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Australian Made AMD P2 Respirator Masks (Box of 50) $111.60 Delivered (Was $149) @ Australian P2 Mask


An OzBargain community member shared one of our deals here a little while ago that was meant to be on a local Facebook page that’s expired now. We’re glad to let you know that we’ve set up a new code just for OzBargain.

OZZYB10 at checkout will get you 10% off your total order and we have free shipping Australia wide.

AMD P2 Respirators are the first Australian made P2 Respirator with a 99.66% PFE and 99.92% BFE. AMD are the official sponsor of the Australian Olympics team that kicked ass in Tokyo, you may have seen these P2 masks around the last few weeks.

If you want to learn more about us our our masks feel free to read more here:

If you have any queries or concerns please fire away in the comments and we’ll get back to you. Thanks for your support.

EDIT: Thanks everyone for the positive feedback and support so far! We've just noticed someone has reported this deal as expired - it isn't, it's still going strong til the end of the month. With more and more cases being reported everyday we hope you're all staying safe out there.

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    @OP - Any chance of a PayPal payment option?

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      We're looking into it! Someone that totally wasn't me tried updating a small thing on the website yesterday and brought it down… So we're making incremental improvements as we go but a little more carefully now.

  • I always wondered where the Olympic team got their masks! Cool!

    Hey OP how many hours of filtration do these offer? Like can I wear it a full 8-10 hours a day and expect it protect for that long?

    Thanks in advance

    • They are able to last up to 24 hrs

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      Yep! Up to 24 hours.

      The nanofibre filter is what allows the all day protection. Melt-blown filters use a static method to draw particles to the filters and their filter efficiency drops drastically due to moisture from breathing or external factors. AMD P2 Respirators use a nanofibre filter, a completely different tech that filters through micro-pores in its physical construction and doesn't rely on static. It will maintain high filtering efficiency for 24 hours even when it comes in contact with moisture.

      TLDR: Yes these will protect you for a full day. I really hope your work day doesn't go for 24 hours though!

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        Legend, thanks!

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        I'm always curious to know how I should handle things if the only time I wear a mask that day is my 15 minutes inside a supermarket. Still bin it?

        • That's a tricky one. While these particular respirator masks are able to keep up with 24 hours of filtration, the reason why the health advice to bin a single use mask is that the handling of any masks can compromise it. It's hard to track whether or not proper hand sanitisation was done when putting the mask on and off, did anything come in contact with it while you were out that wasn't sanitised, the list goes on.

          Our recommendation will always be to follow the health guidelines despite our product being able to be used for a longer duration of time than most competitors. Hope the helps!


          Not the same mask but no reason why the same principles wouldn't apply.

        • You're never going to be reuse these masks without technically contaminating your hands due to adjustment to ensure a proper fit (mainly from shaping the nose wire and ensuring the mask goes under the chin).

          To minimise contamination risk from the outer surface, handle the mask by the ear loops only. When refitting the mask do so by the earloops and if you need to adjust the mask by touching the outer surface or nose piece, disinfect your hands immediately after before touching anything else.

      • Hi op,

        In that case, can i use this mask 2
        Or 3
        Days? Wear the mask around 8hrs at office so if it protect for 24hrs, can wear
        It up to 3days, keep the mask safely in zipper plastic bag aftrr everyday use and throw it on depending on 2nd or 3rd day after work?

        • In theory it might be possible. But in doing so you are highly likely going to contaminate something else (mainly your hands) and risk infection or spread of infection from there.

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    We have been using this for a while and can vouch for the comfort and quality. Going to order more. Thanks Au P2 mask

    • You're very welcome and thanks for the feedback!

    • for an associate is professional with responses.
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    P2 face masks that don't have vents fogs up prescription glasses and safety eyewear. They also collect moisture inside which is bad for people who use them all day.

    Avoid non-vent face masks if you can.

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      Does having a vent go against protecting other ppl?

    • +9

      Vents dont help with fog, a proper fit will. If it fogs easily it means air is escaping at top of mask which also means you're at risk with unfiltered air getting inside the mask. Vents may reduce that slightly if resistance through vent is less than through opening but the effectiveness issue remains and more importantly it doesnt stop you infecting others if you are covid positive

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        This guy knows whats up! Basically, what he said.

