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Philips Fidelio X2HR/00 Over-Ear Headphones $166.70 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


New low on amazon for this favourite pair of headphones. Enjoy

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Nice! I bought these a couple of years ago for around the $200 mark. Such brilliant headphones.

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      Haha I paid $400 back in 2016

      • Got mine 4 year ago for approx $144.

        • how?

        • Used?

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            @Navii: Please invite me into your friend / family circle for such great gifts.


      • +1

        I'd honestly still be happy with them for $400 mate. $166 is ridiculous 😅

  • Does anyone know how do they compare to hd58x? I got them recently but im not super happy with them

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      I used to have the Massdrop HD58x, this is much more Sturdy, more comfortable as the HD58x would hurt my head after long use clamping. Way better sound quality, just need to buy Vmoda Mic cable.

    • Have both, 58x is better for fps games like warzone because seems better for placing sounds. X2 is more fun when you want more bass and the midrange not too important. X2 is heavier but it's more comfortable because the 58x has pretty useless padding on the headband.

    • 58 more flat and accurate, x2 are more v and fun

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    Just FYI, these are wired.

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      and open back.

    • +30

      You say that like its a bad thing

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        open back = DO NOT USE in the office, unless you want everybody to listen to your music.

        • +15

          Haven't been to an office since March 2020 :(

        • +3

          At least then they will have some music to hear when I sing - really this will be doing them a favour.. I have nightmares from hearing my dad singing Enya most nights with headphones on.

        • +1

          there is nobody at the office except yourself

      • you really notice the difference too.. i was travelling recently and had with me bluetooth headphones only. both pairs are good quality from good brands but i just couldn't get used to it, the sound quality was noticeably worse than wired and i couldn't wait to get back to my wired pair.

    • +6

      and I wish people to stop asking whether wired headphones are better than bluetooth headphones lol

      • or vice versa

  • +3

    that .7 is driving me insane.

    Also amazing pair of headphones

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    Bought these from a similar deal about 12 months ago. Great headphones, they do take a few hours of getting used to though in terms of sound, as most new headphones do.

    These are V-shaped in sound: heavy on the bass and treble. I really like them.

    • They're certainly not for "critical listening", but they're a good fun set of headphones, bass is certainly there but not bloated like the M50x

      • Way prefer these to my old M50X and Beyer 990

        I think they're great for critical listening. Still rated highly for neutral sound on RTINGS.

        • arent the 990s are designed for mixing / situations where you need to hear what's being played with no embellishment?

      • +1

        m50x bass bloated? i thought the m50x was perfectly neutral on sound? they are the flagship budget neutral headphones i thought..

        • I wouldn't call them bloated but they do have quite a V shaped sound. They still get a lot of studio use by professionals which is what initially put them in that 'budget flagship' although the price creep means there are other options around too.

        • +1

          No. They are often the gateway headphones people buy before going down the deep end.

          M50X are classic V-shaped with elevated bass/treble and scooped mids.

          If you want neutral, you need to look into the AKG K371 (closed) or Sennheiser HD560s (open).

          These X2HRs aren't too bad either tbh. Qiite similar to the HD560s.

  • Ordered, really want to try some open backs and at this price with how people feel, I couldn't resist. Wonder how they will compare against my current Oppo PM-3's

    • +2

      X2's are amazing, I'm sure you'll love them.

      • Looking forward to some critical listening already :)

    • +2

      PM3 is excellent. Have you tried Oratory1990's EQ settings on them?

      X2HR is a nice pairing.

      • I have not, so I'll check it out! do you mean the X2HR will use the ~same EQ settings? My at-home listening is through a JDS Labs C5D, and while on the go a Fiio BTR3 and I reallllly like the PM-3's, but really want to experiment with open backs too, I forsee the X2HR being more at home and the PM-3's being more travel/out and about.

  • +4

    I have the Phillips SHP9500, by all accounts the X2HR are an upgrade by every measure.

    Had to buy one, price was too good.

    For comparison I bought the SHP9500 for around $120 in 2020, these are only $40 more.

    I already have a Vmoda boom pro mic, so this was an easy purchase for me.

    • I have this same exact setup (SHP9500 w/ Vmoda boom pro mic) and considering getting on this deal… but I already have too many pairs of headphones haha.

    • Agreed. I sent the 9500 back after 5 minutes.

    • Also repping the SHP9500. Can you (or someone) speak to the ear cup size of the X2HR vis a vie the SHP9500? Reason I ask is the SHP9500 is the only pair of headphones I have found which have a large enough ear cup to accommodate my 80mm high Spock-woofers…

      EDIT: Btw I use the SHP9500s as Wireless bluetooth headphones using this little dongle:

      So comfy and versatile. It does mean I need to use a desk mic, but I got a Blue Yeti Pro in a ozb deal, so happy days.

