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Choceur Chocolate Block Selected Varieties 180g-200g $1.99 (Was $2.99) @ ALDI

  • Choceur Cookies and Cream
  • Choceur Salted Pretzel
  • Choceur Crunchy Salted Caramel

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  • Pretzel one is not nice imo
    Too salty

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      Shut your filthy mouth. It's bloody awesome

      • +9

        I like you strategy!
        Get all the noobs to buy the crappy pretzel so the good stuff is still left

        • +1

          These pretzels are making me hungry

        • I am thinking about the crunchy caramel, what's your opinion on it?

          • @htc: Havent tried it

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    I havent tried any of those flavours, are they any good?

    They don't sound particularly nice

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      The cookies and cream one is OK, the other two I'm not a fan of (although the missus likes the pretzel one because she is a huge weirdo ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      • +11

        How huge is she?!

        • +2

          Hahaha shit I didn't mean physically large normal weirdo, I meant normal sized but really weird weirdo

        • Bigger now they're only $2.

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      We haven't tried the cookies and cream, but the other two are very much enjoyed in our household - we do like salted caramel though. If you're not normally a fan of it, then probably don't. It's only $1.99 though, so worth a try?

    • The crunchy salted caramel was bad.

      • +1

        I was thinking about buying it.

    • Are these dark or milk chocolate based?? I’m curious about the cookies and cream and salted caramel. My guess is the former is milk chocolate but the latter I could be either?

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        Even dark has high sugar content, something to be mindful of.

    • salted pretzel was too salty

  • Coffee & Cream, right? Don't think ALDI sell a cookies & cream Choceur bar.

    Pretzel is very good for those that haven't tried.

    • They sell both, I think the cookies and cream one is more of a newer flavour though. Tried it a few weeks ago for the first time, it was okay but there's better flavours there imo.

      • The main 'NEW' thing abut the brand is they have adopted the Cadbury marketing approach…drop the size and keep the price up…which is good for our waistline as I refuse to support this growing supermarket trend and will not but shrunken packages!

    • No, it's definitely Cookies and Cream. I purchased a block a couple of weeks ago.
      They haven't got it on their website because it is possibly a limited edition variety.

    • I saw it in Aldi just this afternoon, first time I've seen it (it had a 'new' tag too).

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    The pretzel one is delicious. I literally inhale it.

    • +1

      love the sarcasm

    • +1

      agreed, one of the top flavours

    • +1

      You could put small pieces in a meth/crack pipe when you're super desperate. Lol

      • +1

        Excellent idea!!

        • Good man.

  • The fruit and nut one is the bomb!

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    If this were the dark chocolate with almond/hazelnet, I would've taken all of their stock

    • That good because I would have cleaned them out of their plain dark of this variety

      Side note the organic dark chocolate (green and white packet) is seriously good. Not as fudgy as this variety but quite rich

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    Just my opinion, but Aldi's chocolate taste good

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    The Dark chocolate mint one is 10/10 when kept in the freezer

    • never thought of that lol. Yes, I like the dark mint. Wish they had more in the dark option

      • Trust me, I didn't rate it at first but once I froze it I swear it made it a lot better.

        • Nobody in my fam seems to like the dark peppermint. Chucking in the freezer now…

          • @capslock janitor: Trust the process, I swear it elevates the flavour x100. Keen to hear the outcome haha.

            • @OzBaggins: Idk about x100 but made the chocolate crunchier texture and peppermint flavour wasn't as strong?
              I was surprised it didn't turn rock hard, overall I agree more enjoyable from the freezer. Might have fam re-try.

  • Mmm love the salted caramel

    • +4

      This is just wrong. I can't speak for these specific flavours, but the Milk, Dark and Hazelnut are incredible, some of the best chocolate i've ever tasted, and the Choceur brand has won multiple awards for their performance over the years so they must be doing something right.

      • best on the market for the price. The hazelnut one is marvellous.

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    I don’t mind the pretzel one, but honey almond is my favourite from the range.

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    Chocuer smashes Cadbury, it's way too sweet these days. If you havn't tried it ignore negative comments above and try it.

    • +3

      Came to this conclusion years ago, funny enough i fell for the latest breakaway ads, all i could taste was bloody sugar, didn’t enjoy it at all .. Won’t be going back to Cadbury anytime soon

      • +1

        Thanks mate, wanted to try breakaway but if it's all sugar I'll stick with Aldi!

        • the Old Gold Breakaways? just ordered one lol -
          in case it's a cheaper alternative to KitKat Dark block

      • +1

        then they started doing too many disappointing flavours, the hedgehog and Vegemite, and all sorts.

  • +1

    Choceur Dark is literally perfect. Pity it's (again) not on special.

    • love all their dark choc blocks, wish they expanded the range…..maybe dark choc with a liquid orange centre (not too sweet, and with a bit of bitterness to it) I don't mind the ones with the 5 packs 125g, but would like I block, like the salted caramel and peppermint.

  • +1

    Been swallowing the caramel ones for weeks now. Great value at 2 dollar but I just end up eating more

    • Same here, been munching on the caramel since it's been 2 bucks so time to try the salted caramel tomorrow. Yay

      • +1

        Heads up, the salted caramel is hard pieces of caramel mixed through the chocolate block, as opposed to gooey caramel centre, which is what I thought/was hoping it was.

        • +1

          I was wondering how they mixed in the caramel. I'll definitely get one block for a taste test before I go all in and get a few while on special. Thanks mate for letting me know.

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          I tried the salted caramel tonight and meh it's ok. Definitely not what I was hoping for. I'm going to stick with the gooey caramel and the Aldi dairyfine hazelnut block from now on.

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    You know I was quite skeptical about the quality and taste of these bars and some are pretty darn good. Especially those ones in their own individual wrappers like little willy wonker bars.

  • The new cookies and cream is da bomb. Mmmm mmmm.

  • the White Chocolate Moose one is always out of stock.

  • I rate this chocolate very highly will happily demolish a block in one sitting