nbn Unlimited 100/20 $69/M (Was $84.95), 50/20 $54/M (Was $64.95) for 6 Months (New Customers) @ SpinTel


Found this WhistleOut deal while looking for new NBN connection

$54 for up to 50Mbps unlimited Data. $5 Cheaper than Superloop for 50/20 plan
Enjoy $10.95 off your Plan for first 6 mths offer available for new registrations (usually $64.95/mth)

But same price as Superloop for 100/20 plan

Can anyone comment on their service?

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    Can anyone comment on their service?

    I'd rather pay 95 cents more and go with Superloop…

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      Unless you are already with Superloop and paying $89.95, like I am 💔

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        it is for the first 6 months, same as this deal…

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    Used to be with spintel in the ADSL2 age :). First few years was great then it was just too slow for us to use. Queried to their cs and the only answers were modem restart :) Left after a good 6 loyal years.

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    I am on nbn 50 and never encountered any problem been six months.

  • Awesome service and good speeds. Forget about superloop, terrible customer support.

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      I'm with Superloop and their speeds are incredible at all hours. As for customer service, it's vary rare that anyone has to call their NBN provider now. Not like you need to configure modems anymore. Plug and play. Only time I called them was because I made a typo with my name when signing up, but spoke to a local (unlike Spintel OS call centre) without any wait time. Superloop also has POP's in every state, unlike Spintel, this can make a huge difference to your ping.

      • I think it’s still very common to have to call your ISP to fix connection stability issues. ‘Plug and play’ is right in that NBN connections are easy for the user to set up initially, but if you’re having a packet loss or drop outs (or even know what that looks like), you need to speak to a customer service rep.
        Which is why we shouldn’t stinge out on ISPs that have lousy customer support. It’s not just about wait times, it’s about having technical expertise onboard to fix nuance issues.

    • Forget about superloop, terrible customer support.

      I've only had to contact them once over the last year and didn't have a problem… Also, their call centre is Australian.

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    SpinTel doesn't have POPs in every state which can result in higher ping times, use Optus for backhaul, no IPv6 and support is based overseas. This won't affect everyone. YMMV.

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    Seems every ISP are doing similar promotion to gain new customers.

    Does anyone actually switch to a new ISP every 6 months to enjoy either free upgrade or discount on the monthly fee as it seems the transfer these days has become pain free and can be done within 30 minutes (at least for my recent experience)?

    • I had planned to but every other provider I tried was terrible at CVC capacity maintenance and peak slow downs were trash. ABB is still king but you pay the privilege. Wish they targeted loyal customers and not just winning new ones every so often.

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        I rotate between Aussie BB and Superloop and find them equally as good :)

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      I never stay with a provider past the promo/intro price.

      Usually every 6 months, I’m with a new provider.

      Blame the LNP and the stupid way the NBN pricing structure is.

      • This. Churn RSP every 6 months. NBN pricing is a joke.

      • Are you able to reuse the modem? It is tempting but the model cost breaks the deals for me. Some more details will help :)

        • Sometimes you can. What modem are you using?

          • @Twix: It is modem provided by belong. I bought an amazon eero for additional stability though. Not sure if the new provider helps in reconfiguration of existing model to work for them.

            • @hellodealhunter: It is unlikely the ISP will help you reconfigure the Belong modem or eero. They usually tell you to purchase a new modem from the ISP. Do you have FTTN, FTTB?

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      I was trying to switch between decent providers. Aussie BB, Superloop, Future BB, and Launtel seem to be well regarded on Whirlpool forums.

      I've currently done 7m with Aussie and in my 7th month with Superloop so looking for the next deal to jump to. The companies seem to only allow you to take advantage of the next 6m deal if you left them more than 12m ago. So i'm looking for a third decent service for the next six months before starting the rotation again.

  • Average service, I've had about 5 outages since I joined them 3 months ago, they don't last long but enough to cause issues working from home.

    • which state, may i ask?

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        He’s location is showing NSW.

        • thx internet detective.. pretty accurate :)

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        ACT, so pretty much NSW

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          NSW butthole I heard some people call it.