      • +1

        I have both. The earcups are big on both, but shallower on SHP9500, so sonically SHP9500 sounds a bit brighter due to drivers closer to the ears

  • Pre-ordered the Meze 99 Noir from Drop for ~$250 - are these a better buy? I know its different, open back vs. closed back but not too concerned about this.

    Already own hifiman sundaras

    • +2

      Just curious, if you already own the HiFiman Sundara, why buy all these inferior headphones? The Sundara's are a class above all these headphones.

      • Except in comfort :)

        • are they actually uncomfortable? i would think thats a dealbreaker, even if they had the best sound in the world

      • Good point @Fyrelor! Think I’m just getting into the headphone audiophile world and got the HiFiman Sundara as a starting point - however now tempted to try other headphones with spending too much!

        • I did the same. Bought planars as a start and then piled on about another 10 headphones around the $200-300 range including the Fidelios. If you can, grab the HD6XX too. That trio will make you very happy, and give you a good spectrum of open backs to bounce between.

    • +1

      Save your money to buy a DAC and an amp (if you haven't). If you really going to keep buying headphones, then probably just save up money for Hifiman Arya, Focal Clear, or Sennheiser HD800S. That'll be better in the long run rather than a sideway upgrade.

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    I didn't need another pair of headphones, but it would be wrong not to at this price, thanks

  • How does the SQ compare with Sony WH-XM series headphones?

    • They're completely different, as one is open back and the other is not. Soundstage would probably be much wider on this than on WF 1000 XM3s or 4s, but there would be a decent amount of sound leakage. Don't know how good these sound, but they probably sound better than the Sony's.

    • +5

      It blows the Sony out of the water.
      Much wider soundstages and much better treble response.
      And they dont wear as hot as the Sony

      • I've got both. Very different sound to the Sony's given ANV closed vs open.

    • Open back is always better if you don't need the noise cancellation. Better soundstage, more natural sound.

    • +2

      Way better imo. I find Sony xm's to be way overrated. They're good for what they are, but compared to a proper cabled open-back set of cans they're not even in the same ballpark. Not even the same league.

  • +1

    Is the soundstage on these really as good as people say? Apparently it's more width than depth or height

  • How do these compare to Bose QC35?

    • +19

      They don't.

      QC35's are wireless, closed-back, noise cancelling phones. These are wired, open-back phones.

      Near impossible to compare them. Different use, different soundstage, different overall.

      If you're looking for something for travelling, wearing on the train, plane, etc, then the QC35's will be a much, much better choice. If you're looking for something for listening to music at home, or gaming, or something like that, these are generally a better choice.

      • +1

        Thanks, much appreciated!

      • +3

        You should do “2 min hardware reviews” on YouTube or some catchy thing like that. Great summary.

  • +3

    Just a FYI, this has a detachable cord so:
    1. If it becomes a point of failure, you can swap it out, and
    2. (this is more fun) Add a Bluetooth receiver! Plenty of options, amps/dacs etc! Have done this to my other headphones and on the way of modding my ad700x's to do the same. Pair this with a wireless mod mic - and you got a pretty nifty wireless headset

    • Does bluetooth reduce the sound quality at all?

      • Bluetooth tech has come a long way, change in sound quality will be negligible

      • +1

        If you're an amp+dac+lossless flac audiophile kinda guy - yes to a point. If you're the average Joe, listening to Spotify, teams meetings/discord and such (like me), you can't even tell a difference from using Bluetooth or being jacked in.

        Only prerequisites are the devices you're connecting to and fro should have bt 4.0+ And aptX - which all devices should have nowadays and why buy anything with older bt anyway so mute point. And if you're the former, you CAN get portable amps and dacs that have bluetooth albeit you take a hit with battery life.

      • +1

        You can't compare this to bluetooth headphones. This sounds considerably better than bluetooth. I have this and the Sony WH1000XM3.

        • +2

          More things at play than simply Bluetooth vs wired if you're trying to compare the Sony with these.

        • -1

          Definitely agree with you to a point although you wouldn't see me walking around outside with my audiophile headphones with a bt receiver Velcro strapped to the side. But if you're not taking looks and portability into consideration - 100%. Although the discussion wasn't comparing bluetooth headphones xD

          • @Justcuz: what are you using to make this wireless?

            • @Bowchkawowow: I'd connect it to something like a FiiO BTR5. Not truly wireless, but free from it connecting to my phone, I suppose.

            • -1

              @Bowchkawowow: Hopefully mod is cool with links

              It's an older bt 4.1 receiver though which I stuck on to my SHP9500s with Velcro and connected via a short 3.5mm cable I found somewhere on ebay/banggood but it's been good for more than a year and battery life is roughly 12 hours? Range is great too, I could go grab the mail or go to the fridge without dropping out of a meeting but YMMV. I obviously suggest getting something newer, I think bt 5 has better range/battery life but don't quote me haha.

