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$20 Discount to QF/JQ Flights or 1000 Qantas Points or 15 Status Credits for Fully Vaccinated FF Members @ QANTAS


As reported -

From tomorrow, fully vaccinated Australian-based Frequent Flyers who are 18 and over will be able to claim their reward through the Qantas App by choosing one of three options:

  • 1000 Qantas points
  • 15 status credits (which help Frequent Flyers move up between Silver, Gold and Platinum tiers)
  • $20 flight discount for Qantas or Jetstar

Australians can claim their points, status credits or flight discounts and be automatically entered in the mega prize draw by downloading the Qantas App (via the App Store or through Google Play), using their Medicare app to access and upload their COVID-19 digital vaccination certificate and selecting their reward choice. Vaccination certificate information will be deleted upon verification

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      • yes. agree totally. label them via tattoos. Covidiots must pay full fee for their medical treatment. the entitlement mentality for free healthcare is repugnant!

        Let's be practical: the Hippocratic Oath doesn't apply to every single patient. i dont believe that. Why would everyone in the hospital (from drs to nurses to cleaners to food services) risk their lives for idiotic behaviours?

        that's why i work as a cleaner, not as a nurse or dr.

        More cash for Medicare is always good for the country.

        • You do realise this is what the nazis did to the Jews during WW2 right? I was being sarcastic but right now your scaring me.

          • +1

            @Beeker: Welcome to The New Decade, 2020 - 2029

            have a look at the comments below.

    • +4

      Texas was considering using vaccination status as a factor in triage for ICU beds. This seems reasonable to me!

      • I’m not so extreme to say they shouldn’t get care, because uneducated people do make mistakes.

        But triaging them lower? Absolutely!! We should definitely be doing this!!

  • +1

    I have claimed my reward.

    • Does it get added immediately or still processing?

      • +2

        It says within 3 days.

    • +1

      How did you claim it? Qantas website says to upload the PDF to the app, but I can't find anywhere in the app to upload it.

  • I've had my platinum status extended by 2 years due to all this but I think I'll take the $20 discount.

  • +1

    Linking Medicare to mygov is such a pain!

  • I had to try a few times before it recognised my certificate

    • +1

      won't work for me, reckons my name on the cert doesn't match the name on my QFF account. No way in the world am i ringing customer service :P

      • +2

        Are you trying to share the certificate via a cloud service like Google Drive or Dropbox? If so, try saving the certificate directly from your phone and uploading from there.

      • I had the same issue with name not matching. Don't save to google drive, save to local (may have to save as email attachment then download to Phone's local drive).
        Now QFF app accepts my pdf cert

        • I had the same issue.
          Saved it locally to my phone and it worked.
          They want an upload from the device, not from any other storage.

  • +1

    Anyone else get this to work?
    Saved the cert to my Google Pay, but can't seem to find a way to get the Q app to find the cert.
    It's f'ar k ing annoying!

    • +1

      What a drama - saved it to cloud storage but it wouldn't pick it up from there, medicare wouldn't let me save locally on my Droid out of the Medicare app. Had to share, email to myself, then save locally, then upload to the Q app.

      Hope this helps if anyone else is having the same/similar issues… 🤦‍♂️

      • +1

        Where in the Qantas app do you upload it? I can't find it

        • You need to go to the offer, then click through the steps. It asks for you to upload the cert as part of the process.

        • I couldn't find the offer either after installing the Android app. I had to uninstall it, install it again and then I got the banner with a link to click through.
          I gave them a 1 star review on google play for this terrible experience.

  • nice

  • Virgin, Rex, Tiger your turn now.

  • Had issues and realized that i had to save original cert, not print it as a pdf. So anyone having issues, make sure its the original copy off the site, not a pdf printed copy as the app will reject it.

  • +3

    Not working for me, it's in google pay, in files, on desktop, none worked!, names are identical but I'll bet it's a hiccup with that, and i also will not attempt to phone them.

    • Exact same issue here.

    • Tried to call today for a laugh. Gave up after an hour.

  • -1

    Anyone managed to extend their lounge passes?

    Supposed to fly out to the snow fields this week (and use my lounge passes that expire this week as well). Flights have been cancelled, but no luck at getting any extension on the lounge passes.

    I emailed Qantas, they said they wont extend them either

  • Does this reset my 18 months QFF points expiry if I choose the 1000pts?

    If it does I will do so in December just before deal expires.

  • Can somebody please tell me how I upload the certificate to the Qantas app? I’m using an iPhone and I cannot find an option to do this in the app.

    • Have you updated your qantas app?

  • Yes. Should I be trying on the Qantas Freq Flyer app?

    • Did you end up figuring it out, it's not showing for me?

      • I finally solved the issue by deleting the Qantas app, turning my iPhone off, and then turning on again and downloading the Qantas app again.

        • Same here, worked perfectly after downloading the app again.

  • Good on Qantas. I look forward to safely travelling again (and being assured I'm not sitting next to high-risk carriers).

  • I still can remember my frequent flyer number off my head… pad on my own back.

  • a vote poll?
    how many choosing $20 or points or status? 😀

  • whether its a good deal/reward/whatever, a private company is asking you to upload private health information. Doesn't this bother anyone?

    • What part is 'private health information'?

      Only if you considered being vaccinated for COVID as 'private' - the only information on the certificate is your name, date of birth, what vaccine you got and when your doses were.

      It doesn't have any other vaccines you've received, doesn't have any medical conditions or medications, etc.

    • I think the phrase "private health information" is a bit of a dog whistle… it's literally just whether you've been vaccinated or not. Why should that bother anyone?

  • I got email confirmation but it says "Flight promo code can be applied on Qantas operated and marketed flights departing from anywhere in Australia with a 'QF' flight number. This offer cannot be used on Jetstar marketed and operated ‘JQ’ flights."

  • +1

    What a pain in the ass process that was. The medicare app wont let you just download the pdf to your phone and you HAVE to use the Qantas app.

    So I had to log into MyGov on my PC, download the PDF, email the PDF to myself, download the PDF to my phone then upload it vi the app.

    • On medicare app, just use PRINT and change printer to save as pdf, all done.

  • cant wait till we all can travel jeez

    • Damn right. I'm now $20 closer to visiting the relatives in Singapore :)

  • +1

    Tried 6 times to upload my doc, keep on getting incorrect document uploaded
    names match, saved as pdf on both phone and pC

    anyone else with the same problem?

    • +1

      Mate don't waste your time. It's broken.

    • Yeah I had that yesterday, just tried again today and it worked first time.

  • +1

    Couldn't go pass step number 4 due to web issue.

    • been trying the last 4 days, still doesn't work.

  • if i choose the the $20 promo code can i give it to another family member to use or is it linked to a QF number?

  • I seem to have misplaced y voucher. Can anyone tell me the email address which they are sent to you from so I can search my inbox?

    Many thanks.

  • Anyone know how long before you get credit the status credit?

    • Came here looking for the same info… quick google search didn’t answer my question but I think I’m going to go for status over points since the points aren’t worth much.

      • It's 3 days apparently. It tells you in the Qantas app.

        • Oh sorry, I misread that, I was trying to see how long before the status points expire if no new flights are taken, as there is an extension but I’m not sure if it applies to newly credited points. Anyway, I chose status points in the end so I guess I’ll find out. Mostly I would like to win the competition.

  • Reminder - today is the last day to do this if you haven’t already.

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