        There needs to be more information out there regarding different types of masks. Vented respirators protect you the individual but will not do anything against protecting other people. That's why you'll never see vented masks being used in the hospital system.

      • -3

        P2 masks are designed to protect the user. An uncomfortable mask will cause the user to constantly touch and lift the mask breaking the seal. This will lead to fogging.

        A negative pressure mask with vents helps keep the user comfortable and reduces their need to adjust the mask.

        This is basic hazmat 101.

        • +5

          A negative pressure mask

          I don't think this means what you think it means :P

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    Hi all just quick review, we've been using this in our practice for the past year.

    - High quality
    - Good value for money
    - Good seal (although not perfect)
    - Individually packaged
    - Good customer service (had issues with one of my orders and was fixed quickly)

    - Mask material can be irritating, if you have sensitive skin (maskne)
    - Ear loops can be quiet tight, thus causing sore ears, would recommend those mask holders to reduce strain on ears

    Would recommend if you are on the fence about it, good value for money.

    • Thanks for the review! Just an FYI, if you find that you're going through these quite quickly in a professional setting, we do facilitate wholesale orders. If you're interested, drop us a line here:

    • how's the sizing
      Wife is looking for some but is petite and smaller head, a lot of them are usually a bit big

      • Tbh a bit big for people with smaller heads, but you can tie the ear loops to make it a bit tighter + surgical tape to seal the gaps.

    • Ear loops can be quiet tight

      I have two officemates who have 3D printers at home and they make (and sell) "ear saver strap".

      Both of them got the design (for free) from the internet.

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    Not much use now but Bunnings were selling boxes of 5 for $1 in stores.

    • +5

      But were they AMD P2 Respirator masks? If so, I uh might need to go to Bunnings for a totally unrelated reason…

      • They're the SOJO KN95 masks. I stocked up and bought 150 for $30.

        • +1

          I got those too. Are these better or worse?

          I found the older version of the Bunnings respirator masks I bought quite a while back offered a better fit than the ones I bought in the last few weeks. The older version came individually wrapped, although were in the same looking box. They've definitely changed in both packaging and look since I first bought them.

          • @sparkles: These will be a little higher quality I would think. Australian made to the Australian P2 standard whereas KN95 is the Chinese standard. At 1/10th the price I'm happy to take the gamble considering it allows me to keep a decent amount of stock so I'm never reusing.

            "KN95s are closely related to N95s, but only the latter is approved for use in medical settings in the U.S., and the reasoning is pretty simple: N95s are the U.S. standard, while KN95s are the Chinese standard for these close-fitting filtration devices. Both are rated to filter out 95 percent of very small particles.

            Due to the shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) in the U.S. at the start of the pandemic, the CDC has authorized the use of KN95 masks as a suitable alternative for N95 masks. However, a number of hospitals and other KN95 wearers have pointed out some discrepancies in quality."

        • I've always wondered about those. Are they legit? Have they got test reports?

  • oh cool thanks mate, I am still looking for a KN95/P2 for my vaccine appintment in Macquarie Field… do you have a pack of 10? ( Glen 20 is ready as well!)

    • We're not currently but we do have that coming in the pipeline. Is your vaccine appointment soon? Drop us a line at [email protected] and we'll see if we can help you out at all.

      • no worries mate, had placed the order last night, my appointment will be 2 weeks later, thus i will definately arrive before it

    • Man I also booked for mq field. Will we get fined for going to their LGA? I’m coming from the East or is it ok if it’s for a jab

      • It is ok for vaccine appointment…you can even travel to Port Macquarie for vaccine I recon…

    • I bought 20 of these masks from for $50. So it's a little bit more expensive than this current deal. I ordered at 11 am last Friday and the purchase arrived this morning (following Monday) at 9 am via Sendle. PayPal is available.

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    Any Intel variants?

  • +1

    "A meta-analysis of six RCTs involving more than 9000 participants showed no statistically significant differences in relative risks of laboratory-confirmed influenza and other viral infections or influenza-like illnesses, between groups using N95 respirators or surgical masks"

    From "THE USE OF FACE MASKS AND RESPIRATORS IN THE CONTEXT OF COVID-19" from the Australian Government (revised March 2021).

