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Furi Pro/Asian 3 Piece Knife Set $50- $65 Delivered (Further 50% off, RRP $199-$269) @ Myer


Warranty Duration: 25 Years
Warranty Type: Manufacturer
Care and Use Instructions: Hand wash in warm soapy water with the blade pointed away. dry thoroughly after washing.
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    Shows as $100 on the product page, but add to your cart and it is $50. Also 5% cashback from Shopback.

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      Annoying how it has both chefs and santoku knives, swap one of them out for a bread knife and it would’ve covered the essentials

      The other 3 piece set for $130 -50% swaps the chefs for a chinese chopper - better value imo

      • chinese chopper

        These are great for vegetables and anything hard. Really slices through them like butter with a good amount of weight and force.

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          But a chinese chefs knife (chopper) is supposed to cover everything you need. One knife to do it all.

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            @ATangk: Maybe for Chinese cooking but I use a long 20cm chef knife as my all purpose especially for meat!
            I've noticed in Chinese cooking they don't use large amounts of meat and everything is usually in small portions and chopped up.

            The chopper isn't long enough to slice through meat at an angle.

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              @Orico: Thats why I said supposed to haha. It is a jack of all trades, master of some, and can be used as a transfer board.

              For (raw) meat I changed from a chefs 20cm to a 15cm chefs knife to a carving knife. All Victorinox. In the end, it just expanded my selection of knives for every job.

            • @Orico: Apparently the Chinese chefs use the clever for ALL types of cutting. Might not be easiest on the hands mechanically but you can do it if you had only the one tool and skill. I'm sure they could handle a knife set but someone who's only ever used knife sets wouldn't be able to used the clever as a replacement.

    • thank you bought these instead.

    • Thanks, got this set instead of the OP set, as they wouldn’t check out (no stock). This combo is probably better for our use anyway. Cheers!

    • OOS

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    Furi's are nice knives. Good find OP, bargain at this price!

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    Awesome thanks OP - I went with the Asian 3 Piece Set :)

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    I have a set of the 5 piece knives they are quite good. Also when the chef's knife snapped near the handle they were very quick to replace.

  • How do these stack up against Global for equivalent blade length?

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      Get the global. These ones are tiny as fk. Good for small hands.

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        Disagree. I don’t think they are small at all.

        Love Furi, have bought several sets and they have a lovely weight and size.

        This a great price. Would be more if I needed them!

        • How big are your hands?

          Contains: east/west santoku 17cm, asian vegetable chopper 15cm & asian utility 12cm in premium bamboo gift box.

          They're small knives.

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            @Orico: All of those are standard sizes for the knives in question.

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        What does blade size have to do hand size?
        That's like saying you can't use a paring knife if you have big hands….

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          Clearly you don't have big hands. The handle is small too.

          See here: https://kitchenknifeplanet.com/chefs-knife-for-big-hands/

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            @Orico: I don't, no but I worked under some pretty big chef's that loved Furi's.
            That said, we never gripped a knife purely by the handle, more palmed if that makes sense. I hold it by a good portion of the blade itself with the handle resting in my palm.

            • @whitelie:

              I don't, no but I worked under some pretty big chef's that loved Furi's.
              That said, we never gripped a knife purely by the handle, more palmed if that makes sense

              Oh, i'm useless when it comes to cutting so I believe you.

              I hold a knife like i hold a workshop tool.

              Cooking is not my strong point but following recipes is what I am good at because of my science background.

              • @Orico: Suddenly it all makes sense! You're one of those guys who studies at the University of Science…


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                  @UncleRico: Are you one of those whities in the office who acts like he is funny but secretly people roll their eyes at you and just avoids you at lunch every day?

      • I have small hands so these sound perfect :)

    • Definitely get the Global. As a former owner of these things (Furi knives), I'd advise staying WELL away. The steel is just rubbish.

      Which is bizarre, as Solidteknics pans (same company) are AWESOME.

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    Got one thanks!

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    Great. Thanks OP.

  • Too cheap not to buy a set, got the pro 3 piece set.

  • Designed in Australia.. made in?

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      If you cant easily find the answer, it's always China

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    thx bought the Asian one

  • Thanks bought two sets.

    I'm sure I'll be able to give away the knives I don't need.

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    These are apparently only as hard as victorinox knives. Which does make them alright for the price.

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    Thanks OP. I bought the Pro East/West set. An easy gift for a couple that's worth the $50.

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    very good knife I bought Furi Pro Wall Rack Set 7 Piece from this deal

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    Do I need it? No
    Did I buy it? Yes

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    Been hanging for a knife deal in my budget and needs for a while. Bought both sets, hopefully they're worth it.

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    We must be heading back into deep lockdown. OzB Knife deals kicking back into gear

    • Sydney and Melb are always under restrictions. I feel like cookware sales are a weekly thing since January 2020.

