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Samsung QA65QN85AAWXXY 65" Neo QLED 4K TV $2,370 + Delivery ($0 to Select Cities Only) @ Appliance Central


New price dropped for the Neo model $200 cheaper than JB.

If you want soundbar get it from JB, Bing Lee to get cashback but $200 more or see if you can price match them

• Quantum Matrix Technology
• Quantum Dot
• Quantum HDR 24x
• Feel the impact of Object Tracking Sound
• Anti-Glare Technology
• NeoSlim Design
• Wide Viewing Angle
• Intelligent Mode
• Adaptive picture
• Ambient Mode +
• Motion Rate 200
• One Remote Control
• Smart Connectivity
• Built-in Voice Assistant
• Advanced game mode
• Q-Symphony
• Space Fit Sound
• Neo Quantum 4K Processor
• Freeview
• Samsung TV Plus
• Samsung Care Premium
• Eco-Packaging

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        Thanks mate.

        So even it is mini led, is still back lighted, which black pixel can never be black, but darker. Bit brighter than normal LED.

        However the price is significantly pricier.

        For its price, I would still pay extra $300 to get an OLED.

        Just sharing my thought.

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          I am not sure how is it compare with the LG A1 if only $300 difference.

          • @superforever: A1 is dimmer than the more expensive C1, which is in turn dimmer than G1 which is in turn dimmer than Sony A90J.

            A1 would be great in a fully light controlled room, but if you have the budget to kit out a room for that, you're probably able to afford the C1.

            C1 is likely what you'd want to compare it with as they both have the more premium processors and tuning.

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          Oled have poor brightness, this is much better for daytime viewing

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          Not 100% true as the mini LEDs can be turned off and they are far smaller then normal rear lit LCD TV’s.

        • This isn't wholly accurate.

          The QN85A has 576 dimming zones compared to 96 on older units. You will get real black, or close enough in a realistic home environment's light levels in most cases.

          The benefit of this is that it can sustain higher brightness, so is better than G1 let alone the lower brightness A1 for rooms with windows. HDR brightness is far worse on A1 relative to C1 as well unfortunately, so is best reserved for a room with blackout blinds.

          I have an OLED, I love it but realistically for people who want to watch tv without putting the blinds down the higher brightness of the Mini LED range has SOME of the benefits of OLED (blooming is still an issue, albeit less so than previously) while being more usable for the average joe

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    This a great TV and good price. But I think it might be wiser to wait for Black Friday deals and get an LG OLED for a little bit more than this.

    • This is really my question, whether low-end OLED or Mini LED, I hope mini LED will keep dropping.

      • it will. It is not even a new technology. We can see it as a optimised penal.

        • I am waiting for mini LED to totally replace traditional LED and at that price. 😏

        • " optimised penal"…name of my sex tape

          • @Ben Kenobi: Neg vote from an obvious hater of Brooklyn Nine Nine (although this last and final season is getting more 'preachy' than previous seasons!)

  • Is it true the new Samsung smart tvs wont start up unless they have an internet connection to authenticate them ?
    I read an article recently that says the samsung (among others) tvs now forces you to connect to the internet now before you're allowed to use them (even as a non smart tv).

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    Cheaper here at $2250 and also eligible for cashback

  • VA panel?

    • It’s an ADS IPS panel


      Supports HDMI 2.1 with 120Hz VRR available. No DolbyVision though.

      • Shame about the panel type reducing contrast, at least IPS will have better viewing angles than VA.

        Probably worth moving up to Q90A or OLED if putting in a full home cinema (projectors aside)

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