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[NSW] Ozito Telescopic Mower 36v Kit (2x4.0ah Batteries) $279 @ Bunnings (Kingsgrove)


Ozito telescopic mower kit $279 with 2x 4ah batteries and chargers, listed on website for $349 normally.

See photo in Bunnings.

Individual batteries at the moment are also $48 each.

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    Who came up with the name of this mower? A 6 year old?

    • +2

      I guess it relates to the handle bar? 🤷‍♂️

  • Anyone actually got this mower? Any good?

    I do need to buy one this weekend and uncertain if to stick to traditional petrol mowers or electric.

    Buffalo lawn, about 300-400 sqm, pretty level land.

    • I figure you can return it if it’s crappy?

      • I figure you can return it if it’s crappy?

        I don't think Bunnings allow that anymore, last time they won't allow me to return my trimmer.

        • Unsutable for task is covered under law.

    • +2

      You might need to recharge once or twice for that land but I've loved mine since I got it earlier this year

      • 1 charge does my 140 something sqr plus enough for a little blowing action in the 36v blower/vac (not the one currently on sale, the one you just need to turn a dial)

        Real strong vs my neighbours 18v. Sometimes speeds up for some reason?

        Highly recommended for this price.

        Edit: sorry, seems like I have the brushless. Not this one :/

    • +3

      I've got this. Reasonably happy with it. Not the widest out there, but light enough and will get through a reasonable size lawn on a charge. Batteries represent good value if using with other tools as well.If your grass isn't too long, then I would think you could get through your lawn pretty easily. With long grass, do need to lift up higher otherwise it can get stuck in the blades. Easy enough to remove though. Also, very quiet.

      It is an all plastic construction. I believe a newer model does have a steel deck and is wider, but does cost more.

      • +1

        thank you!

        • Hi AgentQ

          I bought this and assembled it last night.

          One question re the catcher handle. It came already clipped in but one end of the catcher handle has two prongs thatgo into slots in the catcher but I can't see how that end is held in place? How did your handle clip in?

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      300-400 sqm

      stick to petrol

      • pretty level land.

        May be just walk around a few more times.

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      you want the ozito 36v brushless …brilliant mower and my petrol one is going onto gumtree or hardwaste if i don’t have the time to deal with low ballers ….
      they only bring the 36v brushless in seasonally and once gone no more till next season ….also comes with 2 batteries ……

    • I bought this similar series but brushless motor (PXBSDMK-4182) on Jan for $399. Battery is good for trimming around garden then mowing 200 sqm of non level garden. But it is light so you can't leave grass grow too high. Never seen my model again in any bunning.

    • +1

      Robot lawn mower. Mine comes on in the afternoon - grass is perfect height all the time.

      • which one scphotos?

        • Worx Landroid.

          I came home yesterday afternoon to this https://imgur.com/2AT6Mws

          • @scphotos: beautiful lawn, mate!

            that is a 1.5k mower isn't it? where does it hold the snips (or is the photo giving a different perspective on size)?

            • +1

              @the4thzodiac: It runs daily (or however often you want - I haven't had any issues with a daily schedule). As it's cutting daily, the amount cut is miniscule so clippings just go back to the grass as nutrients.

              It's the 1000sqm model, yard is about 400sqm. Probably overkill but don't regret it.

              Mine lives behind the shed - out of sight and out of mind (until it's cutting). Got a toddler so I just run it when he's about to have dinner. If I had school age kids I would run it during the day.

              It's got a rain sensor so it only goes out when it's dry. It had been going without any hiccups for 2 weeks, last night it pushes a soccer ball into a corner and couldn't continue following the line home - when I moved the ball it was fine.

              Definitely recommend one! If for no other reason than having a perfect lawn every day.

    • +2

      Buffalo is a stronger wider leaf grass so that would be my main concern with some electric mowers. It might be fine, i don't know, curious as i have buffalo as well and use a piece of crap Aldi petrol mower. Otherwise the width of the mower cut is next most important thing for me, a narrower cuts means more time spent mowing!

    • +2

      I am very happy with mine. 300 sqm of buffalo, gets through easily on one charge (I don't let it get too long).

      Definitely you'll get the job done quicker with a wider cut mower, but crucially for me, I have to carry the mower up stairs for part of the lawn, so the reduced size/plastic construction is a big plus in my case.

      • +1

        i have the same issue with stairs actually….maybe I should do this.

        I nearly break my back when I carry my steel/petrol mower up & down the stairs. One day I will hurt myself :) One day…..

        • Yeah mate I had to do that dance with the old Briggs and Stratton. With this mower I can carry the mower with one hand, and open/close the gate with the other.

          • +2

            @madak: i think youve just sold me

            i'll take the narrower cutting width, just so I can safely transport it up and down my stairs….accident waiting to happen

            • @rendo: Another plus for electric light weight mowers is that you can store them off the ground, hang them on hooks or on a shelf. Orientation doesn't matter either because no fluids.

