1000 AIA Vitality Points for Fully Vaccinated Members @ AIA Health Insurance


AIA Health & AIA Life Insurance will also give 1000 rewards points in their AIA Vitality Health & Wellness program to fully vaccinated Australians, in the same way they currently reward customers for regular health check-ups and flu vaccinations. AIA Vitality members can access partner discounts of up to 50% based on the number of points they accrue.

Source: One Big Switch

One Big Switch has compiled a current list of freebies and offers when you are vaccinated. You do not have to be a Big Switch member to read the offers, Just scroll down to the list. You do not have to sign up to read it.

Mod: COVID Vaccination Freebies & Deals

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  • +5

    Was thinking we should get an ozbargain forum post similar to the birthday deal but for the vaxxed. That'll do it for now

  • Getting Ready.

  • +12

    Imagine it was free 4x AA eneloops. Ozbargain would have the first fully vaccinated community forum.

    • But is delivery free? IKEA click & collect kills the deal.

      • IKEA have LADDA, which to my understanding seems to be like an ALDI version of eneloops. Kind of like how Pfizer and AZ are viewed.

  • +21

    What's a bet that anyone complaining "I'm not being forced to put dangerous chemicals in my body!" has also taken advantage of every single KFC deal on here…

    • -9

      My dog loves KFC. Can’t get enough of these OzBargain deals. I don’t touch the stuff, myself. But my dog isn’t being “coerced” into a rash, potentially-deadly medical procedure. Sorry… I just lost my train of thought…

      • +3

        Nothing shows true love for a pet like toxifying your dog who can't understand the impact it's having on their body.
        As for vaxxing your dog lol I suggest you lay off the shrooms for a bit.

    • +2

      Let's compare a medical procedure with food, well done mate.

  • there was talks that if new people get both jabs before January, they would get $300 from the government.
    I heard it on the news about a month ago, any progress on this? are they actually going to do it or did they shot it down already?

    • +3

      I think Labour wants to do this

    • +2

      Facebook is not exactly a reliable source

    • -2

      Labor wanted to help stimulate the economy while incentivising fence-sitters who will only get vaccinated if it personally benefits them. It's a brilliant scheme idea that will probably happen in about 6 months once the wheels fall off our healthcare system and we're looking at a 70% vacced rate that isn't enough.

      LNP: Always late to the party

      • +2

        Seems like a mostly bad idea because it incentivises people to wait until the government pays them (yer, with your tax dollars) to do something they should do of their own accord. Hence delays some vaccinations and also encourages people to hold out on the next thing that they should do of their own accord for themselves or the community.

        I don't think we want more wasted handouts, even if it's not to corporations this time.

        • Unfortunately, there's plenty of people that will not go out of their way to get vaccinated because 'they should do of their own accord'. That's just the reality. I personally know of at least a handful of people that would leap at it just to net a few hundy. I don't personally care, I'm double vaxxed, but you need carrot not stick.

          • +1

            @OfTheOverflow: The carrot will become clear, it is not dying.

            Look at the US now, thousands of stories of antivaxxers expressing regret on their death beds.

            It is funny, all these antivaxxers had conspiracies about how the government is trying to control us with the vaccine and thin the herd. Well, not getting the vaccine is killing off the stupid, gullible, fat, and/or lazy people. They are the ones causing the thinning of the herd and the ones being thinned are themselves…

  • +2

    The list is missing the free 5G and OTA Microsoft ads.
    Or is it just me hearing Bill Gates sing sweet nothings in my ear every night?

    • +2

      Nah that's just you longing for his tender touch.

  • Shouldn't the title say "Targeted" as these deals are not open to everyone? :)

    • title has already been changed

    • the vaccine is open to everyone

  • I think these deals need to be targeted

    • +4

      They are clearly for the vaccinated, even blind Freddie can see that

      • eh just saying. Is there a requirement for this deal. Yep.

        Although We don't seem to be following the targeted thing to much when comparing to eBay plus deals.

        Shrug I'm not sure what protocol is anymore.

        Standards dropping :P

        • well how about you contribute something useful, instead of complaining about others who spend their time trying to benefit others.

        • Standards are still the same. The same number of negative nellies, and negative nasties. It hasnt changed.

  • Called AIA to talk about Life Insurance. 61 minutes later the phone system hangs up on me. No thanks.

  • +3

    Is the ability to claim points actually live as yet? Tried under vaccinations section on the web page and it just says coming from early September in the email.

    • +2

      I did it.. in app, Get Points > Complete Health Checks > scroll to bottom under vaccinations to COVID Vaccination.

      • Yup did the same last week, already got my points.

  • I am an AIA insurance user, but never looked into the Points thing.

    anyone with experience care to share if the points are useful in any way and/or if 1000 points is a meaningful quantity?

    • I was a member for a short time. I think you can cash them in for eGiftcards. I never chased points as I did not have a mobile phone at the time, which you needed for some of the challenges.

    • +5

      I use it and get to platinum every year. Just above 30000 points. It’s pretty good. Around about $500 in vouchers for woolies or straight into CBA account as well as I have one a few comps with them. 50% of Garmin comes round some times.

      Recently I had 50% of my flight refunded to (before taxes) and I couldn’t even get on the flight. So there is a heap of benefits. Plus $5 bucks a week just for moving.
      If you exercise regularly you cap out within 6 months. But worth the short trip to the doc to jump on the scales, get cholesterol etc checked. And boom. Cash in the bank.

      • thanks appreciate the response! looks like too hard for me right now.

      • Wait so you can actually choose cash or woolies voucher? Since when was that implemented?

    • +2

      1000 points itself isn't meaningful. Reward levels are generally at every 5000 points. But each activity only grants limited points so to get to the next level you need these 1000 point increments. Basically, only useful in combination with other point activities, in which case it may be useful.

      • thanks appreciate the response! looks like too hard for me right now.

  • No way to do it in app yet. Need to update app too to see the new menu option

    • +1

      Check in app, Get Points > Complete Health Checks > scroll to bottom under vaccinations to COVID Vaccination. I didn't have to update the app or anything..