like one note does people use for Chrome OS.

    • +1

      Use the Web version of One Note across my other two Chromebooks (I actually run Web version of almost everything) and USI pen input is fine on the Web version but laggie on Android app.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Bought one last night. Impulse 3am shopping :)
    Intend to use it for Youtube and Reddit mostly. Based on all the comments this should be great for it. Is there a screen protector that anyone can recommend?

  • Would this still be good value at $298?

    • -1

      From ebay? Dont feed the brodens

      • +3

        No one is buying a device for 267 and selling it for 298 with the state of ebay fees

        • There selling on eBay $399 I looked

          • @Dex38313: I got a $70 promo credit from Amazon when I questioned why the price changed AFTER i had already checked out and after a two hour chat and phone call arguing about it, they offered a credit for the hassle and was considering grabbing it using the credit.

            • -3

              @Slave1: At $35 per hour peasantry, user name checks out.

    • +1

      IMO yes, it gives you a tablet that runs most Android software, and a desktop experience also. 298 would have been the cheapest I had seen it until this deal. I picked up 6 months ago for 315 and was very happy

    • Care to share the link?

  • picked up mine from JB after price match
    its f awesome for $267, f awesomeeee

    • +1

      Yes, awesome deal. I forgot about JB, kept thinking about ow.

  • Almost half price, if JB or TGG going to have a 50% off sale in the future, people who bought at this price will have no buyer remorse.

  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the officeworks and JB models are actually different to the Amazon model. Amazon shows 1980x1200 resolution, officeworks and JB has 1980x1080.

    • No .. incorrect

    • you are wrong… there is just one duet… the one and only….

      • They should have called it Solo not Duet.

  • +5

    So glad I bought this at 1am today instead of waiting to go Officeworks at lunch..

  • Deal over? Showing as $368.00 for me.
    Edit: Nevermind,I forgot to refresh the page :/

  • can anyone recommend a cheap stylus pen to go with this

    • Usi

      • Lol .. that's the only option

    • I had a stylus-based Chromebook - HP X2 and to be honest pen support is very very average for Chromebooks. Apps are lightyears behind iOS.

      If you go in with low expectations, you won't be disappointed.

      • I have an USI pen for my Duet and it works fine. Squid is a good app for notes and drawings.

        • Yes Squid is about it and a good app. OneNote on Chrome OS via the Android app is horrible.

          • +1

            @boxall: One note via web and USI pen works much better.

  • Price now further increased to $399…..wow

    Seems to be selling like cake….

  • +1

    Tempted to return it to office works and wait for something bigger. I mainly use mine for Movies and TV series in bed.

    haven't opened it yet while i decide.

    • +1

      Smaller dimensions = lighter, which is probably a good thing for in-bed viewing.

      • Agreed, but it's to replace a slate 12… Which is big and heavy and I don't mind that much because of the nice big screen.

  • Can any one suggest a cheap USB c to HDMI+USB 3 adaptor that also support charging? Many adaptors can't charge the Duet.

  • Great price. I like mine as a secondary device for the daily commute, travel etc. when you don't want to pack a normal laptop.
    Battery life is great, keyboard not too bad.

    Just don't expect a speedy experience, it can be sluggish at times to the point I think it has crashed.

    Chrome OS also doesn't handle MIDI interfaces well, it doesn't work with some piano apps for example.

    Redvine L3 so you won't get HD with the Netflix app.

  • +1

    My duet from amazon was delivered this morning in Sydney.

    • Mine was initially showing as Friday but is coming today, too. Of course, the one day I'm in the office this week. Should be fine.

      • Mine was showning to be delivered on Saturday, and it's already out for delivery.

        • yeah mine was showing as delivery on 9th

          already got it today (4th)


  • If you need your external monitor to work with the Duet then it is best to get a dock or adapter that has DisplayLink support.

    Some Wavlink and Pluggable (and possibly other) docks have this but make sure that DisplayLink is mentioned in the listing.

    • -1

      Yeah, normal USB-c to HDMI only output 1440x900.
      But I can't find a usb-c hub with DisplayLink support that costs less than 1/3 of this Duet (<$100), so decide my kids can survive the 900p display for home schooling on a normal dongle.
      Charging is a bigger problem because most cheap dongles don't support charging at the same time, or can only slow-charge.
      The only one that works perfectly with a 18W charger is a Satechi multiport hub I got from work, or the Apple's original 1-to-3 dongle with a 60W apple charger. All other cheapo hubs I got don't charge the Duet.

