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[Pre Order] Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3080 Eagle OC 2.0 10GB Video Card $1,768.80 + Shipping @ CPL


Down down, prices are (coming) down!
Local stock
Gigabyte N3080EAGLE-10GD-V2 GeForce RTX 3080 Eagle 10G Graphics Card
Shame it's a pre-order.

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    This card LHR?

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      Yes. V 2.0.

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    Great to see the price drops!!

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    I have a 5700XT right now, but it's the most unstable thing ever invented when running more than 2 individual refresh rates at once (each screen in my system, and the VR is used for frame-acurate work, so I have 4 refersh rates active)…. And it's aftermarket cooled, so heat isn't the issue.

    • For VR nvidia has always been better

    • That's odd. My 6700 XT is running 170hz/75hz perfectly fine, one over DP other over HDMI.

      • Thats two; as I said, more than two.
        My monitors are 50hz (PAL content), 120hz (gaming), 60hz (NTSC content), 90Hz (VR); they're all using different colour space profiles too.

        If I drop back to just 2 screen, it seems to work fine; but ever since I moved 'up' from my pair of 1060's, it's been unstable bullsh't.
        And it's absolutely driver related, because btting into my Linux partition, and Kernel drivers instead of AMD ones under windows, the issue goes away.

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          Right sorry. Yeah NVIDIA is definitely better for those who do more than just game with KB/M.

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          Driver's never been ATI's strong-point

    • Want to sell?

      • I have a 5700 xt I'm thinking of offloading.

        • Isn't that a coincidence, I too have a 5700xt to offload now that Nvidia cards decided to play ball with price drops.

          • @Synticulous: Can I ask why? (In the market for a card (not yours).. and have always been a bit iffy as to AMD's video drivers)

            • @foursaken: The model is specifically lucrative to miners, but I couldn't bring myself to upgrade until only very recently. My thoughts were that I'd use her for as long as I could until I needed a better card, at a good deal.

              3060ti is a better dollar per frame purchase over the $1100 6700xt with the recent $859 deal I jumped on out of desperation. Kinda wish I bought any card at launch day price now, I don't particularly fanboy for either brand but if pricing was equal I'd give NVIDIA the very slight edge as they're more features rich (streaming, audio, work).

              The only perceived driver woes I had with it was playing cod and Apex, more to do with the games themselves being poorly optimised.

        • Send me a pm with your price.

      • More looking to trade honestly.

        3060Ti or a 2080 Super, and I'd direct swap it. Value is about the same on the second hand market according to ebay and gumtree.

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    What's the ETA on this? Can't seem to find it anywhere…

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      Pre-order with no ETA is a recipe for regret as prices are falling fast. Initial 3080 RRP was about $1200. You may be very sad if it takes a few months to arrive and prices have dropped further.

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        They may drop but you won't be seeig a new RTX 3080 for $1200 for a very long time, if ever.

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      They day after 40series is announced.

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    CPL are a pack of scumbag criminals and how they remain in business is anyone's guess.
    Don't feed these (profanity) any money.

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      I haven’t had a good experience with them but this was a long time ago. Doesn’t sound like they’ve made changes. I had a warranty issue that wasn’t addressed. Anyway there’s plenty of other good pc shops around

    • Let me guess . Bad experience?

    • +1

      What have they done to you? (Honest question - actually curious to hear your experiences)

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        Back in the socket 939/754 days I went in to buy a 754 Abit board. Got home and realised they gave me the 939 instead and I was quite happy… Until I tried to use it. It was very broken. Of course no refund/replace was possible because I had the wrong product and was clearly trying to scam them. I guess it's a neat way of cutting down on RMA's.

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          Of course no refund/replace was possible because I had the wrong product and was clearly trying to scam them.

          Wait, so are they scamming you or are you scamming them?

    • for what reason?

  • -1

    Bad model has cooling problems can get the vision one for $1800 from PLE when its back for preorders which should be soon

    • I thought Vision was just the white version of Eagle. Or was it Gaming OC?

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        Vision is alike Gaming OC but white and without dual bios.

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      Pretty sure you're talking about thermal throttling? Which is easily fixed with adding thermal pads to the backplate..

      • For you maybe, but for the majority of people who don't want to have to FA opening up the card, & doing this, no, its not easy or something one should be doing on a $1500 + card.

        If it exists, it should be picked up and fixed before its released.

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    CPL =/

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    Careful about CPL and 'pre-order'.

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    Prices would come down further and faster if ppl would stop buying these at +50% msrp still. Then two weeks later they have buyers remorse …

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      Nty mate, you might have a tight enough ass to wait 3 years before buying a 3 year old GPU, but real MFS don't play games

      • +2

        Real MFs don't play games… except when they pay $1800+ so that they can play games. Real MFs don't get ripped off.

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    https://cplonline.com.au/graphics-cards/geforce-rtx-3080/gig... non-lhr version on CPL as well for $150 more.

    • That is a N3080EAGLE-10GD-V2 which all v2 are actually LHR

      • -1

        Well the listing details don't say it's LHR so CPL obviously made an error

    • no, this is still lhr model your pointing too

    • This confused me as well, but V2 are also LHR. So anything that's listed as either V2, LHR, or TI (except 3060 ti) are all gonna be limited. There doesn't seem to be many non-lhr any more. and the ones there are, are much more expensive

  • This or a 3060Ti / 3070Ti for 2k gaming 144hz ?

    • +2

      Most games will be OK with both 3060ti and 3070ti but if you want the "RTX Experience" definitely the 3080. I have the 3080 and it cries when you pump up the settings on 1440p. Being realistic, you won't need 144hz as you won't sustain 144 fps if you jack up RTX and quality on new games.

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    The VRAM allotments may be enough right now, but for the level of hardware over the next 6-7 years, it's intentionally limited to shorten the long-term lifespan of these devices.

    AMD RDNA2 cards have the memory allotments correct and you can see it in the 3060 12gb as a response, except that's the one card that should actually be 8gb-10gb.

    The PS5/XSX specs have a very big influence on acceptable hardware limits for games over the 6yrs (plus more at lower settings) and they are sharing 16GB between OS/game. It's not that you won't be able to use them with settings tweaks, but 8GB/10GB VRAM on what are currently the most powerful GPU's on the retail market today are not 100% of what these cards are capable of over the next 5yrs.

    I regretted getting a 2GB GTX960, then again with 4GB RX570, also with 6GB GTX1660super but that time I had little choice.

    If AMD's RDNA mid-range cards get back to MSRP, I will definitely be paying the extra $50 or so for higher VRAM next time.

    • +1

      I think NVIDIA did it because the memory bandwidth increase of 1GB chips (IIRC AMD is using 2GB chips or something like that to achieve 12GB VRAM but at the expense of the memory bus) would make the launch benchmarks look better, thus attracting more customers in the short term, but stunting the cards long term.

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