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LG C1 OLED 4K TV 55" $2380, 65" $3190 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Appliance Central


Slight discount on the most recent prices on LG OLEDs at Appliance Central.

C1 55" $2380
C1 65" $3190 BACK ORDER
A1 65" $2760

They already had the cheapest prices but this knocks them down ~$70 or so.

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    is it just me or does any tv costing more than 1K feels too expensive to buy?
    Pretty sure it's just being too poor thing and I should be off ozBargain :(

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      I used to think over 1500 was too much… I was being cheap but in all honesty for my use case it was perfectly fine. That's changed though and I'm expecting to buy a 65 c1 when they go below 3k again(has happened many times)

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      We all have our own price ceilings.

      $1500 TV
      $2000 laptop
      $600 phones

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        If I like something and really want it then it's on special and I know it's a bargain it's win and deserve it for waiting it out.

        It really depends on what you love.

        I love tech. Someone else likes fashion. Someone else cars.

        I sacrifice on car and fashion, tech is where I put my money.

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      I guess it depends on how you look at it.
      I got the 55C1 from the Good Guys with a price match to around $2500 delivered.

      It was a lot of money for a TV in my books, but the TV it was replacing was a 15 year old FullHD TV, and I intend to keep this one for many years to come.

      The quality of HDR content is absolutely amazing coming from my old FullHD Sony (was top end 15 years ago). I'll probably keep this one for a long time to come too.

      If you're upgrading fairly often then yea, it's a lot of money. But if you intend to keep it for a long time then the investment is definitely worth it if you can afford it.

      My reason for going with OLED over QLED was I want the best HDR and dark scene performance and can live with the downside of OLED in a well lit room for regular TV viewing.

      • How is the lit room performance in your eyes?

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          it's fine for watching normal shows such as the news.

          I wouldn't watch a movie in a lit room though, there is a lot of glare off the screen.

          • @BargainMelbourne: Yer I really want oled but unsure about the lot room performance. I sometimes game during the day and my son also.

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              @Jklaro: I haven't gamed on mine at all yet, I'll play a little Horizon Zero Dawn after work today and let you know what it's like to game on during the day :)

              • @BargainMelbourne: I have a C1 65" and game a lot. I have it set up in a dark area of the living room that doesn't get much glare, but I think if you had it in a spot known for glare it wouldn't be too great. That being said I haven't got any real world experience of that, just a guess.

                Everything else with this TV is excellent, best TV I've ever owned. HDR content is insanely good, for a short while I got addicted to YouTube videos that showcase Dolby Vision and it just looks so damn good. Great for next gen consoles too

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              @Jklaro: If you really care about maximum brightness go QLED.
              HDR looks great on both QLED and OLED.
              Bright areas looks better on QLED and darks areas on OLED.
              Majority of people won't be disappointed with any one them.
              The only thing you must be worried about is the features you might need.
              Picture quality is excellent on both.

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              @Jklaro: I find when I need to game during the day I close the blind behind the couch as it reflects off the screen. There are no issues if the room is bright but if there is a window reflecting on the screen directly then i need to close the blind to fix it.

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              @Jklaro: I've just loaded up Horizon and it looks fine with the blinds open. You can see some glare on the TV.
              However that's when the scene is bright. It would be difficult/hard to see the image of a dark scene, say if you were in a cave or something.
              Nothing that closing the blinds wont help.

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      It depends on your personal perspective. Many people here spend approx $1,000 on a vacuum cleaner…

    • Depends how much you like watching movies and or tv series, the more you pay the better motion processing colour accuracy etc you get, I just dropped $5.4k on a 77C1 felt guilty but my last tv lasted 6 years and definitely got value out of it over the years and sold it to a mate for a good price

      • Howd you manage to get one for 5.4k?

        • Ex JB so got one just above cost

          • @solidussnake: Ah nice. Hopefully they go on sale again soon

          • @solidussnake: Out of interest what's cost price on a TV like that? $5k?

            I've always imagined that cost price would be roughly half RRP. That obviously isn't the case though.

            • @bataleon: Depends on the item but my C165 was $4100 RRP and got it for $2650 cost from a mate who works for JB so about 35% of RRP in that case

            • @bataleon: $51XX is JBs staff cost but if you buy from LG direct you get 50% off but it comes off RRP

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                @solidussnake: I appreciate the help mate. A friend of the family owns the local branch of a big box retailer and has very kindly offered us cost price appliances for our new home.
                At least I know now that I'll still need to cough up a fair of $. I may have got excited prematurely 🥴

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      These TVs are basically only a good idea for absolute enthusiasts who want the best viewing experience possible on their home TV, you can get a perfectly great TV for around $1000 but for the absolute best experience these LG TVs are the way to go it's just not for everyone.