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    I signed up with these guys back in 2014 and they were the absolute worst.
    Truly awful speeds and their support number didn't even work so I had to report them to the TIO just to get in contact with them to cancel. And after all this they still tried to hit me with punitive charges, so I reported them again.
    They've probably changed since then but I still won't recommend them to anyone as long as I live.

    • Ditto.

    • Thanks for this feedback, Candyman. Will stay far away from these scums.

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      Incorrect, they haven’t changed.

      I was a Spintel customer on their 100 NBN plan a few months ago for about 2 years.

      Spintel is still terrible with customer service, connection stability, and will try and hit you with random charges especially if you’re trying to leave.

      When I had interval packet loss with TPG, they tried to solve it and whilst it took some time (and referral to NBN Co) it eventually got fixed. Same issue happened with Spintel, and they gaslit me. THIS kind of situation is why it’s worth paying a few bucks extra for an ISP with customer service that actually cares about their reputation risk.

      I truly feel sorry for remote working people who can’t comprehend how their choice in ISP is the reason their Microsoft Teams connection cuts out constantly and as a result makes their work day even more stressful.

      • Yep, my Microsoft Teams works rock solid on Superloop and Aussie BB, never had a single issue.

  • Still showing as $64.95 a month for me. Address in Qld.

    Never mind. Clicked through the provided link

  • Been with Spintel for almost a year but time to move on to Aquamobile as they offered $50/mth for 9 months. A savings for $134.55 for me as I am currently paying $64.95

    • any reviews about Aquamobile? They seem to be a new player

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        Not yet connected until end of month. I heard they are good. Check ozbargain listing

    • Hows Aqua Mobile NBN? Any feedback? I may switch to 100/20 if it's good.

    • FYI Aquamobile is rumoured to be run by same person as some other failed RSPs.
      I would NOT use them.
      There is a thread in whirlpool more in depth.

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    I have switched from Belong to Spintel a month ago.
    I tried their 100/20 and in my speed test, I am consistently hitting around 100-108 download while 18 on upload.
    I realised I don't need this much speed, and switched to their 50/20.. I always get 50-53 Mbps and am happy with that.
    One good thing about them is their customer service, as you can just message them on WhatsApp, whereas in Belong NBN it will take a day for them to reply. Belong does not have a customer service you can call too, you have to create a ticket first (via their App) and request a follow-up call.

    Btw, I'm from NSW.

    • What nbn set up have you got? FTTP, FTTN, HFC, etc?

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        • The gold standard.

    • Customer service wait times has only been an issue getting setup. Never needed to contact them after that. Agreed that they are much better at responding to WhatsApp msgs.

      I also get 50 - 52 Mbps and 15-18mbps up consistently on their 50/20 (FTTC)

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    I tried Spintel, never again. I've also tried Telstra and Dodo. Now I just stick with ABB. I'd rather pay the extra and lose the aggravation.

  • No referrals?

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      There is, via Mobile Number or Email Only. Already referred my friend via email. You have to DM.

      • What's the discount?

        • Referrer gets $50… $0 to friend. I paid for his sub other day lol… He is happy with that. done deal.

          • @mountains: Ahh so no real incentive for the new customer

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    I switched from Superloop to Spintel 1month+ ago.

    Download speed is alright.

    For game latency is higher than Superloop.

    When I order I selected future date for the service start, which is weekend. But the connection wasn't connected, and they replied me that they can't activate the connection in weekend…

    Sonic you choose future date, try to avoid weekend.

    • +1

      For game latency is higher than Superloop.

      Ok, not worth the complaints I'd get switching from Superloop.

      Thank you.

    • Do you need to tell superloop for disconnection with them or automatically disconnected? Cheers

      • Yes, need to let Superloop know.

    • I am curious for your churn. Can we choose a specific time to churn for future date? Or it just happens randomly during a day time

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        Just date

        Mine connected in the morning

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        I have registered only 3 days before and informed my start date via Chat.

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    I've had lots of drop off issues with Superloop. This is tempting.

    • same

      • What area are you both in and what technology are you on? How long are the drop outs?

