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ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX 3060 AMP White Edition 12GB GDDR6 GPU $949 + Shipping @ PLE Computers


Saw this deal at static ice. Not the cheapest but a stock update and if anyone keen to buy a white edition go for it. Cheers!!

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    if this is Ti I'll get it :/

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      I checked the link for you. It's not.

    • pretty sure there is no 12gb 3060Ti

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    why not get the powercolour white 6700xt from PCCG if you're getting a white GPU around this price, it's going for $1149

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      2nd. I love mine, it's such a beautiful high quality card.

      Build flex - https://au.pcpartpicker.com/b/VRcqqs

      • You overpaid for the PSU, mobo and a few other parts. Nice build though.

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          I didn't pay any of those prices listed, they're whatever pc part picker put there.

          Wouldn't dream of paying those prices.

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            @dsiritz: Ohh shiny. I was tempted to do a white build but went the opposite way and mine's mostly all black.

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              @Caped Baldy: Cheers. Wasn't my original plan but this is how it ended up with deals found etc.

              Black would be so much easier to do because it's a pain in the a** to find genuinely "white" LEDs. Fans that just have "RGB" seem to only get as close as a blue hue of white. It's the reason I haven't swapped out the kaze flex fans on the CPU cooler for RGB variants. The white just isn't the same..

      • +1

        nice setup :) I finally caved as well as I am building a new setup

        • Thanks mate. Enjoy the build 👍

      • If you only do one thing make sure it's to wall-mount the powerboard, it pains me to see the powerboard clutter near your nice neat pc.

        Get an under desk headphone hanger? Wall mount your screen if you can? Flip your stationary draw upside down and mount it under your desk (if the draw still slides when inverted to compensate)?

        • Hey thanks for the suggestions - I change plugs around on this board fairly often so it's convenient to have it within reach.

          As for the headphone hanger, I was hanging it from the handle tucked under the desk to raise/lower it, though the memory foam padding was starting to develop a permanent dent so I decided against that. Wall mounting my screen is definitely on the list once I move, and the drawer hides my cables and keeps my medicine within reach for the time being ;)

      • +1

        I tried that UpHere brace but it would just bend. I must've gotten a dud.

        • Yeah it's definitely on the dud side. I positioned it as tightly as possible and the support it offers is still minimal. I'll definitely be getting one that just sits on the PSU shroud and pokes up.

          • +1

            @dsiritz: I've gone through like 3 braces now lmfao. I first got the UpHere one which bent, then I got a tower style one, but then upgraded to an ATX case so it was now too short. Then I bought the Lian Li one but the crossbar pokes out far enough that the GPU doesn't click into the PCIe slot, and now I have to get another tower style one.

            Easily $40 on braces that hold no resell value :/

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    Are the only reason 3060's are so expensive because of the 12gb being good for mining (even LHR)?

    Obscenely priced considering 6600xt as direct competitiong and 3060ti as the tier up from it

    • Nvidia is just way more popular.

    • Supply / demand. That is all.

    • AMD can't compete for OpenGL drivers which is why I can't use their cards

      • +1

        I am genuinely curious what people still use opengl for, and more to the point what AMDs can't do? (I do know amd drivers are generally less mature). I thought even khronos was trying to movr people to vulkan? (I mean ogl hasn't seen an update in years!)

        • +2

          Sure. A lot of video game console emulators primarily use OpenGL now. These hobbiest developers tend to have nvidia hardware and use nvidia-specific features. AMD's opengl drivers on windows are almost unusable in a lot of these emulators, with softlocks and poor performance among other issues. The situation is better on Linux with their opensource drivers, but there are still issues.
          Until recently, the best way to use Cemu with an AMD gpu, was to install Linux and run it in wine!
          A lot of the emulators are moving to Vulkan now, partly as a result of this. But even with Vulkan, there are many AMD-specific issues (and some scenarios where vulkan isn't working yet and you have to use OpenGL).

