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Calm App Lifetime Plan TRY532 (~A$88, 84% off RRP A$550) - VPN (Turkey) Required


I've been a long time (2 year) user of calm, and my kids go to sleep with sleep stories every night. My last annual subscription just expired so went looking for value. Turns out a 60% black friday code from 2019 still works which was advertised on Calm's official twitter here: https://twitter.com/calm/status/1200414292174155778

When combined with a turkish VPN (I used free windscribe) as suggested in previous VERY popular deal here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/594902 it brings it down to the cheapest ever lifetime subscription. Instructions from last deal:

1) Connect to any VPN by selecting the country as "Turkey"
2) Once connected, visit the deal link
3) The payment amount will be shown as TRY 532 which equates to ~ A$88
4) Recommended paying with your card that supports low foreign exchange conversion charges.
5) Enjoy!

Additional / Alternative 60% off link thanks to @mrmilkmoustache

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  • Hi Akbal, do you need to use the vpn everytime you use the app or only when you register?

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      I signed up last Dec when this deal was first listed exploiting the VPN loophole. You only need the VPN when registering. The app functions as usual w/o a VPN. I'm a daily Calm user. :)

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        welcome to the daily calm

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    I'd be the opposite of calm if I was paying $88 for a calm app

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      haha.. But I actually don't think it's a bad deal given it's a lifetime membership. If you live for another 30 years, it's about $3 a year to help stay calm

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        But if I don't buy the app then I don't need it, if I do buy the app then I will defo need it

      • Based on your comment, I hope OP is older than 50, otherwise he is going to die young.

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        If the company stays afloat for another 30 years

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          Yep, could definitely see them watering down lifetime paid privileges.

          When I paid for a camscanner pro account, they confirmed by email "You’ve successfully unlocked CamScanner Pro Features for a lifetime!". A while later it became more like a basic version and a new premium level was introduced over the top. Now my lifetime pro account is called "Basic" account and constant pestering to upgrade.

          Other apps have done similar, I would not really trust a lifetime app subscription.

    • Enhance your calm reactor-au.

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        So far still calm after 200 days of lockdown

    • calmers would disagree alot 😂. (i’m no calmer)

    • Yep, I rather use Vanced for free. Set play list and run with screen off. No $$$$ required

    • I paid $550 for the headspace app (lifetime, regular price, not a deal) and I've been really happy with my purchase.

      The people in the calm app are real, they have to make a living, and the business has to pay wages just like everything else.

      $88 is a tiny price for an app you could be using for 10 years or more.

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    Why not just listen to the free ABC Listen App where they also read stories, play sleep songs, play games etc..?

    • is that for google mini?

      • Not sure, I have it on Apple and Samsung devices… my kids listen to the bedtime music each night for white noise.

        • Just out of curiosity can you tell me what it's called exactly? I'm trying anything with my 2 month old lol

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        Yup, you can listen this on a google mini.

    • The ABC doesn't provide guided meditations, and I think you are referring to the ABC Kids Listen app - they don't have stories and sleep songs for adults

  • Any comparison to Moshi? The kids love it but it is pricey

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      Try Kinderling if you are looking for Moshi alternative Kids app.

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      A great free app is called Smiling Mind. Great for all ages and quite a comprehensive app with lots of programs.

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    Great deal! Thanks OP.

    Calm is by far the best meditation app I have come across (have used headspace, insight timer and smiling mind).

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      better than balance ?

      • I haven't tried balance yet. Will check it out later

      • Ye have the same question, i feel like balance does some really interesting "personalisation" but haven't had the chance to use stuff like calm or headspace to compare

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    Thanks it actually works

  • I love lifetime deals. I buy them anyways.

  • How many devices can you use it on at one time?

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      It doesn't seem to care nor check. At night both my kids have sleep stories going on at the same time on different phones. I haven't personally tested beyond two though.

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        +1 to this.

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    Calm app has existed for three years - bit hopeful to think they'll be around for the rest of your life (unless you're old or dying, in which case this isn't a great deal anyway). Not necessarily saying this is a bad deal, but it's a bit rich of a live-service mobile app to advertise a "lifetime" product that gives you "everything, forever".

    To put it another way, you'll need to use the app for at least six years and 11 months to break even with the lifetime deal (assuming you use the Turkish VPN hack to access the annual subscription rather than the lifetime deal). It's your money, but that's a lot of faith to place in the longevity of a mobile app.

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      Perhaps, but I am pretty confident they will exist, Calm now has Netflix and HBO shows, so customer base and demand is arguably good.

