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Bonus $40 eBay Voucher ($40.01 Min Spend) with 1-Year eBay Plus Subscription ($49)


Got this pop-up promo when I went to the eBay website today. $40 voucher upon signing up to eBay Plus ($49 annually).

Not as good as the previous $50 deals but it's an option if you've been wanting to sign-up.

I got my $40 voucher straightaway after signing up, valid for 30 days. The account has been used for the free trial in the past.

Copied the link from the pop-up banner. Not sure if targeted (doesn't seem to be from the URL). Apparently targeted. Would appreciate feedback in the comments.

Pop-up banner screenshot: https://imgur.com/O022irG

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  • This has worked for me. Used the trail before.

  • Would you say its worth holding out for a $50 voucher or that deal doesn't sound like it will ever come back?

    • personally dont think so, eBay is trying to get people of 100% payment voucher backs, and rather targeting adverts like at credit cards, banks etc.

  • Hey there,

    Do I just cancel my membership? It expires 21/09 and they are offering $30 voucher for renewing. If I cancel they will offer the $40 after 21/09 for joining?


  • If anyone was wondering like myself. If your ebay plus has lapsed and click the link in the op and signup you get the voucher.

  • Are we still getting this when renew eBay Plus?

  • I got a $40 voucher as a result of this deal, but it says it expires 15/9/21. I'm trying to use it today (15/9/21), and they're saying that it's already expired and can't do anything about it. This is so dumb!

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    It is still working. I already had ebay plus membership which expired last week. I clicked on the link signed in with my existing membership and upon payment was immediately offered $40 coupon

  • Worked, just did it today, thanks OP!, so basically got ebay plus for $9/year which is very good deal…

    • Just wondering how did you manage to get $9 per year? When did your CommBank rewards for signing up ebayplus expire?

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        $49 minus $40 voucher = $9

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          oh, of course. Sorry i mixed it up with Commbank rewards. Cheers

  • Worked for me, renewing ebay Plus member. Couldn't find the voucher being displayed anywhere in my account. Went to purchase something that was > $40, and saw a tag line saying "pay X - show me how", and it showed the $40 voucher there.

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    Got both the $40 voucher and the $30 gift card using the double cancellation trick…

    • how?

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        Cancel your existing membership - you'll be offered a $30 gift card. Accept that. Then go back and cancel your membership completely. Then sign up with the voucher link…

        • Cheers for the tip, worked for me. $49 for $70 worth of credit sounds good to me!

        • Just looking at the T&C's it says that the $30 gift card is provided within 10 days of paying the membership, so you need to pay the $49 before they will give the $30 voucher?

        • My membership only expires Nov 3rd even though I've cancelled it now.
          Did you only use this $40 sign up method after your membership fully depleted?
          @MELso @Chickenleg

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            @chipmunkdude: Yeah that’s right. I cancelled, then accepted the $30 voucher. Then the day after my membership expired, I renewed using the $40 link, received the $40 voucher instantly, then received the $30 voucher 3 or 4 days later. Can’t complain about getting paid to use eBay Plus!

            • @Chickenleg: Awesome thank you for the clarification! Hopefully the voucher link still works in a couple of weeks!

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              @Chickenleg: Accepted the $30 giftcard offer on 12 Nov then fully cancelled afterwards, rejoined today with the $40 link, hope I've done it right and get the $30 giftcard as well.

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                @wekimekigugudan: I’m actually also trying to do the trick on my second account and did the $30 on the 4th and rejoined on the 8th. Nothing yet but have a few days left in the ‘up to 10 days’ period so fingers crossed

        • Nice hack, I should have taken that 30$ the first time.. ha

  • Got offered a $40 voucher to rejoin for $49 so did that

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    Just tried this and it still works!! Great deal!

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    Doesn't appear targeted. Just worked for me, and am quite happy!

    I had gone through the 'cancel' trick to get offered a $30 voucher if I stay until it renews. Totally forgot that I had cancelled the payment authority in PayPal, so payment failed and my membership ended automatically.

    Was so cut I missed out on the $30, now back in the game with $40. Win!

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    For those wondering: the $30 gift card (this deal) and $40 voucher (this deal) do stack with each other.
    I paid $48.99, got $40 voucher instantly, received $30 gift card the next day. And I wasn't targeted myself for the $40 voucher (it wasn't visible on ebay's main page for me).

    I just did this 2 days ago:
    I went through the cancellation process (was offered $30, then remained a member).
    Then did it again but really cancelled.
    The next day (when ebay plus expired) I went to the link from this deal and signed up again.

    • I just did same and paid my membership fee via Paypal using Cole Prepaid MasterCard, but got 3% added conversion cost, $50.46 in total.

  • Got this offer and rejoined but didn’t receive the voucher 😡

  • Perfect timing as my Ebay Plus expired couple of days ago.
    \Worked for me. $40 voucher information displayed displayed straight after making payment.

  • Tried doubling up the $30 cancellation promotion with this $40 voucher promotion (waited to be targeted to be safe) as per others' suggestion but only got the $40 voucher.
    I might've waited too long between cancelling my eBay Plus subscription and using the voucher promotion (~1 week). Talked to eBay support and they said the $30 cancellation promotion is only valid for renewals so anyone looking to double up the offers, maybe try doing them one after the other.

    • Yeah my first one a couple months ago stacked, but didn't work a few weeks ago on my second account so it seems hit and miss.

  • Just renewed with this link to get $40 instantly. Hoping to get my $30 again this year on top of it!

    • +1

      If you do it right, you should be able to get the $30. But hit and miss, I got it one one account, the other didn't

      • I managed to do it last year, so I'm hoping for it again!

        • please let us know how it goes.

          Thanks in advance

  • The question is can we stack that 30 and 40 in one purchase?

    • Yes as 30 is gift card

      But you cannot stack that 40 with other ebay voucher. Like dell one

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