          It's a shame because bang for buck wise, AMD hardware is far more appealing!

          • @idonotknowwhy: Huh emulation is ogl! TIL. Haha cheers for the explanation, was really interesting!

    • Low supply so people are willing to pay crazy prices for what's available so retailer are able to mark up the price. No way in the world would I buy a non-ti 3060 that has a $300 mark up.

    • I've had both AMD and Nvidia before. Honestly, it's a bit of an apple vs samsung thing. Nvidia just works. Brilliantly. AMD gets close, but always missing a few features (DLSS for example) and has more driver issues.

      I can't be bothered dealing with that any more and willingly pay a premium for nvidia. But AMD is a great choice for those whose biggest concern is budget than perfection.

      Now, that said, I'm talking about the high end cards. I don't know if I'd care for Nvidia over AMD by more than 5% of price if only talking 3060 performance levels.

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    A 6600 XT is much better value.

    • +1

      Agreed, but still expensive..HOLD

      • RX 6600 XT is decent for around $650-$700 range, got one for wife and she is enjoying some 4k gaming at mid preset at ~60fps.

        • +1

          yeah I wouldn't use it for 4k gaming lol as a 1440p card its surpricingly good. as a 1080p card its amazingly good. I maxed out cyberpunk at 1080p with full ray tracing on and it still gave me 60 to 70fps.

          at 1440p it gave me 30 to 45fps which is understandable its not really designed for 1440p but still the FPS is playable considing its fully maxed out with ray tracing.

          • @kungfuman: of course, you mentioned all the reasons I bought it as well. just stating the fact it does perform well in mid presets in 4k just so someone may find it useful.

  • LHR?

    • +1

      Low Hash Rate.

      • +1

        I think they're asking if it is lhr not what it is

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    I can't believe how expensive GPU prices have become, you used to be able to buy a gtx titan at this price bracket. Even back then, people thought the gtx titan was too expensive!

    Even so, these still sell like hotcakes

    • +4

      That’s whats holding me back. I can’t bring myself to pay $1000 for what is essentially the base model.

      • -1

        How about 3050?

        • There aren’t any 3050 cards for desktops.

      • +1

        Same here, I feel like the prices are absolutely nuts at the moment.

        I mean, I've just checked the prices on ebay and apparently I could sell my 2070 super at over 50% of what I paid for it brand new.

        Never thought I'd say this, but apparently it was one of the best investment decision I made in the past 1-2 years!

    • some articles i read have said its only going to get worse (sorry i forgot the source and the reason why)

      • That's a shame =\

        I guess the only thing we can hope for in the short term is a crpyto crash

      • It's not but prices have levelled off for the moment and 3060/3060 Ti stock in particular will be a little thin for most of September before a flurry, which probably means into October for us.

        Pricing should then begin dropping again, bit will be contingent on crypto developments.

        Whatever the case, this is not a good deal.

  • +17

    This is a terrible price. 3060 Ti were going for $859 only a few weeks ago and are considerably more powerful than this.
    Please people don't encourage the purchasing of graphics cards at these insane prices.

    • How many people actually landed a 3060ti in those preorders? I was kicking myself for missing the Asus 3060ti, ended up paying 880 for a evga 3060 gaming as I needed the smaller card and 6600xt's were all too thick. Couldn't be bothered waiting.

      • At least a couple including myself on ozbargain. Won't see those prices for a while I reckon.

        • Nice, deals on 6600xt are the thing for now 700ish for one of those are floating around.

    • +1

      But it’s white

  • +5

    I don't understand how this is a bargain. There's been posts of a 3060 Ti a few weeks ago going for $860 and you post this 3060 for more than that?

    • I agree but that was a few weeks ago.

      • Prices have gone up about 30% in a few weeks?

  • +1

    MSRP is 799 for this.

    • +2

      MSRP is $529 AUD for a 3060? where did you get 799 from?

