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Kindle Paperwhite 6" Waterproof eReader (8GB) $129 + Delivery ($0 to Selected Areas/ C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


For anybody who missed out on https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/645323

JB have the 8GB Kindle Paperwhite for $70 off, making it $129. Pretty good for something that isn’t a targeted deal.

32GB version is also on sale for $169 ($80 off): https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/kindle-paperwhite-6-water…

Also available at this price at Officeworks, Big W, Big W eBay and Harvey Norman.

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JB Hi-Fi
JB Hi-Fi

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    New model to be released this year?

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      It does look like it’s just around the corner

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        Yeah I'd say so as well. E Ink released a couple of improvements this year which will improve contrast and response time of the next Kindles.

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      Highly likely! If this is Paperwhite 4, then it was released almost 3 years ago and other latest Kindle models released 2+ years ago.

      More information on Wikipedia - Click Here

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      combine with ZIP PAY deal and spend at least $150 to get $30 cashback

    • Who knows, just recently Amazon has said this current model is supported through 2025

  • Thanks op ordered one.

  • This one still doesn't do audiobooks or Libby right?

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      No audiobooks if you link to Australian Kindle account. If you change the account to abroad it might work.

      • so that's the reason. I was so confused

      • I've always rejected the message to convert my original us kindle bookstore to an Aus one. Is this another reason to stay with US store as you get limitations for Aus? No audio books? Is it a copyright thing?

    • Nope and nope

  • What's battery life on these things?

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      I think they say something like 6 weeks if you read 30 mins per day at half brightness. Which would work out to 21 hours.

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    I can now read while surfing

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    Looks like the same price at Officeworks so pricebeat won't work:


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    No deals on the Oasis unfortunately, as far as I can see.

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      I think the Oasis is a year or so newer so they won't refresh yet.

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    The Good Guys eBay is running this price as well, with free delivery on eBay Plus. Couldn't see a Big W eBay listing.

    Edit: The Good Guys eBay has 15% off later today (non eBay plus members or 17% off (eBay Plus members).

    That will bring it nearer $110.

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      Where info on this? Must have missed it


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        The coupon got unpublished but the details are now available in this Dell deal, which ironically will not be cheapest when the Dell 20 % kicks in at probably the same time.


        Starts at 10 am.

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        • What do you mean, you can buy the kindle with the 20% off dell coupon?

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          It is only for eligible items and not specifically for good guys.

          • @tarken: That's odd since I had clicked thru the voucher link and good guys were listed. Never mind.

        • If you are talking of 'DELLSAVE' this does not work on the Kindle Order. Was it something else ?

          • @BamOz: It was something else, however, that turned out not to work either.

            If you are an eBay plus member you will get free delivery plus likely some offers on your eBay summary page which will take a few dollars off.

    • +3

      Hmm, the 15% and 17% can’t be applied to your order for some reason

      • Seems like the terms and conditions linked I had clicked through was incorrect in listing Good Guys are eligible.

        • +2

          Still, got 5% off by default. Making it the best deal on kindle paperwhite atm.

    • Link?

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    For those interested, I got one of these recently and happy with it: https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B08BR2NJP1 - magnets all work well and don't interfere with sleep mode when the cover is folded behind the kindle. Also not experiencing the "sharp edges" experienced in some of the reviews.

    Was shipped by Couriers Please.

    • I literally got that exact same one and can agree that it's pretty good

    • I would agree as I got Kongming Lantern design and good for the price and quality.

      • Kongming look great. Actually all these covers do. I've only ever seen plain kindle covers since I got mine in 2012. Cool there's nice Japanese inspired covers now. Makes carrying an ebook reader more stylish. Is it slippery or more matte and easier to hold feel?

        • It is a matt finish, nice to hold and not slippery due to the matt design. When you fold and hold feels like a book.

    • Does it make it feel more like a book with a hinged cover do you reckon?

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        Yes, it feels like a book. Light to carry and easy to read during day/night.

      • +1

        I think it does, especially when carrying around

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      Piggybacking off this. The best cases I have found are the 'origami' cases on eBay, the cover folds into a stand but still very sleek. Magnets work as well.

  • Ended up searching Big W's ebay store, found the 8gb version for 119.

    On checkout "pay with afterpay for $10 off"

    Already have ebay plus so thats $109 delivered, done deal.

    • +2

      That's the regular kindle, not paperwhite.

      • Ah thanks

        • I think it's been removed from eBay now anyway - probably out of stock. You best bet (if you have eBay plus) is to get it from the Good Guys eBay store with free delivery, plus any eBay plus offers (5 % off or $10 off) that you might have in your account summary.

          • @lukethefish: Yes, I got that going on. Couldn’t see a better option in the paperwhite

  • Guys, is it worth buying this now or the new kindle will be released soon and worth the wait ? Also is the 10th gen version ?

    • It's 10th Gen Paperwhite and you should expect to spend around $200 if they release a new model as that's how this model is normally priced. Nobody knows what differences the putative new model will have so all you can go by is price.

      • The rumor right now is that the upcoming Kindle will use the new E INK on Cell E-paper tech, which would reduce costs, since the touchscreen layer is built right on the e-paper display, it also gives added benefits of faster page turns and crisper fonts.

        • How much faster can one neeed paper page turns to be though? Just curious as have a 2012 kindle 5th edition and every one since then says it is faster page turning and better E ink resolution on every new iteration?!

    • +1

      Might be worthwhile waiting if you are already have a kindle..

  • Order for, TGG on eBay using After pay 119$

  • Guys any good deals on Cover that first this kindle, please ?. I Will order one today

    • +1

      Consider if a cover is worth it on such a cheap thing.

      These things are pretty tough also like a plastic toy, unlike an e.g iPad.

      • Thanks but not the screen, I am worried about the screen. Also a cover will help in auto wake/ sleep vs a screen protector

      • the cover does make it bulkier - I bought a cover for mine but really the way I use it - it doesn't need one.

  • does anyone find real benefit in having 32GB storage? I have never seen that need but maybe I'm missing something

    • +2

      I saw an analysis saying that average book size (for books with text) is 1.5 MB. The conclusion was that you can fit 1000s of books on the 8 GB. If you wanted one with 4 G you do need to upgrade to 32 GB - if they are still available anyway.

      • I wish they still did the physical buttons for page change, I had them on my first kindle and they are so much more comfortable to flip between pages when on the go (walking and using one handed when commuting)

  • Can anyone comment on historical Kindle pricing? Keen to get a paperwhite but will hold off if prices will drop with new release. Also is this the model you can load local files with?

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