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[Back Order] Arctic P12 PWM PST Black/Transparent $8.76 + Delivery (Free with Prime & $49 Spend) @ Amazon UK via AU


All time low for the PST version according to 3camel.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Damn I just bought 5 of the non PST versions for $approx $7.

    • +30

      You sound PST!

    • Just cancel and reorder. Should be fine.

  • One day I hope they put the white ones on sale.

  • can i mix PST and non PST in my desktop case ?
    i bought 2 PWM PST and 2 PWM non PST

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      Yep but use separate fan headers. You can daisy chain the PST ones so only use one header for those

      • +1

        thank you

        • If you run out of splitters (or add more fans) you can get fan splitters.

    • +2

      That's fine. All PST means is that the fan is daisy-chainable. It doesn't affect the fan's design.

    • You can link one PST with one normal, and use a total of 2 headers for the 4 fans.

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        Ok thanks, that's the answer I was looking for, it does make sense this is doable.

      • I assume by normal you mean a PWM fan without PST, so the last fan in the chain can just be a regular PWM fan?

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          Yes, Essentially, the PWM PST just looks like

          FAN ] ========[ MOBO
          PST ] ====/

          where / is the 'y' split

  • It's still charging me $10 shipping, is there a workaround?

    • I have prime as well

    • +5

      It needs to be $49 in international items. You can cancel the other items after ordering and get the free shipping without buying them as well.

      • Thanks!

      • so do i need to order 6 and then cancel the extras? how do i do that? It only let me cancel the whole order and not individual ones. Do i have to order different items from the same seller?

        • +5

          order the amount of fans you want, then ANY other item eligble for $49 amazon prime international free shipping. e.g. 2 arctic p12's, any $40 item with prime amazon uk shipping.

        • yeah the extra stuff needs to be another item

          • @daiwik: This might have been where I went wrong. Needed 2x fans, also added and then cancelled a 5x pack after payment. Was still charged shipping. Maybe the “other item” needs to be a totally different product.

  • my noctua still better right, why are these so popular?

    • +1

      They are in the same ballpark as Noctua, very well regarded.

    • +9

      Maybe because these cost 14% of what Noctua's cost…

    • +5

      You can buy three of these for the price of one Noctua….
      Very similar performance and noise level (except for the coil whine at around 1000~1100rpm) and they come in black.

    • On par with the nocs but way cheaper when on sale

  • +1

    Anyone comment on the whine at 1100 RPM?

    • +1

      I haven't noticed it. Just increase the speed.

    • +2

      Its definitely there somewhere around 1050-1150 if I remember correctly. I try set the fan curve be above or below but I still get it

    • +1

      mine make the whine around 50%, so have fan curve set to not be in that range (for long)

    • Thanks for the replies OZB's !

    • +2

      If you can get the PWM PST CO's, these have different bearings which don't exhibit the same "whine" around 1100RPM (I have one and can confirm). They're usually not much more expensive than the standard PWM ones, at least when the standard ones aren't on sale!

    • Around 950-1050 rpm for me. Pretty goddamn annoying when it hits, but since they only spin up when I'm playing games and I barely play intensive games I've decided to just leave it. The stock fans I replaced them with did the same thing but on idle instead, which was even worse.
      Otherwise fans are excellent.

  • n00b question but I have a cooler master hyper 212 led turbo and the stock fans are quite loud when things heat up.

    Would 2 of these P12 PWM PST fans to replace the stock CM ones or the P12 PWM (non PST) be best?

    • +3

      They are the same, the PST is just more convenient because you can daisy chain the 2 fans together, with the Non PST you'd need to use a PWM splitter.

      • Done.

  • Man still waiting on Slim version. No where to be found, and new phantek t30 too. Maybe this p12 should be enough for my new itx case.

  • These or NZXT AER fans in terms of airflow in a closed case?

    • +2

      If you're worried about minute details regarding airflow for two different 1000+ RPM / 50+ CFM fans in a closed case then you are really splitting hairs. Just decide on noise levels, looks or cost (or all of these). Airflow differences will be negligible.

      • lol and this is why i hate myself - damn ocd

    • +1

      AER's are airflow focussed - only really good if your case has plenty of breathable mesh and not much to fight against. If your fans have to push air through smaller gaps/vents or lots of filters and stuff, I'd go with the Arctic P12's since they're optimised for pressure.

      • Oh no, I bought this for my node 804 as case fans.

        Is the P12 still ok for the job ? or should I cancel my order?

        • Nah P12 you can use in basically any scenario, will be quiet and effective.

          Airflow fans will kinda suck on rads, but rad/pressure fans will be pretty good anywhere you put them. Might have a little less total air moved, but they will still work great.

    • p12 is not degisn for case fans, it is radiator fans

      • so long story short, closed case with small holes = need high static pressure fans > these arctic p12's ?

        open air rigs would need more air flow = high CFM required right?

        • closed case with small holes is still better to use the AER as fans

          for simplicity, you only buy p12 if you are to put it on a radiator

          this is true for mid tower size and above, with super dense, small itx case like meshilicious then I don't know

  • Thanks got 2 :)

  • Any recommendations for good value slim 120mm fans (like 15mm)? A few places offer Silverstone FN124's for $15, haven't really found any other good options.

  • Yep bought 6

  • +1

    good for case fans or?

  • how do these compare to Fractal Design Dynamic X2 GP-14 PWM

    • They both go spinny spin.

      There's shitloads of reviews and comments on these fans, but how they compare to specific models is really up to your opinion. The one you mentioned isn't even a 120mm fan.

      • yeah, its 140, didnt realize

  • thanks OP, bought 6.

  • Bought 6. Thanks!

  • All those who bought 6, can I ask what you're doing with all these fans? :P

    • 3 intake and 3 exhaust perhaps?

      • I keep forgetting not everyone has moved to mini ITX cases :P

        • Cases aren't as big as they should be 😑

        • I have an NR200 with 2 intake and 3 exhaust. Not withstanding the CPU cooler which also houses 2x120mm fans. So I have 7 120mm fans all up in a mini-ITX case.

        • +1

          once itx components become more affordable i will :c

    • Probably attaching a few to radiators

  • I bought 4 but seeing all these guys who bought 6 makes me think I didn't get enough..not actually sure how many I need!

    • +1

      Do 6 if you have prime, you get free delivery

      • Guess I could always onsell the extras if I don't need them ey!

    • +2

      on a normal case, you will have 2 - if you have a new gpu, cpu you might need more to create better airflow - so 4 at front and 2 more at the bottom venting the air out top for eg - cant see anyone need more then that

      • Got me, changed for 6 :)

  • What software do people use to control fan speed?

    • +3

      The BIOS?

      • Oh can I get a download link

  • How many of these can you power from a single motherboard header?

    • It draws 0.08A according to the specs so in theory 1/0.08 which would be 12.

  • I have a rack with fan openings, this would fit a standard fan opening ?

    What’s a convenient way to power these in a rack ?

  • will these work fine for top of a small case? for exhaust.

    • Yeah they should do fine

  • Thanks, picked up 3 to supplement my current case fans.

  • +1

    Waiting for the 140mm …

    • same… why are they never on sale. :(

  • Surely this is not all time lowest. This post had them for $8.08 a pop ;p

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