This was posted 4 months 25 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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iPhone 12 Mini 64GB $799, 128GB $879 ($400 off) @ Telstra (Account Required)


Good prices for the iPhone 12 mini, part of Telstra's Father's Day promotion. Similar price to the recent Costco deal, $20 cheaper on the 128GB. Not as cheap as the $699 deal for Telstra day however.

Make sure you select outright when purchasing. A Telstra account/ID is required, which you will have if you currently have or have had a product with Telstra in the past. See previous deals, eg for discussion requiring that, worst case you can go on a plan and should be able to cancel after a month.

This is part of Father's Day deals for 2021.

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  • +2

    Absolute steal.

    • +6

      Telstra day was, got a 12 mini 128gb for $732. business.

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    Got my 64gb mini from the previous deal. It’s a touch small but doesn’t stop me from really enjoying it for those wondering!

    • +2

      is 64GB sufficient these days? with large apps, pics and videos?

      • +1

        It is when everything is in the cloud

        • sure…. provided the network operator has excellent coverage and bandwidth. and based on my experience with optus and telstra (pre-covid), that scenario is very hard to come by.

          • +3

            @ruztynail: Who has better coverage than Telstra?

            • +2

              @Harold Halfprice: In some regional areas out east .. Optus.

          • +1

            @ruztynail: ALso wifi. You come home, your phone syncs with iCloud/Google Cloud and deletes the original quality image or video from your phone, leaving a web based version (Which you can then redownload the HD version when/if required)

      • I take the occasional photo and don’t bombard my phone with apps. I think it’s plenty

      • Keep in mind that if you're using a 64GB model that is frequently fetching data from the cloud (at least more so than a 128GB for example) your battery life will take a hit.

    • +6

      "It’s a touch small but doesn’t stop me from really enjoying it for those wondering!"


      • +4

        And for my next trick, I'll show you 'It's a perfect fit!"

        • +1

          Hand in glove!

      • +1

        Said almost guy ever

    • How's the battery life? Can it last a whole day?

  • +1

    Wish they would discount the iPhone 12

    • agreed!

    • +2

      They should next month when iPhone 13 line is announced.

      • +1

        That’s what I’m thinking but not sure if the discounts will be as juicy. Want to upgrade from the X so prefer a bigger screen than the mini but the current price is so tempting

        • Similar boat. Cannot go from X to Mini size though. Way too small.

        • +3

          I went from X to Mini, and to be honest, after 1 day, no problems whatsoever. I prefer the size!

          In fact if you look at the tech specs (Apple AU) it’s apx. 10mm total screen size difference (5.8” vs 5.4”) and a higher overall PPI. A fair bit lighter too.

        • +4

          I went from X to mini and have no regrets, the screen size is actually big enough because it's all screen!

    • +1

      They did was $400 off

    • Bought iPhone 12 from Telstra with $400 off a few weeks ago.

    • But enough people have been buying the 12, the Mini has undersold and they have 1 month to get rid of as much stock as possible before its worth a lot less!
      Will not be the last sale we see on this in the next month.

      • No doubt. A great opportunity to get a great phone though.

  • +1

    128GB only available in Black

    • Yes, that's a shame as I was looking for the mint 128GB
      I already have the Black but have to use a case to stop scratches as they will be highlighted on the black surface.
      In hindsight I should have bought the mint green, looks good, I would go without a case as little scratches won't be noticeable?

  • +15

    I appreciate posting historical low pricing. OzBargainers help OzBargainers avoid impulse buying when it isn't the cheapest it's ever been🙏

  • +5

    If I buy it outright, does anyone know if it will be locked to the Telstra network? I have a Telstra account myself but wanting to buy this as a gift for someone.

    • +5

      No, it's completely outright.

    • +1

      Telstra only lock their prepaid phones, ie the ones with telstra branding on the box. Been that way since about 2014

  • +1

    Anyone used this phone and actually found it too small, especially if you came from a larger phone (bigger than six inch display)?

    • +6

      It's not too small, its a brilliant size for when you are out, especially when you are carrying things and have only one free hand, the usability is sensational.
      The only downside to size is when sitting on the couch at home and wanting to read or watch something - its not so small that you can't do that, it would just be better with a bigger screen.

      • Yeah, I know the feeling. I used a 5 inch display for a year or two, then upgraded to a six inch. The smaller phone was decent for one handed use, but the larger phone was much better for media consumption.

    • +1

      No issues here. Previously used an iphone xr. Love the smaller screen size.

    • +4

      The screen size is a hair smaller than Apple’s largest phone from a few years ago, the iPhone 8 Plus.

      Seems ideal if you ask me.

    • +2

      Yes, I was really looking forward to the 12 mini but found it was too small (coming from an iPhone X), returned it for a 12 instead.

      I also found the 12 mini battery life to be quite poor and wasn't getting through a full day. Not sure if that was due to some software issues when it was released though.

  • +1

    What is this? A phone for Ants!?!

    • +2

      If this is a phone for ants, then the SE phone must be for… mozzies?

    • +1

      Nice reference to Zoolander.

  • Thinking of getting this for my parents. Other than smaller screen and less cameras, is there any other difference between this and the full sized ones?

    • +1

      The difference between the 12 mini and the 12 is simply the smaller screen size and battery. Everything else is the same. The 12 pro has more features, including 3 rear camera lenses.

    • +2

      If your folks need glasses to read then a regular 12 may still be readable without their specs (depending on their glasses' magnification).

      I have 1x reading glasses and find a regular XS is readable without glasses, the mini not.

