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Samsung Galaxy S21 5G 256GB Phantom Grey $1198 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Harvey Norman


Found this deal in ‘Harvey Norman’ when I’m searching for another phone. Only phantom grey is available for this price. Little cheaper than in any other physical store.

Edit: Edited as I have mentioned TGG instead of Harvey. Sorry for the typo.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    op have you looked into the samsung s21 trade up deal?

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      has that deal expired?

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    good phones but wouldn't be paying up for any of the s21 range, samsung has destroyed the value through the trade up deal & numerous other promos, most purchasing at $350-$650, would wait for free on the JB $99 plan, or look at the trade in deal, or buy new discounted off fb, ebay, gumtree

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    Lol got the 128gb version for about $340 a few months back.

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      I'm intrigued. How?

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      not sure why your're getting negged, the deal was S21 128gb $1099 -$500 trade in - $200 live chat voucher - $50 subscription voucher = $349 & op would have had a trade in credit for his/her phone

      the next deal was $100 more

    • Oh yeah $340 and you didn't have to do anything else? No sort of trade in of any means?

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        There are some hoops to jump through, but the $349 price was without actually sending your trade-in phone to them.
        If they offered $100 for your old phone, and you sent it in, net price would be "$249 + old phone".

        The vouchers were not supposed to stack, so the minimum price should have been $599.

        The trade-in bonus varies over time, and is currently only $200. Combined with the $50 subscription promo code (if you can get it) makes a net price of $999 for 128GB base model from Samsung website. (less value of trade-in, if you send it). I'd wait for a better deal.

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      Crap I got ripped off at $348!!! 8 dollars wasted!!

    • Same but paid $674 ($550 256gb+124.50 for samsung care+). Didn't send my phone to trade in since s8 only gave me $30 discount, not worth it.

  • $1079 through enterprise partners
    $1029 with $50 voucher

    I know coles employees are one

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    TGG or harvey norman?

    • Yeah, OP posted Good Guys in Title but posted a Harvey Norman Link.

  • This or wait for Pixel 6?

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      P6 will likely have better software support (length and consistency) and likely better camera as the 6 has a much larger sensor than the 5. However the 6's camera wont have a zoom lens. 6 will only have a 90hz display though.

      The 6's processor will be weaker but still very fast (around sd 865).

      Google Australia for the last 2 generations has been good with pricing so I expect that the 6 will be priced decently compared to the competition. But the s21 will be 9 months old by then so it should still be cheaper.

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        6 Pro has the Zoom lense I believe…

        • 6 Pro has 120Hz display

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      Current rumours are that Google will be offering around 5 years software support (security and OS) with their new Pixel devices, and performance will be similar to the SD870.

      The cameras will have new sensors and the Pro/XL will also have a zoom/periscope lens.

      Personally I'll be pouncing on the 6 XL for the clean software, the extended software support and new camera lens and sensors. It ticks all the boxes for me. I dont game heavily and care little for doing any resource heavy tasks on it. Currently using a Nexus 6P on Android 8.1 + Gcam and its working flawlessly for me, so the 6 XL will be a massive step up and more than enough if the extended software support rumours pan out.

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    Cheaper elsewhere (e.g. Officeworks) and the link is for Harvey Norman, not TGG.

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    Trade Up deals destroyed the value. Paid $550 (not including offsetting tax) for this at launch.

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      Makes sense now - i got this phone as part of the JB/Telstra $99 per month plan. Took seven weeks to flip and ended up selling for $900.

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    $1119 Kogan.

  • With plastic back, this is not a deal. Better get the FE for less

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      Plastic back doesn't matter if you're using a case, like most of us.

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        wait a sec there are some people who don't use a case???? I thought that's why phone manufacturers made fragile phones!!

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      I prefer plastic back, makes phone lighter and more durable. I hate glass back phones especially. Plastic or metal is best, glass is trash.

  • I have a hairline crack along my screen recently, never drop my phone, I got S21 from Samsung. My friend got S21+ with same issue. Anyone here has experienced same thing?

    • photo?
      The bezel on S21 gives little protection to the edge of the glass where it is weakest.

    • many hairline scratches along the side of the screen.

      • Scratches would be the factory screen protector.
        Stiff plastic, not the peel-off one. I removed mine as scratches far too easily. The Gorilla Glass underneath is far tougher.

        • Omg you're right, had no idea this exists. How do I remove this screen protector? It seem to be glued very tightly.

          • @Penpinch: Not glued. Just carefully lift it with a narrow spudger or knife.

  • great phone

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    While this is the 256GB version which retails for 1.5k, as others have said it's not a good value given all the trade up deals that have popped up over the last 6 months.

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      Agreed. Recently bought the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G 128gb for effectively $999 with bonus S-Pen and Cover.

      Discounted RRP + Trade in offer + $50 Newsletter Voucher + $100 Samsung Loyalty Voucher.

      Certainly a few hoops to jump through, especially with the crappy live chat system but all worth it in the end.

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    dont get it its super slow. camera is laggy as shit, and with the latest update the whole phone is lagging like mad.

    0/10, never again

    • I actually agree lol. There have been many times the phone just lags and camera is indeed a slow shitfest a lot of times.

      I'll be going for a pixel phone next time probably.

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