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[eBay Plus] OPPO Find X2 Pro 5G 512GB Telstra Unlocked - Black $594.15 Delivered @ Wireless1 eBay


Great Phone with this price.

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  • Great deal! I would buy this in a heart beat if it wasn't for the lack of reliability of Oppo providing software updates to their phones. Saving up for a Pixel 6 Pro for xmas.

    • +20

      Bought this phone on release, they have been updating software every month ever since.

      Great specs:
      - Screen is amazing (1B colors, 120Hz, HDR10+)
      - 512gig Storage (i think 480gig was actually usable from factory)
      - 12gig RAM
      - UFS 3.0
      - great cameras, one with 5x optical zoom (vs 2x optical on the newer X3 Pro)

      Only disadvantage is it's on the heavier side

    • Bought the A52 last year. Have received updates every month (last 2021.06.11) and received Android 11 before a lot of other phones.

      Is there an issue with other Oppo's?

      • I got it on my Oppo Reno Z about 4 days ago so must be coming soon.

    • Pretty sure Pixel 6 pro would be $1k+ when it come out so not a fair comparison

      • Not comparing as such, since this is a great phone even though it's a year old, buy my preference always lies with pure Android and extended security and OS updates for the longest period of time. I've been using my Nexus 6P for the last 6 years, so the price tag of the Pixel 6 Pro won't worry me, I'm expecting either eBay, MobileCiti, or Telstra to have a sale around December which may hopefully knock 10-20% off the outright price as well. If not, I'll buy it anyway.

        • I hope so. 5 years of software update increases the value drastically and makes it stand out in Android world.
          Still a rumour, but would be impressive to see.

    • I bought one of these last month and got the August security patch this morning.

      I updated to the retail version following these easy steps - https://m.facebook.com/groups/1184682081675881/permalink/247...

  • +4

    pulled the trigger too fast….. bought it for 850…
    otherwise phone is great… massive 512 gig stroage..

  • +5

    Got this one in the last deal for around 650. Great phone though word of caution Android Auto stops works working once you upgrade the software to ver11. To roll back to 10 you have to get it to the service centre as it cannot be reversed. The new updates that fix this issue is yet to be rolled here but believe can be done through VPN and change in region settings.

    • I mentioned this in the last deal yet it seems a lot of people don't believe this. Absolute PITA

      • how long is the fix for this? I need Android Auto. Maybe better to wait for Galaxy FE 2021?

        • +1

          If you set your device to receive the updates of a non Telstra device, the fix seems to already be out.

          • @MHXVX: so i have to wait for a fix if I get this telstra variant?

            • +4

              @ChickenAdobo: Nah, I have the Telstra variant, you just need to go through a process to make your phone receive the updates of the standard model rather than the Telstra variant which is quite behind. You can find the guide on how to do this process here: https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/guide-switch-software-reg...

              • @MHXVX: Did it work for you?

                • @GoldStar: Yeah worked fine! I got the Android 11 update straight away back when I did it and have since then received updates quite regularly.

                  I know that one of the software that the guide tells you to use was causing my antivirus to freak out, but I just bit the bullet and turned off my antivirus while I did it and it all seems fine ever since then.

              • @MHXVX: Thanks. Does this fix the Android Auto issue.

                • +2

                  @soyea: It gets you the most recent updates and my phone has no issues with Android Auto anymore so I would assume the latest updates have fixed the issue. I used to have to have my phone sitting face down so the proximity sensor would disable the always on display, otherwise AA would just completely freeze up. I no longer have that issue anymore.

              • @MHXVX: Thanks. Does this make the Android Auto functional.

              • @MHXVX: Hi, I tried these steps but my phone is coming up with an error at step 5 and 6. Do you have any clue how to resolve it.Thanks

    • I was having issues with Android Auto at first with the Android 11 update, but it seems to be all fine now on my device.

    • Is Android Auto the only issue caused with Ver11? Thanks!

    • I have heard this is an issue with the Telstra Variant

      Is this the same for updates pushed out by Optus?

      • +2

        My heart literally skipped a beat when I saw "Telstra Variant".

    • I've got the exact same problem. Very annoying problem with this phone.

    • Got the phone 3 weeks ago and upgraded to 11. AA works fine. Join the FB Oppo group to assist.

  • Does anyone know how difficult to install original Oppo firmware (instead of Telstra) and make it dual sim?
    Great camera reviews but I need dual sims

    BTW what are the differences between Telstra firmware and original ones?


    • Add to this… Does changing to global firmware cause issues with Netflix / Prime HD? Or, anything else?

      • Spent 30 mins to do it. I followed the Facebook group discussion but had to tether the PC using the phone to switch it to SG version. Then you buy a dual Sim tray from AliExpress or so, job done.

        Netflix works fine for me.

        • can you provide some links for the steps to switch it? thanks

        • Hey mate just to confirm dual sim works with SG version + sim tray?

        • is it SG EX version and it works with a dual sim tray?

          • @rwt: yeah SG EX works with dual sim tray but they both share the same imei number.