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        Just a matter of perspective I guess, I'd imagine anyone comparing the two would find the $1000 TV completely abhorrent in comparision

        • Oh of course, I'm not suggesting there isn't a notable benefit from buying this TV over a $1000 one but that if you're not after the top of the line experience a $1000 TV will be fine as far as the viewing experience goes.

        • It really is on the individual. I have an 65" OLED that i paid 5K for a few years ago in the living room and a 55" TCL that I paid $430 for a few months ago in the bedroom. I'm personally not that fussy that I can't watch the TCL, I think for the price some of these TV's are pretty bloody good but I can guarantee there are people out there that are OLED or nothing.

      • I had my last TV for the best part of ten years. If I’m only buying one that often I’m happy to spend. If I was getting more than one for the house or liked to upgrade every couple of years it would be a different story.

    • Based on what? Regardless of size, technology used, image quality, features, user interface, warranty, life expectation?

    • My current TV is a second hand Jaeger 55" 4K UHD TV i bought for $200 a few years ago.
      Genuinely been quite impressed with it, hasnt missed a beat since ive had it.
      My first lcd TV i bought when i was 20 years old (15 years ago) was a 32" Samsung brand new from harvey norman for ~$2000… i have never spent more than a few hundred dollars on a tv since then lol
      My very first tv was an 80cm CRT monstrosity i bought when i was 16 wandering through bigw, think it was about $600, can't even remember the brand haha

      • Limiting factors are:
        * Hardwire design/engineering (QA, etc.)
        * Capacitor and other component quality
        * Backlight
        * Software support (code dev, testing, resourcing on support that 'lasts the life of the TV*')
        * How it is used/abused (moved, dropped, fallen against, hit with things)
        * Screen life
        * Operating environment

        Pretty much in that order!?

        Note; * Expressed this way for 'shitsngiggles'

        I had a Samsung 75" last for 8 years before moving to LG OLED. The Sammy still looked great but the software was sad, useless to the point of making certain functions unusable (EPG lag, feature crammed system, bad design). Near zero software support from the vendor and its software stack was quickly orphaned from its newer brothers and sisters'

        LG OLED replacement has worse software, better just, but only if you take into account the relative ease of programming for devices these days. Wants to collect camera and mic data, upload viewing telemetry and do who knows what other surveillance collection, as well as push targeted advertising. Enforces consent to this, else will not operate as a Smart TV.

        Picture on the old Sammy was better than the new ones (in most cases), ran it with no backlight all its life, (maybe why it lasted so well), and the image was surprisingly comparable to the latest LG 4k OLEDs in our dim-lit home.

        Def won't ever buy anything LG again though- the TV is quite hard to use in a 'disconnected' state. Has to call home… Must call home…

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      I feel you dude, I wouldn't spend over 1.5k on any TV 😂😂😂. I have no problems paying 4k for my macbook though

    • It really depends. I splashed out on an LG OLED and honestly, the picture quality is incredible. I felt guilty for weeks for spending the money but we're in lockdown, all holidays are cancelled, not much to do on evenings & weekends. The quality of these TV's really is a cut above the rest. I'm genuinely impressed & don't regret spending the money.

    • I mean yes but no many other OLED TV's with G-sync on the market

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    was cheaper yesterday @ tgg

    • yeah it's not all-time low but decent.

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    $2K was my limit. Sony X90 65" last year.

  • Waiting for the 77 inch to be this price.

    • Same maybe next year.

    • The 77" and 48" screens are apparently on a new manufacturing process that is cheaper than the 65" to manuafacture.

      So you definitely expect the 77" to come down in price quickly once the demand drops off a little.

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    Last night there was a deal 65" C1 was $3145. So how come "They already had the cheapest prices". C1 65" price was around $3450 for a while.

    and around 16 Jul, JB HIFI sold them from ~$2950.

    • yeah sorry, to clarify, if you've been keeping an eye on these TVs, the standard retailers (JB, TGG, HN etc) currently have them set at approximately the same prices, and appliance central have had theirs juuuuust slightly below those. that's what i was referring to.

