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$17.50/Month for 3 Months with Unlimited Calls/SMS/Data up to 20Mbps (New Customers Only) @ Felix Mobile


Found this deal from an ad on 9GAG. $35/mth after first 3 months.

It says that discount will be automatically applied at checkout and for new customers only.

Seems like a good deal for unlimited data up to 20 Mbps. Felix is operated by TPG and uses Vodafone's 3G & 4G networks.

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          I see your point but who calls a phone overseas these days? That's what whatsapp and messenger calling is for. :)

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            @DrLobster: My wife for one, when she's calling someone in India and the data reception is poor on WhatsApp, a normal call saves the day. This happens more than you can imagine.

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    Hoping to jump on Felix to replace home NBN, good timing.

    • Thinking the same but 20mbps max may not be enough for a family of 4.

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        Yea, it’s gonna be hard supporting 3 I think. We use it for two people and one 3 yr old, lucky abc kids uses little bandwidth.

      • Would it be more ideal to have 2x felix plans or more maybe 3x felix plans,.. one for home data use for the kids at home (with a 4G modem or hotspot an old mobile phone) the other 2x to replace the parents existing mobile plans and data from these sims dedicated for the parents,.. don't know would it work out cheaper overall removing your NBN to 1x felix sum plus swapping the 2x existing mobile plans to felix,.. well benefit the parents data plans isn't fixed at home as the NBN plans is (nor the kids felix plan is fixed also),.. and the parents felix plans are not sharing the 20 Mbps cap data with the rest of the family there dedicated to each to the parents (so no lag/speed issues hopefully),.. 3x $35 felix plans = $105 against what ever your paying for the NBN plus 2x existing mobile plans

        • That is pretty bad deal

          2x $35 felix = $70/m for only 40 Mbps down and 40 Mbps up only if people can get 20 mbps upload at their location, however you can get 50 Mbps / 20 Mbps on NBN for same price.

          3x $35 = $105 for only 60 Mbps, but you can get 100 Mbps NBN plan for $89/m or $99/m which is alot faster than Felix. But when it comes to upload speed then felix is alot better than NBN in that.

          • @jmytch: Yeah but 2x of the Felix mobile plans ones replacing there current 2x mobile telco providers plans (For the 2x parents) and if both parents were using one of the top 3x telcos (Telstra, Optus or Vodafone) then pricing would be similar or maybe cheaper, Ok one would sacrifice over 4G/5G speeds over unlimited data at 20Mbps download speeds with Felix

            The 3rd $35 Felix plan would replace the fixed NBN at home, ok slower speeds but $35 per month unlimited data would be cheaper then an unlimited NBN plan, mind you this data internet plan is mobile not fixed NBN plan so one can take there 4G modem anywhere were there kids need data

            End of the day depends what you family needs from your mobile and data plans but above is surely a feasible option

            Edit: not sure how your calculating Felix simcard speeds, 3x Felix sims doesn't calculate to 60Mbps download speeds,.
            there individual plans at 20Mbps download speeds

    • I quit my 80/month Iinet VDSL and havnt looked back.

      I'm in Canberra and steam alot of movies/TV off Kayo/Stan/Netflix.

      It can handle it, have better flexibility if I'm travelling (take it with me) and am saving some good coin.

      They often run promos giving you a free month trial. After a month, I'm sure they'd refund you if you weren't happy.

      Use an ozbargain referral code and get $5 back too I think.

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      Not bad deal if u don’t mind shite slow internet

    • Congestion?

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    Bought the last first month free deal. Started using it yesterday and I'm very happy. Can stream any video without worrying data now. 😊

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    I have been using this service for the last 3 months, so here is my little review.
    I though I would try them after being with Telstra for the last year on a JB Hi-fi gift card deal and the ability to have unlimited data was appealing.