  • I bought it from Costco whilst I appreciate the portability and the size, I just couldn't get used with the battery life. End up returning it, Costco has a good return policy.

    • What's the battery life like? Is it worse than your old phone?

  • +4

    $799 iPhone, eh?
    This must be the one that those dodgy people keep ordering on my Amazon account.

    • OMFG.

      I received 5 calls yesterday asking to approve a purchase.

    • I only get iPhone 7 for $800 from my phone calls.

  • Haven't had a product with Telstra in the PASTA. Am I still eligible?

    Jks aside. Great phone at the price, bought during the F'Day promo for $699 and think it was an absolute steal. Ironically it was a gift for mum.
    I think its the perfect size for people who use their phone as a phone. I.e. Calls + Photos + Messaging/Socials & and not watching hours of Netflix (me)

  • How do you put "Telstra in pasta?"

    • +7

      You add to boiling water and cook for 10 mins

    • How did mummy make it soft?

  • What's telstra refund policy? Can you refund this if you haven't opened it?

  • On a side note, my iphone mini shows 3G for the Boost sim card. Anyone having the same issue?

    • Nope. Also use Boost and it shows 4G

      • Thanks, I will check outside the house or in the market. I might be in the 3G range of Telstra

  • Of course, this is a good deal but keep in mind the next gen iphone should release in sept/oct.

  • For me, the mini iPhone is way small.

    • +2

      if its smaller for minicat, it should be small.

  • Anyone going to try and price match at Officeworks today? :)

  • +1

    Would Officeworks price best this deal? It would bring the 128GB model down to $835.

    • +1

      Last time, some people had success and some didn't. I think it's the luck of the draw as to who you deal with at the time.

    • Don’t think so

      Price match policies don’t apply when a subscription kinda thing is required

      As this is not an open buy. Telstra exclusive

    • +1

      Still $100 more than last deal.

  • I would love this phone.

  • we're a month away from the new iphone which hopefully drops the price a smidge

    just want it back to telstra day prices and i'll snap another one up (should've ordered two)

  • Just got one to replace my old work iPhone. Smaller size is better for me as i go out for runs a lot.

    Cheers OP

  • +1

    I have a Telstra account, but I still get the "Something Went Wrong" unless I select a plan (same thing happened on the Telstra day deal).

    I don't have any services so I think you need to be on at least some type of plan (pre or post) to get it outright.

  • Is it possible to buy this on a no interest payment plan without signing up to a Telstra contract ?

  • Am still using iPhone SE (1st Gen) and its still getting latest updates, running smooth. Once SE is obsolete, i will get latest one as long as it have same brick design.

    • +2

      The iPhone 12 mini is the spiritual successor to the first gen SE… :-)

  • Here's a weird deal.

    The brand new $799 iPhone 12 Mini 64gb can be used as a trade-in for the Samsung Fold 3 for $425 + bonus $500 = $925.

    How's that for e-waste?

    • Alternatively, you can trade in some absolute garbage for the $500 bonus too.

    • +1

      So how does that work? You gotta pay $799 & $425 ($1224) then you get $500 back.

      So you pay total - $724 for a Samsung Fold 3?

  • I am on Telstra prepaid - 6 months.

    Can I purchase the phone without going on a plan?

    • +1

      Yes, but in-store only generally. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    • +2

      As an existing Telstra customer, you are better off ordering it on a plan as there is no credit check. You get $55 cashback and 50,000 telstra plus pts on the cheapest plan. Just cancel it before the 2nd month. I used my bonus pts for a couple of Harman Kardon Citation One which can be sold for abt $150 each.

      • If I cancel after 20 days, how much do I have to pay Telstra?

        • +1

          Whatever your plan costs. It is a month-to-month plan. You might be able to get a pro-rated refund on unused days too.

  • +2

    It's a good deal, sure - but I'm going to keep waiting for a JB Hi-Fi or Good Guys deal so the plan is less than $30/month, even if the phone is full price.

    The full price is $1279 for 128GB. On sale can get $500 credit for the device. So: 69-10-(500/12=41.67)=17.33 per month for 60GB normally, maybe 80GB with 5G access. Will be iPhone 13 Mini as well. $1487 for device and plan over 12 months. $10 off is a port-in monthly credit on request.

    If you were to take this deal on the $65 80GB plan it would be $1658.88 over 12 months for the same service, with an older iPhone 12 Mini 128GB. If the plan cost was reduced to a Boost $30 service (same network, no 5G) you'd be paying $1238.88 over 12 months but you would only be getting 20GB standard and no 5G. However, you could of course churn between providers if you wish.

  • got this phone from the costco deal. very happy with it. best part -can but a cover where I can chuck in the opal card, office access card and room for one more and still a comfy fit in the pocket.

  • I get the message when trying to purchase: "We need more ID" …

  • Looks like a good deal to buy outright, currently using s10 and iphone SE for work (and as back up). Just wondering whether it might get even cheaper.
    Another option is to wait for the next samsung trade in deal and get the S22. Dont really mind i like iPhone and samsung.

    Thoughts anyone?

  • -1

    there is an $80 unlock fee. don't forget about it.

    • It's not locked.

      • -1

        I just contact Telstra and I was told it is locked.

        • No longer locked since many years ago. People bought it outright in previous deals and have confirmed this.

          • @hawkeye93: Oh, these oversea customer reps know nothing

  • +1

    has anyone actually brought this phone? keeps coming up '' something went wrong'' once i try and place an order

    • +1

      received yesterday. Have not opened yet.
      Have an account but no active SIM with Telstra. where it asked to add a plan I just clicked NEXT and went on to finish an outright purchase.

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