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$10 Referral Bonus for Referrer & Referee ($5 Min Investment within 14 Days of Sign up Required) @ Spaceship


Join over 200,000 customers investing in spaceship with double the normal referral bonus!

Note that referral codes need to be added to your account after you sign up (within 14 days of sign up). Use the referral randomiser to get a code. You MUST invest a minimum of $5 to receive the referral.

No fees on the first $5,000 invested, and 0.1% on balances above $5,000.

Performance of funds can be seen here: https://newwwie.net/ Past performance is not indicative of future performance.

Terms and conditions

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Referral: random (295)

$10 referral bonus for both referrer and referee

Referee must add a referral code and deposit a minimum of $5 within 14 days of sign up.

(Referrer must have deposited a minimum of $5.)

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  • Gotta wait until next to before I can pull out my investment. I think I’m only up 15-20% lol

  • +2

    Aw man, nobody has used my code yet apparently :( just made sure I updated it then.

    • +1

      So annoying, I used Yuliana's code but she hasn't put in the $5 so we're both missing out on $10 and I'm not allowed to enter another code.

      Mods, can we please delete confirmed dud codes? As others have pointed out, there are lots that are unreliable here.

  • +4

    The amount of times mine has showed as clicked on over the last year but not actually been used is starting to become a joke XD

    • I get this alot on Amex CC referrals, so many clicks , never 1 conversion

    • it doesn't surprise me unfortunately, i knew it was not to enter until the registration complete

      but by the reasonable but long period to complete tasks and referral entry is available,
      I'd already lost from clipboard.

      Maybe a post warning to keep record the code
      wait to end to click a referral code

      would reduce that failed follow through

    • I've even had a ref used to sign-up but they never made a deposit.

    • aaand already appears to have happened again XD

  • +6

    For reference for anyone considering, I put in a few grand last year and it’s increased 30.9%

  • Thanks, finally jumped on board, used a code from here, Chris apparently.

  • +3

    Also, Spaceship does pay a distribution into your bank account at the end of the financial year. This time it was around 1.2c per unit, or around half a percent of the unit price at the time.

  • +8

    $2000 invested with $210 return since the start of the year

  • How are your investment returns with spaceship vs raiz?

    • +7

      Spaceship far better returns and cheaper on fees, sure they have the nice roundup feature but I found the returns were never worth it to beat to actual monthly cost of the portfolio.

    • +4

      The Spaceship is my pick, $2.50-3.50 a month kills my savings
      If you have $2500 this may be worth it though as dividends do seem pretty good from Raiz. "Depending what your investment is"
      I know emerald profile has done amazing in the last year.

      • I agree, Spaceship is generally my pick, but I keep my Raiz account for a semblance of diversity and for the dividends. In July (dividend season!) I got $50+ in dividends from Raiz, which pays for my fees for the year. That said, over the last year I'm up ~19% with Raiz compared to ~31% with Spaceship.

    • +1

      My universe portfolio has $1,700 invested now $189.30 return since Feb this year
      Auto deposit $50 every week

    • +1

      My Spaceship (Universe) portfolio gained by ~13% over the past 6 months. That's double my Raiz (Aggressive) portfolio gain.

      Plus, the fees are lower with Spaceship.

  • Dang it just referred the wife yesterday 😂

  • +2

    Just be warned there is no insurance with spaceship. I’ve been in the higher risk version for quite a few years and the growth is fantastic to the point where there would be enough to cover all my debts ect if I die so the only bit that scares me is no permanent disability cover. You can pick this up from someone else on the side though.


    The first drop was when all tech stocks dropped and the second is covid. I pulled out 20k at that time and have already regained it but that’s why mine looks like it took a long time to recover. My last quarterly return was 10k with an average of around 5k.

    • +1

      Impressive 👍

    • +8

      I could be wrong, but I don't think this post is referring to the superannuation product.

    • +5

      I think you should clarify that you are talking about Spaceship Super, and not Spaceship Voyager which this deal is about.
      I'm with both and it's definitely worth noting that Spaceship Super has no insurance cover.

      • That's the only thing stopping me from moving to Spaceship Super, and I've mentioned that to them via feedback.

        • +1

          I really don't get it; I deliberately opt out of that in my non-Spaceship super product that does have insurance.

          If you want insurance, go get insurance, you don't need your super company to provide it - you can still receive the same tax benefits (e.g. for life) from other super products without coupling it to your superannuation provider, go talk to a broker (and you'll get a better deal from a broker too).

          • @ely: Paying for insurance out of your super is money that has not been taxed as highly and in fact you don't have any real access to it besides, so is normally batter.

            • @coxymla: You do not need to get insurance through your super company in order to pay it out of your superannuation; as noted in my comment "you can still receive the same tax benefits". I recommend speaking to a broker.

      • Yes your right. Same investments though I think.

    • +1

      As everyone pointed out. I’m with the super. It’s the same investments though so the graph still should look the same. Honestly I kinda forgot they had the other type. Lol

    • +1

      If you are really concerned about death benefit, do not rely on those attached to super products, the payout categories are way more restricted than what you may think.

  • +3

    Yea agree spaceship is good better than raiz and comsec pocket

    Anyone know if referral within same household/family member is allowed (like they don't decline it)

  • what's apy on this normally, current apy for usd is 30%+

  • +1

    I never got my referral after my father made his deposit, went to the effort of contacting them and they chose not to apply my referral credit.

