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Mutti Finely Chopped Tinned Tomatoes 400g $1 @ Woolworths


100% Italian tomatoes from certified production.
Only Italian tomatoes: red, sweet, ripe and free of yellow and green parts. That's why Mutti Finely Chopped Tomatoes are different from the first glance: thick, inviting and fragrant. The pleasure continues with the first taste: all the delicate flavor of fresh tomatoes.

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  • +24

    not the same without the positive glowing tinned tomato talk :)


    • That's what we're here for!

      • what's wrong with chopping own tomato?

        • +2

          Nothing but probably more expensive if dumping the equivalent amount into a bolognaise etc
          most of the supermarket tomatoes are pretty bland and not even as good flavours.

    • +6

      faaaaaarrrrrkkkkkk.. this was in 2019? Feels like just yesterday when I read this glowing comment

      • +1

        agree feels like yesterday

      • +1

        I remember this too….Keep telling everyone about how I started stocking this up since the review

    • Opened a 210g tin today, white lining BPA?

      • User toobzy commented in 2020:

        I asked Mutti Australia and they said "Our linings are BPA NI (i.e Free / BPI Not Intended) Polyester Varnish"

        • Thank you, I always thought the white lined cans were bpa

          • +1

            @corky: No worries. Hopefully the replacement chemicals aren't just as bad!

    • So sweet it gave us collective diabetes 🥺💖✨ Thanks for sharing!

    • Welllll..

      I'm sold.

  • +6

    Something something these are great, something something time to stock up people!

    Thank you!

    Edit: while whole peeled are superior to chopped, these are still great!

    • +1

      I've always thought the whole peeled were better too. Maybe they can hide subpar tomatoes in the cutup tins!

    • The whole peeled ones contain juice though so not 100% tomato?

  • +16

    Is there any reason not to buy Australian tinned tomatoes?

    I know these are probably cheaper, but I'm happy to outlay a bit extra to support Aussie farmers..
    (I know, I know, I'll hand back my OzBargain card…)

    • +24

      because they are inferior in every way.

      • I find the Ardmona ones better than Mutti.

        • In what way?

        • +1

          I use a can of each in my pasta sauces - I find the taste of the Mutti superior, but still supporting Aussie.

          • @MattyD: I find the Mutti more 'sour'…

    • +8

      These tomatoes are just amazing quality and flavour. no reason not to buy australian - but these tomatoes are the worth the essays people have written about them that SBOB linked to above!

      I know it's against ozbargain principle to sayt his but they are actually worth the $$ hit at full price!

      • at full price i buy aldi cherry tomatoes, italian also.

    • +23

      Buying Australian also means not shipping tins of tomatoes half way around the planet.

      • -1


        • +7

          Not wanting to start a flame war here, but for example you might not consider it a great use of carbon.

          • @merriweather: how much carbon per can though.
            In the scheme of things I'd say its probably smaller than other differences in carbon use in the way tomatos are grown and processed

          • +2

            @merriweather: who burns more coal for electricity, italy or australia ?

      • -5


      • -1

        We should question the amount of energy needed of moving & storing internet data all around the world.

    • +13

      Like you, I also wish to support Australian tomatoes growers and canneries, unfortunately they don't taste as good as Mutti.

      Tinned italian tomatoes (from certain regions) are as good as they get.

      • +4

        Also I have struggled to find 100% tinned tomatoes that are made in Australia.

        Most tinned tomatoes are only 60% tomatoes and the rest is tomato juice.

    • +6

      I sympathize - but these are the best tinned tomato product that you can get at a reasonable price in mainstream supermarkets. I'm happy to buy nice ripe FRESH Australian tomatoes, but I have yet to come close to seeing really good locally canned tomatoes.

      As an important aside, I find that I don't need to add any sugar to these when making a sauce - they are well balanced straight out of the can.

    • +7

      Have you ever had bananas in Fiji? The issue with Australian produce is that they’ve been cultivated to ‘look’ good so that they sell at coles and woolies. They have, as a result, lost most of their flavour qualities. Same goes for tomatoes.

      • this.

        highly fertile volcanic soil probably doesn't hurt, either

    • These mutti's are great for $1, I woudln't pay $1.60 but much nicer than the cheaper generic tin tomatoes.
      All for buying local however they aren't as good (and Mutti 99.8% tomatoes vs ~60%)

    • These are easily the best tinned tomato.

      Hell, they're better than fresh tomatoes.

      Sauces, cooking, whatever. Yes, it's a noticeable difference, and it's worth the 50c a can or whatever extra these are.

  • +3

    As much as I wanted to support local, these tinned tomatoes by Mutti are by far the best I have cooked with recently. I always get the “baby” versions of their tomatoes to Cook with anything Italian and my tomato based curries. I should say I was a chef and this is only my opinion. Thank you.

  • +26

    You know somethings wrong with the world when its cheaper to buy tomatoes from across the world than in your own country.

    • +4

      They are subsidised by the Italian government.

    • +4

      Something wrong with Australia maybe, not the world

      • +1

        I agree haha

  • +1

    Bugger. I wanted the coarsly chopped ones….will wait….

