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Alesis Nitro 8 Piece All Mesh Electronic Drum Kit - $431.11 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


Fulfilled by Amazon UK. Just got a price-drop notification from 3camels that this kit is at its lowest ever. Hopefully helps someone out there with their lockdown blues, maybe come out of this with a new skill!

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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            • @superforever: Yeah, I think the date is very over cautious.
              Maybe yours has shipped and they havent updated it? We'll see Monday I guess - fingers crossed for ya!

      • Mine now has an ETA (30 Sep - 4 Oct), but no tracking (doesn't appear to have been shipped, yet).

        • Mine's now changed to "Arriving 1 Oct - 10 Dec", and still hasn't actually been sent.

          • @RichardMelbourne: Amazon chat said that apparently the drum kit has now changed to "sold & fulfilled by Amazon AU", due to stock issues.

        • Where are you seeing this out of interest, as in, where on the page?

          Mine still says "We will email you when we have an estimated delivery date." when I click the yellow 'Track package' button, and (before clicking that) above the thumbnail of the drums on the Order details page it says 'Not yet shipped'.

    • Mine arrived in Perth on Friday (24th), but being a public holiday Monday it wasn't delivered until Tuesday. Haven't had a chance to open it up yet.
      It was shipped with just a label on the box - no Amazon packaging. Had a couple of gouges on the box, but the contents look to be intact.
      Hopefully they get more stock in soon so that everyone else can get theirs.

      • You must have ordered it very early.

        • It was actually quite late in the day on the 2nd. Not sure why I got chosen for delivery - random luck I guess.

      • Definitely lucky. Make sure you play them and don't let them sit gathering dust. Next Stewart Copeland, Keith Moon, Roger Taylor, Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins 😉

      • I just received a shipment email: ETA now 19 October.

        • Awesome! Hopefully that will come forward once it has shipped.
          I managed to set mine up, but haven't played yet as the power supply only comes with a UK or EU push in adapter. I think you can get a UK to AU adapter at Bunnings for around $5. I will say that it was very well packaged with every item in its own labelled box. It took about an hour to get it all unboxed and set up.

        • Just receivwd update too. Oct20

        • Mine just arrived today! Woohoo!!! But I'll have to wait until the weekend 'cos I'm snowed at work 😡

  • You guys are getting delivery dates?! Mine is still pending that info……:(

    • +1

      Contact Amazon support and ask them - if you've never done it before, I gave instructions further up.

      • i've been contacting support like every other day and im getting the same response, no stock and pending fulfillment.. =(

      • Thanks! i contacted amazon, they are still waiting for the product,…. I will just wait then,

        • finally got update on the order - Arriving 1 October - 9 December

          • @clartan2015: Has it actually shipped yet, though?

            • @RichardMelbourne: I got a delivery date now! December 8 ……wow

              • @blackpizza: Same question: has it actually shipped? Just asking because I have a date (which has changed) but still not shipped, yet

                • @RichardMelbourne: No not yet shipped. i just realized that estimate delivery is 3 months away, im considering cancelling it……

                  • @blackpizza: It got updated to Arriving 1 Oct - 9 Dec

                  • @blackpizza: …and yet it still says "in stock" and delivery by 4-6 Oct (and has not been OOS since the deal)?

                    • @woodlake: I was told that the reason for this is that now it's sold and fulfilled by Amazon AU - which doesn't make sense seeing as the page shows Amazon UK, but that's what the chat support person said…

                      • @RichardMelbourne: Your right - it does say "ships from and sold by Amazon AU" now. I see its also been updated to "usually dispatched within 2-4 weeks". Hopefully that means everyone gets it sooner rather than later then.

                        • +1

                          @woodlake: I said that exact thing to Amazon Support and they said no, because ours are coming from Amazon UK, and I said that this doesn't seem fair as it's Amazon…

                          • @RichardMelbourne: Guessing all of you have had your cc charged now (as in, today) following this action?

    • +1

      meh. i just cancelled mine was still in no shipping date status whatever.

  • I spoke with Amazon this morning and was given an ETA of November 12.

    • But you haven't been charged yet? Or had an update on your amazon order page right?

      • I paid with a gift card. Correct, no update on the order page/tracking.

    • Dispatched today! ETA Oct 24. (Regional VIC).

  • +1

    My card was charged last night. Wheels are movin.

    • Nice! What's your ETA?

    • I got charged too last night. ETA still is Oct1 - Dec9

    • Just seen that I've been charged as well - but still not actually shipped, yet.

    • Same charged no longer allow me to add additional gift card.