      Especially even more now with mental health being spotlighted

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    Awesome, got it. Thanks OP!

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    If you told me 5 years ago that I would become a person who meditates every week day, I would have straight up laughed in your face. But this app has been so, so beneficial to my life at work, at home, in dealing with family and friends, strangers, life events, and all manner of outside forces that impact my life on a daily basis.

    I got this on a lifetime subscription in 2018 - I think it was about $120AUD - and it is hands down one of the best purchases I have ever made.

    It has different "scenes" which are great for working - but especially sleeping - to, a different "Daily Calm" meditation every day, and several different series that are catered towards different areas of life such as work, study, anxiety, performance etc.

    Just a note: meditation apps, and meditation instructors are a real personal preference, I've found. So maybe give it a trial first before ponying up. I've just found that this app and the main instructor, Tamara, are right for me.

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      Do you not meditate week ends?
      I've been trying to meditate 10min every day but finding it hard to get into a routine.

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        What might help is triggering your meditation in something that is already part of your routine.

        My example that got me to 58 consecutive day streak was after taking my morning shower, i would meditate then get into the rest of my day.

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        Not usually on weekends, no - only if I really need to (ie, am anxious).

        I usually meditate when I sit down at my desk first thing in the morning, and it acts as a sensory cue to commence my work day.

        Edit: With regard to building the habit (and in addition to the above comment): definitely consider aiming to complete it at the same time each day; keep track of the streak as a motivation to keep it going (I use a wall calendar); an eye mask (or face mask) or sunglasses can help block light out, which I find helps; and don't beat yourself up if you "lose focus" during meditation, or miss a day.

        One more thing which is quite crucial: take what you want from the meditation practice that any app/instructor offers, and keep only what you need. For instance with Calm, Tamara instructs you to use the breath a lot as a way of focussing, but I've actually found that that often does the opposite for me. So instead, I try to hold a loose focus on a point in the black space (roughly between my eyes), and this allows me to clear my mind.

        It will take time, and sometimes it will be frustrating, but in my opinion, any meditation you complete - no matter how "good" or "bad" - will provide some benefit.

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          thanks for the suggestions.
          I've been trying it first thing in the morning before starting work at my desk. Biggest barrier is if there is something i need to do urgently that morning.

          • @Gimli: I usually just meditate myself to sleep at night. I have Calm (Lifetime A$220) and Headspace, mostly use Headspace.

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    Used this previously thanks to old amex free promo. Wife used it enough to justify the $88

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    Thanks , will have another listen to the voices and see what I think.

    Like someone else mentioned, the readers voice can really help/hinder how useful these apps are for each individual.

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    Thanks OP, I have been using it through the free AMEX and the kids love the different stories.

    • What's the free AMEX?

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    Got it! thanks

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    My BIL added me on his family YouTube premium plan, I just listen to guided meditations or bedtime stories to sleep

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    Thanks OP just bought calm for life 😊

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    Followed the steps and worked perfectly! The way I see it is I pay $25ish a fortnight for the gym so $88 to keep my head in a good space is a bargain

  • RRP is LOL

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      Agree $550 is well and truly overs, however I would have been content to pull the trigger at $200-$250~. Meaning I was very happy to get it over the line at $88 :)

      • Me A$220 back in November 2020.

  • I keep getting 'error charging your card' - anyone else experienced this? And yes, I've got sufficient money in my accounts.

    Could it be card/bank security stopping it due to activity from another country?

    • Yup I had this before. I was going to join up for a year too. Ended up going to headspace.

    • Hi @dennycrane
      I had the same error but no issue when i paid with GPay. I did it via Galaxy s7+ tablet.

      • Thanks @scdd80. I got it to work on my iphone browser by disconnecting and reconnecting NORD

  • I am using NORD vpn but not getting any luck to show payment in TRY, any help ?

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      Works for me on Nord via Desktop (Edge Browser with NordVPN plug-in)

    • From when this deal was last posted I believe I got it to work using a free trial of Cyber Ghost after having similar Nord issues. I'm not sure if that will still work but might be worth a try.

      • This experience is not making me feel very Calm

    • I disconnected NORD, reconnected and the payment went through. Feeling much Calmer now. ✌

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    I got this last deal. They refunded the money a couple days after purchasing, yet I still have full access and it says lifetime subscription on my account. So I ended up getting it for free. haha

    • Did you ask them to refund the money ?

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        Nope. They just refunded it. I assumed they caught onto everyone jumping on this deal at once and cancelled it. But it never reflected on my actual account

        • cool, another reason to buy it then!