    • +2

      A big premise would be whether the virus is droplet vs aerosol transmitted. Given the hotel quarantine breakthrough cases you'd be a brave man/woman to be satisfied with droplet precaution in which case N95 masks would be superior

      and note that study was the justification for using surgical mask when there was a shortage of PPE at start of pandemic. Now all states/feds policies have quietly moved to P2 over surgical for high risk exposure settings. As with most things, politics always play a part

    • +2

      May need updating given Delta airborn transmission here in NSW?

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    Has anyone tried these and the ones above? Wondering on a comparison…

    • +2

      I've used both, fit is good also. Note respaguard isnt fluid resistant so doesn't carry surgical use accreditation. It is a lot cheaper however so if you're ducking out to supermarket for 15min to pick up milk the latter should suffice.

      • Thanks I might order both for different purposes. All day/long outing this mask, quick shopping the less expensive Respaguard.

    • +2

      Bought these last year for similar price. Good fit mask individual wrapped fitted securely, felt safe out and about. Expensive if using for supermarket shop.

      Moved on to respagaurd. Different shape need to stretch the earloops otherwise a little tight but feel fit better Personally don't feel that there is much difference between the two. A lot cheaper though

    • I previously bought respaguard and was very happy with the quality but recent comments seem to suggest that the quality has gone down so not sure if I'd recommend them again.

  • +2

    Funny how everybody is hyped up about the masks, yet almost nobody is addressing the real problem which is that the government is doing all the wrong things. It's as if they are paying out of their own pocket, so, they don't want to spend money. Yet, people are dying and the government is playing Russian roulette with your lives. After all why should they care. They are getting paid, regardless whether you live or die. There will be plenty left.

    Anyhow if you are wondering what I am getting at then here it is.
    All quarantine facilities should be outside of cities and you can't leave until you get all clear. With proper management that all can work and it would mean zero risk to the community.
    There would be no lockdowns and all businesses would work as normal. There would be no need to pay businesses and people affected by covid. There would be no need for masks, which end up in waste or oceans, and you spending money for that. There's more to that, but this is the short version.

    You think which is better and cost less.

    The French would probably sack the government and put someone in charge who will do the job they are paid for.

    • Cool story, I'd rather live with our mess then be French so….shrugs shoulders

      • Even if it means you are collateral damage?
        I wish you luck.

    • yes. pretty sure Scomo and his mob will be re-elected again. he didn't have a plan or a vision when he was running for the election, his campaign was based on spreading fear across the community with lies on franking credit and electric vehicles. people still voted him in. he will likely do the same next election.

    • Yes quarantine has been an unmitigated disaster thanks to Morrison's complacency and refusal to build dedicated facilities. That said Q isn't a silver bullet because people's behaviour will always be a problem and systems built to a price are never foolproof (unlike specialist labs for example). You'd need to have perfectly pure air/faciities and lock people away for at least month whle not have anyone coming or going to ensure that people leaving quarantine aren't contagious. Recent Melb outbreak came from a person leaving Q.

  • -1

    Do these contain graphene oxide?

  • +1

    Thanks for this, I've been looking for a "KF Style" Mask with proper filtration for a while. ~$2 a mask is not bad!

    • No worries! You're very welcome.

  • What % of the mask components is sourced from overseas countries ?

    • Well I mean technically every atom and particle originated from out of space.

      • originated from out of space.

        Interesting thought. Depends on what you mean by originated. But I think for most practical purposes every atom originated within space.

        • We are all made from the stars

  • Anyone have these able to comment on the general thickness and softness of the material? I've found the best fitting (both in comfort and seal) have been the ones with the heaviest fabrics, which happen to be P2s bought prior to COVID.

    For instance I've got a bunch of the Bunnings ones and putting aside of they actually pass the KN95 standards :P, the paper thin build of it means it doesn't fit and seal as well.

    • +1

      Material wise, I'd say its closer to your bunnings N95 mask ( if that was what you were referncing than the 3M ones from precovid times. I'd say the advantage of these ones would be the actual shape of the mask providing better seal, but would recommend surgical tape to fully seal the mask.

    • +1

      The AMD are very thin, easy to breathe through but don't seal well for me above the nose especially. The 5 for $2 masks currently at Kingsgrove Bunnings (not available online) are thicker (they have a padded feel) and seal better than the AMD but still leak a bit above nose and are harder to breathe through.

