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Kindle Paperwhite 8GB $120 (Expired), 32GB $150 (Sold Out), 32GB+4G $221 (40% off) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Eligible Customers only. Limit 1 per customer.

I have a Kobo Libra but almost hit buy button as the price is bloody good. Must resist….

T&C as follows

  1. To redeem the offer, eligible customers should add one item below to their cart.
  2. At checkout, enter promotional code KINDLE40.
  3. A discount of 40% will be automatically applied to the qualifying item.

Terms & Conditions: Save 40% off Kindle Paperwhite with KINDLE40

  • These terms and conditions apply where selected customers, as determined by Amazon AU in its sole discretion (“Eligible Customers”), are eligible to enter the promotional code KINDLE40 to receive 40% off a single 8GB, 32GB or 32G + Free 4G Kindle Paperwhite device (“Qualifying Items”) when purchased on Amazon.com.au (the “Offer”).
  • Customers may check their eligibility for this offer by visiting www.amazon.com.au/kindle40 while signed in to their Amazon.com.au account.
  • This Offer is only valid for the Qualifying Items identified in these terms and conditions.
  • This Offer only applies to Qualifying Items sold and shipped by Amazon AU on www.amazon.com.au. The offer does not apply to products sold by third-party sellers on Amazon Marketplace, even if fulfilled by Amazon AU or sold by Amazon US or Amazon UK.
  • This Offer is limited to a maximum of one (1) Qualifying Item per Eligible Customer.
  • To redeem the Offer, Eligible Customers must add one (1) Qualifying Item to their shopping cart. At checkout, enter the promotional code KINDLE40 and a discount of 40% will be applied to the Qualifying Item.
  • If you do not add a Qualifying Item to your shopping cart, the Offer will not apply.
  • The promotional code can only be redeemed once per Eligible Customer on a Qualifying Item. • If Amazon considers an Eligible Customer to be operating multiple accounts, those accounts will, for the purposes of this offer, be treated as one Eligible Customer.
  • If you return any item purchased using the Offer, Amazon AU will only refund the price actually paid for the item (that is, less the value of the promotional code), subject to the applicable refund policy, and the promotional code will be invalidated.
  • This Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, or on pre-existing orders.
  • This Offer is not transferable and may not be resold.
  • This Offer is not redeemable for cash.
  • This Offer does not apply to orders placed with 1-Click.
  • If you violate any terms and conditions of this Offer, your use of the promotional code will be invalid, and the discount will not apply.
  • Amazon reserves the right to cancel, amend or withdraw the Offer without notice at any time at its discretion.
  • Delivery charges may, if applicable, be applied to each item in accordance with Amazon AU's standard delivery rates and policies.
  • Amazon.com.au’s Conditions of Use and Sale apply.
  • This Offer is valid until 11:59PM (AEST) on 25 August 2021, or while stocks last.

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  • Is it worth it paying $70 more for 4g?

    • +26

      4g good for travel :)

      Covid not good for travel :(

      • +1

        What would people use 4g for when travelling? Do people buy sims and put them in to get network connection to download books? I would have thought most would preload pre-holidays or just connect to their hotel wifi and do any book updating/downloads then? Then again have never used outside of the home/wifi i suppose on my 4th gen kindle

        • +1

          The 4g has a built in Sim card.

    • +10

      You can set up your mobile phone as mobile hotspot for your kindle if you want to download books while travelling.

      The 4g is worth it if you use wikipedia a lot while you're reading a book I guess but still, it's so much easier to browser wikipedia on mobile phone.

      • +1

        You can set up your mobile phone as mobile hotspot for your kindle if you want to download books while travelling.

        If you have international roaming enabled and willing to pay. If not, the 4g kindle is a hassle free solution.

        I used to use a cellular based kindle for that reason alone, but have switched to the base model as wifi became more prevalent

        • How hard is it to buy a SIM card in another country? (assumes your phone has dual SIM).
          Usually you can buy them at the Airport.

          • +2

            @IHatePeople: Easy to buy a SIM card in another country, there are so many ways to purchase. You can buy on ebay, can buy a pre paid SIM from a Telco in the destination country without ID, also can buy from a supermarket or convenience store. You can also purchase in Australia that will work in the country you are going to. Only its a little difficult to travel now with COVID.

