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Telstra Day: Samsung - Galaxy S21 128GB $624, 256GB $672 | S20 FE 5G $699.30 | A32 $336 (Account Req.)


Telstra Day – our monthly one-day sale event where we offer unreal deals on a great range of products – is back once again. Here’s what’s on offer this time around.

Edit: Full list of deals now in title/on Telstra Exchange, iPhone and iPad deals also live, wouldn't fit in the title!

Mod: Removed S21 Ultra 128GB $1293.60, 256GB $1360.80 Duplicate from title.

Mod: All Telstra Day Deal Posts

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  • It's Tel$tra, enough said!

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    Precious time of ozbargainers wasted by Telstra. They already warned us that it's Telstra Day, what else to expect :p

  • See you guys in the morning

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    I got catfished

    I found the discount under business plans, no outright option.. way to go misleading everyone. Thanks Luke

  • +5

    Misleading post here. Need add plan to get 50%
    report it

    • So did you get one by adding a plan or are you just happy to troll?

    • +1

      Yup, and in their advertisement it does not say that plan need to be purchased:

      Telstra Day deals: September
      We’ve got some real bangers!

      We will be taking 50% off the price of the Samsung Galaxy S21 128GB and 256GB. Both models are down to $624 and $672 respectively.

      How about 40% off the RRP of an iPhone 12 mini? Was $1199, now it’s $720. Save $479! Or, maybe you’re a tablet fan. We’ve got the 20% off the RRP of an iPad Air: now $880, saving you $219. Only on Telstra Day!

      And there are plenty more where that came from!

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    Save 50% off RRP when you add to an eligible Mobile plan.

    Was never going to happen

    • What plans are eligible?

    • Early termination fee applies if cancelled after a month?

    • You can buy outright.

  • +8

    *pokes stick at website

    Come on, do something

    • +1

      turn it off n on

  • 🙄

  • +3

    How do I change my vote to negative?

    • Under title there is a tab called vote. Revoke vote and make it neg

      • Thanks. I can undo my + but can't change it to a neg. Ah well.

  • +1


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    At least, eBay does not disappoint us at 12am.

  • +1

    Stay up to get this for wife.. My F5 button is broken. Cmon Telstra I need to go to bed!!

  • Stayed up, now I be late to work ffs

    • not work from home?

    • +1

      late to work? how long does the walk to the study take cuzzz

  • As if Telstra isn't hated enough… Let us know if you purchased the base S21 at 50% off? Samsung could have offloaded so much redundant stock…

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    Lol. I stayed up for a Scheduled Maintenance? What a joke. On the bright side, I chatted with a Telstra customer support and was told that they are accepting back orders for the S21 256Gb. Which means no one will miss out if they're still interested. Was hoping I could get one of the stock items first though.

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    That's why I don't vote till I proceed with the deal , mega fail lol

  • +7

    I thought it was particularly shady that Luke seemed to ignore all those asking for clarification on how to actually prepare to buy this outright tonight…

    • He's just the guy that gets paid to engage and advertise. It's Telstra to blame

  • +1

    Bait & switch boys. Bait & switch.

  • FU, waste of time….and sleep

  • +12

    Well this is going well. Finding someone who can turn it off and on again so we can get some deals. Sorry for the muck-around, folks.

    • +1

      Thanks, please keep us updated

    • Here’s to hoping

    • Can you answer a few questions while you're here?

      Do I need to be a Telstra customer? Can I just buy a starter sim from Coles/Woolies tomorrow and technically be a Telstra customer?
      Do I need to purchase the phone with a plan? I can see a few "Telstra Upfront Mobile Plans", are these the eligible plans?

      • I wouldn't bother with him, he's guessing. He originally told us you don't need to be an existing Telstra customer, but it became pretty clear after the Telstra day website was revealed that you do need to be a Telstra customer, and it's impossible to sign up to be a new customer online. You need to go instore for an ID check.

        • Bloody hell. I've literally been telling my girlfriend to go to bed because I'm buying her a present…

          Won't be able to go anywhere since I'm in NSW. Guess I'm going back to my original present idea which was a POCO F3….

          • @Runite Oar: Your girlfriend is like "but I got enough poco things in my life!". haha jk. Hope you can snag a deal.

    • Is it worth staying up for maintenance this rate or will there be guaranteed backorder stock tomorrow morning at a minimum?

    • +1

      Luke and Telstra are harvesting our wastes sleep, it was all an elaborate plan. Now the carrot has been dangled, and all us plebs will wait until 4am

    • The Telstra day page does not say to get eligible plan for the discount, but phone page does. Conflicting info.

    • Hold on guys.
      Luke trying to find out "on-call" country to fix the issue.

    • Good luck finding someone on-shore who is willing to pick up the phone at this hour unless they have been rostered with "on-call" duty

  • Go to bed everyone, nothing to see here grins evily

    • +1

      username checks out

  • +2

    Telstra day => Telstra night => Telstra bye

  • +3

    Telstra. Destroying ozbargainers dreams one Telstra day at a time.

  • well played Luke.. well played.

  • OMG I'M IN!!!!…. Back in to bed where i should of effin stayed!

  • +2

    What a joke . Under maintenance.

    Did you guys even have load balancers ? Is this a telsra day or a telstra week ?

    • +1

      Telstra Weak considering how things are going? Poorly managed event

  • +3

    This feels like its run by Harvey Norman…

    • or toddlers using technology for the first time…

      • +2

        Did I stutter?

  • -3

    Resellers getting angry passed their bedtime 😴

    • +1

      people really getting these to resell?
      I'm just trying to get my mum her first smart phone so she can do covid check-ins easier instead of being hassled to write her details down each time

      • yes as many times over lolz

      • +1

        The s21 256gb would be a pretty easy flip, watch the unwanted gifts appear on fb, gumtree, eBay lol

        • Damn never knew people did that, I'm always reluctant to buy electronics off those sites

        • how much you selling it for? im thinking the same

  • +2

    Telstra joke.
    We should have known better.

  • +4

    OzB is crashing too?

    • Yup. Just crashed on me too.

      • same for me, hello cloudflare!

  • +7

    We've even Ozbargained the Ozbargain website :)

    • Is that a first?

      • It's a first for me that's for sure.

  • +1

    3 hours wasted..
    First time to give a negative vote!

  • +16

    This OP should be banned for misleading all fellow ozbargainers !

    • +1

      At least made to suffer Kogan spam emails for a month!

  • OzB hammered, error 504.

  • +1

    Wow Telstra..

  • +2

    I'm selling all my Telstra stock THIS INSTANT!

    • Soz, website is under maintenance… Try again later.

  • epic fail. typical telstra

  • +2

    Spoke to telstra chat and they won't do the 50 percent off with no plan. Absolute bullshit.

  • -3

    F A R K
    Y O U



    • +4

      They are sleeping peacefully having sweet dreams while you're here ranting :)

  • +15

    i wouldn't even stay up for a root after midnight and telstra just slapped me backside with no lube

    • 😂 Have an upvote

    • +1 lol

  • +3

    It should be renamed to Telstra Epic Fail Day.

      • +3

        No you must sign-up to a month to month contract…same link just click where it says 'Buy For Your Business'

        • +2

          Yeah that's a no deal!

          • @ProBoDoBo: Would you not just sign-up for a month then cancel?

            • @donmonster: The payment for phone is in 24 month repayment option only, cannot get the phone outright. Plan can definitely be cancelled no issues.

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