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$500 Trade-in Bonus + Trade-in Value + $100 Chat Code + $50 Promotion Code When You Buy a Galaxy S21 Range Mobile @ Samsung


Just purchased the Ultra at $1199.

My order confirmation looks like this:

Your trade in discount plus your $200 trade in bonus has been applied. Bonus $200 offer ends 10.09.2021 Promotion was applied to your order total
Your trade in discount plus your $300 trade in bonus has been applied. Bonus $300 offer ends 30.09.2021 Promotion was applied to your order total
Thank you for signing up to Samsung Electronics Marketing emails. Your $50 promotion code has been applied to your order. Promotion was applied to your order total
Your discount has been applied to cart. Promotion was applied to your order total *(This is the 100$ chat code, I asked if there was still a chat coupon, they asked me if I had a Samsung phone, I said yes and they gave me a code.)

Edit: My trade in value is only 5$ due to a cracked back panel, so I'm just going to hand down the phone and be charged 5$.

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        • yep tried it too, first letter you type in comes up with the error code. i even tried restarting the browser and its still having the same error message.

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            @jaj024: You have to enter the credit cards details, then once you enter the whole code, it should work.

            • @Hazz125: Thank you. working now, i didnt know you have to enter cc details in trade up app.

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      It's better to have a bad in trade-in value as one would neg on trade-in with Samsung and keep there phone and sell for more privately and then just owe Samsung the trade-in value (in your case $10) and you'll pocket the bonus $300 trade-in plus the other bonuses

      Just wondering what condition did you report to Samsung trade-in app for your Note 9?

      As my Note 9 has a cracked screen (top right hand corner hard too see) well for $10 I'd rather keep my Note 9 as it's a dual sim 512gb version which I use for torrent downloading, better then keeping my PC on 24/7 which would be much more costly to run over my Note 9

  • Anyone have a spare $50 voucher? I can't be bothered waiting 24-48hrs for one to generate. I'll give you mine when it comes in?

  • T&C for Fold3 Trade Up offer stated that there will be an admin fee of about $60 or $80 if the device is not returned.

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      The general trade up program terms and conditions state a $60 admin fee on top of non-return fee.

      • Thanks for that, so effectively anyone thinking of not returning a phone needs to factor in that cost.

  • Just tested Note 10+ for Samsung fold 3 -
    Total $1,825 - $675 discount.

    Rather $1,000 fold 2

    • Note 10 + was 720 until 31st August

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    Geez there's some whiners in this thread…

    Good deal op. Well done.

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      You should upvote the deal then for him :)

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        I did

  • Do you guys know when the 200 dollar bonus will expire? It says 10.9.21 on OP's post but I'm wondering if there's a chance it could end sooner.
    How did this work last time?
    I have a 100 dollar code coming but not sure if I should wait for it or just buy it at 100 more now.

  • Any direct chat link? Been waiting 30 mins n then disconnect

  • They butchered the trade-in values hehe. Last trade in deal (the stackable one a few months back) my s10 was worth 210. Now its worth 90.

    BTW - last deal I forgot to send my s10 in and got charged 200 bux. Anyone in the market for a burner phone? Haha

    • Lower trade-in value is better if ya gonna neg on the trade-in later on,.. read posts above why

      Thanks to Samsungs latest lower trade-in value to you for your trade-in mobile you've pocketed $120,.. $210 - $90 👍😁

      Can you now see why it's better having a lower trade-in value if ones gonna neg on the trade-in, especially if your gonna sell your trade-in mobile privately later on, certainly Samsung is not offering the resale value of one's mobile well I'm sure there selling it to a third party who has to make a profit

      • Oh yeah that kinda makes sense haha. But maybe they're cracking down on it?

  • Anyone having issues with the trade in app? I can't get it to validate any of my credit cards

    • Nope, just done it and all good. Used disposable Revolut card.

      • Got it working. I cleared the app data

  • Sorry, due to an error, trade-in service is unavailable at the moment


    • Vaguely remember that when you are running the App on your old device, you need to put in the CC details. (i.e. not to bring it to store)

  • Wow US citizens are getting awesome trade-in values for the latest Samsung Galaxy Flip3 and Fold3 phones,.. hopefully this comes to Australia, mind you US $900 is more in Australian dollars, roughly AU $1,200, nice 👍😁

    (As advertised on Samsung US website: Get up to $900 credit with the highest online instant trade-in values.)


    • Yeah, a pretty nice boost with their offer. Maybe we get the short end because we're a much smaller market

  • Can anyone explain, is it correct in order to get trade in bonus
    I have to download the app on the trade in mobile? Is there any other way? Mine is s7 edge.