  • Think they might be out of stock, I can add to the cart but it won't let me check out.

    edit: the other two sets are still available

  • Most of the Furi sets out of stock now

    • Get the Pro one with the wooden case

      • Was showing as out of stock

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    Had a block set as a gift to this worked out great to top them off. Thanks OP

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    Tried these a while back, well, technically the prep set linked in one of the above comments. While I didn't mind the ergonomics, turns out I definitely prefer a thinner blade and a lighter knife. I just couldn't get used to how it felt cutting stuff. Like a giant wedge through an onion lol. Can't speak to the longevity of the sharpness of the blades as I guess I haven't used them long enough to speak about that.

    Although I do like their bread knife!

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    I got the 7-piece set when it was on special at TGG for $70 2 years ago. The knives were blunt out of the box. Not fit for purpose. Returned the set for a refund. TGG were good about it.

    • The knives were blunt out of the box

      The more you sharpen it with a wetstone the easier it gets. Takes me an hour to do a whole set!

      • I wish you were my friend to either do it in exchange for some beer or even better teach me ;-)
        Not that I need that skill often: my Zwilling Four Star set has been going strong for about a decade now, was perfectly sharp out of the box, and all it needs now is a few strokes along a sharpening steel to get them back to a performance I am very happy with.
        The Furi, straight from the box, failed to come anywhere close to this old set that's never seen a whetstone…

  • Shows out of stock when I attempted to check out.

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    Thanks for sharing.
    But as a chef, I have to say this is not a good knife except good looking. If you want to use it rather than just for kitchen decoration, do not buy it.

    • I wish I read your comment. I'm gonna use this as a birthday gift lol

      • Be sure to have them gift you a coin

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        I always wonder at people who completely change their attitude from reading a single comment online, from someone they've never met

    • I almost pulled the trigger. Thanks for letting me know. What set of knives do you recommend? I'm a beginner.

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      As an ex-chef, I worked with quite a few that liked Furi's. Never an issue getting or keeping them sharp.

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        There's clearly only one way to settle this - a knife fight to the death.

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        A chef is far more likely to sharpen and maintain their knives frequently.

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      As a future chef I can’t say anything about this or any knife at the moment

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    good value! bought a 3 piece set

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    Furi knives, sleek and stylish, are the closest thing to an Australian knife - launched in 1998 by the founder of Furitechnics, mechanical engineer Mark Henry, they are designed in Australia and made in China.

    • Mark Henry is a beast

    • Furitechnics? Or Solidteknics?

      The latter are the creme de la creme of cookware…

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    Asian set is sold out
    bought the 3 piece pro set

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    Thanks OP make a good xmas prez

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      probably will arrive by then given auspost delays right now

  • well now i have 2 knife sets on the way…. guess i'd better buy a cookbook now.

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    Link is 404

  • Have have Furi and Shun knifes. I use the Furi more because it’s more ergonomic.

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    Bah, I missed out on the three set while I was checking out. Had to settle for the two set and sharpener for $50. Still pretty good value from the looks.


    • I got this one too. Seems pretty perfect tbh

  • One furi 3 piece set left at house of knives online for $89

  • Played around with these before. Great set of knives. Most like the knife for its balance especially if you’re cutting with that rocking motion instead of slicing. The steel is soft and you have to sharpen more often than say a global knife but that’s really if you’re slicing as much as chefs do daily. Personally I didn’t like the weight and thickness, and I settled on globals all round kitchen work. many chefs who have big hands have no issues with them at all. For that price it’s a great knife though!

  • cracker prices

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    do I cook? No
    do I need knives? No
    Ozbargain 200+ votes: I'll have whatever everyone is having, Fomo is a b….. ¬. ¬

  • Damn, missed this. Only had an alert set up for the Global knife set.

  • Anyone who ordered a set not receive their order confirmation/invoice yet? Order was placed around 5.30 and no correspondence..

    • Bought the $100 furi with 50% off, has not received a confirmation email yet

    • Odd, got my email confirmation straight away, ordered @ 6:25pm for asian 3 set

    • I'm still to receive a confirmation email amd purchased around 530 too

      • Still waiting at 845am, no email but money has been deducted

    • Ordered on Friday at 16:25(WST) - yet to receive confirmation email at 05:35 on the saturday. Money has been charged to my CC though.

    • Yup, $60 deducted from the cc, but not sure if the order will be fulfilled :/

      • Still no email confirmation.. whats happening myer!

  • Bought one for father’s day (dad), bought another one for mother’s day (wife)
    Impulsive buy after 200+ days of lockdown

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    Meh get victorinox if you want value knives.

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    Grabbed the two knives and sharpener. Thanks op.

  • I have these very goods knives but been chipped :( missed out on this deal

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      Man, you must be furious

  • It's still available, just purchased the Pro Set

  • How do people store these? Wall magnet?