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Oculus Quest 2 128GB $479 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Posting this as Oculus has just replaced the 64GB version for a 128GB model without increasing the price. They have also upgraded the facial foam after a recall in numerous countries.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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      read my deal description

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        Quest 2 almost unobtainable lately due to the upgrade. Good bargain post.

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          Not unexpected since Oculus said a month ago they were pausing sales until 24/8 when the 128GB would be released.

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          Quest 2 almost unobtainable lately due to the upgrade.

          Unobtainable because the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission designated the device a facial health hazard, and forced FB to 'voluntarily' recall 100% stock. Fifty odd people were hospitalised with facial burns and a further 5000+ suffered rashes, swelling, hives, and bumps.

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        Thanks for the post op

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    finally back in stock :)

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    Does having glasses hinder the experience? Do I need a high end rig to play?

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      It comes with a spacer that helps. I usually chuck my contacts in if I'm playing for a while. Otherwise I just take my glasses off

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        A spacer is pretty neat, shows this is a premium VR headset since they've actually bothered to even account for people with glasses

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          You can also get prescription lenses to fit over the Oculus lenses which would give a better experience.

          • @bamzero: Sheesh, VR is the one area I barely know anything about lol

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              @Zackeroo: To be fair you must've been busy learning about every other topic in the universe.

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                @Gary Gary Gary: Lmao I meant for technology. I've done extensive research on smartphones, laptops, tablets, PC parts (Incl. Monitors, keyboards, CPU, GPU…) and even sound systems (Both portable & home theatre).

                VR in general is something I've never looked at, so it's actually pretty cool to see what this VR tech has to offer ;)

      • I take my glasses off too - bit annoying as my eye dominance shifts a bit (I use a shotgun simulator seeing as I can't go out clay target shooting due to lockdowns) but it works and I haven't tried wearing my glasses with it - although they're multifocal and probably would be a PITA with the Oculus, and there's no chance my shooting glasses (single focal length) would fit in the headset.

      • But if you take your glasses off, it'll be blurry?

        Is there some feature to adjust the focus?

    • You may reduce your field of view if wearing glasses as will probably need the spacer.
      You don't need a rig at all to play. It is completely standalone.

      You can play PCVR titles via cable or wirelessly as well, in which case you will need something decent.

    • I use mine with glasses on with no issues, it's probably better without but not a huge problem

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      I was careful and either immediately scratched the lens on first use or it shipped with a scratch. Ended up purchasing these to be safe.


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      Another option is getting some prescription lenses - I did this for Quest 1 and they work in the Quest 2. It was just easier.

      • Holy shit i had no idea these existed, this is awesome.

      • That's awesome, I never knew either! Can I ask where you got yours? I found this place which looks like they're very easy to attach and remove (I share the headset with other people): https://www.vr-wave.store/products/oculus-quest-prescription...

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          I've heard good things of VROptician.

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          Don't forget the mandatory FaceBook …. !!!

        • I have a different headset but in my quest for prescription lens makers, I found these.
          widmovr.com (Poland) CAS&CHARY for 5% off (These two are youtubers of mainly Quest headsets)
          vroptician.com (Germany)
          store.adlens.com (UK)
          orbanross.com (China) I got these as the first two were backlogged and I have a very high prescription. I love them.

          With magnets ( I would get these if you plan on swapping them in and out frequently, for convenience and wear/tear)
          www.vr-wave.store hotshottek for 5% discount (another youtuber)

          I am not a youtuber and I don't know if the codes still work.
          Good luck.

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      While it does come with the spacer, every single friend with glasses who has tried mine has hated where they have to have their glasses positioned while using it, even with the spacer on.

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      Glasses were an issue for me because mine are too wide. I ended up 3D printing a lens frame that snaps onto the lens of the headset and buying some circular prescription lenses online to place inside the printed frames. Whole thing cost $50 since I had my own printer.

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        Links? Resources?

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          Here's the file I printed:


          I can't remember what site I bought the prescription lenses from but there are plenty to choose from online, just need perfectly circular lenses around 43x43mm in width and height, a local optometrist might be able to do something. Would recommend getting thin lenses though as mine are a bit too thick and had to really squeeze them into the frame.

          Edit: The aliexpress link someone else replied to you with seem like a great deal though actually.

        • If you're not took clever with the 3D printing but still want to save money and assemble your own,

          This 3D printer in Canada has a design ready to send, with magnetic coupling. AUD$13 + p&p

          You'll need to buy the lenses from Zenni, an optician in the US.
          Costs around $50 for low script lenses. Then pop the lenses out of the frames and into the adapters.