              @Munki 's comment above is a good suggestion you see a lot on on the forums/reddit but not as portable as the MPOW and I think the battery life is much shorter

              • @Justcuz: Reason I'd choose the BTR5 is because it's a lot more than just a Bluetooth receiver. It has a host of capabilities and it does them all quite well.

                Having said that, I probably wouldn't be taking these X2s out on the streets anyway, so maybe it's a moot point. I'm currently using the older model BTR3 with my Audio Technica ESW9s, and it does exactly what I want. Would upgrade to the BTR5 for the Balanced Out and overall improvements when this thing dies.

                • @Munki: How's the battery life on the 3s and 5s? I did a double back and they look like they could fit on the side of a cup xD that being said, I'm still sus if it's worth the extra 60, 70 dollars over my trusty MPOW haha

                  • @Justcuz: On the BTR3, I've gone upto maybe 8-9 hours of play time over aptX HD. Charges really quickly over USB-C too. Nowadays I just use it as a USB-DAC for my work laptop. It's a terrific piece of gear.

                    I originally bought it because the Pixel 2 didn't have a headphone jack, so I wanted a good Bluetooth option.

                    I think the BTR5 has a slightly lower play time, but again, probably not something that is a huge problem. Charging is quick and easy.

                    • @Munki: Oof you're selling it mate. I'll see how I go - thanks for the responses :)

      • The bluetooth codec doesn't support Hi Res

    • Wish my DT770's and DT880's had this

      • +1

        If you're solder savvy, you could mod it yourself for either or both! I'm currently doing the same for my AD700X while I'm replacing a driver but waiting for a deal on a dremel on ozb to cut away the plastic cleanly to fit the new jack.

        • Thanks. I've become solder savvy during the lockdowns (fixed some gameboy games, modded some old consoles).
          I'll take a look into this for the DT770 (the coiled cable is kind of heavy)

      • a lot of people have modded their 770s to make the cord detachable, there are guides online and there are even people who do it for you (for a price), you send it to them and they open up the headphones, do all the work and then send it back.

  • +1

    Got ones last deal. Love them. So happy :3

  • +2

    Will a M1 MacBook Air power these alright?

    • +4

      Very easy to drive, can use a smartphone

    • +3

      Yeah. These are only 30 Ohms so anything can power them.

      They're a very good alternative to the DT990 Pro if you don't have a DAC

  • These sound great, I paid $190 in December last year and really enjoy these headphones. They're not the most comfortable pair though as they clamp a bit tight for me - for all day use I prefer my Audio-Technica AD700 which are as light as a feather (though some people hate them? All heads are different).

    Also I must be going a bit deaf, because although these shouldn't require much to drive them, plugging them directly in to the audio jack on a ps5/xbox controller doesn't give enough volume for my taste (I only attempted because apparently PS5 3d audio only works out of the headphone jack or usb? That might have changed recently with an update, not sure).

    • People hate the AD series because they have no bass at all, and flimsy build. I have an AD900x and X2 and vastly prefer the x2 for pop music.

      • Just curiously, how's the sound stage on the x2s? Not sure if it still holds but I thought the AD series were notoriously known for it and sound whoring for games.

        • +1

          I haven't used them for games but I reckon both will work just fine as they have very wide soundstage. I can't tell you which one is better.
          I think the AD series were popular for gamers because they were affordable. Also, being audiophile cans they sound better than most mainstream gaming headsets.

  • Bought. Most of my cans are flat with some slight emphasis here and there.

  • Anyone know somewhere to get replacement pads that fit at a reasonable price? Last I checked the best was like 80 potentially plus shipping might as well buy a new pair at this price….

    • +1
      • +1

        Damn, paying quater the price of the headphone itself on replacement pads don't sit well with me…

        • +2

          All headphones are like this, its the biggest rip off but you have no choice

    • +2

      I've put Brainwavz pads on two other sets of headphones and highly recommend their lambskin leather personally (for longevity) but the others should be excellent too.

      Any style from this page will fit. https://www.brainwavzaudio.com/collections/earpads-round/x2h...

  • +1

    I've been using a pair of these since November last year. They are fantastic and I'd thoroughly recommend them. The sound quality is a huge jump and I love that they are open back.

    If you want to use them as a gaming headset - add in a Vmoda boompro mic.

    • +2

      huge jump from what?

  • -1

    These or QC 35 more comfortable for people with glasses? ANC or passive?

    • +2

      yep they are more comfortable than QC 35, even with glasses. You can't use it outdoor though
      As for ANC…please research what open headphones are first.

    • +1

      The answer is "No".

      It's an open can