    • +1

      Get Victa 82v or Ego 56v systems… Expensive but you will never regret it.

      • +2

        EGO 56V mower here yup expensive but worth every cent. 5yr warranty HUGE POWER

        • wow….serious kit!

    • +4

      I've owned this mower for about 18 months as i got it as a replacement under warranty for an older model.i have around 100 sq meters of lawn and I find its perfect for me The telescopic handle is great for adjusting the handle length quickly and easily.it cuts reasonably well and comes with 2 x 4mAh batteries and a dual battery charger.It comes with a 5 year replacement warranty and as I found out Bunnings will swap it over there and then for you or offer to fully refund your money if you don't wish to have the replacement model as long as you have the receipt.My return and exchange process took about 10 minutes to do.And the biggest bonus was that they gave me another 5 year replacement warranty on my new swap over replacement mower….seriously you can't go wrong here

      • +1


        • Thanks mate and its very light and easy to carry as well

    • +1

      I literally just bought one a few days ago and have about 100m2 of buffalo, it dealt with it with ease, even ramps up by itself when it detetcs thicker grass/areas. Being level you should be fine but 300-400m2 I can't really comment as to wether the battery would last that long. I did two passes across mine at 35mm then 25mm height and the batteries showed 2/3 bars at the end fwiw. Seems surprisingly well put together too.

    • Is good if you are a regular mower and just trimming while grass is still short. Light, quiet and easy to zip around with no petrol stink. Needs a few extra laps as quite small. I have the grass trimmer as well and sometimes need to use it if overgrown before I mow. Extra battery is needed as loses torque as it runs down.

  • Charge Time (Hr)


    • +4

      Manual says:
      75Min - PXBP-400 (18V 4.0Ah)

      So that should read 1 hour and 15 mins, not 115 hours…

  • +1

    I think this is the old model, not available anymore must be left out stock.

    • You could be right cos the chargers are different

    • ^This

  • +2

    I've got this - it's decent - wouldn't get it for a large lawn though (width if blades is pretty small so can take a while)

    • Are you sure the same model? This one already 435mm width

      • +1

        just looked at the manual, it says 370mm width

        that could be a showstopper….its going to take a fair bit longer to get the lawn down with that width…
        (omg….. 'wide open' for jokes about that comment)

        far out…was pretty keen on the mower.
        But maybe not wide enough for a large-ish lawn

  • Just bought this last week in Qld for 349! Damn, it still says the same price at my local store!

    • happy with performance?

      • +1

        Was about to open it today mate. Looks like I need to check it with my local store if they have the deal in store.

    • The one in this deal is the older model. Clearance stock. You prob bought the newer model.

      • Yes you are right. Just came to bunnings to checkout! They have the older model so swapping it now: Not a big difference

  • i think this special might be specific to kingsgrove….

    will probably head to chatswood soon to check it out….my local store. They have it in stock, but seems full price on the website

    • +1

      Bunnings often has items at full price online but then at a special price in store. For instance, Kingsgrove still has this at $349 for online but in store it is apparently $279. Very annoying as I'm in Vic and can't even get into my local store to check unless I'm a trade customer.

    • +3

      This is the older (clearance) model. Newer model is on the website, hence $349.
      Compare the pics

      Still if you can find one go for it!

  • +2

    Excellent mower

  • I think Kingsgrove is in lockdown

  • I might go lawnmower shopping too. Good idea.

  • +6

    Kingsgrove is smack bang in the Canterbury Bankstown LGA. The LGA that currently has the largest amount of daily COVID cases. This is not an essential item…your grass will be fine with your current mower.

    If you are in a locked down area, don't go to your local Bunnings to see if they have stock.

    Stay at home.

    • fair point

      • +1

        Call to see if they have it on special and order online and drive through?

        • +1

          🤷‍♂️ I’m in Georges River and in between housing trying to renovate enough so I can move in and Kingsgrove is my local <5km Bunnings. I was there for essential things and this was at the front of the store.

          I’ve also been fully vaccinated for months now and an essential worker.

  • +3

    I was at the Bethania (QLD) Bunnings yesterday to pick up a couple of essential items and saw an Ozito 2x18V Telescopic mower kit for $279. It's somewhat similar to the linked mower in this deal, except that it has 2 single fast chargers instead of a single dual fast charger and it has a smaller cutting width (335mm instead of 370mm) The model number was almost identical - was just missing the "T"

    I was somewhat tempted but decided to hold off for them bringing back the 2x18V brushless version, primarily for the wider cutting width.

    Edit: The photo shown of the actual item is the same as the older model that I saw in Bethania, so it's not the same as the model that you can get for $349

    • bringing back the 2x18V brushless version

      I got the $199 smaller brushless version, what is difference with brushless?

      • As a general rule, brushless motors have higher power, better efficiency and should last longer compared to brushed motors.