            You may not need to have a dual SIM phone, there is also the eSIM.

          • @IHatePeople: Depends on country.

            And depends whether you want to give ID or not, eg. Hong Kong is introducing ID requirements for prepaid sim.

            Also, you may not want to go to the hassle of paying for a sim if you just want to sync up books whilst briefly in transit/running between connections (this use case I found the cellular Kindle great for).

            When I said travel in my original post I meant international travel - for domestic travel only, 4g definitely not worth it.

            • +1

              @bdl: Seems like the window for needing a new book would be a lot narrower than the window for being without any internet connection.

              As in, even if you read a lot, you only need a couple of unread books in there to have the next week covered.

              It feels like a bit of a holdover from the days when you might need jump into an internet cafe for your travel internet access.

              • @crentist: 100% this. I'm not sure why people are worried about being without a book - 32Gb would hold potentially thousands of books, which would take months to read. My entire ebook library is several hundred books, and is only ~4Gb.

                If you can't plan months ahead for wifi access, I think 4G on your Kindle is is the least of your worries.

                • +1

                  @therog1: This is what I was wondering, why do people buy anything but the base model size wise? Surely thousands of books still fit into a basic Kindle (even my old 5th Gen). Do people somehow fill these up? And it's not like deleting one or two movies, but essentially just a few books out of thousands, if you needed space?

                  • @SaberX: Yep I'm with you there! I know some people use them to read comics or magazines or something (image heavy) so they wouldn't hold as many items, but still, 8Gb should hold at least like 40 image heavy files (assuming 150Mb, with 6Gb usable space). If that's not gonna last you a while, I feel like you need another hobby!

              • +1

                @crentist: Crentist, are you proposing that someone write a book that works without the internet? What a great idea, never would have thought of it, brilliant.

                Imagine all the things that could be in this book.

                • @Crownanchor: I don't know how that would even work though. How would you see the e-ink?

    • +3

      I had a 3G kindle dx and the cellular destroyed battery life

      • Did you leave it on all the time or just when syncing/downloading? I did the latter and had great battery life.

        • +2

          It killed battery while it was on. It went from month battery to day! I would never leave it on.

          I keep my oasis in aeroplane mode too

    • +5

      Nope. No need. WiFi is ubiquitous - your cellphone has it, cafes, hotels, work, and so on. 4g is simply not worth the money, and seeing as it's likely to be a long term device 4g will eventually be decommissioned just as the current 3g version is. Have owned a WiFi Kindle since 2012.

      • My main interest for wanting this would be for the 4G access.
        Do you know if you can use the kindle as a hotspot??
        Before you suggest using my mobile.. I don't carry a mobile, because I have no need. I use the wifi and apps on the laptop, then just turn it off when I don't want to be online (it is peaceful that way). But, sometimes I travel and would like brief 4G/5G access to check email, Teams, Slack, etc. . no, there's no sim slot on my laptop, it's just a 13 Chromebook.

        • The 4G doesn't work like that. You can't add a SIM to the device. 4G is built in and it's only usable to download books and use the built-in in browser. Refer the article.


          It's from two years ago but doubt it's changed.

          Would suggest downloading the manual to ensure it has the features you need.

        • ereaders like the kindle are for reading books. They don't do email, etc.

  • The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase.

    • +1

      I also got the same message. I wonder why…

    • Same here :(

      • I even created a new amazon account using a different email address, and still not eligible

    • Do you have Prime? I'm starting to get the feeling, this isn't a new account thing or even existing account, have to be prime.

      • I had code, have prime, have two or three kindles on the account - "newest" one is second gen PW which is a tank and is still working fine, it's just stuck in another state right now

      • +1

        yes have prime, my wife couldn't get it either.

    • +1

      I got the same error but have previously (last year) purchased a kindle with my Amazon account?

      • Same with me - this might be the reason?!

  • Nice, thanks OP. Worked for me

  • Worked for me! Thanks OP, was looking to buy it last week and thought I’d wait a little. Perfect opportunity

  • +5

    does this mean a new paperwhite is coming soon? i want one with usb c.

    • +6

      Would be good but to be honest these things stay on standby for months.

      • +6

        The point is being able to get rid of my last usb micro device. Even if you have to only it charge every month or so, you've got to keep a micro usb cable around somewhere.