          Look up Youtube on how to do this carefully and correctly.

          • @timbervolt: Thanks for info, have you purchased those exact zenni frames? Are they the right circular design to fit with the 3d model?

            • @chillipaste: I haven't. My friend has and printed a set of adapters for his HP headset and works fine. The Zenni frames costs about US$10 and are throwaway. You buy them to get the lenses. Please check what IPD you would tell the Optician. This depends on your headset. You can check with 3D Makey or look through Thinkiverse for the adapters if you want to print yourself. The instructions ought to be with the description of the adapters.
              You either buy the Zenni glasses and send to 3D Makey and they install them for you and send you the set, or you have the glasses and adapters sent to you and you can disassemble the lenses and install them yourself.

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              @chillipaste: Yes, the adapters are designed around the lenses of those that you would get with these Zenni frames

    • I bought prescription glasses inserts for my Quest. No glasses needed!

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      If you plan to play it with the link (wired) then the rig you'll need depends on the games you want to play. It has its own in built hardware that you can play a lot of games with which you buy with the oculus app. The games are pricey but you occasionally get $9-$15 vouchers seemingly randomly from oculus. You can have a lot of fun without ever needing a pc though and you can also sideload apps (usually demo's or alpha/betas) into the quest for free if you download them from places like this.

    • A rig isn’t needed at all, this is a totally stand alone, self-contained headset.

      All the computing power for native Quest games and apps is on your head.

      You can optionally link it wirelessly or with a cable to a PC for the beefier experiences but it is absolutely not necessary.

      • USB 3 (type C) cable required to run PC games…Get the 5 metre….
        1 x 1 metre cable included for Charging Only….

    • Nope, use it every day

  • I have low wi-fi where my computer is, so I'm connected to the router via a powerline adapter. Do I need to buy a specify cable to use the quest 2 as I won't be able to use it wireless?

    • Yeah, all you need is a generic USB c to USB c cable. Even a USB A to USB C cable can work, just dont get the official oculus one as its way too expensive for what it is, and almost every other cable can get you the same results

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        This isn’t quite correct.

        If you’re running a VR game on your PC (eg Alyx) and sending the output to the Oculus, you need a fast connection as it’s drawing the entire screen 60-90 times per second. Just like XBox and PS5 need UltraHigh HDMI to output [email protected] (normal hdmi limits you to 1080p).

        Basic USB C cables have basic throughout (under 300mbps). SuperSpeed can do 10gbps.

        When looking for a USB C cable online for my SSD enclosure, 90% of cables are NOT SuperSpeed. Even one that claimed it was, wasn’t.

        Completely agree the higher speed cables are overpriced. But they definitely aren’t the same. Throughout will affect performance in some games and the oculus app will tell you the speed your cable can reach.

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          thank you for correcting me on this in a polite way 🤝🤝🤝

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            @Lachlan1258: People who yell at others for being wrong are immature and not helping. We all get it wrong sometimes and it was a pretty small point.

            Thanks for posting this deal (I got the 64gb version before, thankfully AirLink worked well enough for me to bypass the cable issue)

        • Also, the official Quest cable is fibre optic which would contribute to the cost (though still paying a premium for an official product).
          A good quality copper cable will still do the job fine though.

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          As stated above, not all cables will work well. Especially the ones that are 3 metres long.

          After I did a lot of research, and following the recommendation of the official Oculus website for an acceptable third-party cable, I settled on this Anker one, which has heaps of reviews:


          I couldn't get the 10ft one as it was not available but the 3ft one (1m) has been fine for my usage, which has been mostly sitting down PCVR anyway (sim games and the like). I can't imagine you would be able to play any games which require a lot of movement with a cable this short though.

          • @bigboysclub: I was looking at this brand too from a Reddit post. Looks like the same? Further 10$ with afterpay10 discount brings it down to 14.95 for the 6ft cable.


            • @annielolz: Yep, looks to be the same as what I posted. I made a mistake in my earlier post - I meant 6ft instead of 3ft.

              The Anker cable works pretty well. The only thing is that the USB C side isn't a 90 degrees connector, which I have heard of being potentially problematic (i.e. it is much easier to accidentally bend the cable while it is plugged in).

              I saw a Reddit post about someone who accidentally screwed up their Oculus USB C port because the head of a straight connector cable got ripped off and got stuck. Some people online recommend reinforcing the connector area with something because of this.

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      Wifi speed isnt too important when playing Quest games installed on the Quest.
      If youre wanting to play PCVR games like from Steam, you'll need good wifi or a usb cable. I bought this 5ft in another deal and it works well for me.