  • +15

    When I have first tasted these in a bolognese sauce, I have heard the angles sing. My eyes have been opened. My mouth has tasted pure flavor for the first time in my life. My peptic ulcers have calmed the f down for first time in forever. I slept well that night.
    These are good canned tomatoes.

    • +9

      I'll admit I've never heard angles singing :(

      • +13

        Its beautiful when the….right angle sings. Certainly not obtuse at all

      • +3

        But maybe you've heard the angles sine-ing?

      • +1

        Have you ever tried to li-sine for them? ;)

    • +6

      These are the eneloops of tinned toms

      • +2

        …but far more likely to be used! I'm horrified by the number of spare eneloops I find around the place - and I suspect that I bought each and every one.

    • i use kidspot's spag bols recipe… whats your goto recipe?

      • For a start ditch the spaghetti for egg pasta, like fettuccine or tagliatelle. No one in Italy would even think of using spaghetti with ragú.

        • For Ragu, it'll be parpardelle in Italy but I can tell you that they definitely do use spaghetti as well.

      • Pretty much the same, with just a little bit of LSD instead of MSG :)

    • -1

      Why the hype, bro? Calm down

      • Pure flavor does not calm down! It bows to no one. It just is. And it is great!

  • +2
    • +2

      I remember this article! Thanks for posting. Also I think in general whole ones are better quality than chopped

  • Best tinned tomatoes

  • +2

    If you know….

  • Got 12 cans last time it was on sale and down to the last one now.
    It is great value at this price.

    I will be there tomorrow to clean half of the shelf in my local woolies

    • Mutti Passata was $2.50 a bottle last week instead of the normal $3.50

      rather than cleaning half the shelf which i did, i cleaned the whole shelf.

      at $1 ill probably buy 24

      no wonder im cooking bolognese twice a week, cannelloni, lasagna, spaghetti, penne, farfalle, rigatoni, fussili, you name it i make it.

      my kids never get tired of it!

      • still $2.50 at Woolies

  • -2

    StingeBargain, buy fresh tomatoes ffs

    • +2


    • These are better unless you specifically need the texture of a fresh tomato. If you're cooking, these wipe the floor with everything.

  • +2

    How are these different from SPC. Surely the Aussie ones should be fresher as the haven't been in shipping containers for months

    • -2

      Cultural cringe

    • +2

      They definitely taste a lot better than the Aussie ones. Dunno why. Same with fresh sandwich tomates you get in Coles or Wollies - they just taste like water compared to the stuff you get from Europe in general. Dunno, maybe it is the soil diffference?

      • dead soil and GMO lmao

        • Mutti products are all GMO free..

          • @Marcx33: I was referring to why Australian tomatoes taste so bad

            • @User123321: To date Aussie tomatos are not GMO but they just cancelled the previous ban on GMO in all states except TAS

              • @Marcx33: most cheapo tomato tins don't even have lining in the cans i thought?
                Maybe they do, can't remember

      • Both the weather and soil

        The Mediterranean still contains active volcanoes, hence the surrounding soil is rich with minerals.

        The weather is consistent with little variation, it also doesn't get as hot in the summer as it does here, so there is more time to ripen

        Although it could also be the variety. Italy grows tomatoes primarily for sauce production
        , varieties that are sweeter, but without the starch required to stack up in supermarket shelves without being crushed

      • Agree most supermarket tomatoes are under ripe and tasteless. Roma and vine tomatoes are more acceptable.

    • might be species of tomatoes, the italian canned tomatoes are usually roma, or san marzano not sure what type australian tomatoes usually are …

  • +3

    I use these as a base for my woodfired pizzas, it's got a great sauce to tomato ratio. 10/10 would recommend. Thanks OP.

    • Do you strain any the liquid out of a can or do you just blend as is?

      • +1

        I just blend as is, add a bit of olive oil and some basil for a bit of flavour.

        • I also add a few raw garlic cloves into the mix. It is a kick-ass sauce for sure.

    • This guy pizzas :)

      Do the same in my ooni.

  • -1

    Despite the hype I don't find them better than Woolworths and Coles brand at $0.80 everyday. Both excellent let me underline.

    • +2

      … my Italian grandma I never had just sobbed a little bit after I read your comment :P

    • Really? I find those brands are very watery, have bits of peel in them and just aren't up to the Mutti level of quality.

  • +3

    Chopped/diced tomatoes never break down properly due to the calcium chloride they are packed with.

    Highly recommend just buying whole peeled instead.

    Source: https://www.seriouseats.com/canned-tomato-types-and-use-what...

  • why people so excited about chopped tomato? is it an explosion of flavour in your mouth

    • Same reason ppl get excited about vodka mate :)

  • +1

    I know I'm quibbling, but it's not 100% tomatoes when they add 2 tsps of salt to it. It's frustrating because it's so easy to add salt to it yourself - you see 100% tomatoes and that should be what you expect to get.

    • +1

      these have no added salt AFAIK

      • +1

        Look at the nutrition label, 99.2% tomatoes, the rest salt.

        • +2

          aah yeah, but I think they add salt as a natural preservative, not for flavour. 0.8% is a pretty minimal amount tbf

    • yeah wouldn't worry about it otherwise buy fresh ones.
      Longlife foods still need to be kept a while.

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