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[Back Order] Victorinox Swiss Classic Paring Knife (Black/Orange) $5.95 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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    How much is it normally?

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      more importantly how come you didn't use any bolded text?

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      How much is it normally?

      There, fixed for you.

      • +1

        JV would be more likely to just bold 'normally' in that sentence.

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          correct… But not on a Friday afternoon unless there is a full moon.

      • +2

        nope, wrong…

  • But are they really, really sharp, and do you need to be very careful when using one?

    • you should be careful handling any knife ;)
      my mother sliced part of her fingernails with another victorinox paring knife i gave her. she's not used to sharp knives, thinks they're "scary" and prefers blunt knives. but blunt knives are more dangerous… ¯\ _ (ツ)_/¯

  • Their non-serrated edge pairing knife is better suited to the task

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    Sharp pricing

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    what's a paring knife

    • +1

      I think it's a knife for pairs.
      Seems like an odly specific piece of kit that will get very little use.

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      what's a paring knife

      It can be used for epples too, but not recommended…

      • do you mean can be used for pples rather than epples?

    • Preparing knife.

  • thanks! ordered one each of the orange and black knives

  • Are the straight edge or serrated ones better? The serrated ones seem like they would be harder to sharpen

    • Horses for courses. Serrated is good for things like slicing tomatoes, this would be better for something like peeling or cutting an apple.

    • They do not even need to be sharpened. Our wavy edge serated knife is used everyday and the kids even used it a few times to make cut outs in Amazon cardboard boxes and they're still sharp as

  • -1

    these are good and stay shape for a long time.

    but the last deal on ebay was better as it was free, got 6

  • I liked them when they were for free on eBay.

  • +5

    Min. Order 1 Quantity!

    This kills the deal for me

    • Agree. I was going to order ½

      • heh i used always get half minimum chips when ordering fish and chips.
        Never knew how it worked.
        But I paid less and didn't end up with more chips than i could eat

  • +3

    Doesn't look like can back order it anymore??

  • Does this one have a different purpose than the other one it is ‘not to be mistaken for’? Is it just a pointy end vs round end? Am I using my knives in the wrong way?

    • Quite possibly if all your knifes have a round end…


      Also, who uses a serrated paring knife?

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    n00b here, What's so great about these knives?

    • They cut!

    • +1

      Generally, they’re solid little knives that stay sharp for a long time, great for pretty much everything that doesn’t require a big blade. They’re also dishwasher safe. I’m a total amateur in the kitchen but all I need is a couple of these (the tomato ones), one bread knife (but only for bread) and a chef’s knife (for chicken and chopping onion and fresh herbs). I hardly touch any other knives in the kitchen.

      • thanks mate, appreciate the write up

  • Is this too big to be concealed under a jacket?

    • No

    • sorry mate, most businesses are closed. you're going to have to wait for after lockdown to go on your shopping spree.

  • Thanks OP, ordered one.

  • the infamous saw is back.

    and its gone.

  • Watch your fingers bro's. These bad boys are sharp!!

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