      Or you can set the game up, then just go stand near your router with the headset on ^_^

      • Thanks

    • One thing to note is the weight of the cable. I bought a third party one and it is too heavy to use when moving around. You will feel something is pulling behind your head. The official one is fibre cable which way lighter, I haven't used one so can't say for sure. But maybe that will have a better experience.

      Anyway I just ended up using the remote desktop method.

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      If you want to use your Quest 2 with Air Link (for playing PC VR games wirelessly) you need a good WiFi connection just between your Quest 2 and PC. What a lot of people will do is buy a WiFi 6 router like the TP-Link AX20 ($140 on Amazon currently) and have that sit between your current router (or in your case your powerline adapter) and your PC.

      So in other words, for you it'd be:

      Current router -> Powerline adapter near current router -> Powerline adapter near your PC -> WiFi 6 router -> PC (ethernet) & Quest 2 (5GHz wifi).

      The only latency or data rate that matters (at least for single-player PC VR gaming) is the one between your PC, the WiFi 6 router and the Quest 2 as well, so the powerline adapters don't impact the gameplay / video streaming.

      Some people can get away with using WiFi adapters built into their PCs, but it's not recommended as they usually come with very mediocre antennas. Ideally the antennas should have direct line-of-sight to the headset, so a couple of antennas sticking out of the back of your PC generally won't work well.

      • Well I buy a cable for now, and I'll see if I need a router later!

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          Definitely worth going straight for what JS1 has said. I've played my quest 2 a lot more since having access to wireless steam VR

        • Cables make it painful and you can find a decent wifi 6 router for similar prices to the official cable.
          Airlink makes the experience considerably more immersive and infinitely more convenient.

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        The wireless works really well without wifi 6 as well - I was using it before I upgraded to 6 with no noticable difference and a bunch of my friends use it on older routers.

        • I got an eero (non wifi 6 version) with Ethernet direct to PC and in the same room, so I'm hoping it's good enough

      • What an informative post. Thanks mate.

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    I'll wait for PSVR2

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      Thats what I was going to do, but I dont want to wait until Q4 2022, so I just bought this to play modded skyrim vr and HL:A

    • -3

      It's Sony, prepare for it to be abandoned.

      I do love their hardware but they have left a lot of people in the lurch.

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      I'll pick up PSVR2 for sure, still tempted to grab one of these just so my wife can play whatever songs she wants in Beat Saber.

    • Psvr 1 is barely vr with it's tracking and 180 degrees nonsense. I wonder if they will be able to make something comparable to the quest and compete on price.

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    Same price for 128gb is already a superb deal, but maybe we'll have a better deal in few weeks. Finges crossed.

    • Does make you wonder what's driving this. I would have thought they have no reason to offer deals, unless demand is significantly less than expected.

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        I think they're making good on the product recall they did. I still feel that quest 2 is the best vr from price to perform ratio and most people buying it are satisfied. Maybe we'll have a deal for prime members in some time, will pull the trigger soon as it drops below the rrp

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        Quest 2 Pro in the works.

      • It sells out frequently enough that I doubt it's a demand limit; what it might be rather is either:

        1. A Quest 2S or whatever might be announced later this year with 256GB / 512GB storage (512GB would frankly be overkill unless something like gameplay recording (like Nvidia Shadowplay, etc) is coming to the headset).

        2. Chip-shortages might be making 64GB memory modules harder to source than 128GB modules if 64GB chips are in greater demand for low-cost, high-quantity applications (IoT devices, low-end phones being sold in China and India, etc).

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          By offering a 128gb as an upgrade (which is a negible cost increase for them), they can keep the price of the quest 2 as is (which is a year old now) without discounting it

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      Man, I love playing on the Quest but still can't justify the price. If/when they release a model for $300ish I think I'll bite.

  • Bought one! Been waiting for stock! Thanks!

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      Nice one. Some unsolicited suggestions, add some knuckle straps and a halo head strap to the shopping list.

      I've got these and they're great https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B08L7HHPYC/

      Head strap check out something like the GOMRVR or BOBOVR M2 (try AliExpress, around the $30 mark)

      Got both and personally find the GOMRVR a little more comfortable.

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    Facebook quest, no thanks. Index or nothing.

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      Different market. Index isn't portable like the quest

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        There are rumours of Valve working on a standalone VR headset with similar hardware to what is in the Steam Deck, which could end up being more powerful than the Quest and support x86 applications

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          That would be cool. I did hear that you should be able to use the steam deck with vr since it’s just a pc

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          I really hope so, but it'll be tough to beat Facebook's pricing and games catalogue (many of those games could be ported over of course, but they might have to incentivise developers to make them put in the effort). It'd also potentially require Valve to adopt the hardware-at-a-loss system to get a comparable price, and while they financially could do that, Valve has been reluctant to try it so far.