        • +1

          and the update is so incremental from one generation to the next. I have 2 older generations Paperwhites that I cannot justify upgrading. I would only upgrade to the Oasis but that's just crazy pricing for a ebook reader.

          • +1

            @viirgon: I've been tempted to buy the oasis for a while but the lack of the usb c port has stopped me.

    • I imagine so. This version was released in late 2018.

      • +1

        Then why would discount only apply to some if they wanted to clear them for a new model? Wouldn't it make more sense if everyone had access to a discount to sell more units?

  • +1

    No can do.

    • +1

      Yeah, same. I have an old Kindle Keyboard and while I'm happy with it - this price point for a paperwhite is compelling. I'm a prime member, and I've easily spent over $1k on Amazon stuff this year.

      But, I'm "not eligible for this offer".

      I wonder what the criteria are? Ahh well.

  • +4

    Don't forget shopback for 7% off or cashrewards with an ANZ card for 10%

    • +1

      I just disabled ublock origin so shopback would work, looks like Amazon had 402 tracking thingies it was blocking - I guess Jeff Bezos isn't going to space for free :)

    • +1

      Also don't forget discounted gift cards! :)

    • +6

      Whilst cashback will track, ultimately the cashback won't be approved as the code isn't listed as an approved code on SB or CR websites

  • +1

    hmm looks like it may be linked to a US "back to school" special


  • Anyone know how to get audible to work with these Kindles?

    • Kindle cannot play audiobooks.

      • I think all Kindles for the last few years allow you to use Audible (Amazon’s audiobook service)

        • +1

          I thought you still can't on AU accounts but can on US or something like that? Not able to use Bluetooth or something along those lines.

        • How would that work? Does the device have audio?

          • @witsa: links to speakers through bluetooth

            • -1

              @TheSnyper: Ah ok so then what's the point? Couldn't you just use your phone to do the same thing?

              • +1

                @witsa: The whole selling point of these devices is that the type of screen is meant to be easier on your eyes as it's closer to reading actual paper than staring into a torch like on a phone. You can use them in low light levels (or in the dark if you use the backlight) or in bright daylight. Also, because current is only required to update the image the battery lasts a long time. I've read that they can be on standby for 6 months, or for reading 30 minutes a day, last around 6 weeks before needing charging.

                • @TheSnyper: Yeah I get why someone would read from a E reader instead of a tablet, I'm not getting why having Audible would be a big deal on it since this doesn't use the screen and you could use your phone to pair with your headphones. Probably be a better experience on the phone to queue up the audiobooks anyway.

        • This device does not support playback of Audible audiobooks.

          • @westical: I am using kindle paperwhite for audiobooks via bluetooth without any issues for US account

            • +1

              @dealgeek: Yeah most of my kindle stuff is on my US account (started with a pw1) and audible does work. Pity they can't be (profanity) getting it working here for people.

              I tend to use phone or laptop regardless because that's what my xm4's are dual paired with but I can see people wanting to save phone battery or other cases where it would be handy.

    • +1

      Looks like .. maybe? I didn't think so, as it was U.S. kindle based, but uhh… found this on the Amazon AU site!

      Audible Audiobooks two month free trial, $16.45/mo afterwards.

      Probably hit their support to confirm before getting into it. Free trial, so might be worth a shot anyway.

  • +1

    A couple of questions. I have a son who likes to read but at this stage he can't be trusted not to play games on an ipad or other elecronic device. Our local library reduced their hours so he can't go after school any more. There's only a two hour window on Saturdays and they are shut at the moment with lockdowns.

    1. Can he access games or other programs like an ipad or is this solely for reading?
    2. Can i use free services like boorowbox or do I have to pay for books or a subscription? I have an amazon prime subscription.
    3. If i went for the non 4g kindle can he download for offline reading or tether to my phone if we are away?
    • +5

      I have around a thousand free ebooks from ozbargain kindle posts and quite a few "free" epubs I loaded in through calibre.

      • +1

        I dread to think about library management with all the free ebooks I added.

        • +1

          Yeah, I do it all through Calibre instead, and maintain the library that way, otherwise it would be unmanageable.

          10,700+ books so far, perhaps more then most actual libraries?. Just plug the kindle in to the PC and press the "Send to Device" button and done !