    • Yes, you need the app to generate the Trade-in Id.

    • yes you have to download the app

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    I got 375 for a Note s20 Ultra what a shit offer

    • yes, but then there is the bonus amounts on top of that.

  • hate these deals as they never allow anything lower than s7 for trade in. We have 2 s5 phones and my husband needs a new one and I don't want to change over my s9 yet, so we can never take advantage.

    • Just get the phone with the s9 and don't send it back! They will only charge you the price of the s9 which you don't send back ;)

      • that immoral :P

  • Anyone else getting the free gifts are out of stock when trying to pre-order the flip, which prevents you from proceeding?

  • Great deal OP, thanks.

    My note 10 screen is broken, can't download app unless I repair it for around 300$. Any suggestions/workaround?

    • Dex if you already have it installed?

      • Yeah not installed. Is it worth to repair screen for the price of $300?

    • the tradeup app only works if you can actually use the phone.

    • You could try using a mouse assuming the display is working.

  • Thanks OP. Got my 100 dollar code this morning and 50 dollar code via email
    S21 Ultra 512GB in silver for 1469 + 30 for the trade in value.

    • can I ask what did you say to get the 100dollar code?

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        I copy pasted the above:
        I remember hearing about a chat discount code, does that still exist?

        I did it once last night and was told I'd get the code in 24-48 hrs
        I got impatient and messaged again today and the manager did it within 30 minutes with some extra photos.

  • I just tried adding two different $100 Live Chat codes. Can confirm it doesn't work :(

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      Really? Strange.. mine worked.

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        Nah sorry I mean stacking two codes!

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    Does the education store have this trade in deal?

    • tested this - doesnt work, you only get a $100-$200 bonus for the trade in vs $500

      • What do mean $100-200 bonus (like is it $100 or $200)? Did you try contacting Samsung to get $500 bonus?

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          my bad, i tested it last night when i was half awake.

          You will only get the educational discount + actual trade in value.

          No bonuses.

          Ie. S21 Ultra 5G 128gb - RRP is 1849, EDU 1479.2.
          My S8+ is only worth $40..

          Final Educational pricing would be: 1439.2

          With the stacking as mentioned by OP:

          RRP 1849 - TradeIn offer $300 - TradeIn Offer $200 - Chat Code $100 - Marketing Bonus $50 - (Actual Trade in value)

          = 1199 - (Actual Device Trade in value)

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    I see that there is a $60 'Device Non-Return Administration Fee' however, for 'Mis-grading' there are no signs of an admin fee. Does anyone know whether there is an admin fee for 'mis-grading' and whether samsung will send back the phone after seeing a cracked screen? My phone is worth $60, is it just better to take the $120 charge for 'non-return'?

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      Samsung chat forwarded me to the pdf TnC and to contact the Trade In partner.


    • You don't need to send your mobile to Samsung,.. you just neg on the trade-in of your trade-in mobile and then pay the trade-in amount plus admin fee, your case $60 + $60 = $120 (some posts below stating admin fee might be $20 instead of $60)

  • Anyone else getting this error Sorry, due to an error, trade-in service is unavailable at the moment

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      This was happening to me, you need to enter your credit card details into the trade app.

      • Thanks @mose88 - That was the problem.. All good now..

  • I picked up an S21 128gb for $629 ($500 trade in bonus + $100 code). I registered for the $50 sign up yesterday but it hadn't / hasn't come through as yet. The online chat rep mentioned that there was a chance they could sell out so i just pulled the trigger.

    I received $20 for my S8 which I obviously won't send back, it did mention a non return fee of $20 which is fine, however, I've seen the $60 admin fee mentioned a few times.

    Is the $60 admin new?

    Has anyone paid this admin fee on a non return of their trade in recently?

    Even with the $60 admin + $20 trade fee it's still great value, especially after missing out on the recent telstra day deal.

    • We will all know the true chargeback value once we start receiving our phones.

    • I did the trade in deal in July and never sent the phone back. Wasn't my cc but I'm told they were never charged anything for not returning…yet anyway.

  • Hey Guys

    For the $50 signup discount do you receive an email or when you buy it will automatically apply $50 by matching your email address. Also for the $100 loyality discount how long does it take to receive the email. By the way they asked for photos of phone and IMEI number which I did send via e-mail for $100 voucher code.


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      That isn't how I got the vouchers.