  • +1

    Not sure anyone would know how this version compares to the single battery brushless one in terms of power.

    • +3

      18v (single battery in this case) is toy like, doesn’t matter which brand was. Like comparing 1.8L engine to 3.6L engine cars, maybe not doubled performance but way better. Brushless is a bonus but not comparable to 36v. I chucked my 10 years old petrol one after buying the 36v brushless one 2 years ago. Can’t be happier.

      • Thanks mate,just need to find a way to get one in Melb now 😂

        • +1

          Stay safe mate 😂

        • There are plenty in nottinghill bunning

          • @lw1987321: Friend went to chaddy Bunnings it was full price, apparently they don’t have the old model only the telescopic ones… looks the same to me.

            • @ozaym: Then you can call nothinghill store and they have plenty of this model

  • +1

    I have this, replaced a petrol mower I have had for 10 years on its last legs, very happy with it. It is probably about 90% quality of cut of most petrol ones I have used, but to me it is worth it for the benefits, such as reduced weight for easier handling, no petrol for cheaper, cleaner running. It is also a lot quieter. I do miss the petrol smell though!

    I believe mine came with 2 × 3.0aH batteries and was $299 on clearance a year or so ago.

  • I have used this mower for about a year now replacing a petrol mower. It does not seem to have the same amount of power but is a lot lighter and easier to manoeuvre. If you have a large lawn and thick grass this may struggle a bit. Really quiet and obviously saving the petrol cost. Best to get another spare battery so when the power goes in the middle of cutting your lawn, you can just replace one of the batteries.

  • Got one in SA today for the same price

  • +1

    Great mower for small yards. Before I got 1 I borrowed my neighbour’s $800 makita and it kept cutting out. The ozito one doesn’t miss a beat and less than half the price!

  • I particularly love the fact that it's telescopic.

  • Picked up one of these today. The Bunnings bloke I spoke to said the $279 model is the newer one? They had heaps of them at Bunnings Nunawading.

  • Got one yesterday, Edwardstown Bunnings, SA. Heaps still in stock, on the end of one of the aisles.

    Honestly, did a great job of my pretty big lawn that was overgrown.

  • +3

    Looks like it's a promotional model for Father's Day, now available nationally:

    Bunnings Link:

    Product Details from Ozito (Note: The link suggests telescopic handles but the actual description notes it has a folding handle):

  • +4

    This deal is incorrect and there appears to be a lot of confusion about the Ozito PXC mowers on offer.

    $279 Ozito PXC 2 X 18V Cordless Lawn Mower Kit
    335mm cut, 30L catcher, 25-65mm heights 5 position
    2 x 4Ah batteries and two fast chargers
    Folding handle
    Photo attached for this deal is this mower.
    Ozito site says this a promotional product while stocks last.

    $375 Ozito PXC 2 x 18V Telescopic Lawn Mower Kit
    370mm cut, 45L catcher, 25-75mm heights 6 position
    2 x 4Ah batteries and dual fast charger
    Telescopic handle
    Deal link, picture and product page for this deal is this mower.

    $199 Ozito PXC 18V Cordless Lawn Mower & Grass Trimmer Kit
    Same 36V mower as the $279 version but with a cheaper handle that doesn't fold and kit comes with two 2.5Ah batteries.
    This kit doesnt appear on the Ozito website but Bunnings link has the product manual here:
    The trimmer in this kit isnt available separately, only in a couple of kits.

    In previous years there was a 2 x 18V Brushless mower with a steel deck that would go on sale for $349/399, but it hasnt been available for some time. There is also a single 18V mower with brushless motor for $199 that has many comments as being under powered.

    The $279 mower may have been more expensive in the past, but I cant find any evidence that it was. Someone has commented that the $279 mower is the updated version of the $375 mower.

    The best "deal" at the moment is to get the $199 kit with trimmer, and then buy the $99 battery kit with two 4Ah batteries and two fast chargers for $298 total. Im sure you could sell two fast chargers, two 2.5Ah batteries and the trimmer for more than the $19 difference.

    • Thanks afie! I got the $199 kit plus the $99 battery kit as per your "best deal" suggestion.

      Btw, I think this is the link to the $199 kit on the ozito website:

      They don't really market it, but the handle does kinda fold at the half way point. A very basic fold, and it still pokes out a bit even after folding. It takes a minute or two to setup when you assemble it, but once set up, you can fold it in seconds after each use.

    • Thanks, just bought the $199 kit and batteries as well. Will be a nice bonus if the trimmer is of any use as I need one as well

  • Hi I am interested in the $279 deal but have run into a problem in the Bunnings checkout.

    Like most ozbargainers I check for any discount codes before buying an item like this. I found a couple of discount codes to try online but when I went throuigh checkout there was no where to put in a discount code?

    Where do I put in a discount code for this item?

    Thanks Peter

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