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      Same here haha

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    I tried while being connected to Turkey but still geting AUD pricing.
    I've downloaded Windscribe by the way.
    Any help is appreciated

    EDIT: Got it to work using incognito browser

    Thanks OP.
    I feel Calm now :)

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    Anyone know if/when this deal expires? I just signed up for a 3-month trial and wanted to make use of that before deciding.

    EDIT: Judging that it's a 2 year old code, seems like I already have the answer

    • Yeah technically expired 2 years ago, so you could consider it either a permanent offer, or able/likely to get pulled any second.

    • How did you get the 3 month trial?

  • I tried this using Nord last year and I couldn’t get it to work. My credit card kept being rejected until the VPN accidentally dropped out and I ended up paying the full AUD price. I write to Calm and they agreed to refund me but said they usually wouldn’t and they’d make an exception this time.

    I just tried it on an iPad with Nord and before I started I turned off Location Services on the iPad in case that was doing something. It came up with Turkish Lira and the discount price. Amex card returned an error on trying that. St George Visa went through and I have confirmed that it did charge me the discounted price and I now have it for life.

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    thank you for this awesome deal.

    I have a couple of questions…

    is the calm app similar to headspace??

    also, if I purchase this lifetime deal will I be able to login with my account on multiple devices?? eg ipad and android phone? has anyone tried it? any input is welcome. thank you

    • Why not just load up the trial and see?

      • Never mind. I just bought it.

        Surfshark VPN for turkey works.

        Great deal

    • +1

      I only dabbled in headspace a few years ago, but yes they are intended to deliver similar benefits, although inevitably with different styles/content.

      As per https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/10916700/redir you can use this on multiple deivces simultaneously

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      I have used Headspace for around a year, Calm for around 9 months and Insight timer for 5 years (wow!).

      Calm is in some ways similar to headspace, in the sense that they both provide guided meditation programs (e.g. beginner, targeted at anxiety, stress etc).

      I personally find Headspace to be great if you're an absolute beginner in meditation. Their Take 10 was great in guiding you through meditation and explaining how it work, e.g. how you're supposed to observe your breath and your thoughts, without trying to shut down your thinking completely. But as you progress, the more advanced programs (such as Take 15, Take 20) all start to sound very similar. Admittedly I got a bit bored after a while.

      Calm offers some of the following features:
      - sleep stories narrated by celebrities (which help you/ your kids fall asleep)
      - calming music for sleep/ relaxation (some by popular artists such as Ariana Grande, Shawn Mendes, FKJ, Disney etc)
      - daily calm (this one is my favourite. Each day you wake up to a new guided mediation recording with different themes. For example, this week we had Restlessness, Patience and Mindful Listening. This makes meditation a bit more fun.)

      Yes you can login on multiple devices). I have it installed on Andriod phones and an iPad, and all works perfectly. You don't need a lifetime subscription to do that.

      • +1

        Thank you for the detailed information. Much appreciated

  • +2

    all the ladies having Matthew Mcconaughey talk them to sleep


    • +5

      Ladies? Mate, I'm straight as an arrow and Matty boy can talk me to sleep any night of the week.

      My favourite though is the LeVar Barton Journey Through the Stars. Fantastic.

      • +1

        Looks good, like your taste

    • Cillian Murphy guiding me through a train journey across Ireland is my jam.

      Shame I can't seem to stay awake past the first couple of minutes though!

  • With Free Windscribe I am not able to select Turkey.

    • I was able to use Windscribe and access Turkey VPN. Strange.

      • May I ask If did you use your phone or the PC?

        • Android.
          you have to give permissions when you are using it for the first time.

          • @veyron: I am on IOS. Maybe that's why. Let me check from my galaxy tab. Thanks!

        • +2

          I used successfully on PC fyi

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    It's a good app… have used it many times to sleep (just using the 10-15min sleep meditation programs) and I cannot recall a time where i listened to the full 10-15mintues and was awake afterwards. Seriously does knock you out even if you're like me, where you're still sending emails in your head while trying to sleep at 11PM

  • Always surprises me people pay for apps when their free to find online 👀

    Especially when so many here are happy to see businesses burn with loses for their gains, yet people always pay for apps!

    I find it very interesting 😃

    • +1

      You pay for the convenience of not having to find a meditation everyday. The app also has its tricks to keep you consistent.

    • +1

      You talking about pirated apps? Not a good idea, they'd likely be riddled with malware. It's also nice to support developers.

  • +2

    gg got rekt with $220, hoping i get a refund :/

    • did yours show 60% off?