      • The 5 for $2 masks currently at Kingsgrove Bunnings (not available online) are thicker (they have a padded feel)

        Was it of a particular brand? I've seen a few different ones around like Wellcare and Sojo and the generic Craftright but the two 5 pack ones I've bought before (I think one was Sojo) discounted were the same; kinda papery which meant it didn't feel as fitted on the edges. An old Honeywell one I found is so much more comfortable, noticeably more soft padded feel.

  • Note that for most people in the general public, these are completely unnecessary and overkill. And if not fitted correctly they're not entirely useful.

    Much better off for most people to just buy a re-usable cloth mask with 3 layers/standard disposable surgical masks.

    • +1

      For ~$2 per mask I would say it’s the better mask to wear if you care about better protection.

      • +1

        Protection aside, re-usable cloth masks do need to be washed after daily use. AMD P2 Respirators offer much better protection than standard disposable surgical masks.

        • -1

          Protection aside, re-usable cloth masks do need to be washed after daily use.

          Yes but the con is it’s reusable.

          Respirators offer much better protection than standard disposable surgical masks.

          Not sure about much better, but definitely significantly better.

          • +1

            @bOngOCaT: Significantly better than disposable surgical masks - yes, because surgical masks aren't design to be protective to the wearer, the lack of a proper seal guarantees the lack of all round protection. (They can be protective in some circumstances though, but not in general)
            Significantly better than disposable respirators - questionable.

  • Did AMD also make the green and gold mask that Olympians were wearing? They looked really good!

  • +4

    lol. Why so expensive? I rather buy the Made In China ones

    • +5

      These actually aren't that much more expensive (if they even are more expensive) than other similar respirators found in Bunnings with reputable claims. The cheaper KN95s are questionable as to whether they even meet the advertised standards.

      If you're comparing the costs to surgical masks then you're comparing apples to oranges. For a reputable P2 rated respirator, these are very well priced.

    • There are Australian made P2 ones available for 60 masks for $50 delivered at the moment. Consider those.

      • +1


        • Yep, but I've heard the quality has gone down if anyone else can comment on it.

  • +3

    Surprised to see a design with ear loops for P2 masks, I thought it was a lot easier to ensure a good fit with head loops.
    Here's an article on the topic, the title says it all: Poor Performance of Masks Secured Using Ear Loops

    • I have some questionable chinese masks with head loops. Annoying af but didn't know about that. So many things to consider or be skeptical about.

    • Me too. Can’t find an Australian made one with head straps

  • +7

    I've used these for a while now, primarily while at the airport and on planes. These are my own experiences:

    +Packaging and folded up storage means it's easy to store without risk of getting contaminated. I usually have 3-4 in my bag since they don't take up much room
    +Thin and lightweight and not very bulky
    +Definitely fits and filters well. I work in the hospital system and I wear masks all the time, and can attest to the fit and filtration. It's significantly harder to breathe in this even compared to top quality surgical masks so I do not recommend using it while exercising lol.

    -I can find the sides irritating, where the folds come together
    -I'm a bit OCD, and the bending metal piece is usually not centred due to them being stored on their side. I've resorted to pushing the metal piece to the middle and then bending. This has no affect on functionality but it just annoys me
    -Packaging also results in additional waste
    -Good fit means that bad breath makes you suffer. Make sure you are well stocked up on mints.

    I've had no problem with them while wearing glasses.

  • +1

    Get one of these. Multi-use, multi-purpose, proper seal, replaceable filters, and cheaper in the long run.

    • And a pain in the rear end to properly disinfect, resulting in a higher chance of contamination from handling the respirator.

    • +1

      Good 1 . They have certainly come down a lot from when I look at them last year .
      I'll figure out a couple other items to get over the free posting quota.

    • +1

      Got them during the 2020 bushfire. Really good.

    • A lot of fakes around, might explain the cheap prices you see.

      That said: from the price I paid I have to assume mine are fakes, but they perform extremely well. Of course I can't measure actual performance on virus-size particles, but the fact that they reduce smells of almost anything to next of nothing is a very good indication they they fit without leaks and filter out a lot.

  • +2

    Came here for the comments

    I am now adding "COVID-19 vaccination" into "things you don't talk about" on top of religion, politics and money.

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