      TGG had them on sale yesterday for about 12 hours and yeah JB had them really cheap about a month ago. but if you want to buy one of these televisions today and can't travel back in time, as far as i'm aware, this is the cheapest way to do it.

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    Great TV, but they’ve butchered webOS

    • Good case to use shield tv, but even that isn't oerfect

      • haven't experienced anything better than Shield (either version), what's your favorite?

        • GUI wise? ATV hands down.

          Otherwise shield.

    • +1

      Chromecast/Google TV would fix that wouldn't it?

    • yeah I can't believe what they've done to the UI. The ribbon layout at the bottom was fantastic and really conducive to using the pointer remote. Now it's just full screen, generic af.

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    I just price matched this a few days ago from jb hifi, where appliance Central was $2410. I was surprised with how easy it was to call them up and price match. It was free delivery at the time as well.

    The catch is I'm not getting local regional stock, but from the Melbourne warehouse…. so I don't know if it's going to be delayed a heap.

    • If it's within 14 days of purchase, you SHOULD be able to ring up and get 'price protection/guarantee' to bring it down to the $2245.50 from Good Guys' sale last night and get the difference you paid refunded. Employee I rang this morning checked with his manager and it's a goer for me.

      • So if I buy this from JB Hi-fi right now and see a cheaper price anywhere else within 14 days of purchase (or delivery?), I can call up and get the difference refunded?

        • This is exactly my understanding and experience. I'd imagine it's purchase date rather than delivery.

          • @Doy: How did you go with 'proof'? Since I missed this deal, clicking TGG link shows me their current price, so how did you verify last night's sale price?

            • +1

              @noodlesfordaddy: I had a screenshot of it in my cart with a timestamp if needed, but the employee I was speaking to saw the sale themselves.

  • Has anyone tried using these as a work/gaming monitor? Any negatives besides the ergonomics of the tilt?

    • +3

      Some negatives include
      - Image/text isn't very sharp at around 80 PPI, the WRGB pixel layout on these isn't great for text either
      - ABL will kick in pretty easily when using large windows, making it very dim
      - Glossy panel would be a nightmare in anything other than a dark room

    • +1

      55" is probably pushing it on a desk (48" preferable), but I am using the 55" as my primary screen for work/gaming/movies from about 1.5M - 2M distance away. It's pretty much perfect, particularly if you generally use dark mode and Dark Reader, etc.. (full white screens dim the display quite harshly).

    • +2

      There’s a 42 inch model coming out next year , I’d wait for that

      • +1

        The 42 is a good size, just wish they came with a coating that wasn't glossy

    • I think you are risking burn in using an OLED as a PC monitor?

      • Yes risk is there for static images, channel logos, footers etc but as far as I know since 2018 or 2019 they have updated their panel and logic board to address that issue. They do some local dimming to 80% based on the temperature of the pixel or something like that. So it is not as easy as it is on the 2017 model (which I have). I have got my TV's panel replaced because of that problem. Also I have been advised by LG Support to use OLED Pixel Refresher one weekly basis to minimized that chance.

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    I got the C1 55 from TGG last night for $200 less.

    • How?

  • Very easy to justify big bucks on an expensive TV.

    I like the no compromise situation, to enjoy a movie in the best quality is worth Every cent.

    If you stick hd720 rips I guess your 65" $900 Hisense will do the job just fine.

    For me 4k UHD disks are the way to go because they are the best formats.

  • Wish someone would do a comparable discount on the 48" version. Hard to justify buying a "48 when the 55" is similarly priced. Unfortunately the 55" is too big for my living room.

    • $1800 back in June

      • Missed it. But the larger ones generally go on sale more frequently.

  • I love my OLED i got in 2018 - can never go back to LCD.

  • The 65" is on back order but they've dropped it to $3190 which brings it pretty close to the recent TGG flash sale. Website says 5-7 day delay but I'd take that with a grain of salt.

  • Will other stores price match the 55"?

  • I got a b8 65” in 2019 for $2400. Tv prices have gone up heaps

  • How long will they be this sale price for?

    • TGG and a couple of others have their currently advertised prices lasting til September 8, my guess would be that LG are discounting until then.

      • Ok thanks ….also anyone know is there anyway to buy online and delay the delivery a week to when I know I will be home ?

        • Probably best contacting their support. Or you could try and get a price match with a local retailer and arrange a click and collect.

          • @merriweather: I want do click and collect but not sure the box will fit in my car haha maybe back seat