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LADDA Rechargeable Battery AA or AAA 4pk $7 + Delivery or $5 C&C @ IKEA


Another good price drop on the 1900mah LADDA AA's.

AAA 750mah also available for the same price

I would assume same price nationwide in store for free pickup.

Original Coupon Deal Ikea Family Members can use code QREW3Pe79 for $10 off

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  • I’m seeing $10 and $8.. how you getting $5?

    • it changes depending on your quantity ordered.

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        How many do I need to order than? And also do I want the 2450 or the 1900? And do I want the 750 or 900? Is the bigger capacity simply better ?

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          Usually the larger capacities have lower max charge cycles

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          one is 500 cycles, the other is 1000+ before degredation …. I go with the 2450 and 900mah as they degrade with time and I can't myself charging every 3 days for the next 5 years … and I'd rather have the higher capacity and charge less often .

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      I think OP means click and collect is $5 on top of the item price

      I boycott anywhere that charges for click and collect. Especially in lockdown cities

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        Thanks, got you. Wow so you pay for picking it up? Lol

      • I've been abusing the ikea family discount so only get $5 off. That's okay since I'm spending less than $10 anyway.

    • It is $7 on the website. You are looking at the white 2450 mah versions

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    I just saw as well they have grey 2450s and White cheaper 2450s…

    Sorry for all questions I’m about to order a whole bunch

    • So we're able to still get the older white ones guys?

  • white or colored 2450mAh?

    • I’m guessing the grey coloured ones have been manufactured more recently so longer shelf life.. not sure if different makes/origin etc though

      • Grey ones are more expensive, I might just get those white ones. Thanks

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          White = 4 x 2450mAh @ $10 / pack
          Grey = 4 x 1900mAh @ $7 / pack

          Grey ones are lower capacity, and as others have noted may be made in a different factory.

          The white ones are well documented as very-likely being made in the same factory as Eneloops, which are often praised as the gold standard in affordable rechargeable consumer batteries.

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            @Chandler: Hey there’s grey ones in 2450 as well

            • @BusMan247: Ah ok. I was just going by the listings I found in my quick search.

          • @Chandler: There's only one factory in Japan that manufactures the Ikea

    • Whichever is made in Japan. The white ones were/are made in Japan, never seen the gray ones before, so not sure about them.

      • White ones are OOS!

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            @Sleepycat3: Good job, selfish. Didn't occur to you others might want some too?

      • Grey 2450mah are made in Japan too, and from what I have read should be made in the same as Japanese Enerloop Pros.

        The grey ones are a newer model to replace the old white ones, and come in a newer eco-friendly (no plastic) packaging.

        • I've been searching too but White & Grey 2450mah seem identical. I can't see why they are changed

  • Price comes up as $0 for the 2450mah AA after the discount code applied, but errors out when trying to sort out delivery?

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      They all seem unavailable for delivery for me in Brisbane, even though they're in stock at my closest IKEA…

      • Ended up doing what the guy below me did, 2x1900mah packs for $4 with the discount code + $9 delivery to VIC. Worked fine

        • Nope, not working either when I put my suburb in for some reason. Oh well…

          • @NigelTufnel: same for me, but it worked after I joined the family program

            • @ky1975: I was already logged in to my family account. Still no dice.

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    Just bought two packs for a total of $4. Because yes, the Original Coupon Deal code does work - thanks for the suggestion! I had to sign up to Ikea Family to qualify. Was amazed when it returned me to the basket and it went from $14 to $4.

    Of course, being in lockdown, I then paid $9 for delivery. So effectively paid $13 for the two packs (delivered).

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      This worked, thank you!

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      Did the same as well, thanks for the reminder!

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    $5.00 to click and collect… no thanks..

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    I used this code in an old post and got 10 dollars off

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    Keeps coming up with an error when I put my post code in

    Anyone know how to sort this out?

    • Looks like nobody has a postcode error solution

  • Same issue with post code…

  • Are these "older 1900mah LADDA AA"?
    These looks new (color) to me.

    • These are the news ones (lower capacity). The old ones are white (higher capacity)

  • Same postcode error as well. Dont think they will deliver these.

  • oos for delivery, but available in store?

  • Don’t cheat on your Eneloop’s


  • Got 2x 1900mAh $4 after discout + $9 delivery. Thanks

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    $5 C&C what is this?! That almost deserves a neg on its own

  • Good price. They bumped up the price to almost eneloops prices after we all started buying them. Good to see them back at reasonable prices.

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    Anyone been able to get them delivered in Victoria?

    • seems like I am only able to add the lower capacity ones.

    • no you have to travel all the way there just to collect and they charge you to collect it also

  • The AAA 750mah linked here were $6 last month, at full price. Looks like IKEA has bumped the prices up.

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    $5 to C+C is pretty scummy.

    • This.

    • Well factoring how big the stores are its kind of a waste of time for them to go pick a pack of batteries.