          • @ruprectaus: Calibre is a good recommendation. I used to use it with a Sony eBook reader. I've also donated to author.

          • @ruprectaus: nope!
            74,898 is the average number of print materials of Public Libraries for 2019 according to the Institute of Museum and Library Services. So, that's not counting e-book, podcasts, DVDs, etc. you might have more e-books than most libraries though

      • how is epub conversion when loading them into the kindle?

        • Never a problem for me (Calibre and Kindle user), in the many 100 I have converted i have not noticed an issue. Using Calibre, once you set it to know you are using a Kindle, it does the conversion on the fly when you select the books and then press Send to Device (after you plug it in) . Or you can convert them manually and email them to your Kindle email address.

    • +5

      Kindle is reading only. Nothing like an iPad where you can download games
      I mean maybe like solitaire might exist? I haven’t used a kindle for a while, but no, nothing like iPad for gaming.

      A lot of libraries offer services where you borrow books. Being a kindle though, you’ll need to convert the format unfortunately. In saying that it’s super easy to do - use calibre

      4g kindle allows you to use like a sim card. A wifi only kindle only allows you to use wifi. You can tether your phone while on the go - so 4g isn’t really necessary. 4g is Useful though if u want to look up a word in the dictionary while reading (and not connected to the home wifi etc)

    • +2

      @bdl not that hard to find out for him, mate. Not everyone is as tech or search savvy as you may be.

      @heal I searched quick for you and this is what I found:

      1. "Games, such as Mahjong, Solitaire, and Blackjack, are available for your Kindle Paperwhite. … In general, games are played individually, so wireless doesn't need to be on to play a game. Games can't be sampled — if you're interested in playing Blackjack, you need to buy it."

      2. Looks like Borrowbox is good for the Kindle Fire, not Paperwhite. Yes you can pay for books or get a subscription. Kindle Unlimited - 30 day trial, $13.99/mo afterwards. For free books to read for Prime members, check out Prime Reading

      3. Yes and yes. Some people will find their books to download on the net and use the Calibre program to put onto their kindles. You can also tether your kindle to your phone's connection.

      • +3

        Thanks w33w00, eltito and dingle. I really appreciate your help. I'm sick with the flu at the moment (yes I'm isolating, fully vaxxed and booked a covid test) and couldn't bear trying to find out that info for myself. I think I'll get him the 32gb wifi kindle for his birthday.

        • +10

          It's totally your call, but 32gb is A LOT for a kindle. The 8gb is plenty IMO for most circumstances

          • +6

            @eltito: Cheers, i bought the 8gb one. I think that will be fine for him.

    • +1

      Whoops just lost this form by bumping back so I'll abridge. Or not…take 2 is longer…hopefully some of this is useful.

      1. Essentially No.
        Practically? Only with some effort and a definition of games your son likely disagrees with. Simple brain games are available with a US amazon account https://www.amazon.com/Kindle-Games-Active-Content/b?node=25... either free or for a few dollars. I wasn't able to find an analogue to this on amazon australia which seems to be limited to books.

      The hardware itself is pretty limiting to any kind of gaming. PW e-ink screen is B&W and only refreshes when told to unlike other displays with set refresh rates (60hz for example). No sound and a cpu meant to nicely display still images and little else would make gaming on this worthy of praise.

      1. Lots of free ebooks. Public Libraries have supported ebooks for years but only a limited number (varies by state and city) have added kindle support. If you are lucky then this is a great way to access almost limitless reading material without hassle or technical knowledge. It may even be worth signing up for a membership to one of these libraries for youself or son. If you can only use non kindle supported borrowing and dont mind reading a tutorial or two online then borrowing to another device (phone tablet, pc) and transferring with calibre which will convert to the aw3 amazon format for you.

      There are plenty of other sources of free ebooks. Almost every ebook store has a constantly changing line up of free ebooks and anything that is public domain is also free (so is piracy). The caveat here is similar to the library in that you will need to convert the file to amazons formats or mobi. If calibre seems complicated use a free site to convert to mobi and send to your kindles email. the program can do everything more or less automatically so unless you have a reason to explore the options and plugins simple works fine.