        • EASTWOOD NSW 2122 and dropouts are like 2-5 seconds. I'm experiencing 3-5 times a day

          • @jk88: Up to several minutes for me (2-5 mins), HFC connection. Annoying enough that I have to switch to mobile hotspot in the middle of Teams call eventhough I know the connection will resolve within 5 mins.

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              @delfredo: If you’re getting 2-5 min dropouts on HFC you’re probably going to need a provider like ABB to diagnose lead in faults and escalate it to NBN. They were the only mob that could fix my issues with HFC which were similar.

            • @delfredo: I'm on HFC connection as well. Yeh I use 5G Telstra as a backup on my mobile

    • im ok on superloop, jut not a big fan of their CS

  • I'm with superloop since skymesh and never get discount for 100/20 plan, I think I should jump on this promotion, thanks OP.

  • Question for experts out there, I have TPG NBN Cable 50.
    Would the current modem/hardware work or do I need to get a new modem?

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      not an expert but I believe the NCD (network connection device) is part of the NBN and not unique to any ISP. The tech of the NCD will vary depending on what type on NBN you have (FTTC FTTP etc.) This device stays at your address even if you move out as it is part of the NBN infrastructure.

      behind the NCD you likely also have a router that connects all your devices to the NCD. either via wifi (the AC<number>, AX<number> N<number> etc is the max speed of wifi) or ethernet cable (probably gigabit).

      A modern router is likely to work with every ISP. Though I did have issues using my very old optus supplied HFC router. It worked fine when i first got NBN with Aussie BB but would not work when I switched to Superloop six months later.

      • What you said is mostly right. I will clear up some of the acronyms.

        FTTC = nbn NCD.
        FTTP, Fixed Wireless and HFC = nbn NTD.

        The nbn NCD and NTD sometimes both get referred to as the nbn connection box.

        nbn don't provide you with a VDSL2 modem for FTTN and you have to source one from your ISP, retail store or preowned.

    • Most of the time the hardware is compatible. There are times when it's not. What hardware are you using?

  • NBN max speed for my address is 41mpbs….how do I get a faster line to my house?
    I can signup for 100mb but no provider can deliver this speed to me. What do I do?

    • 5G broadband, Starlink

    • u go 5G

      1. request an instant quote and pay billions thousands to nbn for FTTP.
      2. check if you are eligible for the FTTC or FTTN to FTTP upgrade path.
      3. move to somewhere with nbn FTTP.
      • +1

        Thanks, instant quote shows $14K to FTTP so i placed an order right away, bargain!

  • Swapped from FLIP TV to Spintel. Flip TV was great - fantastic support and fantastic service (highly recommend especially for its cheap price).

    When moving over to Spintel for the first month I'd occasionally get a few dropouts and pretty weak/inconsistent internet. I reached out to support and they helped me to reconfigure my modem which seemed to be the big issue. Since then (4+ months) I haven't had any issues with Spintel. I'm on nbn50 and I consistently get 45mpbs. I'm FTTC. Mod: referral solicitation not allowed in comments.

    Note: I am a gamer and I get 2.7Mbps downloads which is really good. Also my ping for Valorant and League of Legends is under 19 ping in Sydney NSW.

    • How much latency were you getting with FLIP TV NBN50?

      Currently I am with Superloop on NBN50 and I am getting 5.5 Mbps download speeds and speedtest gives consistent 50-51 Mbps within Australia and around 45 Mbps outside Australia. Very happy with their speeds and latency.

      Can you please let me know how is FLIP TV speed wise and latency wise?

      • +1

        I had no issues with Flip TV. I was on a nbn25 plan and my speeds were always 20+, hardly any dropouts after my first month. My first month was rough, I had a few dropouts/ signs of instability but then I finally called them up and they sent out a technician to fix some wiring outside my house. Since then it was smooth sailing for a few years until I changed to Spintel.

        I changed to Spintel because they offered a cheaper NBN 50 but a week after i changed to Spintel, FlipTV reduced their price LOL. I think I had less ping with FlipTV for League/Val.

