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Philips DreamWear Gel Mask $129 (RRP $289) + Free Express Shipping @ CPAP Sales


We have a limited number of units to sell at this great price for Father’s Day.

Complete set of 3 cushion sizes included (Fit Pack).

Also, add 2 or more to your cart and the price will reduce to just $110 each.

Prices include Express Post Delivery!

No further discounts (including discount codes and vouchers) applicable during promotion. While stocks last. No Rainchecks.

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    Are these included in the global recall?

  • Was this in one of the SAW movies?

    • That was the Philips Comfortgel Full Face mask in SAW 6 - the oxygen crusher.
      Also on sale for $109 on eBay using afterpay & AFTERPAY10

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    Can someone explain to me what is this? Looks super uncomfortable

    • +7

      If you don't have a CPAP machine, don't worry about it.

    • +7

      Its a "gel mask". :p. Used to connect to a machine that blows air into your lungs under pressure. (CPAP) Gold standard treatment for those of us who have sleep apnoea. I.e. trouble keeping our own airways open when we sleep. It basically prevents you from ceasing to breathe while sleeping. And yeah, the masks ain't great. Take a bit of getting used to. They look super sexy though. Not.

      • Thanks so much everyone for explaining, learn something new everyday :)

        • +2

          Probably not the greatest explanation. Its more complicated than that and theres variations. Half of its over my head even though I have the stupid condition. But you get the gist.

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          Also, Cpap machines were an Aussie invention!

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            @Trantor: Cool. I did not know that!

          • @Trantor: Didn't know that either !!

      • Do these work for side sleepers? I can not sleep on my back and have terrible sleep issues.

        • If you have genuine sleep issues, you would do better to have a "sleep test" the commas are because it sucks hard and you will probably sleep 1hr the night they do it. But they can suggest a machine (I use a resmed) and pre program it to your needs.

        • Also in answer to your question. No. I don't find it particularly comfortable to sleep on my side. If you can't sleep on your back because of breathing issues though, you will be able to easily with the machine. Just be aware it takes time to get used to the mask. And my personal suggestion would be to use a nasal pillow mask. Was more comfortable for me than an actual face mask.

  • Are Phiilips going to put out cheaper/discount machines at some point to win back all the customers they'll lose with this recall? Seems a lot are changing brands. I have an old machine but am looking to upgrade. Can hold off though.

    • +1

      I seriously doubt it, philips and ResMed were pretty on par about 5-7 years ago. But ResMed has gone leaps and bounds above (in my opinion) with technology and investment in algorithms to support CPAP suffers, the others (Philips and Fisher and Paykel) can't keep up. With this latest set back for Philips, I don't see them properly recovering

      • ResMed must be laughing all the way to the bank. They seem to be the predominant choice from what i can tell. I"ve got one of their older machines, but don't really have as much success with cpap as I would like. Just trying to decide whether its worth upgrading. Hefty price tag for what seems mostly like the ability to monitor wirelessly/via app, but not much else in terms of performance.

        • +1

          Shareholders certainly have been!

  • Fyi this is the older model .. it's in the description.
    I'm almost certain you can interchange the new nasal pillows on the older head gear.

    • Yes you can. I have both the new and older model.

  • Can I wear this facemask during lockdown? 😅

    • +1


      Just not when you're allowed outside again.

  • What would be the equivalent Resmed mask ?

  • +2

    Got this from a previous deal and found it very noisy

    • +1

      Thanks - I really appreciate that comment.

  • I think these were 149 when not on "sale"
    the frame on my Resmed Mirage Activa LT cracked (the plastic where the mask clips in/out had a hairline split)
    Went back to some older masks and looked around for a replacement.

    I remembered this sale from last time, and they were showing 149 last week. Did not end up buying because I note this is a pillow, which means the prongs push up against your nostrils. I prefer a cushion over the whole nose, and found a NOS Activa LT from a seller in Qld. Much faster to receive than even local Sydney sellers (I rang one and despite their website showing in stock, they confirmed on phone it was not in stock and they would have to get it from Resmed)

    Anyway, this might be a good deal if your nostrils can cope :)

    • Nostrils can cope. Just run a humidifier. If you don't have one, grab vitamin e capsules, open them up and put the oil up your nose for the night.

      Only in very rare cases should an oral cpap device be used anyway.

      • You might be confusing the masks??
        The Activa LT is a nasal cushion mask that just covers the nose. I never said anything about oral???
        Just remember, what works for you doesn't necessarily work for others.

        • Any sleep specialist worth their salt will say nasal cpap is the gold standard, there are too many issues with oral cpap, including compliance issues, tooth decay, smashed face syndrome… The list is long.

          The nasal wind burn comes from air drying your nasal passages out. You can either buy the sesame oil nasal spray (its just vitamin e oil) or run a humidifier.

          • @Bamboozle: As long as you can keep your gob shut. I use a chin strap AND tape and still wake up drooling sometimes. Lol.

            • @Fredorishi: My mouth doesn't really open up when I sleep, maybe sometimes but you have to be the type of person who's literally mouth gaping the whole night with nasal cpap to have any trouble.

  • I love this mask. Only new to cpap since last december and of course I bought the Dreamstation. What an absolute nightmare to find that it was recalled. I'm now using Resmed but still using this mask as I couldn't afford to change mask.

    This set looks good. I always worry that I'm going to have a problem with my headgear and not be able to afford it. I've had to change the pillows once already. I'm using the small size.

    Do the pillows come individually wrapped? Like could I sell/exchange size M and L with someone else?

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