This was posted 5 months 8 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Kindle Paperwhite 8GB $120 (Expired), 32GB $150 (Sold Out), 32GB+4G $221 (40% off) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Eligible Customers only. Limit 1 per customer.

I have a Kobo Libra but almost hit buy button as the price is bloody good. Must resist….

T&C as follows

  1. To redeem the offer, eligible customers should add one item below to their cart.
  2. At checkout, enter promotional code KINDLE40.
  3. A discount of 40% will be automatically applied to the qualifying item.

Terms & Conditions: Save 40% off Kindle Paperwhite with KINDLE40

  • These terms and conditions apply where selected customers, as determined by Amazon AU in its sole discretion (“Eligible Customers”), are eligible to enter the promotional code KINDLE40 to receive 40% off a single 8GB, 32GB or 32G + Free 4G Kindle Paperwhite device (“Qualifying Items”) when purchased on (the “Offer”).
  • Customers may check their eligibility for this offer by visiting while signed in to their account.
  • This Offer is only valid for the Qualifying Items identified in these terms and conditions.
  • This Offer only applies to Qualifying Items sold and shipped by Amazon AU on The offer does not apply to products sold by third-party sellers on Amazon Marketplace, even if fulfilled by Amazon AU or sold by Amazon US or Amazon UK.
  • This Offer is limited to a maximum of one (1) Qualifying Item per Eligible Customer.
  • To redeem the Offer, Eligible Customers must add one (1) Qualifying Item to their shopping cart. At checkout, enter the promotional code KINDLE40 and a discount of 40% will be applied to the Qualifying Item.
  • If you do not add a Qualifying Item to your shopping cart, the Offer will not apply.
  • The promotional code can only be redeemed once per Eligible Customer on a Qualifying Item. • If Amazon considers an Eligible Customer to be operating multiple accounts, those accounts will, for the purposes of this offer, be treated as one Eligible Customer.
  • If you return any item purchased using the Offer, Amazon AU will only refund the price actually paid for the item (that is, less the value of the promotional code), subject to the applicable refund policy, and the promotional code will be invalidated.
  • This Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, or on pre-existing orders.
  • This Offer is not transferable and may not be resold.
  • This Offer is not redeemable for cash.
  • This Offer does not apply to orders placed with 1-Click.
  • If you violate any terms and conditions of this Offer, your use of the promotional code will be invalid, and the discount will not apply.
  • Amazon reserves the right to cancel, amend or withdraw the Offer without notice at any time at its discretion.
  • Delivery charges may, if applicable, be applied to each item in accordance with Amazon AU's standard delivery rates and policies.
  •’s Conditions of Use and Sale apply.
  • This Offer is valid until 11:59PM (AEST) on 25 August 2021, or while stocks last.

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      Audiobooks, manga

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    • DnD library.

    • Comics manga and audiobooks maybe. The fact that they removed the damn folder subfolder organisation for collections, that you manually add books to…and after you hit the max to add (10 maybe) start over from page 1 makes even having a large collection a pain in the arse. Having a wider variety of genres, authors with classics and non fiction isnt a bad idea. You don't need to read everything and having choice within the device is great. Was great….whatever.

      Hopefully xiaomi or one of the good chinese tech companies that have patent and copyright laws firmly in the non fiction folder on their personal kindle (aka reference model 1a) can sort something out one of these days.

  • That's still 10 months of audible …. Haven't used the old kindle in like 2 years

  • How do i get 40% off kindle? Im lost, on what do I have to add to cart in order to get discount.

    • It's targeted, if u click on the picture above (link) it'll tell you if you are eligible. I'm sure it'll tell you how to get it, if you are eligible.

    • Click on the link. Pick the Kimble you want and add to cart. Add the discount code listed above in the checkout and see if it works for you.

      • Ah no luck with it unfortunately :(

  • +1

    Biggest gripe w this is non support for audiobooks in 2021.

  • Anyone who has a kindle have any luck borrowing ebooks from their council library and being able to use on the kindle?

    Thinking of the Paperwhite 8GB as a present, but most books end up being borrowed.

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      You might be better off getting a kobo ereader which support overdrive.

      Otherwise sail the high seas.

      • Maybe a Chromebook Duet and then use the tablet part?

        • Nah. Better off getting a dedicated device. The lighting on ereaders cause a lot less eyestrain.

      • Yep, I've got a Kindle for Amazon eBooks, and a Kobo for Overdrive, to read the follow up books from my local library.

      • +1

        Agree - I have a Kobo nia and can easily borrow ebooks from the library

    • +1

      You can't do this with Kindle.

    • Only the US libraries I signed up to a few years ago, through Overdrive. The Australian libraries I signed up to I couldn't get Kindle books, even through Overdrive.