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            @JS1: I mean, they're almost certainly selling the Steam Deck at a loss, so I don't think they're afraid if that's what's necessary to be competitive.

            Still, we will have to wait and see I suppose, I don't like Facebook being such a leader in VR though.

          • +1


            but it'll be tough to beat Facebook's pricing and games catalogue

            (many of those games could be ported over of course, but they might have to incentivise developers to make them put in the effort)

            Yeah Quest 2 hardware is surely selling at a loss. But in terms of the game prices, steam sale prices (and normal prices in some cases) are MUCH cheaper than the exact same games in the Oculus store (often around half the price or less).

            In addition, Steam's catalogue of VR games is already several times bigger and better than Quest 2's.

            Other than stuff with a very simplified environment like Beat Sabre, most of the best VR games need a PC for realistic graphics, so they don't have a Quest 2 port at all.

            So Valve will have no trouble competing on that front.

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              @ItsMeAgro: Games that run natively on a headset will often be preferable; there are a lot of PC VR games on Steam, but games that are PC VR exclusive are starting to become uncommon as developers try to tap into the much larger Quest-native user base.

              Hell, I have a dedicated WiFi 6 router for Virtual Desktop / Air Link and yet I recently bought a copy of Onward (with an Oculus 30% off voucher) in addition to the version I own on Steam, simply because I didn't want to deal with the extra steps (I wish I could just start the Oculus app and enable Air Link / start and initiate Virtual Desktop straight from the headset) and the occasional situations (more prevalent in certain games) where streaming compression makes an impact.

              The only VR games that I still use my computer for are HL Alyx, Boneworks and DCS these days, and even then Alyx and Boneworks I don't really play any more, despite them being great games. The next game I'll probably get on PC for VR is Lone Echo 2, or maybe Medal of Honor if it's on discount, but beyond that I'm not aware of any great upcoming PC-exclusive VR games coming out soon.

              To reiterate though; Facebook sucks and I really do hope Steam creates a cost and tech-competitive headset, but I'm just saying that to truly make it financially work they need a good games library that runs natively on the headset; it can't just be a wireless, cheap Index that requires a gaming PC, even if the premiere VR titles like Alyx do require a decent gaming PC; otherwise they'll be selling hardware at a loss while not really seeing an increase in game sales.

              Maybe there'll be enough hype and interest from developers and the VR market that Valve won't need to pay anyone anything to have a lot of developers port their games over to this hypothetical standalone VR headset, but if that doesn't happen (like if the Valve headset has some weird hardware architecture or lower-end specs that make it unattractive to try) then they'd be in a little bit of trouble as more developers will continue to try and make games for the Quest 2, limiting Steam VR game sales. Some games will always be PC VR exclusive, but a couple big titles per year aren't going to meet hardware subsidisation costs.

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      Good for you. I wish I had 1.5k for an imported Index and the full set of accessories.

      Right now this is the only decent option for hi-res PCVR with inside-out tracking, wireless mode, and controllers under $1000 or so, though. So for some people, knowing it's facebook will be a compromise they are willing to make.

      Privacy is definitely a valid concern. I even keep mine in the cupboard when not in use, since they can listen and watch me through it, just like Alexa etc. But it's not like buying this is financially supporting facebook, since these are sold at a loss.

      Modern PC VR is amazing, and this is the only way most PC gamers in Australia can afford it.

    • "Facebook bad, let me compare their sub $500 wireless VR headset to Valve's $2k+ headset that isn't available in Australia." Kinda weird that you're concerned about Facebook privacy when you use your full name as your username.

      I've tried both, the Index is amazing, but I bought a Quest 2 because it's portable, sleek, great quality, and plugs into your PC to play PC and Rift VR games (yep, played Half Life Alyx on it). It's the best bang for buck headset there is. The Index costs 4 times as much but it's not 4 times as good.

      Yeah there's Facebook but it's quite clearly a completely different department to the social network giant, it's a very well put together product, it's a shame you'll miss out on it because you can't see value from so far up on your high horse.

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        maybe he just doesn't like the idea of suckerberg watching while enjoying VR porn

        whats that? facebook wouldn't do that? hahaha

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          Right, because your ISP, phone provider, phone's OS, and browser doesn't have that data about you already. For someone who is claiming to be anti-Facebook you sure sound like you get your opinions from there.

      • +3

        Privacy is one thing, but my biggest concern is am hearing some people cant use their devices because their facebook account got banned after bought the device which means: lost of $500 or lost of your facebook account or both