This was posted 9 years 11 months 3 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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3TB Western Digital External Hard Drive (USB2.0) $159 @ JB


Nearly as good as the Amazon deal from a few weeks back! It's a few bucks more expensive and isn't USB3.0, but it is Australian stock.

Pricematch @ Officeworks for $151.05 (thanks to BertTom and Tessai):

Disassembling guide (thanks to Kuric, we aren't responsible if you botch it!):

UPDATE: Looks like OW has change their price to match JB's. No more pricematching :(.

Not sure if you should get a WD or Seagate?

WD - Average of 4 stars with 13% 1 star ratings (1,431 reviews):

Seagate - Average of 3 stars with 31% 1 star ratings (436 reviews):

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  • +4

    Cheaper than a bare 3TB drive. Don't forget price matching at Officeworks if you're not local to a JB.

    • Yeah, I think most people who buy this will crack it open. I just find that 3.5" externals are quite impractical as you need to lug around a power cable.

      • +1

        where can u get a 3tb drive where you dont need a power cable? I think every household should have one of these drives that are used for backups. Photos/documents etc.
        Keep it in a safe place (fireproof if you have it) Best insurance you will ever buy.

        The difference is only that most users dont need 3tb and people that do will most likey want them in other applications.

        • +1

          Best insurance I will ever buy?

          Cancelling my Medibank Private account now!

        • There gets a point where you don't want all your eggs in the one basket. I would prefer three X 1TB drives so it one does fail you don't lose your entire backup.

      • +1

        Who the hell lugs around AC powered drives anyway?

        These are for porn connoisseurs, period.

    • +1

      Is this the same drive?;jsessionid=(J2EE5996400)ID1199038654DB00628676054466222954End;saplb_*=(J2EE5996400)5996454

    • Bought at my local Officeworks, it was same price of $159 for exact same product.
      Must have adjusted there price.

  • not bad……very tempting…hmmm

  • +4

    Here is the guide to take apart these enclosures to extract the drive.

    Not sure if the actual HDD has warranty though if something goes wrong.
    Can anyone verify if the drive has a separate warranty?

    If so, I'll get me some of these :)

    • +2

      Owned a Computer Store for 6 years; know for a fact that you void the warranty when you remove it from the casing. Sorry.

      • Your personal experience may be different but you are wrong. I removed a drive from a Seagate external enclosure and ran it in my PC for a year or so, it died and I sent it back to Seagate as a bare drive, they sent me back a brand new external drive. I suspect that their systems only care what the serial number on the actual drive is, if that serial comes from an external enclosure you are still covered by warranty. Other manufacturers may have different policies. This was about 3 years ago.

        • +4

          No you're wrong.

          They have long since changed the serials/MACs to distinguish between bare drives and cased drives and they will simply reject any external drives that are RMA'ed without a case.

          You will void the warranty doing that.

        • Amar's right. Feel free to check your HDs serial number on their website to see how much warranty it has if you do not believe this.

    • Thanks for the link! It looks simple enough, will try it at home tonight… does this mean if the drive stuffs up, we just gotta put it back in the case and voila? :)

    • +1

      Ok… just removed the drive and attached it into my PC.

      Very simple under Win 7. Just delete all existing volumes on the drive and then convert the disk to a GPT Disk.

  • +8

    Thanks op. Just pricematched at OfficeWorks for $151.05

    • OW Free Delivery* - for orders placed online, phone and fax over $55.

      *For online, phone and fax orders, all deliveries are made on business days. Free Delivery and Same Day Delivery are only available for order before 11:30am Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) to metro customers in Brisbane, Melbourne, Geelong, Perth & Sydney dependent on postcode,

  • Double post.

    • OMG, double rainbow. lol

      • It's a unicorn with two butts!

      • thanks for the reminder, best laugh ever!

  • +1

    anyone price matched this at officeworks in melbourne? its coming up as out of stock for me

    • Just picked up one at Officeworks on Kingsway, South Melbourne. They had 3 left, now they have 2.

      • Thanks, on my way but looks like I'm too late for matching :(

  • +1

    Nice find kheob!

  • +1

    great price, most shops selling same internal drive for $190-$220. Unfortunately none at OW in Hobart, so off to JB tomorrow :). Looks so easy to take apart and use as an internal storage drive. Thanks OP.

  • So what deal was better than this on Amazon a few weeks ago?

    • I think he means this one….

      But in all honesty, if you are cracking the thing open (I think most people are), who cares if its not USB 3.

      (plus i'd take WD over Seagate anyway, but thats just me…)

      • Yeah, that's the one.

  • Woo just did a price match at officeworks and pulled it apart straight away. Awesome price.

    • +1

      Can you please tell me the model number of drive that is inside the casing? Pretty please?

  • Tried to pricebeat at OW in Brisbane City after work but they say they don't sell 3TB version. Will either try another OW or get JB to pricematch OW? :)

    • -1

      Try price match at OW by phone order with free delivery.

  • +1

    What HD inside the enclosure?

    • Probably something like a "blue"???

      • +3

        It's a Green.

        • +1

          Nothing wrong with the Green's folks. I have 3 of them in my HP media box (thanks ozbargain :)).

          Quiet, low power, low heat, perfectly acceptable performance even on Full HD Bluray rips.

          Would I use it as the boot drive to a high spec gaming rig? Nup. But for all other purposes the Green drives are great. $50 a terrabyte, cant go wrong.

          It's the USB that's the killer. 3Tb @ USB 2.0 would take you for ever to transfer anything big.
          Either rip it out and use it as an internal, or be prepared to wait.