        I think a LOT of the cases, if there's any internet problem they can always be solved through troubleshooting and calling the company rather than just being angry at the service and doing nothing about it. I'm located around the Summer Hill in Sydney.

        • Thank you very much mate.

  • Genuine question, what is the reason for discounts for 6 months with most new ISPs? Is this permanent? eg. does everyone here switch every 6 months haha

    • The reason is nbn make up these ISP promo discounts.

  • I'm currently with exetel paying 79/mth for nbn50. Should I go with spintel or pay slightly more for superloop?

    • +1

      Moved to superloop from Mate NBN, it's been excellent, 50/20 is hitting 54 at peak times. Im on FTTP however

      • I was with ABB before and they constantly keep on changing their routing, being gamer the pings were getting horrible at times.

        Moved to superloop and it's been excellent and get speeds between 51 - 52 mpbs.

  • +1

    Been with them for over a year now on the 50/20 plan. Speeds always very close to this and no major problems, paying $65 a month with voip.
    Noticed they changed the referral so only the referrer get $

    Mod: referral solicitation not allowed in comments

  • After going to super loop and mate to chase cheap price I’m never leaving AUSSIE again…

  • +1

    I'm with tangerine. 5 out of 6 months and not one problem. All was easy to switch and is 54.95 a month. Newcastle

  • If you wish to switch from Superloop to another ISP (like SpinTel), do you have to let SL know or will it be automatic switch? I'm on FttC in VIC.

    Also, what's the cancellation like on SpinTel? Heard they charge their customers when they leave…

    • +1

      Note: SpinTel services are billed in advance. When you cancel a service, any unused amount you paid in advance will not be refunded (you will be billed till the end of your current bill cycle. You may also be charged an early termination fee if your service is still in contract.

      • +1

        Same with Superloop, non refundable for balance of billing cycle that is prepaid in advance. I think this is industry standard? That's why we need to time our move well.

    • Alright, I coincidentally happened to be close the end of the billing cycle, called up SuperLoop to discuss the options…unfortunately, they couldn't do much. So, decided to cancel at the end of the billing cycle.

      Have signed up with SpinTel on 100/20, does anyone know how long the processing will take, I'm on FttC.

  • Have been their customer once, worst company for customer service. Not even worth with the current deal.

  • -3

    Seems poor value. I am currently paying $77 for 100/40.

    • Which provider is this with?

  • is there any cheaper 50 Mbps plan than this?

    • +1

      For 50/20 Spintel has the cheapest first 6 months rate right now. $0.9 cheaper than Tangerine and $5.95 cheaper than SL. Their normal rate after the first 6 months is also the cheapest at $5 cheaper than Tangerine and SL.

  • Fwiw: been with spintel for almost 5 years. No issues, happy with the speeds. Contacting customer service can be a bit of a wait but that's pretty standard? My query's have been resolved/answered promptly. Am on a legacy plan 50/20 for $55/m, 500gb limit which we don't use up.
    Fftp, Perth

  • +1

    Guys I had to comment to avoid dealing with Spintel is all shapes and forms. The NBN50 that I got was in replacement for the sub-par 5G service that they upsold me. It has been a nightmare of problems and I'm still dealing with billing problems from this change over. Customer service does not keep a track of previous conversations so it is upon you as a customer to record a ticket number to reference everytime. They cannot simply bring up what was promised. They are do not have a local team they can escalate to, so in AUS they have just the operations and sales team. I have not even commented on the performance issues yet. This drops out every day or 2, my wifi router is new and have been reset every time the internet drops out.
    So if you are seeking to bounce between running your mobile hotspot and wifi router to reset and hope for your connection again then by all means take on this cheap plan. AVOID.
    Forgot to add I'm located in Sydney postcode 2017 if that is of relevance.

  • Anyone know if the Belong modem will work?

    • +1

      all modems should work once you change a few settings and recalibrate it to your new ISP. I dont think a modem can be locked to a specific company

  • I've been on spintel nbn50 since 05/20. Setup was fast and painless, speed is a promised. We pay 85.- for nbn50, landline and 2 mobiles (free local calls). I will stay for the time.