    So far the service has been good at home during the lockdown, and when I have been out in my limited 5km zone phone calls have only dropped out a few times.
    While at home and hotspotting there is definitely some throttling. E.g if I have youtube running on my laptop and then try to browse on my phone the music on the laptop will lag a little.

    So far i've been averaging about 36-37GB of usage each month and speedtest show that i'm getting the speed i'm paying for.
    Had the wife on it for the first month as a test and used the referral code for when I signed up and we both got a free month of access. So far we are in front.

  • what network is it piggy backing on?

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    • Voda I think

    • Felix is owned by Vodafone.

      • A neg hey? Someone is upset Vodafone created Felix before they could.

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          A bunch of idiots like to neg w/o any reason so just ignore them.

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            @hawkeye93: You were negged by someone. I just positived you to cancel it out.

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        I thought Felix was owned by TPG?

        • TPG owns Felix mobile who resell the Vodafone network.

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    This works better than first month free promo!

  • I know it says not suitable to use in 4g modem but did anyone try ? Does it work in modem ?

    • Also curious, I have a Huawei 4g modem and might consider this if they don't shut you down.

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      most of them says that but i have been putting mobile sim cards to 4g modems just for the data. I have no clue how can they stop people or put a barrier on stopping or limiting usage when used with modems. Specially this one with unlimited data, i think around 80-90% it will work on 4g modems unless you're modems are locked to a particular network =)

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        They can't stop you from doing it but if it is against their terms and conditions then they can cancel your service.
        I once got a warning that I shouldn't use a mobile sim in a modem from Optus.

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        They can absolutely tell if you're using their sim in a modem or not, as you are sending your IMEI of the device over the network all the time. From that, they can monitor exactly what device it is. Some users have already been sent warning notices about using their sim in a non-phone device.

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      Yep, had mine in a modem and used 550GB in my first month. Now thinking about how I can get on this deal!

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        Wow, thats insane! We now average 1.2 tb but we have mate at 100/20

      • Hi mate, I'm a newbie when it comes to these things. So I would just buy this sim via a spare phone, get it all set up and then take the sim out and place it into something like this?

        • Technically , yes. Given that the sim provider allows it to be used in a modem . Modem has to be unlocked for Vodafone ( telco provider of Felix)

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          Yes, just like what Tempting said, but an unlocked modem with Vodafone 4G bands.

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      Been using it for 6 months in a router using up to 700gb per month, it's only downside is it doesn't handle multiple devices at the same time as well as NBN25, but at a discount it's great for 1-2 people.

      • I would point out there’s at least one person whirlpool who has been emailed about using it as home nbn replacement (for using too much i assume).

    • I'm using mine in a dongle for my home internet/WiFi. No problems. Am downloading 300-400GB/month easy.

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    Is 9gag still hanging around?

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    The service tends to struggle if 3 (ish) devices are streaming data concurrently via hotspot.

    Probably best for a single household.

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    I can usually use two 1080p streams concurrently, if one is 60 fps, it will struggle a little, anyway my location is kinda spotty too. But I had the same experience with previous 25/5 NBN, so mostly due to the downlink speed. This actually has better uplink speed, if you have got good coverage as this is a 20/20 package. I have been using this for 3 months (paid $35 for first month + 2 months free, previous deal) with around 300 GB monthly. Can't complain for $11.67 per month lol.

  • Struggles with multiple connections and is reliant on a good voda signal.
    Got a warning after swapping between modem and phone a few times.
    Free month deal pops up every 6 months or so

  • Does billing start immediately or can I active it a couple of weeks after I get the sim?

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      I activated it few days later, started billing on the activation date

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    $35/mth after first 3 months should be in deal description

  • Does port out and port back into Felix work for this deal?

    • No you need to port to intermediary sim first.

  • Any good deals for 4G modems?