      If this tech talk of formats is an issue perhaps consider a kobo or other eink reader that work with epub files. That way the library as well as books from non amazon sources will work. Sales do make them competitive with PW though last year the libra h2o was the cheapest option for waterproof models which was over $200 on sale. It offers an experience closer to the oasis (7",touch+physical buttons for page turning, landscape, more leds and a night light that can dim and shift from white to warmer orange light as bed time approaches - something that may be important as we learn more about blue and white light health and sleep related issues).

      1. I always have a phone or wifi and aus price gouges the cellular model by $150 so beyond pw1 I'm wifi only. With that said $66 extra for unlimited global data for wikipedia, amazon ebooks, dictionary - not sure about good reads, probably though may be worth it. The wiki and dictionary are very useful and combine well with vocabulary builder or just wanting context or more information. I recalled a limit to 1 saved wifi to autoconnect but just tested and 2 worked so my main concern about not having those features is gone. I would pay $66 for myself because I use the features enough to barely justify it. The wifi/hotspot will work fine so unless international travel is on the cards (yeah…) the savings are likely worth it. Also unless you/your son will use this for comics/manga or us audible audiobooks the 8gb version is plenty (I have the jp only manga edition and…don't waste your time).
    • +2

      Kobo + library borrowing service is a great combo. Kobo is more open. Kindle is focused on selling books via amazon.

      • Agree with this. This was the reason I went a Kobo over a kindle. I can't be bothered with converting books or paying for books for a kindle. I can borrow books from the library easily on my Kobo Nia.

  • Haven't seen any email or anything, but it worked for me… But typically we bought our first kindle only a month ago.

  • +1

    Thought about grabbing the 32gb but 8gb seems to be more than enough for books. Thanks op!

    Edit: What sort of cases are people buying with this kindle?

    • The genuine ones are pretty solid, however I'm going to wait a little to see if they go on sale later in the year, they sometimes have specials on them and it's not like I'm leaving the house at all these days

        • +1

          When you get it, bend the cover back on itself (to the rear of Kindle) and make sure the magnet doesn't put the Kindle to sleep - some poorly designed third party cases did that

          • @bdl: Oh thanks for the tip! Perhaps I should just opt in for a genuine one… Just hard to swallow the fact that the case is about a third the price of a new kindle.

            • @watty: Try the one you ordered first, you can always return it if you don't like it. Another tip, too - if you are going to travel with it eventually, opt for a brighter colour - black is easy to leave on plane seats in the dark

              • +1

                @bdl: Yeah I'll try it first and wait for a sale on a genuine one :) Thanks!

                • +1

                  @watty: I have the same cover. Mine works as it should.

        • +1

          @watty: - here looks to be a review of your case, you may get a bit of motion sickness from the video and the cat is licking it's bum during the video, however case looks good for the price https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1khoOajDe4

          and a review of the original one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GqiquLOsCvg

          • +1

            @bdl: That's amazing thank you for the research. I'll go with the generic case for now and hopefully it lasts for a while. Will upgrade when there's a deal on the genuine ones.

    • +1

      the kindle case lasts forever. I had bought $10 cases and had to buy new one every few months. The Kindle case has last me years

      • +1

        This. Plus when I refreshed my PW two generations ago, it fit both old and new models. I've had one fly out of my backpack for one metre, directly into a check in desk at the airport and it was 100% protected.

        • Yep!

        • +2

          I bought the leather one. However as bdl said if you could wait until they are on special. I only bought the genuine one because it was just a little more expensive than the fake ones. But I don’t think I will buy the fake ones again.

          • @Twocents: Is it synthetic or moocow leather?

            • +1

              @bdl: It’s the real leather one

  • Why would anyone need more than 8GB for an E-reader? Aren't E books only a couple of MBs?

    • I read a comment (can't remember where) that some guy said he had over 135GB of e-books… that'd be like an entire library lol.

      Never underestimate the need to be well informed! :)

      • +13

        Just cause you have 135gb of ebooks doesn't mean you've read any of them.

        It's just like my thousands of hours of udemy courses…

      • +1

        According to sources, the whole of ASOIAF is 8.81mb. That alone is 4197 pages.

        Nobody could read 135GB of e-books in their lifetime.

      • +7

        some guy said he had over 135GB of e-books

        Was his name Alexandria?

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