      1. Go to chat and say you have s10 for trade in and need $100 voucher. They give voucher code in chat.

      2. Then sign up with a random email address via samsung website promotion to get $50 promo code in your inbox.

      • Thanks mate, I got the chat voucher over the chat now. but still waiting for sign up promo code. how long did it take you to get it.


        • dont use gmail, I used yahoo and got it pretty quickly

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    Mine came quickly. Use a new email otherwise you might have already received the code from many months ago. Search through inbox for an old code. Also my June issued $50 code worked last night.

    My email was received from [email protected]

    And showed as Samsung Electronics, subject "Full Name, get $50 off your next purchase".

    • Tried 3 emails without success man… Might go without it. I believed that it should be automated email and should come straight away. Maybe it's weekend and it needs a person to send that code and they are not working on weekend.

      • +1

        Applied on Thursday, live chat to follow up this afternoon, still haven't receive anything :(

  • I have tried all possible ways to get the sign-up code, create a new email address but still haven't got anything. Can you suggest a trick?

    Also I am confused, If I mention that my phone is physically damaged it shows not eligible for trade but if I play on and show it to be fine it come to $65, is there a way to reduce it value…This hardly matter as I will not be sending my phone.

    So you are saying I should get a charge of $65 only and not the entire trade discount?

    Thanks in advance

    • dont use gmail, use yahoo or outlook

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        tried everything created a new yahoo account, iCloud account got nothing

        • I'm in the same boat. Tried 5 different email address. Still no code. :(

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          PM me and I will give you a spare code

    • What I understood with trade in value is that whatever value they give you for your old phone, you will pay that much less but if you won't send in that phone that much will be deducted from your card.

      Say s21 costs you $600 after all vouchers and trade in value for your old phone is $50. You will pay $550 and when you don't send in they will deduct another $50 from your card.

      This is my understanding

      • That's correct mate.

        Also, few people are mentioning about a $60 admin fee on top of non-return fee. Not sure, no one has confirmed yet on that.

  • Just to all those looking to take advantage of not returning their trade in device, please be aware that Samsung have changed their Ts&C's since the last trade in bonus deal. So I would be reading them very carefully before assuming you won't get charged any extra.

    • $60 'Device Non-Return Administration Fee' mentioned in this thread (it is listed under Definition in SAMSUNG TRADE-UP PROGRAM T&C)

      • So are you saying that in addition to phone cost they will charge $60 as admin

        • only if you don't send in your phone => "Non-Return"

    • Yeah I think you're right. I remeber there being a line that you would have to pay back the trade in bonus if the phone you sent in wasn't right, but just pay the pay what they were going t give you for the phone. Plus this other fee. So it doesn't seem like it's worth it :(

      I was so close to pulling hte pin on this deal!

  • Seems the S21 is single SIM + eSIM? That's pretty annoying for a non carrier device.

  • Anyone else getting 'Sorry, due to an error, trade-in service is unavailable at the moment'?

    • Same here. Been trying since this morning. Used different devices and browsers, but still the same error message. Chat with Samsung, they say to contact Asurion as they are managing the trade in on behalf of Samsung.

  • I finshed all procedures and I kept getting
    "Card validation failed"
    "Unable to validate credit card info"

    I have tried it with all my cards and it doesn't work at all.
    Anyone else get this error?

    • Yeah i was getting the same. I reset the app data and worked fine after that.

    • +1

      Clear App data then try

  • anyone recently got $50 code….any tip or trip please share

    • If you did not receive the code then try to email Samsung at [email protected]

      I have received email from Samsung as below


      Samsung Australia has received notice that you have yet to receive the requested $50 Marketing Opt-In Voucher Code to be used on purchases of over $350 on the Samsung Online Store.

      It appears that you have successfully registered, however, your email provider may have blocked emails from our promotional account.

      We appreciate your patience in this matter and are happy to manually provide the below code for use:

      Should you have any further concerns please do reach out to us at [email protected] and we will endeavour to assist in a timely manner.

      • How much time it took them for response?

        • About 24-48 hours

        • Apparently, the customer service only work on business days. So, takes 24-48 business day hours. I raised it on Saturday night and got it just this afternoon after multiple follow ups and multiple emails use.

          • @mando7: same here.. very late night Friday …and just got my respond yesterday (tue) arvo

    • Tip:

      Try multiple emails, don't rely on one, as there is only about a 25% sucess rate.

      • i got mine $50 more than 3.5days later plus multiple emails to [email protected] and using the chatting tool

        not sure if the chatting tool help in anyway……

  • Can anyone confirm on the non-return($50) and admin fee($20) please?

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