  • anyone know if this is a 7200 hard drive or 5400 hard drive?

    I will definitely take one if it is 7200!!!!!!!!

    • Its definitely a 5400… no way its a 7200.

    • +4

      Sadly yes, it's a 5400 RPM

      USB2 probably wouldn't get the full potential of a 7200RPM disk.

      • Nowhere near it. USB 2.0 = about 25MB/sec. 5400rpm drive in a SATA controller = about 90MB/sec

  • +1

    This is a great price.
    Given it's $159, you can't expect it to be anything but a Green drive. Fine for storage.

  • Do you guys know if this product is MAC compatible?


    • +1

      Format it for to Mac Journal Partition

      • Thanks!

  • Perfect timing, thanks OP for posting! I'll be trying at Officeworks.

  • I am happy with my 3tb i purchased last year for 120$ :) The seagate one :D

    • +1

      I did buy 2 but wishing that I bought 4. It has a Barracuda® XT 3T costing $400 for just the drive alone.

      • Yea I bought one. I regret not buying all of them :p Ahh well :) Still havnt filled it up so its all good.

  • Not bad if you're just using this for backup or you want to put it in a raid 0 config. But I wouldn't advise using this drive for your computer unless you don't care about performance of your PC. I've used one of these before when price is an issue and it's not unbearable but it does hurt productivity.

  • Would do well in a HP microserver

  • FYI for those people that want to price match at OW, just gave them a call, they have 58 left in the whole of QLD. None in the city or Milton. Their online store has one, Woolloongabba has 3-4, Mt Gravatt has 7-8. Good luck! I just ordered mine from JB online

  • Hmm considering 2 of these to rip open and stuff into my microserver :S

  • Thanks for this I've needed an external drive for a while

  • Priced matched at my local OW. Can confirm they're WD Green drives. Really simple to open up, just need a small flat head screwdriver or similar tool to pry up various clips.

  • I just visited Collins st Melbourne OW and bought this at $159 , no price match!

  • officeworks at parramatta had already changed the price to $159 but he still gave me extra 5% on top anyway

  • is it a WD30EZRX?

    • Yes

  • no extra 5% off from OW since price was updated in WA :(

    • same here in VIC

  • OW didnt have this in stock but JB matched their price match anyway. I picked up two of these for $151 each from JB pitt st mall, Sydney. They still have maybe 10 left.

    I cracked them open when i got home, the first drive was WD30EZRS(Sept 2011). The second drive was WD30EZRX (Oct 2011). No difference between them other than the SATAII/III interface.

    There seems to be a plastic tab thats looks like a tamper seal. I broke it when opening the first enclosure.

    • what did you use to open ? screwdriver?

      • I used a flat bladed butter knife (no serrations) and despite watching the video on cracking these open found it much easier to slide in on the long side and gently lift the bottom away. Didn't make a single mark so if it does need to be returned I can just put it back in the case.

        Serial number on the bottom of the plastic box matches what's printed on the hard drive.

        It is a WD30ERZX manufactured 08 OCT 2011.

      • I used several flat wide plastic tabs to pry it open so it doesnt leave a mark. Its not what you use that snaps the tab but how you open it.

  • JB Garden City Westfield (Qld) still had a heap of these on the shelf when I was there this arvo around 3.

  • On my way to JB to get the WD and thought I would stop off at DSE, luckily saw the Seagate @ $159 and bought it. Just popped the bonnet and found the Seagate Barracuda 7200rpm ST3000DM001 -
    Took a couple of minutes to remove from the external case and is now an internal drive, GPT converted and formatted to 2.72TB :). Happy as (well my son is!)

  • IS it safe to get these shipped?

  • So the WDs are better quality but the Seagates are faster? (in this scenario as the seagates are 7200rpm)

  • Sound like the problem mainly lies with the case / PCB rather than the drives… I was just going to take the drives out anyway so perhaps wont make much difference then.

  • Went to the 3 officeworks in melbourne CBD today + the south melbourne one, none left

    • Dick Smith price match should save you 5%. OW offer free metro shipping on this so should be available online or by phone.

      • got colesmyer gift cards to use up :( thanks though might just do that anyway..

  • ? are they meant to be already partitioned? Because the one I bought has 3 partitions in it already?

    • Ooooh. You may have gotten a… hmm… "broken in" model. :)

      • how is that possible? it was completely sealed when I bought it from JB Hifi?

    • +1

      No thats how its broken down because you need to convert it to a GPT disk in windows to have partitions bigger than 2TB.

  • It might be how WD do it as in they may have specific software on specific partitions or something to do with a backup software etc. OR it may have been a refurbished one or something.

  • I got mine today, JB actually sent me a USB3.0 3TB! SCOREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    • Btw, just before I jump for joy. The USB3 enclosure has a default encryption built in, which you CANNOT turn off.

      If you're planning to use the left over USB3 enclosure, forget about it. If you ever have a enclosure failure, the HDD data is good as gone.

  • on a seperate note has anyone that ordered 4+ more drives from JB recieve the drives in 2 seperate boxes? like 2x hdds per box?

    reason i ask is that i ordered 4x drives in the seagate 3TB offer and i just got home and i got 2x drives in the box and there are supposed to be 4?

    iv been on the phone all day tracking the box and that took me hours on the phonr with Vic stores and they had no idea when the eta was… no i only have half the order… really frustrated seeing i placed the order on the 14th and was given the run around…dont want to stay on the phone for another hour or so…

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