            • @zooboy: how does it look like?
              let's say now I have 2 sims - one is active and one in standby mode and I can receive call txt to both of them

              • @rwt: Join the FB Oppo group:)

                • @source: I don't use Facebook unfortunately

                  • @rwt: Neither do I much. You could open an account and get the info then delete the account.

    • +1

      I've got this same phone (Telstra version). No difference to the firmware at all, I don't even have the Telstra logo pop up when the phone boots. The only difference as far as I can tell is the software updates are managed through Telstra and are slightly delayed compared to the Original firmware

      • i believe the double sim tray can't work with the Telstra version.
        Not sure, just guessing

        • Right… I have no use for a dual sim so it's not something I bothered checking. Good to know though.

    • Telstra has no so called firmware( firmware only from the manufacturer)
      They have bloatware( software like apps) which are carrier 🗑️

  • On the verge replace S10+ battery, or getting this….

    • +1

      Just bought this to replace my S10 5G as I have noticed my phone slowing down a lot after the recent updates.

      • +1

        Have been using s10 5g for over two years, worth upgrading to this?

        • Just bought the Find X2 Pro from this deal, so will be able to let you know later this week :)

          • @Jeffles: Let me know how'd you go , moving from samsung. I also bought waiting for delivery

        • I would buy. I'm tempted and I've had a reno 5g (2019 flagship) for 17 months…

        • I've been putting along with the S9+. Have been waiting on a good deal for an S20+/Ultra but this deal is too good to pass up.

  • +1

    such a decent phone at this price

  • Just tried to look up specs, am I correct that it does not have dual sim and wireless charging?

    • +1

      No dual sim or wireless charging. The dual sim can probably be hacked to work.

  • NVM

    Saw the replies above.

  • Sorry just curious to understand on how 24 month warranty works with phones bought from ebay sellers?


  • The code seems not working

    • Just noticed its for ebay plus, I applied a free trail and will cancel later.

  • Saw only issues with watching Netflix/ prime video quality, can anybody confirm?

    • Haven't had any issues with Netflix on it, before updating it to the latest version it would appear to bug out if I tried to look at notifications while watching (super laggy / exageratted ghosting on a black screen) but i assume this has something to do with the DRM / anti-piracy. Having it unlocked to Australia region and running on the latest version has no issues for me now though.

    • no issue with prime video quality

  • Bought it from this deal a couple weeks back, so far the phone is great. Got the phone region switched to Australia following the guide on the OPPO owners australia facebook group and have it running on the latest version. Battery could be better considering its a new phone but I usually have access to a powerbank/source so it's not that big of an issue (i prefer not to use the 65w fast charger). At this price if your looking for a new (android) phone it's a steal.

    • May i know why you dont want to use the 65w charging function? Its one of the highlight of this phone isn't it?

      • tl;dr it damages the battery at a much higher rate than traditional charging. If I wake up in the morning and realise my phone is on 10% I'll put it on the 65w but it's best to stick to a lower wattage charger 95% of the time.

  • -2

    No IR blaster, no deal.

    • +2

      Honestly the last phone with an IR blaster I had was the HTC One M8. Not sure if there's any flagship devices with them these days.

  • +1

    This or poco f3?

    • Stil in a predicament here if anyone is able to help me out; much appreciated

      • +3

        This has a better camera because it's OIS better screen and a bit more high end.

        The Poco F3 is slightly better processor(in benchmark doubt you will notice in real life).

        The f3 is a bit cheaper.


        Quick low light photo comparison. This is controlled test so assume the cameras with OIS will perform better in real world.

        I would personally prefer this over the Poco F3 if going for a phone

    • +1

      Recently had a poor experience with a Poco (X3 NFC) where the phone had screen ghosting issues and I couldn't warranty due to the issue being difficult to replicate and having purchased as grey stock.

      Decided to replace the poco X3 and was deciding between this phone, Redmi Note 10 Pro or the Poco F3.

      Ultimately chose this phone, I personally value the faster charging, better camera, screen, 512gb of storage + extra peace of mind with IP68 and 2 years local warranty for an extra $200 over the Poco F3.

  • Poco better option I think
    Software support isnot that great in Australia unlike India

  • I know this comes with a clear case which will do fine for a short while but I want to find a good Spigen or similar to keep this bad boy safe. Does anyone know of anything?

    • +2

      I bought this based on comments from the oppo owners group on Facebook.

      It's way more protective than the clear case that comes with the phone. It also gives you a camera screen protector
      The main issue with the phone is the curved screen. You will struggle to find a case that protects the curved part of the screen very well. But, this case from AliExpress is more raised than the Oppo one in the box

      • purchased, thanks mate

        • FYI. I ordered 24th July. It arrived 9th August. Not terrible shipping times

    • +1
      • Reviews of this one state that its too thin and doesn't offer much protection

  • Shows $629 for me
    Item price: AU $699.00
    -AU $69.90
    Your price: AU $629.10

    • Buggers just changed the price!

      • looks like. 10mins ago it was $594.15 in the cart. Now 629

        • Bugger. Just loaded cc details to buy and missed it

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