  • +2
    • Update - I got one of these to try out and it's pretty good!

  • In terms of flexibility, this or second hand kindle fire 7?

  • Great deal overall. Looks like I have to claim the price difference of $30 on the credit card that I paid more on 8GB Kindle.

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    Are comic books readable on the Kindle?

    • +1

      Only if you convert them to a mobi and email them to your kindle address, they will be black&white.

      Also there may be a size limit for sending to kindle.

      • @Jimbuscus. Thanks for the info and OP, thanks also. Bought the
        8GB for $119.40? Oh well, ain't complainin'.

        • Do you have an android device?

    • I tested this by sending a Phantom comic to the Kindle. I couldn't read the text. You can zoom in but then you need to scroll around all the time and I don't see the point in that. From what I can see, an 8" device would be the minimum size for comfortable reading of comics.

  • +2

    Not eligible and I am prime member :(

  • +1

    Thanks OP! Finally time to upgrade my 10+ years old and now rarely used old kindle.

    • Same, old Paperwhite from 2012. Haven't used it since moving to audible but it might be useful someday at $120

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    Kobo is better, you can borrow books from your local library for the true OzB experience!

    • can't you do that with Kindle? What about if you use calibre?

      • Kobo allows it on device. You can search and download ebooks from your library all on the Kobo. It's seemless. My elderly mum does it.

    • Totally! I really dont understand the hype with kindles. Being able to borrow library ebooks on your kobo is amazing

  • +3

    Pretty angry that none of the 3 accounts in our house qualify, especially as we are currently looking for a deal for one of these. I picked one up for $69 from Cash Converters yesterday (in perfect condition with case) but when I went to register it to my account Amazon told me it had been reported stolen and I had to return it today.

    The only consolation I guess is that these have been on sale 3 times in the last month in the USA and there seems to be a feeling that they are clearing stock for a new product launch soon.

    • +3

      Keep the case when you return it.

    • Maybe make another amazon account?

      I got the offer but already have a kindle. Let me know if you're game to sort something out.

      • The device itself was locked from registration on Amazon's end, only they can unlock it which also means it can't be updated.

        • I mean make another account to try to get the offer

          • @Caped Baldy: Oh. I had thought of that but I suspect that it may be a case of being valid at a certain point which has now passed.

    • Wow I didn't know they could get locked like that. I've bought a few from lost property auctions and had no issues

  • Thanks! Worked for me.

  • Anyone chime in on how to change AU to US account? Used to be on US account and I can't remember how I got transferred to the AU account. Thanks.

    • Try scrolling all the way down where you see a list of countries?

      • -3

        Is it as simple as that? Well, thanks?

  • Never used a kindle, Is it only black and white? does it support internet browsing at all? I am doing some online couses so kindle can be a good option if browsing is supported.

    • +1

      Yes, only B&W. Not sure about browsing. I don't think you wanna browse the web much on it anyway because the experience won't be good.

    • Scrolling, especially on a Web browser, is quite unbearable. The kindle is only good for static images, like books or comics.

  • Just give thought to the following if you think you need this:

    • Do you need Overdrive/Libby app to borrow books from your local library systems?

    • Do you need a non-glare, paperlike screen to read without pain on?

    • Do you want audiobook support or prefer them?

    • Does this do anything that a phone app wouldn't do, and you're fine with the phone experiance?

    • If at home, you don't mind just using a computer to read your ebooks?

    Dealbreaker on the lack of Overdrive/Libby support, and I have a ton of amazon audiobooks that won't be able to use the kindle immersion reading narration support that you get when you purchase the audiobook and ebook in a bundle.

    • Im less about the glare and more the refresh rate, front light, portability and comfort. I think heavy readers should consider e-ink devices whether this one or another. reading on a computer screen or phone screen might be fine for some but ignoring blue/white light static text that is comfortable to read anywhere is a different experience. a book with a few bells and whistles really.

      you can use audible with a us account and amazon seem to sync your accounts so books from any region can be downloaded. (i doubt you can use kindle to play locally stored media so if you have audiobooks i doubt it would work.

      I agree with your points on lack of widespread support for kindle formats in libraries. audible is available but jumping through the hoop of making a us account yeah might as well count it out.
      Not a huge augiobook fan and even if I was I wouldnt use a kindle to play it. non replaceable battery+something that lasts as long as you want. hell the 212 or whatever dpi on the first pw was great. so a pc or anything else really tablet, phone laptop for me (quicker upgrade cycle or replaceable battery - not to mention capacity on most tablets and phones these days can be pretty huge.

      If you are set on lib sure grab a kobo. the libra h20 is basically a cheaper kindle oasis anyway.