  • I reckon this will be like that Jeenee. I was with them on that $9.90 plan. They were for people with disabilities. Had a .org web address. They ended up bought out by Vaya (aka Amayasim). Usually the good companies that offer great deals like this usually get swallowed up by the big companies. At least Vaya has honoured the plan. I just got an upgrade from 1GB to 3GB a month

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      They are already owned by TPG-Vodafone

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        They were started by them to be more precise

  • Any restrictions on tethering/hotspot?

  • I actually spoke to a Felix rep and he personally uses Felix for downloading around 500gb of data per month as he stated "with no problems" if that's not an ok to download what you want I don't know what is and Felix is owned by Vodafone my opinion this service is aimed at single users who want unlimited data but don't want to have a more expensive fixed NBN connection and the unlimited calls part of this plan is to circumvent this being a sole unlimited data plan,.. which (I could be wrong) not allowed yet to compete with the NBN from the big Telcos

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      Ever considered punctuation?

  • What are upload speeds like with this?

    • upto 20

      • In addition, speeds will vary area by area. They use the Vodafone wholesale network.

  • Anyone know the APN settings for Felix? to place this in a 4G/5G modem as I have a 5G Telstra Wifi modem (ZTE mu500) with APN settings set to Telstra

  • I just signed up and stuck in my Telstra Nighthawk M1
    Getting 19mbs and 15 up, but I'm located almost inner city.

  • does this give a true public IP?

    • CGNAT

      On Telstra or Boost, you can get IPv6

  • Anyone know how long you have to activate the sim?

  • Does anyone have a link for an easily accessible and cheap dongle to whack this sim in? There’s a few at Officeworks but there’s reports of them being locked. So far it seems something like this on eBay is the best bet (https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/AU-USB-Dongle-4G-LTE-WIFI-Hotspo...).
    Any other suggestions would be appreciated!

    • I'd put it into a mini mango and use that to connect all your devices to:

      • Does the mango has a sim card slot?

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          No Sim card slot. You can plug a USB wireless modem straight into it or plug a phone and tether off it or even plug your internet cable in. It's a neat little device. You can connect multiple devices to it like a hospot. You can even have a VPN on it and use it for multiple devices. I got mine from Amazon for about $38.


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          If you need one, lightning deal atm, not the lowest but still ok.

        • Would you know if this works with any 4G USB dongle? I have bought Huawei E3372h-608 to stick in my nodem but it didn't recognise :(

          I've been looking for 4G router (e.g. TP link MR 200) but it'd be wonderful if this Mango worked with the Huawei stick!

          • @assarabbiya: I haven't bought one of those 4G USB sticks off eBay yet. I wanted to make sure I have good reception where I live in Darwin first. The coverage map says 4G coverage. I get excellent coverage with Optus

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              @koplik8: thanks!

              • @assarabbiya: Turns out my old Vodafone 3G pocket wifi is powerful enough to run my FetchTV. Tried it out streaming too. I looked into those generic 4G USB sticks on eBay. I wasn't sure which one. Their unbranded so you can't really get any reviews on them either.

  • What's their definition of new customer?

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      My wild guess would be someone who isn't an existing customer.

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        I rather mean if there are any known exclusion periods that prevent you from porting out and immediately back in

  • is it $17.5 for 3 months or $17.5 per month? It says you'll pay $17.5 today and $17.5/month for the next 2 months when I try to sign up.

    • $17.50/Month for 3 Months

  • Got my new SIM yesterday. Got a new number starting with 0405. Must be reusing old numbers

    • How long does delivery take?

      • I live in Darwin. Can be up to two weeks lol comes by camel

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          Surely that is a joke.. lol

          • @robhung: I sent a Father's Day card to Dad in Adelaide (from Darwin). It took two weeks!

  • Purchased mine and waiting for the sim to come to activate. Anyone tried a Vodafone Wifi modem and see if it works without unlocking?

  • How easy is it to port away from Felix? Anyone ported out with issues?

    • I ported out to Kogan in few minutes :D I selected coming from a prepaid and entered DOB.

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        Perfect, thank you!