  • +2

    Great little site to see performance

    As mentioned voyager is heavily weighted on US tech stocks
    Would only recommend this as high risk/"fun money"/money you can afford to lose

    The US tech industry has had an incredible run over the last year which why you see people with 50-100% increase.
    Will this continue? no one knows.

  • +1

    The codes posted on Google reviews work much better than the ones here. Too many times people have not invested the $5 first.

    • Yep, I've been screwed over by Alan who isn't eligible to refer people but has still entered his referral code here. Thanks for nothing Alan!

      • +1

        Not sure if its the same situation for you, but I found after entering a referral code (via the app), it would remain in Pending state for around 3 business days before it got paid. During those 3 days, it would remain in Pending state and also state that the referrer had not yet met the eligibility criteria (which is misleading).

        • +1

          Ok, I'll hold off on my judgment of Alan for 3 business days.

          Thanks for letting me know!

          • +1

            @timmyd: I'm sorry Alan! I got my referral bonus after all.

  • +1

    So if this is only 0.1% fees, why is Vanguard ETF still a thing?

    • +2

      I think because they are a start-up, so they don't care about the profit at this stage, but the number of customers.

    • +1

      Some Vanguard ETFs have equal or lower fees. (eg VAS 0.1%, VTS 0.03% fees). Many Blackrock ETFs have cheaper fees as well. Plus they are more established and have CHESS sponsorship.

  • Remember, funds don't have dividends, they have distributions, and the amount of distributions will be deducted from the unit price when the distribution being calculated. So you aren't getting 'EXTRA MONEY', instead, it forces you to sell part of your portfolio, which results in a CGT event.

    • My units in spaceship hasn't decreased

  • +1

    Apologies if I'm missing something, but where do I enter the referral code after signing up?

    • +2

      Let me answer my own question - looks like that function seems to be only available on the App!

      • +1

        Thanks! Not clear at all, yes you can enter this via the app under account > referrals > enter a referral code.

  • +3

    Hmmm I only started investing in ETF's recently, do I also start chucking some money in here too?

    • That depends on your personal flavour.

      However what I have done is, I have setup some amount (let’s just assume $100 per week) as auto investment. Forgotten about it. As in not very active to check and all. A good move so far, as to me this is forgotten money and any return is good return.

      I do invest actively elsewhere as well. YMMV.

  • +1

    What a joke??? This asks for your bank client number and password, DO NOT DO THIS. Make sure you click the enter bank account details manually button.

    • +2

      Yeah I wasn't too comfortable with that, despite the assurances - chose the BSB/acct no option instead

  • My referrer hasn't completed the deposit as well. So annoying.

    • +1

      OK it looks like we might just need to relax and wait an extra week. I referred someone but their account says that I haven't met the eligibility requirements even though I have deposited $10. My spaceship units haven't come in yet, so that could be it.

      • Exactly my experience - both as a referrer & referee

  • Great app, have been using for a while now

  • After signing up and putting in money, do I need to provide TFN?

    • i dont think it is a requirement, but if you dont provide your TFN, spaceship is forced to tax you at maximum individual tax rate (I think 60% or something). This is only when you sell your units though.

      • Thanks!

  • +3

    Wow - just saw the notice about fees of $2.50 per month from November :(

    • +6

      So other people are aware, the new fee of $2.5 will replace the current fee of 0.1% on balances above $5k. This means that you will only benefit from the new fee structure if you hold a balance exceeding $35k. The effective fee now becomes:
      3% for $1k
      1.5% for 2k
      0.6% for 5k
      0.3% for 10k
      0.2% for 15k
      0.15% for 20k
      0.12% for 25k
      0.1% for 30k
      0.09% for 35k
      0.08% for 40k
      0.07% for 45k
      0.06% for 50k

      • nice work

        sadly though for me only just starting out with couple 00s per month not even close to such targets already lost 15% per month add $2.50 to that and i'm bleeding endlessly

    • +2

      Good if you have a balance over $35,000 on their universe portfolio.

      A big attraction was to be able to do micro investments to grow your investment starting from a small balance.

      The poorest always gets screwed. I'm taking my money out.

      • Personally I’m better off with the new fee structure though I do feel for those with small balances just starting out. It was a great way to get people to start investing with no fees.

        In saying that, they are a for-profit company at the end of the day. Their current AUM is $1bn, and assuming they got 0.1% fee on this entire balance their revenue for the year would’ve been just $1m. That’s not even factoring in no fees on the first $5k! If I assume that 80% of customers have balances less than $5k then their revenue for the year would likely be around $200k. They have all these overhead costs and it’s simply not sustainable to charge such low fees. The new fee model will allow them to boost revenue from ~200k to about $5m to $6m, which will likely still result in them incurring a net loss.

        I’ve made 30%+ in the past year, so even if I had a $5k balance and paid 0.6% I’d be up significantly. I guess people need to remember it’s not all about costs, but what your returns look relative to that cost.

    • I noticed this too. I'm considering withdrawing my money from them since I only have a few hundred with them. I think the fees outweigh the profit I get from them per month at this stage.. Unless I pour a whole heap of money into it.. But I have most of my money tied up in commsec..

      • Fee as a % of balance probably not working out too well for them so they are pivoting to a fixed amount per month just like Raiz, which is bad for holders with small balance amount but makes sense commercial wise given there really is little difference in effort and investment needed to help manage an account with $1000 balance vs. another account with $100,000 balance..

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