      • USB-C to HDMI outputs 1920x1080 for me.

        Using a Dell 24" 2560x1440 monitor and max res is 1920x1080.

        Various USB-C hubs with HDMI.

        Maybe you have an old school version hence limited to 1440x900 .. your comment is incorrect.

        • It's mostly about what mode the monitor supports.

          The Duet can only output [email protected] and many monitors do not support it.

          I've tried it on a relatively new 2K AOC monitor and got [email protected], an old Dell U2414 which only support [email protected] But you are right, when I plug it on to my Dell S2720q, full HD can be output but only 25Hz. So [email protected]/30Hz can be archieved on this CB if you have a monitor to support it.
          If you don't like the laggy 30Hz and want [email protected], you will need a DisplayLink adaptor which is expensive.

        • Also my point is more about the charging issue. Can you put your duet on AC power while connecting to a dongle/docker? What dongle and charger are you using? I don't want to waste my MBP charger on this max 18W input tablet but lower power charger won't charge through most dongles.

  • Mine just arrived today.

    Does anyone know how to install Minecraft on it? In the app store it says it's not compatible with the device…
    However Minecraft education does install.


    Found this guide so will try it


  • Anybody purchased a pen and have any reviews? I've seen the comments above about USI pen but any first hand experience? What do you use it for and is it worth it?


    • lots on youtube, search duet usi or lenovo usi.
      read this thread from page one - note taking, one note, drawing, etc. yes most people said good.
      yes many purchased, usually when lenovo edu store has deal going on.
      i want one too

    • Not on the Duet… Yet… but on my Flex 5 have the Lenovo USI. Not the fanciest pen but does the job.
      -Notetaking/drawing in One Note
      -Marking up PDFs in XoDo
      -Drawing in Autosketch
      -Signing PDF documents without having to print, sign, scan with XoDo(worth it for this alone)
      -Marking photos (eg. Can you please dump the big gravel here (red) and the fine gravel here (green))

      • +1

        Or use finger to sign for free.

    • +1

      I have the Lenovo USI Pen.
      It arrives with a AAAA battery which for me was already somewhat depleted - originally it did not look like it was working correctly, it would start to become active a mm or so before it touches the glass, creating lines between what I was trying to do.
      Replaced the battery and it was much better.

      Construction is nothing special, plastic clip, plastic cone, anodised aluminium barrel, lightweight and (only the other day found out) magnetic, so will hold itself (not that well) on the back of the tablet when on its own, or (even weaker) may just hold in the kickstand crease while it is standing up.

      Pen seems quite responsive, it is probably not up to the performance of the SPen on the Tab S7 etc but it is quite usable.
      Palm rejection etc is dependent on the app you use it with. Squid works well but it is a subscription expense.

      I thought I could use it next to my windows machine for note taking in OneNote while doing a connected learning course online but in the end OneNote on Android is limited and not very nice.

      I was using my windows machine for that so just went with an XP Pen deco 03 tablet instead to use with OneNote in windows (not the same experience I know, but I am screenshotting and cut/pasting/marking up like a boss while in lockdown courses).

      TL;DR, get some AAAA batteries, taking notes in Squid works well, OneNote on a Chromebook for me was subpar.

      • +1

        Thanks for that! Very helpful and insightful. Appreciate the write up

  • Can anyone get the smart unlock to work? It won't detect my phone even though Bluetooth is on.

    Very annoying.

    Didn't realise there is no simple face unlock or pattern unlock.

    Only seems to support password or pin

  • +2

    Thank you for sharing OP. This laptop/tablet is amazing!!! I can now get rid of 5th gen iPad.

    • What's wrong with it? I have a 3rd gen the kids still use.

      • The iPad is very slow in comparison to this.

  • Spoke to Lenovo today and was told the USI pen 4X80Z49662 won't be in Australia for another 8 weeks. Funnily enough when asked what unit I have to see if he could match it with another compatible pen, couldn't find anything but also said this particular USI pen is NOT compatible.

    Went and purchased the Alogic ALUS19 USI pen from Harvey Norman for $69, also available at JB for same price and most stores in Sydney seemed to have them in stock.

    The only other one seems to be the Penoval, its on amazon for over $80 and seems to have good reviews.

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