    Lowest price before this was $299, got it for $216.40 as I had a $5 sell and ship from Amazon offer applied as well; this after having converted "Coles Prepaid MasterCard" remnants to Amazon Gift Card.

    Just a theory, but the offer might only be valid for Amazon Prime members….

    • I'm a Prime Member - not eligible.

      I did purchase a basic Kindle during a recent Prime Day deal - perhaps that is why.


      • I've looked in the past and never pulled the trigger on an order … until now.

        • This is my second Kindle.

  • +1

    These also seem to be going on sale overseas at the moment. Clearing out stock in anticipation of a new model Paperwhite?

  • +2

    The code seems work for me but I changed my mind and decide not to buy. If someone interested please PM me. Happy to buy on your behalf. I am in Melbourne / Docklands

    • Same, targeted, but I already listed out my reasons for not buying above. Mainly, no Libby/Overdrive support or audiobooks.

      One lucky dood can PM me, if I edit this comment again, its already taken. Will just change the shipping address to yours.

      • same, got targeted but don't need(already have 2), let me know if anyone wants

        • Hey.. I am interested.

          • @hybridTechie: PM me, I tried but it says - The specified recipient does not accept new conversations.

      • I used my code, dont bother PM'ing me anymore guys.

  • +2

    Also found this $9 case with an "explosion proof design":

    • +1

      Perfect if anyone is planning to blow up their house for the insurance money, or if we have any air raids.

    • 5 sold in last 24 hours and they bump the price to $15.99…

      • The price wasn't explosion proof :(

        • Nor was my order at the former price , an email to say that seller had cancelled order at my request….BS!!!!!!!!!!! dispute raised (also claims OOS yet selling at near double price now hmmmm), now let's see!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Perhaps those 5 will never be honoured, see note above

        • +2

          I just ended up ordering one of these @ $11.99

          There are some slightly cheaper Simpeak branded ones on Amazon also but reviews said folding back the cover activates the sleep function. Wasn't sure about the eBay ones but hopefully the Tersely is ok, didn't see mention of that problem in the reviews.

          • +2

            @bamzero: Thanks, ordered (now $10.19 no delivery if Prime), stuff that EBay fake listing

            • @havebeerbelywillsumo:

              now $10.19

              Just my luck :D
              Ah well, hopefully they do the job.

              • @bamzero: No blame on you if it doesn't, thanks again.

                • @havebeerbelywillsumo: Reader and case arrived today, all good. Case fits well, doesn't trigger sleep when folded back, sleep works and magnet keeps cover closed properly.

                  • @bamzero: Case arrived today and Kindle a couple of days ago…wife says case works as it should so if she's happy I am too. Thanks again.

  • Purchased. Prime member, and I don’t have a Kindle linked to my account. Thanks OP, great price!

  • "Sorry, you are not eligible for this offer". Ah well, do have a Oasis 32 GB already ( sour grapes syndrome ;-)). BTW, for an Australian Account, it does not have Audiobook support. Recently changed from US to AU as well :-/ Have a few Audiobooks via Audible, and would have been good. The mobiles would have to fill in the void. Does well as a eBook reader, even in sunlight.
    Edit: Still upvoted, as it is a good deal.

  • Hi guys… can i get some guidance here if you have a view. This Kindle hardware has been around since its first release in 2018…. there hasn't been any new ones that came out from Amazon. Do you know/ think that there might be a new one coming up soon? Is that a reason why it is put on sale now? I would rather wait for a newer hardware to come out than buy the current 3 years old piece. Any thoughts?

    • -1

      If a new one was launching soon then why would the discount only be targeted to some individuals and not all? Not the smartest way to sell off remaining units before relaunching a new model.

      • -1

        unless you only target around enough people to cover your remaining stock. This would prevent a site meltdown from everybody trying to get one at once, or having to produce more because you oversold (looking at you Dell).

  • +2

    Not eligible. AU account, with prime. Have never bought a Kindle. Lame.

  • Thanks for the OP. grabbed one 8gb

  • +1


    Delivery Estimate:

    Tuesday, 21 December 2021 - Wednesday, 16 February 2022 by 9:00 pm

    • Yes, I just saw that, definitely not worthwhile then.

    • Mine was ordered yesterday and is set for delivery Wednesday, so 7 days for me (it may be sooner yet, I've seen deliveries come in quicker than projections in the past).

      • Yeah I had it in my cart last night with the same (1 week) delivery date, but I didn't check when I pulled the trigger this morning. Fingers crossed they get more stock over the coming weeks.

    • Mine's due Monday, all 3 models had the same delivery date when I was looking yesterday. Basically sold out.

    • Is only for the 8gb model, so can still get 32gb for $150

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