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    I ordered some Laddas in June and I still haven't received my delivery from IKEA (NSW).

    • Have you queried them?

    • I received mine.

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      I live an hours drive from IKEA and the ones I ordered in June took 5 weeks to arrive…

      Either they came from Sweden or they were using Turtle-Direct.

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    Just saw this: https://www.reddit.com/r/flashlight/comments/ojdqds/new_gray...

    The gray LADDAs are still Made in Japan.

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      Ofc they are. There's only one factory in the world making these in this mAh, whether they are LADDA branded or Eneloop branded. Fakes excluded of course.

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    Delivery time is in 3 weeks… ???

  • i got them before, theses are.made in Japan

  • Does anyone use the book looking Tjugo charger and storage?

    Or could you recommend a comparable unit?

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      I returned that charger because it would often decide my batteries were bad. The batteries that did charge wouldn't last very long. Not recommended.

      I use two chargers. Nitecore D4 and Liitokala Lii-402. Both of these are fine.

      • I have seen those recommend before so thanks for your feedback. I'll skip on the Tjugo then.

  • Ikea delivery is freakin hopeless! I was going to suggest Turnigys from Hobby King but delivery is from their international warehouse and it costs a bomb so not worth it.

  • I thought the older white ones were cleared out months ago by OzB.
    At least each time I've checked (in VIC).

  • Don't know how much batteries differ between brands but how is this brand in general?

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      Looks like you're new to the rechargeable battery scene. The LADDAs are very good quality being Japanese made and slightly more affordable than the Ozbargain favourite Panasonic Eneloops.

      • The ozbargain favourites were the Sanyo eneloops. Panasonic ones just arent as good as the old sanyo ones

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          Depends on where they are manufactured. If they are Japanese made, they are from the same factory where Sanyo Eneloops used to be made. They are the same quality.

        • Agree. This is true my Sanyos are better than Panasonic. The ones in 2008 still holds up

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    what's a good charger to use with these batteries? i currently don't have one. which should i get; grey or white? i use aaa a lot for 1 device.

    • This question is being asked every time a LADDA or Eneloop deal is posted. Have a look at previous deals.

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        Perhaps every poster should include the recommendation within the OP?

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          That is a good idea!

    • Make sure you get a smart charger. I got a Panasonic K-KJ55MCC4TA fast smart charger via Amazon. Charges 4 batteries in about 1.5 hours and comes packaged with 4x AA.

      Currently I have a fairly high rotation of AAA to keep my toddler's toy train going (he plays with it every day). For that, I use two sets of 4x AAA and when I swap the batteries in the toy for a freshly charged set, I put the used ones back into the charger so they'll be ready for the next swap.

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        That's going to kill them fast, eneloops and ladda need a slow ~20hr charge to get the best out of them. For toys normal nicad are better.

        • Guess I'll find out! It's an Eneloop charger that came with Eneloops.

  • Ozbargainers use a lot of dildos.

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      everyone who negs the above does


  • These are 10

    I just bought these today.. and when I collected it.. they have me the new ones.

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    I cannot even complete my order.It tries to verify shipping options and the the message pops up - "Something went wrong. Please review your postcode and try again"

    • That means they are out of stock of that item at your local Ikea.

  • Why I have $49 for delivery, Syd metro. Stupid business

  • Thanks.
    No 2450 available to be shipped for my location, but few packs of the 1900 with shipping is decent value with the $10 ikea family coupon

  • Has any bought these yet? Are they made in China? The 1900mah Eneloops are made in China and are fine, Panasonic wanted to move all production to China. These could be re-wraps.

  • Can confirm cancelled the cart after being confused by the $5 click and collect charge.

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    inb4 companies start charging a $5 dollar covid tax.

  • What a joke - $29 delivery fee for a pack of batteries to Tasmania.

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    Something strange happened with my order. I had some batteries and with shipping the order total was $49. But on the payment section it shoes a total of $40. But after going through paypal it threw me a message asking me to try another payment method. Just checked my paypal they have charged me and I am now wasting my time trying to chase this up with support.

    Update: Called and they have now processed a refund. I suspect something is wrong with the voucher code which is confusing their system and I wasted 30 minutes to get my money back.

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    they were meant to send me a text on wednesday to pick up my order. nothing. only on saturday did they send a text saying my order was cancelled because my ikea family membership was ineligible for the discount code. took them a few days to scrutinise that? lol

    • +1

      Ikea delivery seems to be incredibly slow compared to other recent Australian OzBargain deals.

      or some bugs (/ blanketed business refusal) have appeared and they have not notified me about my order…

      • i'm surprised for such a multinational, that they're so stingy. charging $5 to c&c, then they go over every order to make sure the membership is eligible for a discount? lol wow

    • I just got mine delivered, used the discount code as well.
      maybe they scrutinised yours because it was a click & collect?