    • Just realised that the transaction is still showing as pending, on my credit card (but still hasn't shipped yet)

      • Mines now arriving 22/10

  • I havent been charged yet……

    • Me either, no charge or shipping date. Also contacted support 2 days ago who said since its sold by UK Amazon they can only email them and ask for an update (got nothing yet)

  • I think they want us to cancel the order……..

  • +1

    Shipping notification just received

  • It's bizarre that Amazon let them continue to list this as for sale AND in stock, when there are literally hundreds of orders than haven't shipped in >1 month. Not really a confidence builder that one.

    • +1

      Amazon doesn't LET them, it literally IS Amazon doing it.

      • +1

        Ah yeah good point. Had my threads crossed thinking it was a different seller on this one.

  • +1

    Mine has been shipped with a delivery date of 22/10/21!:)

    • +1

      I just got an update too. ETA 22/10/21 as well.

  • Just got charged and my order now says preparing.

    • Also charged yesterday and preparing for shipping (and another mate who got it same day).

  • Tried to get an update out if Amazon and was told that reason it hasn't shipped is they are unable to ship to Australia. I told them that I could still order the same item from the same seller with no issues with shipping. After much back and forth resolution was to cancel current order and reorder at 200 more.
    I told them this was not acceptable and was essentially baiting and switching. After escalating to 2 supervisors above solution was the only way forward and Amazon would refund the difference when it arrives…. Will see how much I have to hassle them for the refund….

    • Everyone else's orders are eventually shipping, why not just leave it and see what happens? It's not like this is a stellar kit that can't be obtained elsewhere.

    • You didn't read our orders shipped?

    • Have had zero issues with Amazon keeping their word- I've had the same thing happen, I guess they can't process the refund until it's delivered or something?

    • They can't ship to Australia, yet they can when you pay another 200?

      My order still has no update but I'm not going anywhere, people are posting updates every few days so I'm confident they're just working through the queue

  • Finally! The money has been taken with shipping details pending

    • And delivered!

      • Any update from DHL Tracking after shipment information received?

  • +1

    Finally received the item! =) Im in Sydney btw

  • +1

    Mine just arrived today (Monday) to Melbourne. It was sent from the UK last Wednesday. I can see mine was one of 311 kits received into Amazon, according to the sticker on the box, so perhaps a few more will ship to other Ozb buyers. I received a shipping ETA a day or two after chatting to online support.

    • +1

      Mine's due tomorrow, so fingers crossed

  • +1

    Just received shipping notification, arriving Oct 23rd

  • And delivered here in regional Victoria

  • Got my shipping notification 4 days ago, received it today (Sydney)

    • This gets me excited, I'm Sydney too. How did this differ from the estimates?

      Amazon gave me 13 days, I woke up to the DHL notification this morning that said 7

      • Amazon is being VERY cautious with delivery times over the past couple of months especially.

      • +1

        Amazon gave me 13 days as well, and it ended up taking 5. DHL didn't give an estimate, just a notification in the morning that they'd be delivering that day. I hope yours arrives early too!

      • +1

        Mine was shipped on the Wednesday and arrived on the Monday. It was scheduled for a Sunday delivery. At that rate, it is faster than local delivery, especially with the AusPost delays most retailers are seeing.

  • +3

    Once you get it set up, there are a few things that likely need fixing based on having it for a few days now:

    • Be sure to angle the snare in particular towards you. The rims are really high and every shot becomes a rimshot if it is flat (for me anyway)
    • The kick pedal was too tight and needed to be loosened. You have to pull down the bottom nut to loosen it. It still isnt great and may need a better quality kicker (or double kicker)
    • The bass drum doesn't come through like what is heard when the button on the console is pressed. There are some settings to adjust for this but haven't got it just right yet. I used to play 20 years ago on an acoustic and I am struggling to adjust to this kits feel a little, particularly the kick pedal. The hi hats work really well though.
    • The play through microphone jacks are picky. I haven't found the right 3.5 cables to get it sounding correctly without crackles and only one channel. Avoiding play through at the moment and just having music play through from behind me and some computer speaker play the drum kit in front of me.
    • The layout on the rack takes a little getting right. Still adjusting. It provides lots of options, but the instructions dont really help in this regard.

    There are a range of YouTube videos and reddit posts that help out with the kit.

    • Mine is still stuck in Singapore at the moment, but that's great advice - thanks!

    • having any issues with the height of the rack? A lot of people complain that the kit sits too low

      • +1

        I have a low chair/stool, so it is ok. It is relatively small in terms of size of the snare and toms and doesn't take up as much room as I expected. YMMV. Note that it is also fairly light so may move around a little and twist from the original position depending on the floor type.

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