      • Tax, shipping, and the fact that its white.

        custom colours tend to demand higher prices.

        The price was at the max end of the scale just to show that its still cheaper than the current 949

  • -1

    I've clearly mentioned it in the description, I'm mentioning it again: Not the cheapest but a stock update and if anyone keen to buy a white edition go for it. So kindly read the description and comment your thoughts.

    • +2

      I still stand by my comment.

    • +10

      At that point, you may as well copy and paste the entire PLE stock levels for every card. I honestly don't think ozbargain is the place for "stock updates".

      My votes and comments are purely from a bargain level. If prices aren't going down, then my votes will.

  • +2

    A stock update is not a bargain, this is OzBargain not OzStock ;)

  • +1

    Even in this market this is one of the worst value cards. 6600xt or 3060ti are about as good as it gets for price/performance at the moment.

    • +1

      I paid 589 for my 6600 XT for me upgrading from a 5600 XT was totally worth it. The other good thing is that my old 5600 XT sold for 700 bucks on ebay for a year old card. So I got a free upgrade considering I bought the 5600 XT at the begining of 2020 for 500 bucks. The prices are crazy even for old cards.

      • did you have any hassles with ebay? im considering doing the same with my 5700xt but worried someone will try to pull a swift one and claim 'not working'

        • +1

          no issues at all. Just make sure you take photos of you packed item and send to customer before shipping.

          Also make sure its packed well. take video of it working also and photos with the date and time tested before shipping.

          they you have all the evidence that it was working when it left.

  • Not really a bargain unless you're desperate for a GPU.

    Unfortunately, crypto is booming again so the recent slight improvement in GPU prices is over for now. :( Ethereum has doubled in the last 6 weeks…

  • +3

    thanks for sharing but not worth buying. This ones is cheaper and in stock: https://www.bpctech.com.au/12g-p5-3657-kr-evga-geforce-rtx-3...

  • ZOTAC RTX 3060 AMP White Edition LHR

  • 6600XT, better performance, better harshrate, and you can find it for under $750.

  • +2

    These prices are literally a joke! Prices will come down eventually! The more people buy at these ridiculous prices the more they’ll go up. I understand everyone wants to game but you’ll be kicking yourself’s when the prices do come down because a card like this is going to be sold for $500-$600 MAX!

    • +1

      I don't even know if that will ever happen honestly I think prices will be high forever

    • Au contraire… if we don't buy any then it's more for the miners.

  • I would bet against prices coming down.

    • How much?

      • +1

        Tend to agree with prices not coming down just from what I have been reading. Would be nice to predict the future though haha.

        I'm generally risk averse so I wouldn't bet much for something like this.

  • back in the day a Titan Xp was $1200 !!! 😲 better than Ti performance in that generation !

  • I think we are all in agreement this is not a bargin at all.

  • Shouldn't a card like this be around $500 - $600 retail? Not really a bargain, $450 would be a bargain.

  • Dont regret my techfast at all. It was way too much money, but I get to play games.

    I do regret their garbage PSU though. WTF.

  • Don't buy this

  • 3060 is the worst value for money out of any card on the market. Has been for a long time. Pay the extra for 6700xt or wait for a sub 1k 3060ti. Even you could pay less for a 6600xt.

    Blah blah that was 3 weeks ago prices. How much money can you save in 3 weeks? How much OT can you work to afford a high tier for better value? Sub 2k 6900xt is better value then a 3060 atm.

    Only thing that will save us is intel gpu Q1 2022. That will force the release of super series with hopefully even more mining restrictions built in. Amd don't care they are fulfilling super computer orders. Consumers mean nothing to them compared to government and enterprise.

    • Its another company that needs tsmc semiconductors which is entering an industry where there is already a shortage.
      I dont think supply will improve until both tsmc and intel finish building there new foundries.

  • Not a deal, not even close!!

    • +1

      And… you upvoted it.

  • They didn't let me change it. Lol

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